how to make money from memes

Make Money With Memes Quick List

  1. Copy And Paste Memes As Complilations**
  2. Build a loyal social media following with memes
  3. Create A Meme Blog / Website
  4. Sell On Etsy / Redbubble / POD Stores
  5. Post On Paid To Post Picture Sites
  6. Make Your Own Memes + Promote Them / Meme Templates

Where To Find Trending Memes

  • Reddit
  • Giphy
  • Imgur
  • 9GAG
  • Memedroid
  • Quickmeme

Memes are continuously becoming a popular language on different social media platforms and the internet. Many individuals are using these short funny photos and GIFs to express their opinions and messages. Besides passing opinions, these captioned images are the sources of entertainment online.

With the growth of social media and internet users, memes have become part of a common language. Besides expressing humor or attracting more individuals to your page, many internet users use these captioned images as a source of income. Studies show that there are numerous direct and indirect ways you can use to makes a living from these online jokes.

If you’re looking for a reliable source for the latest captioned images and how to monetize them, you’re in the right place. Read through this post to get an insight on how to make money with memes. Furthermore, you’ll understand the process of making secure captioned images & videos and the best sources for trending content.

What is a Meme?

Experts refer to a meme as a captioned video or photo connecting internet users with trending and culturally relevant messages. With the growth of internet users, captioned videos and images have become an essential aspect of the internet or viral marketing.

Memes provide a simple way of eliciting humor on different online platforms and the internet. Besides eliciting humor, these short captioned videos or photos can be a great way of making a living. Thus, investing in the best online strategies will help you monetize and get more returns from your captioned videos and images.
The Process of Creating Profitable Memes

Before monetizing your content, it is vital to understand the process of creating profitable captioned videos and images. Understanding the process allows you to generate or post high-selling content guaranteeing great results. Furthermore, creating your content improves your personality and prevents any copyright issues. This section sheds some light on how to create profitable comical pictures.

Build a loyal social media following

Social media plays a key role in success when you want to create income-generating captioned images or videos. Thus, it’ll be vital to understand the role these platforms play in your success. You must build a loyal and large social media following to provide an appropriate solid foundation for your content to thrive and go viral.
Having a great social media foundation makes it easy to retweet and share the content, allowing your content to reach a broader audience. You use different SEO optimization techniques to drive more traffic and engagement on your accounts. Remember, the higher the engagement or leads, the more the chances of getting the best returns.

Generate or post resonating with your audience

Choosing a suitable niche that suits your targeted audience will be vital despite the ability to create high-quality comical pictures. Remember, your niche will be the main determinant of the type of audience. For instance, if you’re targeting couples, let the meme’s theme focus on couples to get the best returns. Besides getting the best monetization returns, choosing content aligning with your targeted groups will foster a healthier engagement and conversation.

Protect the memes

Memes are popular on different social media platforms or the internet. The huge number of shares shows the virality and success of your content, generating more credit or a chance of development. Nevertheless, it’ll be essential to have a watermark on your meme before posting it to show the originality of the content. Furthermore, linking the watermark with your account ensures ownership.

Experts advise that you include the water to protect your photos or videos. With the watermark, your social media account will still get credit regardless of the user who steals and keep reposting the content. Remember, when monetizing your memes on platforms like Youtube, it’ll be appropriate to consider using original content to avoid copyright issues.

How to Make Money with Memes

We live in times where many individuals make a living on social media or the internet. Experts predict that captained videos and pictures will be among the top ways to earn online in the next few years. With the growing popularity of memes, you can make a living by creating and posting this content. Below are proven ways to make an income with memes.

Create a meme YouTube channel

Studies show that owning a successful YouTube channel is a great way to make cash from memes. YouTube is one of the online platforms will numerous viewers who provide different options to monetize your content. You can earn from YouTube channel complications by creating captioned videos and photos, then pasting them on your channel. Remember, your YouTube channel should specifically post high-quality and trending captioned content.

YouTube allows you to earn after your channel gets enough views and you qualify for the Partner Program. Therefore, you should adopt various strategies and techniques to grow the number of views and subscribers on your channel. Once you’re a YouTube Partner, you’ll be earning from Ads on your videos. You can earn approximately $0.25 to $7 per 1000 views on your video views.

However, this platform isn’t a quick earn way of making an income from your captioned videos. Your channel must work hard to gain appropriate views to qualify for the Partner program. You can now start earning from your video views after becoming a partner. Remember, Youtube pays per view, making it vital for you to post content that attracts more views.

Furthermore, you can also increase your earnings on YouTube by generating sponsored videos or GIFs for brands and promoting brands in your videos. When having a Youtube meme complications channel, regular and consistent posting of trending and high-quality content will be vital for your growth and income.

