How To Get Paid To Chat Online

make money chatting online
make money chatting online

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Todays Lineup:
Part One: How Paid Chat Works
Part Two: Five Places You Can Get Paid Up To $15 Per Hour Or More To Chat Online
Part Three: My Secret “Judge Judy” Method
Part Four: How To Get Started

Part One: How Paid Chat Works
1. Find A Company That Needs Chat Services
2. Apply For The Job
3. Start Chatting Online And Helping People
Part Two: Five Places That Pay You To Chat Online
1. Amazon Chat Rep.
2. upwork
3. JustAnswer
4. Fiverr
Part Three: The “Judge Judy” Method
1. Set Up A Simple Website On An In Demand Topic ($70-100 per year)
2. Install Live Chat Software ($8-15 Per Month)
3. Answer Questions Live And Sell Affiliate Products
4. Look At All The Questions People Ask Online
5. BONUS 1: Answer Questions On Other Sites To Drive Free Traffic
6. BONUS 2: Sell Recurring Revenue Products To Build Passive Income

If you have good communication skills, some top companies might consider you to take care of their customers. If you do not want to work for any company, you can create your website and start answering people. Remember that you will have to always choose a topic that can grab the attention of the people so that you can get the desired exposure.

There are many easy ways to get paid to chat. We will try to cover almost all the possible ways to create an option for each visitor. Keep reading to know how to utilize your free time online and make money without any hard effort and investment.


Online chatting can be the best option for all those who have great communicating skills. No, you do not need to talk over phones. You just need to satisfy them by answering their queries via live chat. The market is huge and the options are many. If you can type fast and you have the positivity to create a satisfactory answer for all queries, online chatting jobs are worth considering.

If you do not like to join any website or similar kind of job, you can try some genuine chatting jobs. They will pay you decent money for general information. Online chatting is a real job. You can consider online chat like any other job to meet your daily ends. You can consider it both for part-time and full-time jobs.

In brief, you can say that online chatting can be a great source of income for all those who want to utilize their typing and communication skills to make money. They can work from home and consider more than one option to make a huge. However, if you do not have patience and always find it hard to deal with negative comments, then it is better to consider alternatives.

Now you know when you can consider online chatting jobs and when you should avoid this online job. Next, we will discuss the jobs available in the current condition. It is worth mentioning that you do not need to work under any company or website. You can start your online chatting website and make money as well.


We will start with the companies that hire people to communicate with their customers. You can work as a customer care agent, online chat agent, chat support agent, or even virtual call agents. Options are many and you need to be confident enough to impress your employer to be considered. You do not need to be highly qualified to get this job. But you should have good communication skills to create a positive impression among customers about the company.

Make sure that you can type fast and accurately. Take time to be confident about your typing skills. Before applying for any job, inquire about the specific requirements. Some companies might ask to pass a test as a process of hiring. It is better to be well prepared for all those to come out successful. You will be paid hourly. You can expect to receive between $10 and $50.



Amazon is a popular online retailer across. We all are familiar with this name and most of us consider this retailer for online shopping. However, it offers many earning possibilities to people all over the world. You might be familiar with some of the Amazon program. Here we are discussing Chat Support Representative jobs of Amazon.

Like any other online chatting jobs, these representatives will have to use online chat tools. They need to communicate with customers and guide them to meet their shopping needs. You can expect both temporary and permanent jobs with Amazon. You can get attractive salaries as well. However, you will have to be a little skilled if you want to join Amazon. You will have to deliver quality work and create a positive experience to secure a job. If you are confident about your typing and communication skills, you can try this option now and make a decent earning.


You can also consider LiveWorld to make money from online charting. LiveWorld hires chat agents and it pays a good salary as well. But you will have to be aware of the responsibilities you are expected to do while working under this company. LiveWorld chat agents are expected to be multi-tasking. Some of their responsibilities include social media moderation, monitoring, customer service, and engagement.

