How To Build An Authority Niche Site for Affiliate Marketing

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Turn A Small Niche Site Into A Super Profitable Authority Site By Doing This

Hey guys, it is Marcus here. We’ve got a lot of stuffs to cover today. We are going to go over the big question. The big question is: what is the best way to get started with affiliate marketing as a beginner. Is it to start a simple little affiliate site? Or is it to make a big authority site?

Today we’re going to cover that in detail. We’re going to talk about the difference between authority sites and simple affiliate sites. We’re going to cover the difference between these. If you’re reading this for the first time: this is a script for our webinar on YouTube. You can go over to our YouTube channel: Click the little subscribe button and click the bell notification icon so that you’ll get my latest videos when I come out with them and you get a little notification when we go live every Wednesday, 10 am eastern standard time and sometimes on Friday, 10 am, eastern standard time.

Have you heard the difference between an authority site and the simple site? I know a lot of people come here and are attracted to my type of teaching because I teach things very simple. A lot of people are like, “Marcus, you’re kind of simple”, well, that’s just how my brain works. I keep things simple; I like them easy and simple to understand. And I like them to be easy to go through.

You might have heard me talk about, “hey, you know what? Set up a simple one to five page website and you can make money online”, Here is a disclaimer on that: By reading my article, watching my videos, training, webinars, buying my courses and anything that you get from me, there is no guarantee of success. We all know that the average affiliate marketer makes absolutely nothing. But we also know that there are some affiliate marketers over there that do earn a living online (Me being one of them). I’ve been doing this for about 18 to 19 years making a full time living from the comfort of my own home doing exactly what I’m going to show you.

It is very important that you understand up front that what we’ll be teaching you is not guaranteed. Nothing is guaranteed in life but I believe if you follow the instructions, if you follow the steps, you can get results and build on it.

What Is The Best Way To Start?

Is it to go out there, find a niche, put up a little site and let it do its thing like I’ve done many times( like the one-page website that I did that made over 7 figures online)-  Is that the best way to go? Or is authority sites the best way to go? (Where you go there and find your niche, build a big site, start to capture all the traffic, really solve that niche and you start to build.

Well, I’ve got to tell you that the answer is neither. A lot of people talk about the simple site, lots of people talks about authority sites, which one is best? The answer is that neither is best. What is best is to test your market. What we want to do is we want to test the market. This is why i like simple site. What I like to do is I like to set up simple 3 to 5 page blog, set it up, get some traffic, test it out. When we test that out, we try to see what’s going. For example, let’s say I want to go into a niche- like promote something like clickfunnles or katra. And I go I there, and I’m like, “okay, I found this niche about people who want to set up a blog”. Now, I can set up a simple little 5 pages (you can probably put this up in a matter of a day if you wanted to and follow instructions).

What you’re going to notice is that when you test your market, you’re going to send traffic to your simple site. If I want to go and say, “Well you know, today I’ve got 100 people to my site and those 100 people want to learn how to set up a blog” They went to my site and get my stuffs. (Again, results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. We don’t know what you’re going to get that’s why we need to test the market.)

So we go out there. We test the market; we take a look at it and check what happened. If I go here and I’m like, “hey, you know what? I’m buying traffic or I’m getting traffic free and perhaps I made $90 that day”.

Now I will look at that traffic and I analyse it and say, “Is this something I can build on? Can I do more with this?”  Years ago when I first started the site, about abs workout (which obviously I don’t take my own advise), I built it and within couple of weeks, we were making $120-$160 a day. Sold about 3-4 products a day on that site. When I looked at that, I said, “is this something I want to build more?’. The problem with sticking with simple site method is the fact that you’re not really growing and you’re only volatile. If someone comes in and out beats you or someone comes in and the offer changes (or whatever), you’re kind of left out to dry. For example, the site that makes 7 figures, that offer is no longer around anymore. I didn’t build a big authority site in that niche. Therefore, back then, I made a lot of money, and now I have nothing. So, we’ve got to look at that and say, “how is it going to work?”. Now what we want to do is we want to take a look at the simple site that shows promise. Is it something that shows promise, can I get a sale, can I get interest, can I build a list and can I do something with this traffic? Now, when I set that up and it looks good and promising, then I switch over to an authority site. The only two reasons that you want to make an authority site is:

  1. You know the market- You’re like, “okay, I know this will work, If I go into web host training I know it’d work, if I go into how to build a blog or WordPress training, I know that’s going to work”, All I have to do is to do the work, take the time to build it up and I have an authority site”. Once you have an authority site, what will happen is that your traffic is going to grow, you’ll have extra content, you’re going to build a mailing list and people are going to come back to you.

