How To Make Money On Medium – $9,237 From One Story?

Making Money On Medium Partner Program… Hidden Secret


Screenshot From Medium About Writers Earnings with the medium partner program:

$30,638 A MONTH!!!

$9,237 For One STORY!!!

  • Enroll to the Medium Partner Program
  • Make your stories eligible for the metered paywall
  • Submit your story for curator review
  • Earn money based on member engagement


You Get Paid A Portion Of Their $5 A Month Based
On How Long People Read Your Articles

Seems Simple Enough Right?


Takes A LOT Of Work

Have To Get Your Stories Viewed For Big Pay

The Pay Is LOW

300,000 views ($2,000 – $3,000)

You Need A Crap Ton Of Views To Make A Living

Most People Just Put Out Articles Throw Em All At The
Wall And Hope That Some Stick So They Can Make Money


Most Of Mediums Traffic Is From Search Engines

THE SECRET – Find Easy To Rank Keywords And Use Mediums BIG WIG Status To Rank Them


1. Find Non Competitive Keywords

2. Write Articles

3. Get Traffic And Get Paid

$0.01 Per View = $100.00

NOW… You Could Do This To TRY To Boost Up Your Medium Earnings

OR… You Can Causally Add Some Affiliate Offers Or Link Back To Your Own Website


1. Use Trigger Words To Find SEO Keywords

2. Write Articles Linking Back To Your Website

3. Monetize The Free Traffic And Rankings You Get From Medium

Today we’re going through the good, the bad and the ugly of what it takes to really make money online using medium as an article publishing platform.

We’re going to show you some of the downsides to making money on medium and how much you can make. And I’m going to go in and show you exactly my secret method for actually using sites like this to get tons of traffic and make sales. And it’s actually really easy.

So first, let’s go ahead and dive into the hidden money secret for making money on medium.

Now, to start off, we need to realize how medium works and how the majority of people are getting paid by medium. It’s actually very simple. The writers create the stories. The readers become media members for like $5 a month. The media members then read the stories and the writers earn based on how long the people read.

It’s a lot like YouTube. You put a video up, some ads run on it and you get a share of the ad revenue. Very similar.

When we’re dealing with medium only the medium customers are actually paying a small fee to be able to read all the content on medium and medium, then shares a portion of that fee depending on how many articles and how long the reader actually reads. So if you have one reader who’s paying $5 a month who reads 100 articles, the $5 is somehow algorithmically split between the hundred article publishers that wrote the articles. Yeah, it’s kind of confusing, but it adds up more or less to a couple of pennies per view.

Now, don’t let all the confusion and the algorithms stuff sway you away from this because there’s actually people making big money. Here’s a screenshot taken right from the medium web site where they show how much people are actually making, which is pretty cool.

You could see here it shows the author’s percentage that actually make money. So the last reported one, 67 percent of the authors using medium actually made money. Now, they might have made like a quarter, but they did make something. We can also see that around 8 percent of the authors made more than $100 in the last month, which is pretty cool. Now, here’s where it gets pretty interesting. We can see here that in January 2020, the top author actually pulled in twenty three thousand four hundred and eighty eight dollars and sixteen cents in one month from writing on medium.

That’s crazy just for putting articles on a Web site.

We can also see that the top article has earned over ninety two hundred and thirty seven dollars just with one article I imagine writing one article and getting like ninety two 200 bucks. Pretty cool, right? But again, I want you to look at these numbers because only eight percent are making more than $100 a month. That means the other. Ninety two percent are probably making peanuts or portions of peanuts.

But again, don’t let that sway you because we’re getting to the good stuff in just a minute. And I’m going to show you how to use sites like Medium to drive tons of traffic to your Web site and make sales with affiliate marketing your own products or anything you damn well please. But first, a little bit more about how it works. First, you want to enroll in the media partner program. Second, make your stories eligible for the metered paywall. It’s a little button you click that says, Yeah, I want to get paid three. Submit your story for curator review and for earn money based on member engagement.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

The paywall looks something like this. And when you have the paywall enabled, if the person is not a member or not logged in, they’ll see a portion of your story or article. And then it will say to keep reading this story. Create a free account. They create an account. And if they pay, you get a portion of that through the algorithm. And if they don’t have an account and they don’t want an account, then they don’t get to read your article and you don’t get paid.

And the basic idea here is that you get paid a portion of the $5 a month based on how long people who read your articles, the more articles you put out and the more people read them, the more money you’re going to make. That seems simple enough, right? Well, let’s get in to the bad part and then we’ll get in to my ugly, dirty little secret about how to make this thing super profitable and get tons of traffic.

Now, the bad part of this is pretty obvious when you look at the fact that only 8 percent of the writers are making more than hundred dollars a month. That’s not that many. The average majority are making next to nothing.

Another tough part is that you have to have your stories viewed by a lot of people in order to have a big payday. I actually spent most of last night doing research on this and from what I found, the average person is getting one penny to two pennies per viewer. So if you’re like this guy and he got three hundred thousand views, that means you’re going to average like two thousand to three thousand dollars in your pocket for that article.

But it’s A lot harder to get that many views than you might think because most people’s content strategy, it’s just put out a bunch of articles, throw them at the wall and hope that some of them stick so they can make some money.

Now let’s go ahead and dive into the dirty, ugly little secret to using sites like Medium to make tons of money online.

First of all, I’d like you to take a look at mediums. Alexa Rank. What is an Alexa rank? This is a ranking on how much traffic a site gets. The lower the number, the better. So obviously, like Google and YouTube are number 1 and 2, which means they get a lot of traffic.

Now, if you have a site like Medium and your number eighty four, you’re getting a crap ton of traffic. And that’s very important for me as a writer or marketer. And if you take a look at this chart here, we can see that the majority of mediums traffic is coming from search engine rankings. That means many people go to the search engine, look up something and land on a medium article or story.