They can hire you to escalate trends, topics, emerging issues, and sentiments. You will need good communication skills to join this company. Your typing needs to be fast and you must have a good command of the language. That means they will expect excellent grammar, typing, and punctuation to hire you for their company. If you think that you meet all these criteria, you can go ahead with your decision and apply for chat agents.

You will be paid hourly and can work from your convenient place as well. There are different types of online chat jobs. When some of them are permanent, others are part-time positions. You might be paid hourly and get some other benefits such as health insurance.

As the options will be many, you can choose the one that suits your skills. But make sure that you are doing your homework before appearing for an interview. Otherwise, they might not consider you.


You can think of this option if you want to work for a virtual location. You can work for their customer service, tech support, and sales. You will have to perform a few other tasks including customer service. Also, they will train you for their chat position so that you will be aware of your responsibilities and can serve them better. You can get both full time and part-time jobs. For full-time jobs, you will have to work for thirty-five to forty hours every week.

If you want to join the Chat Shop, you will have to make sure that you have great communication and organization skills. Also, the typing speed must be 80 WPM minimum. For online chatting, you can get paid $10 per hour.


JustAnswer can help you to get your dream job when it comes to online chatting. It hires chat agents to help people to find a solution to their problems. If you think that you have good communication skills and knowledge to help people to solve their problems, you can consider this option. You will find questions on different topics. More importantly, questions will come from skilled professionals such as lawyers, doctors, mechanics, and even business-minded people.

If you have the skill to answer their queries, you will be paid for your answers. The answers must be well-researched and professional. You will be asked to use chat software to answer these professional questions. You will be paid a percentage of the accepted answers. So, you will have to do proper research before answering any question. Otherwise, your answer will not be accepted.

When it comes to the money, you will be able to make $5 to $30 for each accepted answer. You can use your free time to answer questions on JustAnswer. You will be able to withdraw the money from your account when it reaches a minimum of $20.

JustAnswer might not be a good option if you do not have the skills to deal with professional questions. It will demand some education and research. If you do not find yourself confident, you should consider other options. Also, you can try to answer a few specific questions that you are capable of instead of attempting every question. It will only take your time and you will not be paid when the answers will not be accepted.


Presto Experts can help you to get paid from chatting online. It hires experts for different online chat services. Presto Experts are popular for creating a solution for businesses and people by answering their questions. You do not need to be a part of their physical location. You do not need to pass any test or show any specific qualifications to get started as well.

All you need to do is to sign up and then you can make money by answering the questions of their clients. You can answer the questions via email, chat, or phone. You will have to be familiar with different subjects to help people with the right answer. Here again, you will be paid for your answers and you should be well prepared to type the right answer. You will be paid per minute. You can expect $2 to $3.


Accolade Support provides outsource services. If you want to work for a virtual location, you can consider this option. It hires chat agents regularly to outsource chat agents to call centers. However, you will have to meet their eligibility criteria to get the job. You must have skills to provide excellent customer service and technical support and that will ultimately boost their sales.

You can be easily hired with good typing and communication skills. However, you will have to buy an exceptional computer to support your position. You can consider joining Accolade Support even if you are a student and you are looking for an additional income source. You can work independently and earn $10 to $12 hourly.


If you are interested to work in customer service, you can join Liveops. You can chat with its customers and make money. Your responsibilities will be a bit limited compared to other leading names. However, you will have to perform some other tasks in addition to online chat. Your task will involve inbound calls, revenue maximization, and customer acquisition. In brief, your work will revolve around the customers. If you can satisfy them, you can boost sales and that is going to secure your position.

You can make decent money from this online chat job. You will be paid $10 hourly. You do not need any specific skills to get this job. The only requirement is a great typing and communication skills. If you have both these qualities, you can consider many different types of online chat jobs as well.


You might be thinking that how you can get paid from online chat by joining American Express. American Express is known for providing quality insurance, travel, and financial services to its customers. Some of its popular products include credit cards, charge cards, and traveler’s check. You can work with this international corporation and make money from online chat. They hire customer care agents and enable skilled professionals to work from home. Their customer care agents deal with customers. They take calls, chat online, and reply to emails.

