How To Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing


Is it even possible to make up to $500 a day blogging from the comfort of your own home? Of course it is. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 18 years from my backyard office here in Florida, and it just so happens that when I want to film, a lightning storm starts, but we’re gonna go ahead and answer those questions about how you can get started making money online blogging, up to $500 a day or more, and we’re starting right now.

Hey, guys, it’s Marcus here from, and as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been making money online from the comfort of my own home for the last 18, almost 19 years now. In that time I’ve learned a lot of things. I’ve moved from California to Florida, which is the office you saw in the beginning, and I’ve learned a lot of things about blogging, and affiliate marketing, and internet marketing that can help you make money online, and we’re gonna break it down for you and show you exactly how it works so that you can get started on your own. Now, if you like this kind of stuff and you wanna learn about how to make money with affiliate marketing, and blogging, and everything like that, make sure that you hit the subscribe button, and click the little bell notification icon ’cause we got tons of videos that come out for you each and every week, and we also have two live trainings every week right here on the channel that you don’t wanna miss. So make sure you subscribe and hit the little bell notification icon.

But first, let’s talk about something extremely important. No one has ever been paid just to blog, unless they have a job for like two bucks an hour. Instead, you are paid to generate an audience. That’s right. You need to get people to see your blog by talking about relevant topics. So, what it looks like is this. You set out and you find something that people are interested in. Now a lot of people are gonna tell you to blog about your passion, or blog about something you’re interested in, or anything a like that, and that is good, but you also have to be blogging about things people are actually interested in. So if I’m interested in something that no one else in the world cares about, I’m not gonna make any money blogging, so it’s gotta be something very relevant. You can use the Google AdWords key word planner tool to find out what people are searching for every single day. Because the fact of the matter is that over four million people every 60 seconds search Google. That’s four million different searches every minute online. That’s a lot of people, and that’s a lot of people that you can get to your blog.

Now remember, I told you that no one’s every paid just to write, unless they have a job, which probably isn’t what you’re looking for, and even if it was, the amount you’re gonna get paid is very low. So if you’re looking to be a blogger from the comfort of your own home, and you wanna make money with this, you need to generate an audience. You are going to be paid in direct proportion to the value of your audience. Very easy, right? So if you got a bunch of people here and they’re looking at different things on Google, and they wanna learn about a topic. Say for example you’re really interested in these things, whatever it is. It’s actually a sous vide cooking machine. You put it in water, and then you put your food in the water, and it cooks the food. It’s very popular online. Actually thousands of people search for sous vide recipes every single day.

So let’s say you are interested in these sous vide machines. Sous vide. And you wanna make a blog about these sous vide machines, and you start to make a blog about sous vide recipes, and sous vide times, and sous vide temperatures, and sous vide pork, and sous vide steak, and sous vide fish, and sous vide vegetables, and anything else you can sous vide. And people are really interested in this stuff, and there’s actually lots of people that have blogs about this particular topic. What happens is you start to write about this topic, and you get a following, and people start to say, “Hey, that guy’s really cool. He talks about how to cook these things using this machine that I happen to be interested in.” Now what?

Now you got all these people coming to your blog, right. There’s all these people, and they are coming to your blog, and they are reading your stuff, and they are watching your videos, if you have videos, and all these people are coming in here. And remember, how I said, it’s all about the audience. Right, this is all about audience, and it’s all about influence. Can you get your audience to do something? Can you get them to do something? Perhaps we can get them to use a different pen, right. Can you get your audience to do something here like this? If you can get them to so something, then you can make money. For example, perhaps you can get them to download a recipe toolbar. All right, recipe toolbars are really cool, and there’s little recipe programs and downloads and things like that that you can give away on your site, and sometimes I’ve been paid as much as $3 per download. That means I don’t even have to sell anything. They just download the recipe toolbar, and I make money. Now, if you wanna make $500 a day, then all you gotta do is get about 150, 175 people to download that, and boom, you’re off to the races.

Now there’s other ways of making money with your blog, as well. For example, if you’re in that sous vide niche, you can actually find sous vide affiliate programs. Yep, that means you can actually sell the sous vide on your site, and get paid a commission when people buy it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. So do I actually have to buy these things and ship them out to customers?

No, no, no. With affiliate marketing it’s actually a lot easier. You simply go to one of your favorite websites that offers affiliate marketing. Some of them are Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Home Depot, and thousands of others. Actually, probably millions. You sign-up, you get a custom link that goes to your product. You paste that link on your website. When people click that link, and go to the vendor’s website, either enter their information in a form, download something, call a number, or even buy something, bam, you get paid.

Now make sure that you have a good affiliate disclaimer that tells your visitors that you are an affiliate of the product, that way they don’t think it’s an unbiased review, because you’re actually getting paid to do these reviews in a roundabout way, so make sure you have that as well. It’s actually pretty easy, and you can get those with the affiliate marketing toolbar at

Now, because these machines are so expensive, you can actually get anywhere from … Let’s say the machine is $200 like I paid for mine … you could get like anywhere from 10% or more to sell the sous vide machine. That’s like $20 each. You sell a couple of those every day, and boom, you’re off to the races.

Now, you can also do what is known as Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a great way to monetize your audience, because all you have to do is stick ads on your blog, and boom, you get a check when people click on the ads. What could be easier then that?

Now there’s other things you can do, as well, like making a mailing list, creating a YouTube channel around your blog. All kinds of different things that can pay you money. Now the name of the game is being able to get lots of people to view your content. And the way to get lots of people to view your content is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is go down the line of what people are searching for. In the beginning, I talked about how people look up sous vide recipes, sous vide cooking times, sous vide this, sous vide that, sous vide vegetables, and literally everything. All you have to do is focus on the people that want things in your various niche.

Now keep in mind, this is just one niche, and you may have never even heard of it until today. There are millions and millions of niches just like this that you can get started with and blogging, and get traffic extremely easy. All you have to do is write about what people are searching for, link them to things that make you money, build a mailing list so you can follow up with people for even more profits, and bam, you’re off to the races, and you can actually make money blogging in a really easy way.

Now the cool part about this is blogs are extremely easy to set up and manage. You can literally set up a blog in about five minutes. I have the instructions here on my channel, or you could go over to and watch my video that teaches you how to set up your first blog in literally five or six minutes, maybe 15 if you’re really slow. But, it’s very, very easy to do, and we’re gonna talk to you about how to do that, and all you have to do is focus on what people are searching for, blog about what they want, send them to things that pay you money, and boom, you’re off to the races making money blogging.

I hope you like this little video break down of how to make money blogging. Now, will you get to $500 a day? Very few do. Is it possible? Of course it’s possible. Anything’s possible. Obviously the results are not typical, implied, or guaranteed. I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I know what works, and I can kind of help you out, and that’s what this channel is about, is helping you get started with blogging. So, if you like this idea of building blogs around what people are searching for, sending them to things that make you money, and getting a check in the mail, then hop on over to and get my free internet marketing affiliate marketing blogging toolbar. Sounds really complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy. You go there, you download the toolbar. It has all the steps that you need to get started with this type of marketing, so that you can start making money blogging from the comfort of your own home as well.

Thanks again for watching. I hope you enjoyed this little video. My name is Marcus. Make sure you subscribe and click the bell notification, and check out my other videos on how to make money from the comfort of your own home with blogging and affiliate marketing.


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