So the idea here is to start with the simple affiliate site. Start it out, get it out there, get some traffic, and see what’s going on. Does it look promising? If it looks promising, then we go into our authority site. Now what we’re going to do in the rest of this training is I’m going to go through the steps that you want to take to take your site from small to an authority site.

Now when we’re talking of authority sites, you’re not going to be the authority site for an affiliate, make money. You’re not going to be the authority site for lose weight or mortgage. You’re going to be the authority site in some kind of sub-category of your market. So get it out of your mind that you’re going to be the huge authority on whatever you’re promoting. And get it in your mind that you want to do what I call, “Majoring the minor and start to build slowly based on things you can get”

Now, personally for me, I’m a very impatient person and I like results fast. I like to get results super-fast; I like to see what’s going on. I want to see sales coming in, I want to see people coming in. I want to get something in return in a fast way. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at that and say, “Okay, well, if I was to go for barbeque niche, I’m going to take a look at this niche and say, “what can I do?”.

First and foremost, you want to look at your subcategory words because you’re probably not going to be ranked for the word, “barbeque”. But you can build an authority site on something like “smoking time brisket”.

So now we have defined it . Now “brisket smoking times” gets a lot of searches online ( I think the last time I looked it up, it was like 40, 000 searches a month). Now what I’ll do is I’d set up a site that gets something like “brisket smoking time, or brisket. com).

Next thing that I’d want to do is I’d want to find my affiliate offer (how am I going to get paid), Now we’re going to look at this and say, “what am I going to do? Chances are these people probably already had a smoker. Now you can sell them a better smoker but that’s a stretch. Now we’ve got to remember the intent of our market. The intent of the market is the dude is got a brisket in his fridge and he’s like “I want to smoke it and I want it to be good”. Now just to clarify, we’re talking about smoking in the barbeque brisket. So we’re like okay, “brisket smoking time”, we’ve got the affiliate. So what are we going to? Is there any toolbar? We’re going to look at all different affiliate offers for barbeque for cooking different stuffs like that.

Now one of the things you can look out for your niche (for example in the barbeque) is Adsense. Because a lot of companies run ads run ads and they pay for ads using the Adsense program where you can get paid. So we do Adsense as well. So what I’d do is I’d make a list of those that say, “Brisket smoking time”, and set up my page. May I’d make a little video. Now you can outsource this if you want (it doesn’t matter). Now you make your videos and you’re like, “hey, cool, check it out, ’I’ve got a perfect brisket. Now if you want to know the times that I cooked this, it varies depending on the size of the brisket, what the weather is like outside, what the smokers are, and everything like that, e.t.c

What I’ve done is that I went through and put you together in a PDF download report. You can download it, and I bet you if you follow the instructions, everything is going to go well.  All you’ve got to do to get that is to put name and email in the box. I’m also going to send you some barbeque stuffs for joining my list, and then you’re going to go.

What I’d first do is to test it out on page traffic.

What I’d do is that I’ll test this out. How many cards. Why? Because I want to control the experience. When I do paid traffic, I can isolate the exact keyword that I want

I can bring them to the exact page that I want and I can now monitor and say, well, out of 100 people who came to my site, 47 joined my mailing lists.

Now if this looks promising ( if I do this and I get 47 opt-in, or if I do 300 clicks and I get 150 opt-ins), then I can go in and say,  “okay cool, how much did I make?”