Now, I got to tell you, I’ve been making money online for the last 20 years. And in addition to making millions of dollars on the Internet, I’ve also seen a lot of things and I can spot a lot of old patterns and new things that happen. And medium is definitely no exception. And since we know that the vast majority of traffic going to medium is coming from search engines, this actually reminds me of a site that opened up back in 2005 called Squid Do. The idea instead of stories on medium was that you could create a squid you lens and you can write content based on whatever you want.

And because the site was powerful, your content had a better chance of ranking in the search engines. Now, since then, Ski-Doo has actually changed their name to HubSpot, and they were never as big or as powerful as medium. So when we’re looking at medium, you have a better chance of getting search engine rankings, a better chance of getting traffic and a huge chance to make a lot more money. There was also a site that started years ago called Easing Articles with the same type of idea. The idea was to have users generate content that would get ranked in the search engines, get a bunch of traffic, and then easy articles would get huge. And it did for many years. Easy and articles was at the top of the list for many search engine rankings and it still ranks for some today. But what’s the secret to making this work? Can we just use these sites to rank for whatever keywords we want? Well, again, yes and no. The secret is to find easy to rank keywords and use mediums big wig status to rank them if you can find easy to rank keywords.

This is gonna be a breeze. And if you look at medium- stats, they’ve got a ton of backlinks, a ton of referring domain names, over 4.2 million keyword rankings and a traffic value of like twenty eight million dollars a month according to a draft. And we could see that they rank for a lot of top keywords like Pinterest and Door Dash and PayPal and many other keyword terms.

But I want to dig in even deeper and show you some of the things that ordinary people like you and I are using every day to get lots of traffic, because for the vast majority, their strategy is simply to write and write and write till their fingers fall off and hope they get some traffic. But we don’t want to be the average person, do we?

So I’d like to point out an interesting ranking that I found from the medium Web site. It actually ranks number one for the keyword term. Avast UI failed to load. What does that even mean? Well, I’m guessing it’s some kind of thing that won’t load on your computer and you probably need some kind of tool to remove it or something like that.

Now we can see that this one, they actually rank number one for many of the terms. And the top term is getting over twenty thousand searches a month and eight drafts is estimating that that one story is getting over 10000 views a month for that one keyword. And they actually have a lot of keywords down here related to the same type of thing.

And we notice that the keyword difficulty in that KD line is actually below five on most of these. And since this is a rating from zero to one hundred, one hundred means very difficult. Zero means very easy. You could see that this guy nailed it when it came to ranking for a noncompetitive keyword and getting lots of traffic. But wait a minute, Marcus, you’re telling me this guy nailed it. Did a good job, got 10000 visitors, and he’s only making a penny of view and he got like 100 bucks? Well, of course not. This guy was smart enough to actually have an ad for his computer repair services and softwares and things like that and actually put that ad within his story on medium so that he could generate customers for himself.

So instead of getting 100 bucks, he probably got a bunch of new customers to buy his product. And there are literally millions of search terms like this with very little competition that you can use to write a story on medium and drive people back to your sites or affiliate links. Now, you’ve got to be careful because they’re a little weird on affiliate links, but if you do it right and you focus on giving the customer value and linking them to something that’s valuable, they don’t mind that at all. Here’s another keyword. I found a guy ranking for Instagram bot and I actually found out that the guy ranking says he’s making like a thousand dollars a month from this one ranking with keyword stuff. Now, again, this isn’t my student. It’s not a person I know. I haven’t validated this, but I found it online and it looked pretty interesting. And based on the numbers, I don’t think he’s far off. I actually think he can do a little bit better.

But he’s writing for Instagram bot and he’s getting lots and lots of traffic for that one lens. And it’s very simple. He just leads people back to the things that make him money. And when using medium, you can literally write about anything you want. And then all you have to do is find an offer or a Web site or something. You can give them a value. Drive them back to your site and make some money. And the process is actually pretty simple. And it goes a little something like this. Step one, find noncompetitive keywords that you can rank for. Step two, write articles or stories based on those keywords. Get them ranked and get some traffic. Step three, get traffic and get paid.

Very simple. Now, the average person doing this, doing it on medium is making like a penny to two pennies per view. But I think we can do better. And I’m going to show you Marcos’s crazy step by step method in just a second. Now, you can do this and try to boost up your medium earnings, which is actually pretty simple. And you can start doing it right now with no money and no website or anything. Or you can casually add some affiliate links or offers or link back to your own Web site to make even more money. Which brings us to Marcos’s crazy ass profit method. Step number one is to use trigger words to find good SVO keywords you can rank for. You see, if I use a tool like a traps and I type something in like mortgage, I can see that the competition on these words is pretty high. But if I use a trigger word that really doesn’t have anything to do with a market or anything like that, it’s just a trigger word to noncompetitive words.

I can use a keyword like verses. And we could see that versus already has a lot less competition. And when I drill even further, I could see that aweber vs mailchimp actually has very little competition. I can rank for this and then have affiliate links and sign up for a WEBER here or mailchimp here. Both of those programs will pay me as an affiliate. Each and every month that the customer is there. And if I could use these two thousand visitors a month on this screen and get people to my site, I can probably get quite a few people to sign up since that’s exactly what they’re looking for. And if I use a trigger word like keeps crashing, we could see all kinds of people are looking for all kinds of things that keep crashing on their computer. And I’m sure there’s programs that can help their computer run faster and get rid of the crashing issues. And we can actually get an affiliate commission for that, too, in a really easy way.

And you can go on and on and on till your heart’s content with the trigger word method. And I’ll actually pop up a video at the end of this one to teach you more about the trigger word method. But the idea here is very simple.

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