How To Get Free Money As An Affiliate Marketer

Platforms You Can Use To Make Free Money With Affiliate Marketing – ZERO Investment Required

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Today, I’m going to show you real ways to make money THAT WORK! and I’m going to show you how to use them and what to look for because a lot of people are going to tell you, “hey, go put up a free site over here and you’re just going to get rich.” And you do it, and you don’t get rich. That reason is going to be shown in today’s blog post. But I got a warning for you. I also got a disclaimer. The warning is that sometimes it’s better to actually pay a few bucks and get what you need done the right way. But if you don’t have a few bucks, no sweat! The disclaimer? results are not typical, implied or guaranteed

Some people make millions of dollars a year with free platforms. First and foremost, this is my free platform criteria. If I’m looking for a free way to make money online where I’m not spending any and I just want to put stuff out there without even having a credit card or anything like that, this is my criteria. For starters, we need to have an easy to type domain. We want something like We don’t want something like user ID equals five. No, we want something that’s If I could get, bada boom, bada bing, we are in business! The key here is we don’t want long confusing URLs. If we’re going on TikTok, we don’t want to be Because if I say that, people are going to get confused. Look at how easy this is – “hey, you want some tools to make this stuff work? Go to” That’s easy. And if I said, “hey, you know what? You’re going to have to go to backslash, forward slash, 123, stand on your head, do a little dance and finally, you’ll arrive at my website”, that ain’t going to work. So the first thing we need is an easy to type domain. It’s got to be visually easy. It’s got to be simple.

Next, we want to make sure this is SEO friendly. What does that mean? Well, if I’m setting stuff up for free, what do I need to make money? Well, I need traffic. If you don’t have traffic, you’re not going to make money. Now, the easiest way, if you’re doing this for free (and I’m guessing your free budget does not include paid ads) is to rely on SEO and social traffic methods. What does this means? SEO is quite simply getting ranked in the search engines. 

The next thing we want to ask ourselves is, is it easy to use, edit and change? We don’t want a confusing website builder. This is why I like WordPress It’s not confusing, It’s easy, you set it up, bada boom, bada bing! If you have Facebook, and if you know how to use it and it’s easy to set up, use it. The next criteria is, I don’t want ads, popups or distractions. A lot of free services are going to give you the service free and it might work good, but they’re also going to plaster ads all over your site. If I want to build a website, I need to be the only one making money on my website. Even if I’m using a free service,  I need to be the one to make money on my website, not some company.

Next, what we need is we need a way to preferably link to offers. This is important, ladies and gentlemen. Now these things are deal breakers. So if my free method does not have these, then I ain’t going to use it. We are going to dive into the 19 ways to make free money online and not only am I going to give you 19 ways to make free money, I’m also going to break them down and show you where and why they should be used. First, we have to look at the structure of free hosting platforms. This is super, super important. If you understand how to look at the structure of these platforms, you’re going to win. Free is not equal to good. Now there are some free that are good. And there’s some paid that are not good. So we have to understand exactly what’s going on. And that all starts with the structure.

Let’s say I pay $100 a year for web hosting. There’s a structure to the way web hosting works. I get a host – which is a server, It’s a computer somewhere in the world. On that computer, there are files and folders. Those files and folders are your websites. Pretty simple. Same thing happens when you’re doing free stuff. Oftentimes if you’re using something like Tumblr or Weebly and you’re not buying a domain name, well, same thing. It’s a big computer. On that computer, there are what’s called subdomains. Subdomains are a subcategory of a main domain. So if I had for instance, It would look something like That’s an example of an easy to remember website.

Why is this important, Marcus? I just want to set stuff up and make free money. I mean, come on. The other guys tell me that I can make a million dollars overnight without doing anything if I just watch their video long enough. Well, did you make your million yet? If you haven’t made your first dollar, you need to read this and you need to understand why we do what we do. You need to understand why, because the why is what has made me money over the past 22 years. So the big question is, how do you do it? Here’s an ad. You could cut this ad out of the magazine that I got for eight bucks and you could sell that for eight bucks. And then I got a bunch of other ads. That’s the how. Why does it work? That’s the important part and we’re going to talk about this right now!

So what am I looking for? Remember again, if you want notes, I’m looking for an easy to type domain. I’m looking for SEO friendly. I’m looking for easy to edit and change. No ads, no popups, no distractions and preferably a way to link to my offers. Let’s see if Weebly fits. We search for it and we’re like, hey, check this out. Syrian hamster breeds, boom. It’s a free site. No domain. Bada bing, bada boom. It’s showing up in Google for Syrian hamster varieties and If he changed his word to breeds, he’d rank number one. There you go, he’d be right there. Very simple. Now we look at that and we take a look at this site and we’re like, okay, let’s check it out. Let’s see what’s going on. Nice, easy, simple. Yes, it does allow links. Good, good, good. There is an ad on the bottom that says powered by Weebly. Whatever, I can live with that if I need to do this free.