. Well, I gave away 50 toolbars, and that made me $3 each and that’s $150. Again, results are not typical, implied or Guaranteed ( read the disclaimer if you have any questions about this) . So here we  go, we’re like “okay cool, I’ve got 150 on my list, 50 to download and maybe one of them bought the barbeque tools and I made $60 or something like that. Now once I look at this and go through, I’m like, “okay, cool this looks good, this looks promising”. Once it looks promising, I keep it running on pay per click. Why wouldn’t you keep something running that’s making money? Then what I do is I go over here and start to build out an authority site.

 Now with my authority site, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go for free traffic. I’m going to go for Youtube group,  Facebook groups. I’m going to go for all kind of different things, I’m going to make PDF and be helpful to the market. Okay, the goal here is to be helpful to the market but be helpful in a way that drives them to things that they want to get. Like you guys read my articles and you’re like,  “Marcus your articles are great, I learn a lot, wonderful! And you’re going to take a look and be like, “well, I’m going to check out this new Marcus mentor me program he’s got over at, I’d check that out because his stuffs helps me and I want to buy it” So you’re going to do the same thing.  You’re going to be like, “okay, the brisket guy helped me out so I’m going to want to buy the things that he recommends”. It is called influential marketing or content-based marketing.

How many clicks is enough or promising in testing the 300 clicks?  

Okay,  what you’ll want to do is well,  if I got 2 people to opt-in, no,  that’s not good! And if I got 150 people to opt-in and no one bought anything or download anything, then I’m going to revamp and say, why?

If you get the numbers and you’re like “okay,  I’m getting 10% or 30% to fill out the email form to opt in,” that’d be great,  that would be wonderful. And again, it depends on the niche. Obviously with web hosting it’s going to take a while to get a sale.  By a while, I mean like 100 clicks to get a sale in most market.

How much should 300 clicks cost in Adword to be profitable?

Good question!  And the simple answer is well; it should be less than what you’re making. A lot of people come to me and they’re like “Marcus, I don’t want to pay a dollar a click”, and I’m like “well, personally I can pay a thousand dollar per click if I know I can make $2,000”. It doesn’t matter, it’s all relative.  So you got to look at that. Now in the barbeque market, I’ll be expecting to get clicks from anywhere from 3 to 20 cents a click. That will be the sweet part there. That would be a little high for that market but if I had good converter then it’d work.

Now for this example,  if I’m making $150 +$60 on that,  then I’d want to be 220 is my initial upfront income then I’d want to be less than that and that would be 22 cents per click divided by 3. And that would be around 7 cents. Again, that’s not a guarantee that you’ll make anything. You have to test this out.  You have to be willing to go out there and do this. Now once you look at that, you’re like “okay this is great “. Here are the things that you want to do to build out your authority site. So what I’m going to do is that at the end, you can check out program, get our course at the It’s a simple course that I put together for people who are like,  “I like your stuff but I wish to get something where you can help me out”. Now what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to make a video on each of these topics. So there are 31 different videos on money task. We’re going to take you from a simple site to an authority site and if you do this and you tweak it and you test it, you’re going to get some results. By results, I don’t know if you’d make money, you might not.  But you might at least see what the market is doing, see what people click on and see what people do. And that’s the starting point of making this work. Let’s go over those now.

And again, if you want to ask exactly how to do them, how I do them every day in my business, you’re free.  Obviously the reason why there are 31 is that it has something to do everyday. So if you could do something every day for 15-20 minutes even half hour every day, you can start to build on this and grow big.  So let’s take a look at some of these tasks that would take us from the simple affiliate site over to the arms of the authority site.

  1. Set up a new blog

Okay, so if I have this on pay per click and its working and it’s running and I’m happy and great.  I can even use the same domain on free traffic or I can use the separate. For me personally I like to separate them because if you want to be an authority site,  you’d want multiple domains in your niche(maybe one for free traffic, one for paid traffic, one for YouTube). So the first thing you can do is to set up a new blog, make it simple and go for something like brisket cooking times.

  1. Create content

The second thing you can do is to create content. So if you’re sitting there and you’re like ‘Marcus, what do I do? “.because a lot of people come to me and be like “Marcus,  I want to make money online “. And their life looks like all I do is to learn how to make money online”. If all you’re doing is studying how to make money and you’re studying affiliate marketing, that’s not just how to do it.  