Sell the memes on Redbubble

Redbubble is a profitable site allowing you to sell your content on various items, including customized videos and photos. The platform offers an easy way to make a living without worrying about printing comical images on different programs. You can earn from your memes by uploading the captioned photos on the platform for your preferred customer to purchase.

Experts consider it easy to earn from your content, as the platform will handle and print everything for you. Remember, you can control your earnings on this platform, as it doesn’t charge any commission for the sales. However, the platform has a particular base charge for the items customers purchase.

Invest in digital meme products

Besides the physical products, you can also have digital products, like courses, ebooks, etc., to earn from online jokes. Studies show that these products are in high demand among online users, allowing you to make huge profits. You can increase your income by starting a course on Skillshare, Udemy, etc., or providing trending information through ebooks.

With the competitive nature of this way of making money from captioned images and videos, it’ll be vital to adopt strategies to help you succeed. Research your targeted market and audiences, checking their preferences or culture. The study helps you choose the appropriate niche and content for your ebooks or courses, guaranteeing the best returns.

Sell memes as NTFS

NFTS and the crypto industry have been developing over the past decades. It offers a great way of making an income by minting and selling different NFTs of common memes. Research shows that online users have made a huge income by selling popular captioned photos, like the Success Kid, Disaster Girl, and Bad Luck Brian, to Ethereum on OpenSea.

You can borrow a leaf from this concept and start minting your memes NTFS before listing them on different marketing platforms. Despite prior users minting the most popular and high-selling memes, you can try unique meme-inspired NFT artwork to get the best return. The best trick to succeed when selling NTFS captioned images and videos is generating original and interesting content.

Make cash with print-on-demand (POD) stores

POD stores offer a better alternative to Etsy, especially for first-time sellers. Despite having most similarities, POD marketplaces offer hand-off processing after generating your product. You must start by designing your products and marketing them before the stores handle the manufacturing and logistics. The site will fill any orders a customer makes before shipping it on your behalf at a fee.

Despite the slimmer’s profit margin, they’re the best alternatives for mass production of merchandised products like wall art, bags, and clothes. However, with the highly-competitive nature of the site, it’ll be essential to direct more traffic to the site using different SEO and social media techniques. Remember, you increase your chances of selling by driving more traffic to the site.

Make money with Fiverr

Studies show that Fiverr is the best freelancing site to make money selling memes. The platform allows you to charge between $5 and $10000 for your services. Remember, the higher the quality of your comical pictures and videos, the more clients they attract. Nevertheless, with the competitive nature of the platform, it’s not an easy or quick money fix; you must apply different strategies to win more clients.

The best way to succeed with this site is to build a proper client base after landing your first client. Creating a good client base allows you to get good reviews and even referrals for your products, which is essential in increasing your income.

Before landing your first clients, you must have a good content portfolio for your potential clients to see. Having a huge portfolio helps you get your first gig or client. Remember to build a good review from the client to start marking more cash with memes on the platform.

Create a meme-focused Instagram account or page

Instagram has been one of the goldmines for memes. Instagram combines well with memes due to the graphic-based nature of the captioned videos or photos and the virtual platform. A meme-focused Instagram page allows you to grow the account to an influencer level. An influencer level comes with many benefits due to the high number of followers and fanbase.

With the numerous followers and fans, more brands will notice your presence. Remember that most brands and companies want influencers to help them reach a huge number of audiences. However, it’ll be essential to focus your content on highly sought-after niches, as it guarantees you the best deals and more income.
After getting a fanbase, you can earn by advertising the brand on your page or having a sponsored post. Remember, a single sponsored post attracts a huge price and more followers. However, it’ll be vital to get inspiration from top earners to make more money as brands have specific criteria for choosing the appropriate advertising partners.

Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a proven and popular way of earning from memes. The process involves setting up an online shop for you to start selling your different meme merchandise. Etsy offers adequate exposure allowing numerous viewers to see your products. The exposure increases the chances of more clients purchasing your products.
Furthermore, the site or online shop allows you to sell third-party merchandise. With the highly competitive nature of the marketplace, it’ll be wise to spend adequate time cultivating a good reputation to attract more clients or viewers.

Studies show that improved rankings, positive reviews, and a good reputation enhance your success. You can also check the intra-site competition to understand the market and increase your income. Thus, before starting your Fivverr account, it’ll be vital to gather appropriate information and techniques for succeeding.


It’s one of the money-making platforms you can use to earn from captioned images and videos, as you get an income from individuals viewing your meme posts. After uploading your captioned photos, the site places a related advertisement under them. The site pays you a percentage of the advertisement revenue based on your content’s views.

