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You have probably seen claims like ‘earn $3,000 in just one week’ or ‘make a $1,000 fast with a simple secret Google hack’ or ‘the no scam way of how I made $12,000 with apps.’ But does this really work? And if yes, what works? In a 36-minute YouTube video, the Affiliate Marketing Dude unravels the truth about making money online fast.

In the video, you will learn the truth about what makes money, plus seven ways you can make money fast with affiliate marketing. You will also see an expose’ of Marcus’ website that he set up and started earning cash within 13 minutes, which made over $1200 on the first day online. You can subscribe to the weekly shows on Affiliate Marketing Dude every Wednesday, 10. am EST.

The lesson will show you the fastest way to make money online with affiliate marketing, including two special bonuses. There will be a discussion about Marcus’s 13-minute site. He bought the domain name, built a site, run an ad and got the first sale within 13 minutes of around $3. $3 commission is not a lot, but the site made over $1200 by the end of the day, which 60-70% of it was profit.

The first part of the session is the truth about making money online fast. The second part shows seven fast ways to make money with affiliate marketing. The third part is two of Marcus’s profitable affiliate sites. Later, there is a story on the old weather channel on Direct TV that presented a unique opportunity to a ton of money if you are paying attention. You can get videos, tutorials and training materials at, where you can find PDFs and handouts.

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How many of you would like to sleep and make money? You can make money while you sleep even when you don’t have a money box. There are a lot of videos and advice on how to make fast money. Most of the information is underwhelming, and the advice is crappy. Some of the advice said that you could go online to do some side gig jobs to make some money.

Other people advise that you walk around your home and sell some of the stuff, which isn’t good advice. Selling your stuff isn’t a sustainable source of income if you are looking for a long term solution. There was advice on becoming a virtual assistant to make money. However, you have to find a job that pays people for the services.

Several people advised on going to Fiverr and posting gigs. Fiverr is a good source, but it takes some time to get a result. The results show that it can take a month to make some money, and it may only be $100 per month. Another person said that you could flip domains to make money. You will have to know which domains to buy, which domains will sell, and where to sell them.

A couple of people talked about Paid Short links, which sucks in reality. It deserves the Fail Button because paid short links are not that good. Page short links pay you like $0.001 per click, which isn’t a sustainable way to make money online. You will realize that most of the stuff doesn’t work. What the video does is show you the fast ways to make money with affiliate marketing.


People’s logic goes like we made thirty thousand dollars more last year, and it only cost us 60 grand, which means that a company spends a lot of money on marketing activities. You’ve seen SEO, banners launch jacking, list building, paper click content, YouTube webinars, and direct ads. You will spend less money on marketing and make more return. But what is the real way to make money online fast? Below are seven ways to make money with affiliate marketing.


What does that mean? That means you go on social media, and you find different groups and groups of people. Social media groups have all kinds of people that are interested in specific stuff. You need to find the groups that share an interest in the niche that you can help. You can help them find the things they are looking for and share your affiliate link organically.

Social media helpers can make money instantly. Ensure that you have a disclaimer to make sure you’re focusing on helping people and not spamming groups. Always put your best foot forward and focus on helping people out as a social media helper. People are looking for relationship tips looking to save their marriage. You can help them if you have the skills.

You can say, “I was on a rocky marriage myself and here’s what I did to get out of it.” After that, you can tell them about your free guide or an affiliate link for a product that you like. It is simple to do, easy, and anyone can do it. There are groups out there about anything on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, sites like Reddit, and other platforms.

All you have to do is share some value or experience on social media platforms and help other people. You can tell people, “I tried a bunch of Marcus’s affiliate stuff the best” when trying to get people to join affiliate marketing. For example, you can say, “I tried to watch TV on my computer, and I couldn’t do it until I downloaded this app.” Share your affiliate link for people to follow and tell people to download the app to make a commission.

It is simple, but you just have to get out there and do it if you want to make commissions. Anyone can be a social media helper because it is simple. You need a disclaimer that says you’re an affiliate and have something to give away to your audience. It can be a PDF, ebook, a guide, a video, or something that will help people.

