How to Create a Lead Magnet

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What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is something you offer to your visitors, usually for free, that provides value to them. Some examples of a lead magnet might be:

  • PDF report
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Access to several videos
  • List
  • Download
  • Toolbar
  • Software product
  • Free trial
  • Guide
  • Video
  • Audio recording
  • Link to a podcast


Why Use a Lead Magnet?

The goal of a lead magnet is to get people to come back. When people like what you have to offer, it creates trust. It makes them want to buy from you down the line. By using lead magnets, you’re able to convert your visitors into sales and into subscribers.

When you give away lead magnets to customers, you usually get information in exchange. That information might be contact info such as a name, email, phone number, or address. This tells you about your customers so that you can write to them, follow up with them, and give them cool stuff.

You can see an example of a lead magnet over at my site at We say to put your name and email in so that you can get our free affiliate marketing toolbar. After you get that toolbar, we also send you emails, webinars, cool videos, and stuff like that.


Choosing a Lead Magnet

When using a lead magnet, you want to provide a sense of community and good will, and you want people to anticipate what you’re going to do next. Since the whole idea is to get visitors to come back, your lead magnet has to be of the upmost value. That’s why it must be based on where visitors come from and what they want.

When people come to your site, it’s important for you to know where they came from. Was it from a free Google listing with Google SEO? If so, what did they click on? If you brought them in from YouTube videos, what videos did they come from?

Take a look at your keywords. Look at your ads. Look at your search engine rankings. Maybe those visitors came from a banner ad. Whatever it is, now you know something about them, because they clicked. And what did you promise them?


Tips for Creating Lead Magnets

You want to ask yourself: What is something that you can give away that people are going to like and get results from?

Go for lead magnets that accomplish the following:

  • They have built-in results. They should be beneficial to the visitor and help them out. They should help the visitor achieve some kind of results.
  • They are simple. Visitors should be able to use them quickly and easily.
  • They are branded with your information. Visitors will pass around your lead magnets without remembering you, so make sure they link back to your site.

Use your lead magnet to get visitors on your mailing list, and then send other really good offers to their email. Show them you care about them and your market. Get people to know you, like you and trust you, so that they’re anticipating your next email. Then you can sell them stuff that benefits them and gets you paid.

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