If I get a book about how to exercise or about how to get 6 packs abs and how to work out but I never go to the gym,  and I never do anything else other than reading the book, then I’m not going to get any result I want. So what we’re going to do is to move from the realm of theory and ideas and wants into the real me if actually taking actions. Now one of the actions that you can take (which we’ve talked about)  is setting up a new blog.

The second one is content for your blog. What you’d do is look at your sub-category keywords and like,  “what’s up? What kind of content can I make”. For example, maybe people are looking for, “brisket smoking times 5 pounds or brisket smoking times for barbeque,  or whatever”. You’re going to look at your subcategory words, see what’s out there before you start to make your content for your blog, and you will base the content on what they are looking for. And again, make good content and go in and start to add your affiliate stuff.  So I’ll make content and I’ll be like, “well, you want to get your brisket up to 85 degrees? You’ll probably want a thermometer. Here is the thermometer and by the way when your brisket is done, you might want to use a Robb or seasoning “. And I got the Robb and seasoning from recipe toolbar.

Do you recommend using free content for your content?

Well, I don’t know what you mean by free content. You mean, taking from other places?  If that’s the case I always say no. I recommend creating your own content. The reason is that the search engine like it,  people are going to like it. Or when you create your own content or outsource it the way that I show you, you can lead people into what you want them to buy it click or do in an easier way.  If you’re using content, it’s not going to be that good.

  1. Write an email to a list

The third thing we can do every day to start to build this up is we can go through and we can write an email to our list. And again, you want to look at your mailing list like you’re the helpful guy . So if you join my mailing list about “how to cook brisket’. Now I’m posed as the guy who wants to help you cook brisket. It’s like a simple agreement. You’re like, “okay,  you came to my site, therefore I probably know more than you about brisket. Therefore you’re going to watch for my emails about the cooking and you’re going to go in and be like, “Maybe I can go in and write an email to this people”. And again, your email needs to be something helpful. A lot of people go out there and all they do is that they email affiliate offer. That’s fine and it makes money but It eliminate your list and you’re not going to make as much.

The reason why you’re not going to make as much is that when you guys see emails from me,  you’re looking for content. If I just hit you with an email asking you to sign up for this and that, you’re going to think “Marcus is not as helpful as I thought, maybe I’ll unsubscribe”. Writing an email is easy, you sit down and you’re like “hey,  I found a cool way to make a brisket”.

So your email is going to drive them back to your authority blog or your authority site. It’s like recycling traffic which is really cool.

  1. Make a simple infographic

The fourth thing that you can do is make a simple infographic. If I have a infographic and I’m like “okay, all I’ve got to do is go to clip art and get some images that I have the right to use, make a little image, talk about the graphics and I have a link back to my site. Now I got content, I got email, I got infographic and I can even send the infographic out to my mailing list. I’ll be like “hey I can make this infographic that you can print out”

  1. Find Top 10 sub-category

Another thing that you can do is find top 10 subcategories. So you’ll go into Google Adwords tool, you type in brisket, you look at what the subcategory words are.  Once you start to build this up, what’s going to happen is that your site is going to be in authority and you’re going to rank really fast. And again, let me ask you, how hard is this really? Does anyone think this is ridiculously hard to do? You can just go ahead and learn about the brisket stuff. Go to the store, buy 3 to 4 brisket.  Cook them in different ways, feed your neighbors.

Tech stuff is my downfall!

Well, I’m going to tell you, if you struggle with tech stuffs; go up to and get the course (they teach you the tech, you get the plugins). Follow my steps, which is extremely easy.

How do you test your site on Adword with your affiliate link because Google doesn’t like Affiliate sites, do we use other traffic sources?

Google doesn’t mind affiliate sites if you providing value. What Google and the other search engine want is a good user experience. So if you’re building on the word, “Brisket cooking times”, and you’re trying to sell them a new barbeque, that’s not good. They’re like “dude, I want to learn the cooking times, I don’t want a barbeque”. If you have a site about the cooking times and you teach people stuffs, they are going to like that. So always focus on the intent, focus on what the market wants, and focus on the delivery.