Next up, another free platform we’re going to look at is Now, it is an interesting one. It’s definitely good. It definitely works, but we need to see, does it actually cut the mustard? What is the structure of the blogger website? Am I going to get a blogger subdomain? One of the tips for doing that is you can actually use the old site, write this down, pay attention. Site, colon, asterisk, dot, whatever the website is. if I want to do this for Blogger, I would do site, colon, asterisk, dot, very important that you have the dot, Blogger and that’s going to show me all the sites that are there. Now we can see the structure again. Remember, the structure is everything. And it looks like the structure is either or it might be This here is a subdomain. This here, /profile, is a folder. Guys get the difference? Now, according to Ahrefs keyword tool, Blogger is no slouch. They got 275,000 organic keywords.

Now is a doozy. A lot of people say, “Marcus, you don’t understand, Medium does not allow me to put affiliate links.” Well, guess what I’m going to do. I’m going to find a way to get the result I want while following the rules. So I could see that there’s all kinds of different things that Medium is ranking for and I’m like, “Okay. Yeah, I can use Medium.” Now the question is, does Medium fit our criteria? Will I forgive the difficult domain if we are getting rankings? Yeah, I will because I want the ranking. What we want is traffic and views which  could send us through avenues that make money. So yeah, I would use Medium. Now, I’m going to use Medium, when I see something that I want. If I see a ranking that I want, like the ranks for Oreo flavors, ranks for all kinds of different things.

Next up. We have Pinterest, which is a really good one. Now Pinterest is a little bit different of an animal because we have to again, look at the link structure of how Pinterest works. So here’s the deal, you want this traffic – there’s 377,000 people a month looking up happy Valentine’s day, which by the way, ladies and gentlemen I made over $100,000 in this niche (don’t quote me). Again, result’s not implied, typical, guaranteed anything. Most people make nothing. The way that I did it was with an offer that’s no longer around. So it was the free e-card offer. But are there offers now that you can use? Yeah. There are, and you don’t need as good as a conversion that I got because you’re going to be getting free traffic. Let’s look at the structure –  here we have some links, we could take a look at Valentine’s Facebook covers. I like this. Why do I like this? I like it because there’s a domain name. When I go to Pinterest, what I see is links and when I click the links, I see a domain. I like that! So what I’m going to do is I’m going to find my keywords. Say I’m going to find all kinds like, happy Valentines, e-cards, cute poem or whatever. Now I’m going to compile some content,  I’m going to place some of that content with images and make little infographics then I’m going to put all the these on Pinterest, yay!

Number six is a very good one. This is Facebook and Facebook groups. The reason people don’t get results here is because they don’t understand the structure. There’s two things here. When we’re looking at Facebook, we need to look at what we’re looking at it for. Whenever you’re going into a new platform, you need to ask yourself, why am I going into this platform? Facebook gets a lot of traffic. I think they’re like the second most looked up site on the planet. We are going to look at Facebook for built-in traffic. What does that mean? That means you are putting something on Facebook and you are getting built-in traffic from that thing on Facebook. It doesn’t need to go anywhere else. Kinda like Craigslist. You go on Craigslist, you put an ad, the ad gets traffic. Why? Because Craigslist has traffic. So let’s go to and put that into ahrefs. I’m going to look at Facebook and I’m going to see what they rank for. And most of the time they’re just going to rank for like Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, stuff like that.  So now we have all this stuff that Facebook ranks for, excellent! When we look at the structure, what you’re going to notice  lots of different groups. We got auctions near me, some kind of game, all kinds of things here that’s pretty cool, right? So if I’m doing built-in traffic, we’re going to go through and I’m going to be like, okay, I’m going to post in a group that already exists. The second way is to use the SEO purposes of that group. I could start my own group on Facebook and I could comment about all different topics. This way I can find out what people are searching for. Facebook Groups are very good. Again, I’m going to use Facebook primarily for the traffic that’s already on Facebook, and I’m going to use maybe Facebook Groups or Facebook to rank in Google.

SiteRubix I wasn’t a fan of, but to each his own, it didn’t fit for my needs because when I look at the site, SiteRubix, there wasn’t that much traffic, it was all junk. 

Next up Tumblr. Tumblr was a good one. I didn’t realize, but Tumblr back in 2013, got bought by Yahoo for like $1 billion. Now looking at the structure, we’re going to do site:*.tumblr. This is going to show us all the sites, well, if we do it right. Let’s add a .com. So let’s look at this – “hey, maybe there’s a Tumblr site about cars.” I could type orlandododgechryslerjeep.tumblr. Here we can see what the guy ranks for and I can find out what the value of these sites. This is very important because sometimes you can go through and say, okay, well, let’s see what’s going on here. And you see e-ranks, not great Orlando Dodge stuff, but this way we can go through and we can find out exactly what’s going on. You can even go and Google like top Tumblr blogs, top Tumblr sites, put them in your keyword tool and find out exactly what’s going on. Tumblr is also a good one.

