how to become a storm chaser and make money

Make Money With A Youtube Weather Channel


Weather and Storm Affiliate Programs

1. Survival Frog

This is a company that deals in products designed to keep families safe whenever there is an emergency. They have created quite a reputation for themselves with good services, better customer satisfaction rates, and free shipping for orders over $75. The affiliate program is quite attractive, with a commission rate of 12%, and when you can make more sales, you will quickly earn better. They also have a reasonable conversion rate, but this will eventually depend on how active you are at blogging and posting new content on your page or website.

2. Titan Survival

The company is known for its outdoor and survival products, and they have a catalog full of products that are needed for survival. As such, they tend to have a high conversion rate which means that as long as you are part of their affiliate program, you have a higher chance of earning a steady income.

Your content will quickly turn into cash when you are on this affiliate program and for the commissions that you earn, and payments are made each week for the commissions you earn. It is a reliable source of income, and as long as you have put in the work behind it, you will be able to gain the perks of affiliate marketing and revenue that gets you paid every week.


3. Wise Food Storage

The company is all about storing food wisely, specializing in freeze-dried foods with a shelf life of 30 years. They are also experts at food storage and offer solutions that will secure your food through the good and bad times. The company also provides emergency pet kits, and whenever you want to create content about camping outdoors or backpacking, this is the affiliate program to use.

Not only will you get a way to maintain the conversation, but a monetization method that matches the kind of content you will be preparing. Additionally, the payment threshold is $25, which is quite low for an affiliate program, and affiliates are accepted worldwide.


4. Valley Food Storage

This is another company in the storage of food, but the difference is that they do not use any preservatives to achieve this. As such, they are in high demand as they offer safer means of storing food without having to introduce any harmful or dangerous chemicals.

Additionally, the company offers complimentary domestic shipping means that your affiliate marketing can be pretty successful. With their refund policy which does not ask questions, customers find working with the company quite a good experience. Being part of this affiliate program can be an ideal way to earn additional income.


5. Emergency Essentials

The company is a supplier of food and survival kits. They sell different products, which include food, water filters, protective gear, and medical supplies. Their affiliate program is decent, with good commission and payouts at the end of every month. However, this has a limitation to only those affiliates that reside in the US and Canada. This is a lucrative affiliate program to join for someone who blogs about survival kits and emergency preparedness. It has reasonable rates and the monthly payouts mean that you have something extra at the end of every month.


6. Gander Outdoors

This is a campaign, fishing, boating, and hunting gear and equipment shop. They have an excellent selection of gear, firearms, hunting knives, and crossbows. Customers who make an order of more than $49 will also get free shipping, which means that the affiliate program is very profitable.

Customers will be more likely to buy something online when they get something in addition to what they have purchased. In this case, free shipping is the motivating factor and something that you can rely on to get as many referrals as possible.

The affiliate program is great for someone who blogs about outdoor adventures such as camping, and there are og about. As such, plenty of products you have plenty of choices in terms of content and items that you would want to feature on your blog. One downside of the program is that the cookies have a limited duration, and as such, your potential to earn from the referrals is also limited.


7. Vivos Shelters

The company is known to offer underground shelters that can easily withstand all types of catastrophes. No matter the weather condition, these shelters have been designed to stand up to all kinds of threats and, as such, keep the occupants safe. It is quite a helpful way to stay safe during bad weather and storms, and the affiliate program has earned its place on our list.

Safety shelters are hard to find and keep people safe from storms and bad weather. With the right approach and tactic, you can easily use this affiliate program to earn additional side income. Their items are high value, and when you have the right content, you will quickly get into the minds and hearts of individuals and groups looking for shelters to keep them safe from disasters and extinction threats.


8. American Family Safety

The program sells emergency products such as first-aid kits, emergency food and water supplies, and safety kits that will enable families to be ready for any disaster. They have some excellent survival kits based on recommendations that the Department has made of Homeland Security.

These kits can also be customized to enable you to get the features that you had in mind. With the very best quality of products going into the kit, you can be assured of nothing but the best and a means of staying safe that will protect your family. Their affiliate program will enable you to talk about keeping the family safe while promoting products that can help in the event of an emergency or a disaster; you will also earn a 7% commission with a cookie duration of 30 days.



The website has been designed to provide peace of mind by giving you the education and products you need to be prepared for all kinds of disasters. Being disaster ready is not an easy undertaking meaning that the information that is offered by this website is quite valuable. Some kits are provided to make people more organized and better prepared for emergencies.

These tools include flashlights, food, and water supplies and help people get through tough times. All sales made using your link will be considered for the commission. This includes the orders on the phone, meaning that you can earn from such orders. Their system is primed for volume; when you have higher volumes, you can qualify for better rates from the affiliate program.

The average number of orders made on the website is quite large and one of the main reasons you should be part of this affiliate program.

here are also plenty of marketing materials, and the commission rates are pretty decent.


10. Mountain House

The company started as a meals company for the US Special Forces Soldiers, and over time, they have managed to sell about 70% of all backpacking meals sold in North America. They have a long shelf-life which has been industry-proven. If you are someone with a passion for emergency preparedness and outdoor recreation, this is the right kind of affiliate program for you.

Your readers will have meals they can take with them on hiking trails and other adventures. The affiliate program is definitely what you need for your audience to get the supplies they need when they are outdoors on an adventure or in a bunker waiting for bad storms to cease.
There are also plenty of marketing materials to enable your affiliate marketing to run smoothly and have better engagement rates. As an affiliate, there will be plenty of tools to help you get through the process, in addition to high average order values, which means you will be able to earn a decent income from the program.