For example, people on social media say, “My order forms look ugly, and I’m using Infusionsoft. Can anyone help?” You can make an offer for the requests and quote your price. Marcus once had a problem with the had order form, and he went online to find someone to create new order forms. The first guy asked for $100 and offered some files for the new order forms. He paid $800 extra twice because the first guy didn’t deliver them fast enough. There was an affiliate program that he could have gotten $400 and helped other people in social media.

It can become a source of recurring revenue for a social media helper. You can tell people about Netflix subscriptions or software for creating a mailing list. Be clear about the fact that you are an affiliate and that you will make a commission when they make a purchase. Everything that has an affiliate program you can help people with on social media. Find a group that talks about your niche and look for a way to help the people in need.


Forums rank on Google like right now, and they are getting a lot of traffic right now. Forums like Reddit rank highly on Google, and there are a lot of people looking for answers. You can get instant traffic, and all you have to do is to go in front of where there is an audience that already exists. Where is that ready audience? They are on forums and question sites asking questions and looking for advice.

Here are the simple steps to follow you need to follow. You go to the forum that’s relevant to your product and start helping people out. Whatever your knowledge is, whether its HVAC repair, truck driving, Weber, HTML, or web site hosting, you can use it as an affiliate marketer. Go into the forums and start to share your knowledge with people looking for help. You can tell people about a problem you had and the products you used to solve them.

Go to forums to share your advice, some tips and add an affiliate disclaimer. You can add footer in all the posts and all the questions you answer, with a link that says, would you like my free guide on XYZ? They go to your site to get a free guide. Marcus has a track record of putting a post on a forum and earning $1,300 in profit, less the credit card company’s commission in twelve minutes. He put up a post in a forum and boom, got the money.

Focus on the good stuff, and don’t be a spammer. Place acceptable disclaimers at any time that you share a link with a target audience. Be honest with your potential customers. If Marcus can make that money in 12 minutes, what would happen if you spent eight hours doing it? Start so that you can learn more and get better. You can find out which posts that do best and which sites have the most traffic.

When you start, you will find out the forums that people visit. And guess what? All the knowledge is there when you look. You can find a site that has 12000 people are looking at your post. Whatever the number is, you will get traffic for your affiliate links and make commissions.


It takes a little bit longer because obviously, you’ve got to make a catchy video. You can make a video, or you can do a live stream on YouTube. Turn on the camera, go live; it gets traffic all the time. You need to ensure that YouTube videos focus on specific topics, and you do a good job. You can get lots of views to your video and make money with YouTube ads.

You can make money with affiliate links or your products to add in the description on every video. It is simple, and there are people out there who make videos unboxing stuff. Someone who will have a video saying, here’s the unboxing of the money button. Here is the sound that it makes when you press it. You can look up a video to see what it sounded like before you make a purchase.

You can add an Amazon affiliate link in the description of your videos. You can promote links from click bank, CJ, Vault offers or any other site with an affiliate program. You can make YouTube videos and get traffic fast to your affiliate links. You can put a video up about a smaller topic that has traffic. Don’t expect to make a video about how to play basketball and rank number one. There will be big players who will rank for topics with high traffic.

If you do a video on how to do a hook shot from the 30-yard line or the three-pointer line, you have a higher chance of ranking during YouTube searches. You will have enough traffic to do conversions using YouTube videos. You make a video about how to shoot hoops and add your keywords to the video title. For example, the title can be ‘how to make a hook shot three-point line’ or any relevant title. Ensure that the title is catchy, and it can get traffic or views. If the video doesn’t get views, then you won’t be making money.

You have to make a clear description stating what you will show your viewers in the video. For example, in the video on ‘how to make a hook shot three-point line,’ you can share your website with the audience. Ensure you add relevant affiliate links to the website so that you can get commissions from your traffic. It is simple to do, and you will see results when you do it right. It will take some time to make the best videos for your channel and start getting conversions. Some of your videos will not gain any traffic or get any substantial views, and others will do good. You need the right keywords, focus and timing to get people to watch your videos on YouTube. People need to watch the videos and hit that like button for you to rank on the platform. You can do YouTube videos without a website and just put your affiliate links in the description.

However, it is highly recommended you cloak your affiliate links and place them on a website. A good website will set you back $6 if you plan on getting any kind of money online. You can be worried about spending $6 a month on a website. You have to be in it to win, and a website will guarantee that you get enough traffic to make substantial commissions.