LinkedIn is a pain in the butt for affiliate marketing, but it’s good for sharing content. Again, this is something where you’re going to have built-in content. And the link structure is So if I put that into my keyword tool, like this, I can see all kinds of stuff that we can utilize. LinkedIn is can be used primarily if I want specific business traffic and I want to rank for something specific. 

When you’re doing free traffic, backlink still apply. I could use SiteRubix, I could free web hosting, I could use Weebly or LinkedIn. And guess what? I can use backlinks to my page. So I backlink to my site is. And I get backlinks and boom, there we go. Super simple, right? Again, we need to understand how to use this stuff in the proper way in order for this to work!

Next up –  use free web hosting. Now free web hosting nine times out ten is going to have ads on it, so pay for web hosting. Now, one that stood out to me was Substack. Substack was pretty cool. And if we understand Substack, the directory, the way that it works, I think it’s looking like a really good option. As an example we’re going to look up Glenn Greenwald, a journalist. So, twitter.greenwald – so Twitter is another one (that’s a bonus one I didn’t list it here), but it’s going to help you make sense and understand what’s going on. So Substack definitely is good, there he is ranking and we could see here that there are 1,300 searches a month for his name. Now, are we going to do this based on names? Probably not.

*Here’s a tip* When utilizing some of these structures, you can actually pivot on what the site is about. So let’s say we have a site like WordPress. Okay. WordPress is primarily about building website stuff. So naturally if my subcategory on WordPress is about building WordPress stuff, naturally, that’s going to do better than if it’s about cats. You guys get it? 

Another free tool is Joomla. Joomla is pretty decent. We can go through and see what they’re doing. The structure, again, is going to be a subdomain. So you’re going to have your own folder on the site, which can work. if you need something free, you can use Joomla. I do like the fact that Joomla is a subdomain. I could say, “Go to” I could also use that in conjunction with other stuff, like on Medium I could say, “Hey, go to my Joomla to buy some stuff so I can make money.” Another one was Strikingly. This was actually a pretty good one. Now on this, the structure was different and it was folders on Now this one was pretty cool. Again, free and easy. Another was Svbtle, that one was pretty good but not a whole lot of rankings. Again, the structure on this is subdomains.

Let’s take a look at the next one – Typepad. The link structure is not that great and the SEO isn’t great as well. So I’d probably skip out on this one. Squarespace is okay. I think most of the good stuff on Squarespace you do have to pay for. Let’s take a look Now you’ll notice here, the site is actually That’s where the free web hosting is, or web builder, but where they’re hosted, the structure, is dot me. So we can do site:* and you can see all the sites that come up for that. I didn’t see a lot of great rankings for that, so I would say that you’re winners are probably going to be… Joomla, Substack, Tumblr, Pinterest, Medium, and then Weebly.

We can also do guest blogging. You could blog on someone else’s blog. You just have to ask them if you can have the rights to that. Next TikTok, YouTube, MySpace. MySpace, surprisingly, I got a little affinity with MySpace because they made me millions of dollars back in the day. Surprisingly, even though it’s not that big of deal today, MySpace does actually rank for lots of stuff that gets traffic. MySpace, check this out. They rank for like Taylor Swift, number 17, Nicki Minaj, number 14, all kinds of stuff. So MySpace can definitely work, and their link structure is on point. So surprisingly, everyone says, “Oh hey, MySpace doesn’t exist anymore.” Well, there it is, and it’s ranking, and you can get traffic and you can make money and they don’t care about the links you put on there.

Now my advice to you would be, go to, and get my free kit, which you can use free on WordPress. But I’m going to try to convince you to get your own web hosting because here’s the deal…Is it easier for me to say, “Hey, go to,” or is it easier to say, “Go to I don’t remember when I bought it but it was recent  and is already up and running. And guess what? I don’t even need hosting. Wait, what? Are you telling me that I can buy a domain name for a couple of cents or a buck or eight bucks one time and I can redirect it wherever I want? That’s what I’m telling you. That domain,, it’s a redirect. There’s no hosting. So if you’re like, “Marcus, I am so against spending $8 a month on hosting, even though it’ll make me a lot more money,” then you could go there and you could do a redirect. Super simple.

Guys, you got to understand exactly how this works. There’s a lot of money out there. Will you make some of it? I don’t know. The results are not typical, implied, or guaranteed. Most people make nothing. Mostly because they’re just floundering and they’re listening to the wrong stuff, and they don’t continue with stuff long enough. Even if you continue long enough, there’s a chance you might not make anything. Far too many people are trying to buck the system, do something quick, and it doesn’t work. If you do it good, it’ll last longer, and it’ll work the right way, and most of the time you don’t have to worry about any issues. Focus on the keywords you know you can rank for, and you focus on giving good information and good value to the people that are searching for it. And that, ladies and gentlemen is how the cookie crumbles.

MarcusFree Platform Criteria


Easy To Type Domain – SEO Friendly – Easy To Use / Edit / Change – No Ads / Pop Ups / Distractions – PREFERABLY Link To Offers

*Disclaimer – CHECK OUT 

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