How To Find Hot Niche Markets For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

in this video marcus talks about how to find super profitable niches by looking at things around the house that go wrong.

this will open your eyes to ALL the many opportunities there are for affiliate marketers on amazon and with CPA affiliate marketing and the amazon associate program.

in this video we find amazon niches using the google adwords keyword planner tool.

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Find Hot Amazon Affiliate Niche In Seconds-For Affiliate Marketing

Last night we were sitting there watching T. V with my wife and kids.  Then all of a sudden, we hear this boom! Outside!  We all rush outside and we hear this hissing noise and it looks like its steaming everywhere. And it’s the middle of the night, the light is not working and we’re going crazy.  What is this sound? So we go around and found out that our pool filter had blown up.

Luckily, nothing was damaged, no one was hurt. But today what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk to you about how that is one of the hottest affiliate niches and how you can find Amazon affiliate niches in seconds.

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Now let’s dive in and talk about how to find this hot Amazon affiliate niches and why my pool blowing up is something I think we can learn from. Let’s go over to the Google Adword keyword tool and take a look for the word “pool filter”.

Now you’re going to notice that the competition set is slightly high but you’re going to notice that the numbers are actually pretty low in comparison of what this niche sells because pool filters can be thousands of dollars. The average is like $500. So there is a lot of money in this market and there is a lot of people getting a lot of traffic. For example, if I am to take some of these people on YouTube with videos about pool filters.

Here is a guy here with 5000 views, 6000 views,  10,000 views, 75, 000, on and on we go.  So a lot of people are looking at issues with pool equipment and that is a hot niche. As you can see, this pool filters on Amazon are pretty expensive.

Because these are in the category of patio, lawn, and garden, you’re going to get like 8% commission as per their guide right now. That means if I get 8% on a 6$600 pool filter, that means we’re going to get $48 per sale( which is pretty good). That means if you get $48 per sale and you sell 2 of them a day, that’s $96 a day. $96 in a year(365 days) , that’s $35,000 a year with one little site about one little item which is pretty done cool. So, you can find lots of niches like this, and I want to challenge you to find them by actually going through and looking at some of the household problems that you’ve had lately. Maybe your DVD went out, or maybe you want to fix your stereo system. And the way you can find this is by going to the Google Adwords tool and typing in the last three things that went wrong in your house. Maybe you’re typing in like “refrigerator won’t”.

So look at that, “refrigerator not cooling with 5400 searches a month with a very low competition. If you want to pay for the traffic, it’s like 16 cents. If you want to look it up on free traffic, you can probably get that too with a little work. And you look at this; you can actually go to Amazon, type in “refrigerator”. Here are the search results:

Most people are going to go for the most expensive ones in their house. And again, your commission on this is going to be pretty high. There are also other affiliate networks where you can get this stuffs on such as BestBuy, and all different places. Also, you can refer them to CPA affiliate offers for refrigerator repair, home repair, and different things like that. As you can see, the sky is the limit to what you can do. You can literarily just have a site that’s about refrigerators not cooling. You can even sell extended warranties for refrigerators and things like that and make a ton of money.

If we go to Google and search for “refrigerator not cooling”, there is only 305,000competing and that’s not too bad. And on the paid search, there’s literarily no one which means you can do a lot of damage here, make a lot of money and sell a hell of a lot of refrigerators. You can go through and find other stuffs. Perhaps, “dishwasher won’t”.

So here we have “dishwasher not draining” with 14,000 searches a month. Now it seems there is only one advertiser on Google which means we can get this pretty done cheap.

And again if you go to Amazon and look up “dishwasher”,

amazon associate program
best amazon affiliate offers

You can also form out leads if you want to go to Offervault and type in “repair”. Okay we got “home service repair.

amazon affiliate alternative
amazon affiliate alternative

. Now look at that, low competition. So you can see that there is a lot of stuff here for air conditional. So here is the offer on offervault for air conditioner.

offervault hvac offers
offervault hvac offers

Here, they stay on the line for 90 seconds talking about their air conditional. They pay you $18; they don’t even have “buy anything”. If you look at this stuffs, you’ll see that it’s really easy to do.

You can even do like, “dog hair pool” (this is the one I looked up to see if my dog hair was actually clogging)

amazon affiliate niches
amazon affiliate niches


You can teach these people (like me I didn’t know that my dog hair can clog my pool filter and make it blow up). These people would probably like to know that and they’ll probably like you to tell them.

Now what I want you to do is that you should go and think about the last three things that happened in your house.. Now, the reason I tell you the things that happened is because you’re going to have experience with it. You know a little about it and you know what you did to fix it.

You can actually go through and make a little website about this, lead them to Amazon products and make lots of money. It’s actually really easy. So, if you like these kinds of stuff, make sure you subscribe right now, click the little bell and hop over to, put your name and email in the box.

Get my free toolbar and I’ll help you find this offers, help you find these niches and help you learn to make money online with Affiliate marketing. I hope you like this? I’m going to go to Disney land with the kids, hopefully, when I’m back the pool man will be done fixing our filter. Thanks for reading this note.

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