how to make money on pinterest – stealth method

How to Make Money Using Pinterest


1. Make Pins

2. Drive Traffic To Offers

3. Maybe Build A Following And Do The Influencer Thing

4. Create Sponsored Content

5. Shoppable Pins

6. Creator Fund

7. Video Content

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Knowing how much you can earn on Pinterest each month is interesting. A quick web search can tell you the amount varies for each individual. For example, some people can make $500 and more per month. But, it depends on your expertise and skills. There is no set limit, and you can make as much as your efforts!

What works for one person may not work for others, but a high income is achievable if you follow in the right footsteps.


















how to




Consider the following:

#1. Understand The Target Audience

Once you are ready, figure out the niche for your blog. Then, depending on the niche, you can explore your target audience. Your target audience is the group of people who have similar wants and needs.
Learn more about the client’s persona. Think about what’s best for your customers. You need to solve their problems and provide relevant solutions.
For example, if your business is about baby blankets, your target market will be new parents.

When you learn about your potential target customers, it will be easy to spread your message and sell the right products and services.
Beginners may want to target each age group, but ideally, you must figure out your target market for a successful business.

#2. Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account

To earn money on Pinterest, you can set up a business account. Understanding the blogging world is vital so you can thrive and make your mark as you move along in your journey of making money from Pinterest.
It’s vital to get followers who support your content. It may seem like a numbers game, but in reality, you need to focus on quality and provide value. When you add great value to someone’s life, they would love to buy from you and listen to what you say. People will take you seriously and want to learn from you.
Eventually, when you are successful and making money, people will love to learn from you. It’s possible when you are serious about making money and consider a business account.
It’s even possible to diversify your online income. For example, you can add more blogs and Pinterest business accounts once you find yourself on the way to success.
There is too much information out there. You can learn from courses, watch articles, tutorials, and whatnot. But, everything is useless if you don’t learn to implement your knowledge.

#3. Start A Blog

You can start a blog with a web hosting company. You can get a domain name. It will help if you find the most viable option for web hosting, as there are various options. It’s possible to opt for a 12-month plan. There are deals available, and you can grab the one you find most interesting.
It’s vital to note here that you are living in the age of information technology. You want people to consider you a professional. You make money when you spend some! Nothing is for free. Free resources can help you learn, but you must put in your time and effort. In some cases, you may discover things the hard way.
You can start with ten blog posts on your blog. After that, the niche could be anything that you enjoy! For example, if you are a parent, you can write your experience with toddlers and babies. If you are a stay-at-home parent working online, you can share tips and tricks on keeping your kids busy.
There are also free blogs, but when you are a professional, consider the paid ones. When you are paying to maintain and upgrade your blogs, it shows that you care about your business. People seek excellent customer service, so when you are using the blog and driving traffic to your blog via Pinterest, people will take you as a serious business.

#4. Link Your Website

It’s great that there is no specific requirement or need for experience, and you don’t need special education for Pinterest.
You must remember that when you are a beginner, things may take some time before they catch pace. Thus, focus on a professional website.
When you want to break free from the 9 to 5 lifestyle and earn a steady income via Pinterest, you must learn the correct way to do it!
There is a reason why some people can achieve the top position while others stay on crumbs. Hard work and consistency is the key to success. Once you have done your homework, it will be possible to earn money from Pinterest.
Using Pinterest, it would be wise to have your website and drive traffic to it. A website will show that you are a serious business and not here to play around. So, if you are not interested in a blog, it’s vital to consider launching your website.

#5. Use The Right Keywords

Update your profile and use the right keywords. It’s best to research your industry and see what keywords are familiar to the experts in your field. You may want to review certain profiles before updating yours. If you know someone doing excellent business on Pinterest, you can follow in their footsteps as it would be easy!
It’s easy to master the skills. You can do an online course or learn from the resources available online. Some successful bloggers are already making it work on Pinterest; thus, you can follow in their footsteps and take charge of your destiny when it comes to making money.
Always follow the ethical means to achieve the paths of success. Keyword stuffing is familiar to those who don’t know about adding value or understanding the algorithms of search engines or platforms. Learn how to use keywords smartly without messing up the original content that’s full of value.

#6. Write Valuable Content

Write blog posts on your blog that are informative and full of value. Your aim here is to help your readers. They are searching for a problem, and you are here to give an instant solution. Also, your content shouldn’t be blah! The information must be value-pack. You must respect your time and the energy of your target audience.
Just be smart with the content you create! You don’t have to stuff keywords and provide vague information. Instead, focus on adding value. Remember that when someone reads your content, they must benefit from it.
When you understand the client’s persona, creating content that adds and provides value will be easy.
When you create content, keep your target audience in mind. You can also hire content creators to help you with the business. When people are writing for you, it will be easier for you to manage the quality of the content.

#7. Create Interesting Pins

Canva is great for beginners. It can help you create interesting pins. However, again your pinboards must include the relevant keywords. Using the correct keywords counts because that’s what your audience is searching for! And how do you expect someone to find you when you don’t mention their search intent in your content?
You can also use the paid version of Canva, but the free one would do in the beginning. There is also Photoshop and other apps to help you with graphic designing.
You can create an interesting infographic, and your pin will be full of amazing content!
Do your research and try making the best pins. It’s all about providing exciting information that can help your reader. Remember, everyone is busy and has a life. Don’t bore people with too much information, and don’t complicate things with too little content. See what works best for your audience and decide accordingly.