The core responsibility of these agents is to help travelers with reservations. You can work from your home and offer all the required help to customers via live chat. You can expect to make more money with American Express. On average, they pay $15 to their agents hourly.


Live Sales Staff can help you to earn decent money via online chat. It hires chat agents to provide real-time help to their customers. They can hire you for sales or customer service. You do not need any expertise to be hired by the Live Sales Staff. Good communication skills and fast typing will serve the purpose. You can work as an agent and offer services from your home.

When it comes to core responsibilities, you will have to spend time to write emails, chat with customers, and support tickets. The payment amount is not mentioned on their website. You should do a further inquiry about the payment before considering this option.


If you want to work for a call center, Asurion is worth trying. It hires chat agents for both part-time and full-time positions. You can work from your home and get paid by spending time online. Students can also apply for this online job to make some extra money to meet their educational expenses. You just need to provide services to customers. You can answer their queries via live chat from your convenient places.

Asurion works for different companies and can help you with a suitable job depending on your skill levels. You will be paid $10 to $12 hourly. You can choose your free time that includes weekends and evening hours.


You can work with Working Solutions to get paid to chat online. It hires chat agents to offer chat services to different companies. If you think that you have good communication skills and you can type fast, you can sign up with Working Solutions. The core responsibilities are customer service, technical support, and sales. You can serve better and earn more if you already have work experience.

You can also work independently and use your free time to serve this company and make money from online chatting. You can communicate and chat with customers. Working Solutions will pay you around $7 to $30 hourly depending on your skills. It can help you to get the most out of your free time if you know how to communicate and inspire customers.


ACD Direct is known for offering contact center solutions to all its customers. It hires skilled people for customer service positions and online chats. You need to answer the queries of customers. You can work from your home and provide online chat services. Also, you will have to make outbound and inbound calls.

You can get part-time jobs and make money from your free time. ACD Direct can pay up to $18 per hour if you perform your task efficiently.


The Operator works with different companies to boost sales of their products. They always look for efficient people to hire for online chat positions. They will consider you if you have excellent communication skills. With this skill, you can answer the queries of their customers and influence their buying decisions.

If you think that you have the skills to satisfy and motivate people, you can work with Operator. You will have the freedom to work at your convenient time and place. Whenever you have time, you can use your communication and language skills to make up to $10 per hour. However, you will have to work for at least twenty-four hours. You can work in four to eight shifts and get paid.


Groupon is another well-known marketplace. It enables people to buy a wide variety of products and services online. Groupon hires the best talents in the industry to help customers with the right solution. Like Amazon, it hires chat agents to offer the required help to the customers in real-time. The core responsibilities include sales, tech support, and customer services.

You need to answer its customers via different ways that include emails, phone calls, and live chats. You will be paid depending on your communication skills.


From the name itself, you might have realized that it will enable you to make money from the comfort of your home. You will also get an option to make money from your online chatting skills. You will be paid for taking calls and answering customers about a product or service. You can consider this job if you are confident enough to handle different types of customers.

You will not be time-bound. You can work in your free hours. When it comes to money, you can earn up to $12 per hour. You might find it worth considering since you just need to chat online to get paid.


If you are looking for part-time online chat jobs, you can join Teleflora. It is known for offering quality floral services. The company hires agents to deal with the queries of their customers. It is worth mentioning that these jobs are seasonal and you can be hired during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or similar occasions.You will be paid around $8 hourly. You can get a $250 bonus if you work for the entire season. The bonus can inspire any to work for this company and make some extra money.

All the above-mentioned companies can enable you to get paid by chatting online. The income will be guaranteed and you can utilize your free time to make money. However, most of these jobs demand good communication skills. You need to be communicative to impress your employers. Also, these are information oriented. That means you will have to do your homework to answer the customers and to do any other task related to your job.

You can consider some other online chat jobs that do not demand much information and effort. You can make money and have fun. Now, we will cover some different jobs to help all those who do not want to work in customer service and sales. Remember that all the online chat jobs will demand communication skills. Even if you do not know much about a service or product, you can satisfy your customers with your skills. When you do not have this specific skill, you might not be able to succeed. In the following options, you will also need good communication skills.