If you’re sitting there waiting for perfection, you’re not going to get anything done. But if you get something done, follow the rules, don’t be shady, don’t be weird, and don’t mess with people, if you do it ethical then if you mess up its okay. You miss 100% of the shot you don’t take, that’s the quote by one of the greatest hockey guy of all time.

He’s like, “go make the shot if you don’t make the shot you’re not going to get anything.” Again, not everything is going to work. Some of the videos that I put up, they flop. some of the videos that I put up they kick butt. Like the one I did last year that is over 130k views which is small but to me, I can make a lot out of that.

What does it take to get approved by Google Adword?

A good website and legitimate information it’s actually pretty easy.


  1. Create a new blog post

You go out there and you’re like, ‘I made the content for my blog now I’m going to make a blog post”. Again, you put your blog post about the keywords that you found.

  1. Make a new video

Video freaks a lot of people out. However, there are people out there that are outsourcing videos that do really well. So if you need to do that, outsource it. I mean your content that you wrote for your blog, send it to someone you’re outsourcing to. You say, “Read this, and give me the audio”. It won’t cost you more than $5, maybe $30 if it’s long. They read the article on audio, they send you the audio file, and you just put some slides to it. You can even just put the audio on the screen.

  1. Make an audio

Depending on your niche- If your niche warrants an audio like in the personal development space, audios are going to work great. You can literarily make audios of quotes that people had. I know a guy who is a YouTuber and all he does is to us other peoples content. And he’s goes like millions of subscribers, make a lot of money. All he did was “Hey, here is the top 10 things that Tony Robin says”., So you can do an Audio and post it on Podcast sites.

  1. Make a list of downloads

Think about this: If you’re in a market like home renovation. You can go and find renovation articles, links to the PDF and make a list. You’ll be like, “here is a link to the PDFs”. That’s a value because it is something that is helping someone do something easier. We forget that value can be something simple. We forget that Google’s value is the fact that they link you to pages that you want.

They didn’t make the content; they just index the content in a way that works. And boom! One of the biggest companies in the world because of that. Facebook, they are using your content like you write contents for Facebook. You go on, and you’re like, “My dog went swimming in the pool today, here is the picture”. You just made Facebook content. They are getting traffic because of you. You can do downloads or helpful site. Like there is a guy here who said, ‘where do you go to get outsources?”. That guy who answered his question could make a list of sites to go outsource on and he can use his affiliate links. And now he’s got a piece of valuable content he can put on his site, he can make a PDF; he can make an infographic.  

  1. You can make a step by step list

This is like you want to make a blog: step 1, step 2, and step 3. Put your steps and show them how to do whatever it is they are searching for. And you can do this on all types of keywords like, “steps to making the perfect chicken, or even steps to setting up your barbeque the right way”. I want you to image what your site will look like if you just did one of this a day in 31 days. Instead o going out there looking for the fast way to make money, you can just go out there and say, “I just want to add value to the market every day in the form of a list, audio, video, whatever.

  1. Buy a solo ad

You can go out there and find someone who has a mailing list about barbeque and you can buy an ad in their mailing list and can drive a bunch of traffic to you in literarily like, overnight.

  1. Answer questions

You can go out there and you can answer people’s questions. You can be like,  ” hey I’ve got this site about brisket, do you have any questions? ” They put questions on the site, you answer it in the form of a blog post or a reply and you make sales and get more traffic. I have a forum where we go through and people ask questions, I provide answers,  they rank in the search engines, build me up as an authority site and gets traffic every single day.

  1. Submit a press release

One of the ways that’s very easy to get the stuffs going and fast is you can do a press release. The purpose of a press release isn’t so much like get channel 9 news to pay attention to you; it’s to get big sites linked to you. So better than backlinking is press releasing. So we can set up a press release that goes like,  ” here is a site about barbeque and we’re going to teach you how to make brisket, Marcus has the greatest barbeque”.