It’s an effortless way to monetize your memes, allowing you to cash out as low as $1 to your PayPal account. However, you must create original, high-selling captioned videos or images to attract more views to the advertisement. Remember, the more views on the advertisement, the more your income.

Generate a blog traffic

Generating blog traffic or engagement is an indirect way of earning from GIFs and comical pictures. You can start by incorporating more graphics and images in your content or blog to attract more views and help your audience relate to the content. Apart from having captioned or graphic images on blog posts or content, you can switch to sharing these captioned images on your social media pages.

With your content gaining popularity, you’re sure of more clicks and high website traffic. Remember, you can also create a unique online personality and branding by generating your original content. Besides getting more followers, these images also help the readers connect with your content and share it with other platforms. You can use your huge engagement and traffic to increase your blogging income.

Best places to Find Memes

With the popularity and profitable nature of memes, finding the appropriate sources of trending and original memes will be vital. Remember, trending and original memes increase your incomes or engagements that may lead you to profitable deals. Below are the best sources of memes:


Reddit has been the best place to discover new GIFs and memes for many years. Many online users have been sourcing highly paying and entertaining comical pictures from the platform. You can source any kind of interesting and trending content you want, from sarcasm to classic humor. After getting to the appropriate subreddit, search for the kind of memes you want from the search bar. You will get numerous trending and unique memes and GIFs to increase your engagement and generate more income.


Giphy offers the best collection of GIFs and captioned images on the internet. The platform should be on top of your list of the best sources of original and trending GIFs. You can get different categories to help you choose the appropriate one that suits your needs or help you get more income. The platform allows you to use hashtags or usernames to get your preferred content.


Unlike Reddit, Imgur has a great and easy-to-use interface for getting appropriate memes to drive up your engagement and increase your earnings. The platform allows you to search this content using different keywords, categories, and tags. However, you can’t find GIFs on this site, as the designers have them exclusively for images.

This is another popular and high-ranking meme website, as you can get great content. The site has various categories, allowing you to browse thoughts or get different comical photos from the latest trending topics or things worldwide. The site has an easy-to-use interface resembling Facebook, allowing you to get the best collection of humor genres.


Memedroid is one of the best platforms allowing you to get the best sarcastic and humorous content in a straightforward process. The site provides a wide variety of random and trending funny captioned pictures and videos for your platform. Besides being funny, you can use this meme to allow your audience or viewers to relate appropriately to the latest trending news or topics.


It’s a simple and free website you can use to source trending content. Quickmeme has an extremely straightforward and minimal interface allowing you to get the memes without struggling. However, the site has few options and no categories on the top or trending images and photos. Thus, it’ll be appropriate to scroll randomly to find funny content.

Making Your Memes and GIFs

Creating your content is vital for maintaining your personality and avoiding copyright issues. Furthermore, maintaining your personality is vital to enhancing engagement and monetizing images and videos. Let’s look at the best sites for making your content:

Experts rank Kapwing as one of the best meme-making websites you should consider for your monetization or entertainment needs. The platform provides numerous sets of blank templates. You can design and create memes relating to your audience using these templates.

Besides the need to design and create your memes, the platform offers a straightforward and effortless process of creating high-selling memes. The process allows you to generate customized memes relating to a particular theme in a few seconds.


It’s another popular and effective website you can use to generate high-quality memes. Imgflip provides you with three options after uploading your content. The options allow you to create a chart, GIF, or meme. Furthermore, when using the site, you can get random inspiration by clicking the shuffle option.


Most online users rank Memefly as the best website for creating comical videos and photos faster online. It’s a faster and easy meme or GIF generator available on chrome. The site works on images bigger than 320*240 pixels by editing the images after downloading them on your drive.
You can create your content by installing this extension and right-clicking the image you want to edit. It offers an easy and cost-effective way of creating memes to enhance your online existence and help you get more engagements and traffic.

Free GIF maker

Many individuals find it daunting to use photos from their gallery in a GIF or incorporate YouTube frames as a GIF. The Free GIF maker tool offers a cost-effective alternative for making your GIFs from your photos. Experts recommend it if you have adequate time and want to generate your GIFs or images from scratch.

Final Thoughts

Memes have been a popular way for online users to spread humor and pass their options. However, over the past years, this content has become a vital communication course and a way to make a living online. With most individuals using social media and the internet for different uses, it’s time to monetize your captioned photos and videos.

The main trick when monetizing your memes and GIFs is creating or posting trending content related to your audience. After getting the best content to attract more leads and engagement, you can use direct or indirect ways to earn from the content. Above is a comprehensive guide on sourcing the best and most appropriate ways to make income from customized photos and videos.

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