Have you ever thought of making money while flirting with someone? Yes, you can make money and get paid to flirt and text with unknown persons online. You can find it fun, adventurous, and exciting as well. Let’s cover some unique and different ways that can help to get paid to chat. You can get paid for the things that you love do. It sounds very interesting, right? Let’s know how it is possible.

Some companies are hiring chat agents to develop an emotional connection with strangers. You will love this job since you can connect with strangers and can build a relationship that might not be that helpful for you but it can give them a sense of relief. At the end of the day, you will feel satisfied and fulfilled. Also, you can make money from this effort. Here are some companies that can pay you to flirt and chat.


Chat Recruit will hire you to chat via text messaging or phone calls. You can also consider the video chat with men if you are comfortable with it. You can make money as much as you want if you spend more time on this service. You can make around $2 per minute. So, if you think that you can chat with a man for no reason, you can consider this option. You can make money from all your free time.


You can get paid to chat and flirt with Dream Lover. It focuses mostly on women and inspires them to share their photos. If you are comfortable doing this, you can go ahead. Otherwise, you will have many other options to make money without following these steps. Any women above 18 all over the world can get paid. But there will be some requirements like sending photos. You can make more money by spending more time on exchanging messages.


Flirtbucks is a popular website that allows females to chat with men. They take women as the chat hostess and use chat console for chatting. You can be hired and get paid if you have excellent typing skills, great personality, good communication skills, and a positive approach to handle any emotion.

When it comes to the eligibility criteria, you need to be above 18 years old to become a chat hostess. You will have the option to choose the person you want to chat with. You will not be forced to chat with anyone you do not like.


You can join this service if you want to make money from chatting, texting, or flirting. You will get some extra cash every time you chat with a man. However, you will not be allowed to share your personal information. You can only flirt and chat and get paid for the time spent.

As you cannot share your personal information, privacy will be secured. Also, you can make decent money from this company.

Now you know you will have plenty of options to explore to get paid to chat. You do not need to work hard to get paid. You just need to know what to do and how to do this. You can also consider some training to hone your communication skill. With little practice, you can type fast as well. You should do all your preparation and then you can explore the available options.


We always want more. We have developed a habit of exploring more even if we have endless options. Yes, here are a few more options for you. The benefit is that you do not need to chat to make money. You do not need good communication skills as well. How will you get paid then? You can get paid by leaving answers. It’s amazing, right? The digital world and advanced technologies have made us better capable to make money from almost everything. You can make money from playing video games, reading books, and talking to people. You do not need any skills. Your availability will work!

There are a few sites that can enable you to earn $5 to $50 every day. You can make money without chatting with someone. You can join all the following sites if you are allowed. Also, you will have to confirm the mail after the registration to get paid. The registration will be free of cost.

SURVEYJUNKIE: You can register if you are a resident of Australia, USA, and Canada. Others will not be allowed. You can share your thoughts and make money in no time. Currently, they have around 10+ million users.

INBOXDOLLARS: USA and UK residents can join InboxDollars. You can make some easy money without any points. You will be paid for playing games, reading emails, and participating in surveys. The $5 joining bonus is an added benefit.

SWAGBUCKS: The residents of Ireland, Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA can make money by registering with Swagbucks. You can be paid for shopping, watching videos, answering questions, and searching the web. It has already paid $326 million to its users and that makes Swagbucks worth considering.

You can also make money without being a part of a company or joining any website. You can work independently and earn using your free time.


For this, you will have to create your website and install chat software. While creating your website, make sure that you are choosing the right topic and following the proven strategies to secure your place on top search engines. You can answer the questions and promote some affiliate products. You can answer the questions of other websites and boost traffic as well.


Making money online has become easier than ever. We discussed many possible options to get paid to chat. For most of these jobs, you will need a good command of the language, excellent communication skills, and fast typing. Even if you do not have a higher degree, you can get well-paid jobs with these three unique skills.

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