  1. Make an opt-in page

So let’s say you have your niche and you’re like, “well you know I know a lot of people are actually looking at brisket Robb so now I can make an opt-in page and say put your name and email to get my brisket Robb

  1. F,Q,FB,INSTA Backlinks

A lot of people are going to talk to you about buying backlinks. You don’t do that, that’s just stupid and it can get you in hot water.  What you want to do instead is you want to build backlinks from things that are relevant. So I can go out and do backlinks on Facebook groups to get traffic.  I can go answer questions on Quora or I can go to different blogs only niche and I can answer questions on blogs. I can go on forums and answer questions. Literally it wouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. People are likely to come to your site because they like your answer and you can make sales.

  1. Interview someone

Let’s say there is a top dude in the brisket area and you write a mail like “hey I want to feature you on our site. Would you be willing to do an interview? Again, look at this as something you can do every day.

I want to give you actionable steps that you can use to build your site from a simple little blog to an affiliate big authority site.

  1. Restructure your content

Can you take anything you’ve done so far and restructure it.  Can you take your interview and maybe make a video, podcast or an audio? Can you transcribe it and make a PDF? There’s lot of ways you can do this and I hope this isn’t hard.


  1. Set up ads for your site

Ads would be like an affiliate ads.  What I use is my smart affiliate ads plugin. The smart affiliate ads plugin install on your blog, you put some images and boom, you got awesome looking ads where people click. Our clicks through rates are great with that.  You can also set up a new set of ads.

  1. You can create Webinar notes

So like you can do a live stream or a Webinar and you can create little notes for it.  Again, this one is kind of advanced so if you haven’t done a Webinars before, don’t worry about it.  But a good way to connect with your market is to have a live stream.

  1. Test your market

You can test with webinars. You can test with pay per click. Now you can test with pay per click on a new keyword. What if you have a site and you’re like “I want to get all the people that want to buy hosting or clickfunnels or katra”, I can go test a new keyword.

  1. Make an excel calculator

Like the home improvement niche, you can do a home improvement loan calculator on excel.  People download this. They loved this stuff. I made a budget calculator on excel and it worked really well. For example, if you’re in the brisket market, you can do one to calculate your brisket cooking times.

  1. Set up a simple forum

You can literally make a barbeque forum for a barbeque niche (if you’re in that one) and people will talk about one.

  1. Make a member site

What if you have a member site on how to make a barbeque? Isn’t that a great idea


  1. Write a letter

You can write a letter about barbeque. I’m the brisket guy and I’ve been trying to make perfect brisket and I keep running it.  What I figured out are this 5 things,…. “. So you write a letter, send it to your list and boom! I’ve made lots of money making sales letters to my markets.

  1. Organise info

Does anyone notice that our whole job as an affiliate marketer is organizing information?  I mean, organize things that help people. I’m like, “okay, how do you make your background on your website different? “. I make a little theme, I compile the info and go learn how to do it and I compile the info and send to the things that I want to use to make money.

What if all you did was watch training videos on how to do things and you’re like “all I do is to organize the info”. Let’s say you’re in the marriage counseling niche. You go and watch different things, you learn what people want and you organize the info. You’ll be like “hey,  I studied the top 50 experts in the market and here is the top 3 things that they said to avoid divorce”. “I studied the top internet marketers and here is what they said that you need”. So all you need is to organize the info.

  1. Run a banner ad

Running a banner ad does two things.  

  1. I can get cheap traffic to my site and make sales. Great!
  2. I can learn what my market wants to click on. What we want to do is we want to click this stuff and we want to learn our market all the way. So if you want to build the authority site, we are going to go through, learn about the market and what they clicked on.

We can go to other sites in our market and learn what they want.


Brief questions on what we’ve done so far

What exactly is a banner ad?

It’s an image ad on a website. We actually have a video on my channel about how to do banner ads. I would advise you to watch that.

Would you recommend starting straight off with an Aweber or wait till you know your site is getting the traffic?

It’s up to you.  If you want to build a list, then start off with that.

What if you set up your site before this videos and you didn’t get a neutral website domain?

You want a domain about a topic. So if I want one for brisket I’ll do one for brisket.

  1. Find stuffs to share with your list

Maybe you found a good barbecue video, you can share with them.  Don’t link directly to it, link them to your blog and you can share that video. A lot of people don’t look at the simple things that they can do every day that makes a difference. If you do these simple things every day in a deliberate way, it’s going to start to build over time.

