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Your one hour strategy call will be with marcus personally on zoom, we will go over your sites, niches, ideas, and give you a plan to profit… you will get a recording of the call and downloads of the keyword reports and tools i run on the call for you.  the price is set LOW for the first 30 orders… then the price will raise every 30 orders till we get back to the normal $497 price…. this is a steal… do not delay.

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$50 A Day Starting With Nothing

– In This Training You Will Learn –
9 Free Platforms To Use For Traffic Getting
7 Easy Traffic Magnets You Can Create
PLUS A Killer Niche Example You Can Use Right Now
AND 13 FREE TOOLS You Can Use Today
$50 Per Day | $1,500 Per Month | $18,250 Per Year


Find A Specific Problem People Have

Find Something To Offer

—– THE FLIP —–

Choose Your Traffic Platform
Nine Free Platforms To
Get Traffic Fast
2. medium
3. guest blogging
4. ezine articles
5. youtube
6. facebook groups
7. blogger
8. forums
9. quora

Create A Helpful Piece Of Content
For Your Specific Problem Keywords

Seven Easy Traffic Magnets
1. blog posts and articles (open source office)
2. pdf files, excel files, templates, ect (open source office)
3. video content “tutorials” (freecam, sharex, camstudio, ezvid, screenrec)
4. helpful lists (notepad)
5. step by step instructions (word editor)
6. facebook groups (word editor / snipping)
7. images (snagit free trial, windows snipping + paint, word, jing, gopic, screenpresso)
Embed Your “Bonus Step” Or “Recommended Tip”
How It Works In Real Time

You Are Watching Content
On A Free Platform…

This Cost Nothing To Make
You Came With A Problem…
You Want To Make Money Online
I Teach You Something Simple That Works

Show You The Pros And Cons


– No Cost To Start
– Easy Setup
– Great If You Have NO Money


– No Ownership
– No Custom Domain
– No Branding
– Limited Plugins
– Other Ads (not yours)
– Annoying Redirect Links
– If You Get Kicked Off Platform… You Lose It All
Then I Lead You Something More Helpful


– Full Ownership
– Free Custom Domain
– Custom Branding
– Use ALL Plugins
– Control Your Ad Space
– Easy Redirect Links
– Long Term Viability
– Keep Your SEO Ranks
– Build And Grow For Passive Income


– $7 Per Month Avg

Start Your Fist Niche Blog Today

Rapid Fire Niche Round 🙂


12 thoughts on “How To Make $50 A Day Online”

  1. Marcus,
    Hi, I already bought 2 domains at godaddy ready to go as I let you know earlier and can’t afford any more after paying for the class too. They seem to want a year’s worth up front and I just don’t have that much. Does that mean since my like to the rapid fire niche’s isn’t clickable, mean that I can’t have them though I attended and helped get the 100+likes? 🙁 Kathy Berry

  2. Very good video I need to make $50 a day if not more because my wallet is empty you’re helping this is greatly appreciate it

  3. Hi Marcus, Good day! I Appreciated your Training and the things you sujest a lot! I would like to get started even just to make $50 a day! I have Tips and ideas that I could Use as Content that will be of great value to some personal out there, I’m so interested in do some Online business but I don’t know how to get started, I would really like your assistance!! Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for your feedback in your business . and the effort you put in , interested in doing business with your community but one is that people are not happy about ny business I d o with you for a long time that is why delay track off in your business I know you delay for so many years nobody do that , for you
    Thank you
    john peterson

  5. Thank you Marcus this is not the kind of gift I was expecting to get just a day away from my b day. Awsome… I am someone who takes your content very seriously and I hope to earn enough to pay for more of your training asap. I appreciate you bro, piece out Dude.

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