Many people want to make money with no investment or any work and watch the money rolling into their accounts. That’s not how it works. That’s why people fall for the get rich fast online scams in the hopes of making millions without any investment. Some people will tell you that you can make eight hundred thousand cash in just two months. They will ask you to send money and won’t give a definite formula for making money.

You can to, start your first hub site with a free domain name. It will cost roughly $100 for the year. You will hide the affiliate links with a blog or website content. You can have as many blogs as you want when you set up a website on There aren’t many websites that will let you start a website for $6 per month. You need to set up your affiliate business, make it look legit, and then scale your site.

It is simpler to tell people about a website when you have your domain name. You can create a memorable website name that won’t be a mouthful. You can build the site up once you start getting traffic to the website and affiliate links. That’s the right way to do it. In summary, you make videos on topics that people are looking up using keywords that are easy to rank. Do not go for keywords that are saturated when you are beginning. You can do big keywords once you have a significant number of subscribers.

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You can interview people about their product and sell it as an affiliate. You can use social media to live stream the interview directly to your followers. There is an authenticity that comes with live stream videos on social media. People tend to believe in videos that are not highly polished. You need to tell your followers in advance whenever you have a guest interview and state what they will learn from the interview. Interviews about affiliate marketing can also attract traffic to your social media.

You can sell stuff using affiliate links, and you make money online fast. What you need to do is create a following on social media before you start doing live videos. Just turn on your webcam and your microphone and talk about the topic you prepared for the day. Find the guest right for the live videos, and you can have a higher conversion rate on your links. Doing interviews is free of charge because most people who will accept doing the interviews want to get exposure to the right audience.

Software like OBM Studio allows you to do interviews from anywhere, and it is what Marcus uses to train people. It is free and provides amazing performance for live videos. You can do interviews with people in the relationship market, basketball, web marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. Choose the niche you want to focus on and stay on course with that niche.

There is this guy who does live streams about the weather in Florida. They get hurricanes. Marcus didn’t know how serious the hurricanes are before moving from California. The guy does lives on Facebook, and sometimes he has like 30,000 people watching him live. All he does is go to the weather site and point out various hurricanes happening at any given time. He shares stuff with the audience and makes a good living from following hurricanes online. He could make more if he followed the old Affiliate Marketing Dude channel.

You also go to social media groups and start live videos about a topic you think people have an interest in. At the end of the video, offer value to your viewers like free notes. Once they get the value, you can sell other stuff to them using affiliate links. Marcus tries the method for the Affiliate Marketing Dude channel, and it works all the time. He gives out free notes and other stuff to provide value to the viewers.

You can only attempt to sell something to a potential customer after you’ve already offered value to them. It is much easier to make a sale to a person that you gave something of value for free. There was a girl that worked with Marcus in 2018. She started doing affiliate marketing around the same time Marcus started. He went on an interview for her audience, and she made $500 from three affiliate sales in connection to the interview.

After one year, she’s making a fortune, and she does interviews with people all the time. Then she had like 12 people watching whatever, but she has a bunch of people watching, and she’s making multiple six figures. Interviews do work as a source of traffic in affiliate marketing. It takes a few simple steps to do it. You go out there, get your affiliate link, set up an interview and share the affiliate link. Most people are glad to take an interview online when you ask.

You could do your live show on Facebook or YouTube if you lack the confidence to interview you. Remember to focus on one thing. Don’t focus on doing basketball today and taxes tomorrow. You either need to be the basketball guy or the taxes guy, but you cannot do that on the same page, group, or channel. You have to separate the niches if you have an interest in doing them both. People will ask questions in the comments you can sell the products there. You can tell them that this is the best product for solving problem XYZ.


Most people overlook the tactic of using press releases in affiliate marketing, and it makes a crap ton of money. You need to submit a press release, not because you want to be on the news. The point of a press release is to use the power of a big site on a topic that you can’t get traffic to your site. It’s kind of like Medium and stuff like that. Go out and submit a press release to drive t SEO traffic to your site and links.