11. eSafety Supplies

Safety supplies and safety equipment are usually in high demand during emergencies and the event of disasters. They ensure that rescuers and other personnel are safe as they carry out their usual duties. The company is known only for selling high-quality equipment, which includes survival kits, first aid kits, flashlights, and much more.

Safety supplies are essential in storms and bad weather, so you have a backup plan to get you through the dark night. You also have the chance to get everyone to safety while you wait for the bad weather to clear up or help to arrive. When you can light the way in the event of a power blackout, you will also be able to save and rescue more people, which means that your time will have been well spent.

In addition, they have been known to be very helpful to their customers, and interacting with their website is very simple. The performance of your affiliate link determines how much you can earn, with most marketers making between 10-14%. Their many years of experience means they can be a reliable source of income for you, and customers will also trust the brand.


12. Nutrient Survival

If you are a blogger looking to get started in the niche of survival foods and drinks, this is the ideal means through which you can earn an additional income. When you are writing about survival, food and drink are some of the main topics you cover besides shelter, and this affiliate program can be used to show the part about food and beverages.

Preparing for an emergency with the right supplies is essential, but it also pays to be hydrated and well-fed during the crisis. The affiliate program enables you to emphasize this while including links to products your readers will find helpful even to their survival.

They also have high-quality products and competitive commission rates, and you are assured of getting a good income from this program. They also happen to have a money-back guarantee, a fact that has attracted a lot of customers and will also make your affiliate marketing program more successful.

Another interesting fact about being part of this affiliate program is that you can enjoy discounts when you make your own purchases. As such, you get to make savings on your purchase and a commission from the other sales.


13. Legacy Food Storage

The company deals in freeze-dried meals, which you can promote on your blog to earn an additional monthly income. They offer meals in small portions and are the ideal food choice when you have outdoor usage in mind. Their meals are designed for long-term storage, meaning they can be eaten after 25 years and not lose their taste. Their affiliate program is quite profitable, considering the unique nature of their food.

A more effective means of storing food for your readers means they can stretch out what they have and last through tough times and other destructive disasters. Legacy Food Storage offers a solution that will ensure that your readers have a safe and healthy means of storing their food so that it can get them through tough times. Food storage is essential and is one of the most promising affiliate programs on the list, regardless of your audience’s demographics.

Food that lasts long is essential and can easily sustain you through a disaster. The company has the right product for the market, and your affiliate marketing will bridge this gap and earn you an income simultaneously. The commission rates are usually between 8-15%, and the orders are generally high-value, and as such, you get to earn good income all year round.


14. My Generator Affiliate Program

It pays to be adequately prepared with all the right tools during disasters. A source of electricity you can rely on during such challenging times is also helpful and will make your time much safer.

When you have a generator to power through the night, you can keep everyone safe as you get through the disaster together. The affiliate program is intended to enable you to hook up your readers to a massive selection of premium power products to prepare them for tough times.

They also offer portable camping fridges, and if your blogging niche happens to be about outdoor camping, this affiliate program will be an excellent fit for you. There is quite a wide variety of products in this affiliate program; as such, you will have plenty to write about as you promote functional appliances to your readers. Another helpful fact about the affiliate program is that the cookies will last 30 days, which keeps you earning much longer.

You also get to write about a topic that most people overlook when thinking about emergency preparedness. If you can convince your readers about the importance and benefits of an additional power source, you will be able to make easy conversions in this way.

For bloggers and affiliate marketers whose main topic is advice to homeowners, this is the one kind of affiliate program that you would not like to miss out on. Homeowners requiring power backups can use your advice and the information you provide to secure their homes better.

15. Towergate Touring Caravan Insurance Affiliate Program

Towergate Insurance has been the expert in insurance for over 40 years and provides caravan insurance that will keep you covered at home, on-site, and on the road. This is an ideal affiliate program for you if you write about insurance. You can emphasize that readers will quickly build their insurance cover based on their specific needs and other preferences.

When your customers can pay for only what they need, they will be sure to love the insurance package. With this affiliate program, you get insurance for your readers and earn additional income. The program comes with a 30-day cookie duration, meaning that you will be able to achieve for this long. Insurance is a popular topic with internet users doing the research before making any significant decision.

The affiliate program enables you to get the income you need by informing your readers about insurance and the importance of always ensuring that they are fully covered for all unexpected things and eventualities they were unprepared for. Your readers gain insurance, and you benefit from the affiliate program. This is good for an affiliate program and the right way to get paid online.

16. Affiliate Program Cute Weather – Live Forecast iPhone App

If you are into apps, the Cute Weather app has an affiliate program that can make you earn income from their weather forecast iPhone app. This is a topic you might be well-versed in, and writing about it can earn you additional income, which you will find quite helpful.

The application is quite helpful in preparing for bad weather and other kinds of emergencies. Your readers will have the forecasts way ahead in time; as such, nothing catches them by surprise. It is a good affiliate program that will quickly bring you much more income by giving your readers something that will be of actual value to them.

The help that you will have provided them will enable them to prepare better for disasters and be in a position to make decisions that will change their chances much more. The use of technology to get through disasters and other unlikely scenarios is increasing, and mobile apps have been made available to cater to such global challenges.

Knowing the weather in advance enables people to plan their day better, which means they will not be held up somewhere while they could have been productive on something of greater importance.

The affiliate program pays on a CPA basis, costing $0.76 for each download. Your readers must open the application after downloading it through your affiliate link. Once they have given all the permissions required within the app, you can earn your commission.
This is quite a lucrative means of earning additional income, and you don’t have to do much work either. As such, you can quickly get started with it and earn for the clicks your audience will make. With a good blog post and the right content, this is relatively easy to achieve, and organic traffic will get you the best results. It is an excellent example of a weather and storm affiliate program that you can use as a side source of income.


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