#8. Use Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The next thing that you can try is the affiliate marketing strategy. To take advantage of this strategy, you can start a blog, but it’s okay if you don’t have one yet.
Affiliate marketing lets you earn a commission, a certain percentage of sales when you recommend the products or services from other companies on your blog. You love these services and products! You want the target audience to enjoy the benefits and perks; hence, you want to recommend the same. It will add value to the life of your target audience.
You may have thousands of followers on Pinterest, but you may not earn anything. The goal here is to monetize and earn! So, it’s vital to attract the right target audience. When you provide content that’s full of value and attracts your reader’s attention, they will love to visit your blog again and again. When people consider you an authority, they develop trust. Because of your credibility, you can earn more customers!
But, let’s say you are not interested in starting a blog yet! Now, at this point, you may wonder whether it’s possible to make money from Pinterest or not.
You can use the affiliate links in your Pinterest pins and earn a commission. Amazon may not allow you to do this. Some other companies won’t allow the same. A blog would be in your favor and would help you earn more.

#9. Consider Display Ads

When you start a blog (not the free one), you can start affiliate programs and display ads on your blog. People would love to display their ads on your authentic website when it’s a real blog. You aim to build credibility, making you a better business person.
Display advertising on your blog, and it can help you earn. So, you will need a blog, and Pinterest will be your catalyst to boost your online income stream.
It’s possible to earn up to a specific amount for 1000 page views. It gradually adds up, helping you make enough money in a month.
You can also take advantage of Google Adsense and make money. The great thing about Google Adsense is that you won’t need the minimum page views, but the amount you make won’t be a lot. It depends! You can also consider Ezoic and more.
What route you consider for displaying ads is your personal choice, but you can earn from it. So, it’s always better to do thorough research and then decide accordingly. But, first, you must try to see what works in your favor.

#10. Look Into Pinterest Creator Hub

You can also look into Pinterest Creator Hub to make money from Pinterest. First, you must see if you are eligible for the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program. It’s suitable for those living in the USA and must be above 18 years of age. There are also other factors, for example, having a certain number of followers, using the Pinterest app, and more. Then, you can visit the official website and get the latest and updated information.
Pinterest Creator Rewards can help you earn from Pinterest pins. You need to fulfill specific criteria, and thus, you can earn from your pins.
The goal for each campaign would be different. So, you need to keep that in mind. For example, this creator could earn $900 a month from this program. You can read the journey for inspiration on how to earn.
The Pinterest creator hub is accessible on the mobile phone, so you must use the app. Otherwise, you may wonder where it’s gone! You can get more information here.
Explore different options and see what works for you. Pinterest can be your guide and an excellent tool for earning money and living your dreams.

#11. Become An Influencer or A Mentor

When you have enough knowledge about Pinterest, it can help you become an influencer. For example, you can get a chance to work with brands and be their voice. Or you can also become a mentor for Pinterest.
You can be their ray of hope when people have no or limited knowledge of using Pinterest. You can record your journey if you start making money with the help of Pinterest. You can complete an entire course about it!
Launch your course or a master class and start earning from it. For example, you can educate people about Pinterest. People may want to attend live sessions, or you can be their coach. In any case, it’s possible to charge for your services, and that’s another way to earn.
Not many people are aware of the beauty of Pinterest, but you can guide them in the right direction. All it takes is effort and planning.
People want to listen to you as they trust you and your recommendations when you are an influencer. It’s a huge responsibility, so you must always maintain that. See what works for you and your audience and alter your strategies accordingly. In any case, always be helpful and maintain ethics. It’s not wise to promote anything that you won’t personally use or are not okay with. Your audience trust you, so always focus on keeping your confidence while being honest.

Tips to Keep In Mind for Making Money with Pinterest

Now that you have a blog and a business account for Pinterest, it’s time to get serious and talk about business. There are various ways that Pinterest can help you thrive in your industry. First, however, you need to explore what works in your favor.
Here are some tips that you may find interesting:

You can join group boards depending on what’s your niche or industry. For example, food bloggers may want to join the food group boards. On the other hand, you can focus on personal boards. See what works for you.

It’s also possible to consider the Tailwind app for increasing traffic on Pinterest. Again, you can try different things and see what works in your favor.
Not many people know this, but it’s possible to drive traffic from Pinterest. It can be better than driving traffic from Google. When people search for a query, Pinterest can help take them to your blog so that you will get more traffic. Monetizing your blog can help you make money!

Making money from Pinterest also means that you can enjoy the lifestyle of a digital nomad. It can help you make a passive income, and you would enjoy your freedom.
You can try what works for you! What works for one person may not work for the other. It takes trial and error to find what works best for your business.

Consider investing in the relevant resources. It would be worth the time, effort, and money when you research and find what resource works best for you.

It’s always better to do your research and dig a little deep before you make the final decision. However, if you plan to take this route, you must follow the rules and regulations to disclose using affiliate links.

Pinterest is also great for marketing your services. You can create pins relevant to your products and services. It will link back to your website and thus give you a chance to get more traffic and potential customers.

To sell your products or services, you must show them to your target market. Pinterest could be where your target market hangs; thus, you need to see what helps!
Later, when you find yourself successful on Pinterest, you can create a course or Masterclass and start teaching others about your journey. You can also write articles on how Pinterest made you successful or helped you earn more!

You can also be a virtual assistant and help someone manage their Pinterest account. When people are busy in the hustle and bustle of their life, it is hard for them to manage the pins. That’s where you step in and take charge. You can create interesting pins for others and get paid in return!

While it’s vital to opt for a niche that can help you make money, it’s also essential that you follow your passion. It’s a long-term solution, and you want to aim for higher monthly payouts, so it’s best to consider a win-win solution. It means go for the topics you adore and are easy for you to write about and explain.

Research the market and see what’s the hot topic. See what’s selling like hot cakes. It’s easier to tap into the market that’s already booming. Of course, you can always bring something unique, but exploring your options is best.

Using Pinterest to make money, you can spend more time with your kids. The goal here is to save time so you can do the things you enjoy.

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