You need to make your press release like you do for content on your blog. Choose a suitable keyword and make it the title of your news press release. For example, you can use a keyword like the weather channel on Direct TV for your press release. You can use a title like ‘where did the Weather Channel go on direct TV?’ to get organic traffic. You may wonder how you can make money with people searching for the Direct TV Weather Channel. It doesn’t make any sense for an affiliate marketer. It will make a lot of sense in the course of this article.

You need to use a keyword that that’s less competitive. You’re not going to go and make money. You’re going for something less competitive like something happening in the affiliate marketing industry. Something that the big companies are not using to promote their affiliate offers. For example, a couple of months ago, Amazon slashed their affiliate commissions and pissed everyone off. They lowered their affiliate commissions, and some affiliates did not know lucrative alternatives to the Amazon affiliate program.

It would have been wise to make a press release about how Amazon screwed the commission down or how they jacked people out of commission. You could have put a press release on Amazon’s ten alternatives, and it would have ranked on search engines. Some other suitable topics for the press release would have been a free affiliate course or a guide teaching you how to make money without Amazon.

A press release’s goal is to rank for the words you can’t rank for on your site. News press releases show up right away, unlike traditional magazines or newspapers. They show up within 24 hours, and it’ll cost you, but it is worth the effort. You can find some free press release sites, but they are not as good as the paid sites.

You can pay $60-$600 to do your press release, so make sure you’re going for the right keyword and picture before you start that. Focus on the right one keyword, and you will get traffic if you do it right. You can learn all about this from a course at There is a section about press releases. It is another proven way to make money fast online using affiliate marketing.


Content syndication is a simple method of getting your content distributed in multiple different places. It makes sense because you will have multiple traffic sources that can view your content or products. You need to learn the keyword methods and do it right if you want to see results fast. Sites like Medium are excellent for content syndication. You can go to a medium post and use the right keywords to it work well fast.

For example, some guy did have success with doing affiliate marketing with the Avast, the virus software. He has thousands and thousands of visitors a day, and they are looking to buy the Avast software. He has affiliate links for virus stuff and bottom, and he gets traffic by syndicating his content. He did content syndication right by using the correct keywords and focusing on the anti-virus software.

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Landing pages, also known as interactive information arbitrage, are the best way money online is to drive paid traffic to affiliate sites. Why is paid traffic the best methods for making money with affiliate sites? The results are instant. You can put up an ad right now and get traffic within five minutes.

You only need about five bucks to start getting paid traffic and monitor the results to get traffic. After that, you’d add another five bucks and then you do more. Paid traffic is not an expense because advertising should never be an expense. Advertising should be an investment. And you should get money back right away, unlike the old days when you had to run ads in the old magazines, and we then wait for them to come out.

It costs a lot of money, but with the internet, you can create an ad instantly and get people to your site instantly. Use affiliate tracking to see if you make sales instantly. You can compare your ROI to find out the performance of your ad when you spend $5. You can decide the ads to keep running, which ones to cancel, and which ones need improvements. Paid traffic is a cost-efficient way to test the market and see what works for your niche before investing heavily. Also, you learn something new every time you fail at ads.

You shouldn’t be paying 50 cents a click, $1 per click, or 25 cents a click if you are getting $2 as commission. You should be paying around 5-7 cents a click for that level of returns. Keep an eye on your conversion rate and the cost of your paid traffic. You can use to check out your conversion rate against the cost per click of your keywords.

The calculator based on 20 years of experience, and it’ll do the math for you. You will get a good idea of the amount that you should pay for your paid traffic. It’s not guaranteed. However, you can make millions of dollars sending paid traffic to affiliate landing pages. The idea is to find keywords about your niche market that are non-competitive like FHA refinance qualifications or how do I get a lower loan rate.

Find products that are non-competitive like mortgage financing, take your keywords, send them to a simple blog with information about mortgages and some affiliate links at the bottom, set it up, and you are ready to go. Place the links on your blog where it makes sense and does not use the mill affiliate banners provided by businesses. Use a targeted link. The run of mill stuff doesn’t know your target keywords you’re going for, and you need to tailor it for the market. Now, when you do this, it works well, and it’s very simple. Again, be targeted, and you could get traffic to your website. Most affiliate marketers that try to get into the industry never make anything.