  1. Find PDF for your market

You can go out there and find different PDFs and reports . What if I go out and I find out 10 PDF that can help you with something? I want you to look at this because a lot of these stuffs are native to the way that people react and respond. Like if I was your friend on Facebook and you’re like “Marcus is pretty cool because he always sends me videos on how to do the laundry”

  1. Write a book chapter

You can actually take and compile all your stuffs into a book. You can take your blog post and turn them into a book.  It works really well.

  1. Sell from a new angle

You can sell from a new angle. You can go out, listen to your market and find out what they want. You can find out different angles to sell something.  Perhaps you can sell a barbeque down the line because you’re building up the authority site.

  1. Outsource content

Yes, that’d be a great idea.

If you want to get my video series, check out This is our coaching program.  It’s a low-end coaching program designed to get you in this. You can get the plugins, videos or notes of all of my webinars.  So if you like my videos, that’s the best place to go. In addition, we will give you all the tools that you need. All of my students,  it doesn’t matter if you’re in the simple site, or high ticket niche. I’d recommend that you go for the marcusmentor. Me site because it’d give you an extra edge and it’s going to be your support. It is a monthly thing and you can cancel whenever you want by going to ( that’s our support site).

Do you get this course with the high ticket niche?

No, you do not. This is separate and it’s something I want you to join if for anything but to get the notes of webinars.

Have you ever used the feedback form for your website to get a better understanding of what your market wants?

Yes. I actually used the feedback form several years ago.

Looking for a video on the squeeze page plugin?

Go on simple site. Com and get the video. There is a video of all the plugins.

If I’m having difficulties with conversions, is that something you can help with?

Yes, one of the benefits of being in our mentor course is that you can actually submit your site for review. So if you go through and you’re like “Marcus, I’ve got a site but no one is signing up”. You can go in there and say,  “Take a look at my site” and we’ll take a look at it for you.

How do you use the subcategory words to rank?

Well, you want to find words you know you can rank for. You don’t want to go for one that’s too competitive.

And again, once you sign up for the mentor program, 0p get detailed videos on all this. Some of them will be live, some won’t.

You can do that on

Is the site reviewing a free service?

No, because I get so many reviews daily, I can’t humanly possibly answer them all. So if you want a site review, sign up for our mentor me program at and submit your site for review. I’ll take a look at it. As long as you’re a member you can ask for all the reviews that you want.

Email affiliate marketing- how much profitable nowadays?

Way more profitable! If you have any mailing list, you can profit if you know what you’re doing.

Can you capture emails without an autoresponder if you’re not ready to market?

Yes, you can but don’t. I think on our sites, you can go to and you can get our free trial of an autoresponder. So give yourself a free trial.

How many simple sites should your authority site link to?

None! They should be one and the same.

My goal here in the mentor program is to show you how to make it work and literarily, it’s less than the price of a cup of coffee a day. If you have videos showing you how to do each of these tasks every day and you just start doing them, and you come back like, “Marcus, I did this task and it did rank but I’m not getting sales”. You can ask questions like that in the mentor me program and we’re going to help you.

What is the minimum amount of pages or post an authority site should have?

There is no answer to that.  It depends on your keywords.

Does your high ticket niche have this program?

No, it’s separate.

How does GDPR affects opt-in?

It’s only for U.k. people as I understand it. We’re going to have a video on that. I don’t think it’s going to affect it much if you do it good.

Everyone should be in the mentorship program. It’s inexpensive and there is no excuse.

I have a breakdown of our courses. So if you want to learn about our courses, you can see them at You can actually go there and sign up. It’s got a little sales letter that talks about what you’ll get. You’re going to get the 31 profit tips video recording. You’re going to get the killer plugins and tools. You’re going to get professional webinar notes from every webinar that I do.

You’re going to get blog profit network and tools and videos. You’re going to get personal handholding and a whole lot more. So you just go there, you fill out the forms, put your info in and you’re off to the races. I hope you enjoyed this training. Do the 31 steps, Go to, watch the videos on this steps, do it the right way, let me know what result you’ll get and hope you’ll make this business work for you.  Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed this.

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