Understand what’s going on, do the right stuff, and make a living out of affiliate marketing. Years back, a friend in affiliate marketing called Missy instead that Marcus runs an offer under a specific keyword. The keyword made $500 in a couple of hours. A different ad under a different keyword probably wouldn’t have worked or made a lot of money. You have to learn to put the right things in front of the right people. You need to focus 100% of your effort on doing things that will get you paid. Stop playing around with blog themes, funnel builders and focus on what makes money. When you focus on what makes money, you’re not going to get distracted.


Let’s take a look at Marcus’s profit sites.


A couple of years ago, Marcus made a site. He went to Google Trends noticed everyone’s looking up lottery numbers. He realized that nobody bids on lottery numbers and saw an opportunity to make money. He put up an ad, and the cost was two cents a click. The ad got traffic for 2-7 cents a click for a lottery toolbar. Put a disclaimer and make sure any toolbars that you promote are on the up and up.

Ensure they’re free of viruses, spyware or junk using another computer or software that checks whether apps are clean. The offer paid $2.85 every time someone downloaded the toolbar free. The ad made my first sale within a few minutes. The ad had 600-700 making a bunch of money, and it worked extremely well because it was targeted. Take a look at the site. It’s simple, didn’t use click funnels else, and it uses a WordPress blog.

It is included in the Simple Site’s course, and you can have it. 99% of the people who came to this site clicked on the dropdown because they looked for lotto numbers. They had to choose the date for their lottery numbers. For example, people wanted to know lottery numbers for September 5th. They entered their numbers and downloaded the toolbar, and Marcus got the commission. The website only had three pages, and it had a high conversion rate. It took Marcus fifteen minutes to build the website. There is no guarantee that you’re going to build a site in fifteen minutes to make money. However, the method works, and it has been working for the last couple of years.


Another site he did was Love Handles. The keyword was love handles, and the offer got three conversions on the first day. The offer was paying $80 per sale. Another offer was paying $120, while the cost of the ad was $30 per conversion. The result was reasonable and lucrative. It’s all about the numbers. A current ad on how to use Khadra is ranking in the search engines. It made more than 22K from the offer through paid traffic.


Remember the story about Weather Channel on Direct TV? Marcus and his wife were up trying to follow the storm going to Louisiana and the other storms coming towards Florida. The channel disappeared as they were following the storms. A lot of other people online were searching for it to Weather Channel Direct TV. On Google Trends, people are looking for the hurricanes by names like Hurricane Bob, Hurricane Frank, or Hurricane Sally.

You can promote offers from weather toolbar or weather apps from the Weather Channel. A hurricane is a serious thing, and you need to do a good job about the disclaimer you place on the website. The apps and toolbars will pay you money when you get people to download them through an affiliate link. You can have multiple niches so that when there is a big lottery, you make conversions when there is a hurricane in Florida. You can find all kinds of offers on affiliate network sites like Offer Vault.

There are many apps that people can download for free, like the ones for recipes, watching TV on mobile devices or weather toolbar. Users are likely to download an app because they are not paying anything to get the app. Every time someone downloads the app, you get your commission. Don’t mess around with the disclaimers when it comes to your affiliate links. Also, be direct with your offers and your landing pages. There’s probably even forums out there of people looking for where the Weather Channel went on direct TV?

That seems a little too simple, but that how it works—also, that why it works because people respond to simple things. People want things fast, right now, and they don’t want to wait. They don’t have time to read through your life story or hear about the trip you took and what you learned. They just want what they want right now. Go directly to the point. Say, this is my travel site, and we’re going to teach you to save money on travel. Don’t be around Bush.


If you’re serious about doing affiliate marketing, go to Sign up for a measly $297 and get my entire course that walked you through everything to do with affiliate marketing. There are a video archive, tools, training materials, and it walks you through affiliate marketing. There is a section on how to make money fast, with sections on everything. The video archive has stuff you’re going to pay around $2,000 for one of the videos in other sites. The site will teach you how affiliate marketing works.

Then if you want to spend a lot of money later, you can do that while you learn anything and everything about the industry. Click on this little paid traffic icon if you want to do what the video taught you with paid traffic. The videos will walk you through the paid traffic class that shows you exactly how to do it. All that content is available at You can sign up there, or subscribe to the Affiliate Marketing Dude channel and watch the weekly live streams on affiliate marketing.

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