How I Made $167,431 My Second Year As An Affiliate Marketer Aggressive Marketing Strategies

Aggressive Marketing Strategies

in this video marcus talks about how to take massive aggressive action to build your business.

he goes thru the story of how he started back in 2001-2002 and built a business from $0 to $167,000 in just 2 short years… and even more after that.

The major key to making this work is by focusing on your product or offer and breaking it up in to who else would want what you have.

For example if you were going for something like “vitamins”

instead of trying to get traffic directly for the word vitamins… break it up and focus on what the special vitamins will DO.

This is how the 5 hour energy drinks became a huge thing and make tons of money.

They said… hmmm I wonder if people are losing energy each day (which is pretty obvious just by looking around at people.

and now that same ole vitamin that would be on the shelf in the back of the store collecting dust because of all the competition…

Has been moved to the front counter and is now even at the front counter in gas stations and convenience stores.

All because they asked one question… who else would this benefit.

Let’s take a look at another example.

Right now on offervault there are credit repair type offers and affiliate programs that pay anywhere from $15 – $100 for a lead.

That means all you have to do is get someone to fill out a form requesting information on credit repair and BAM there you go you get paid.

NOW…if you were to look on the google adwords tool… you would quickly find that this is a very competitive keyword with a lot of competition.

Even if you worked your ass clean off… you still would not be able to get traffic… and if you paid for it you would lose so much money your head would spin… right now on google that keyword is going for $27 per click!

So how do we market and focus on our aggressive marketing strategies.

Well lets first go back to our big question:

Who Else Needs Credit Repair But May Not Know It.

Aggressive Marketing Strategy 1: find people who want your offer that may not yet know they want it.

You see I can go to my keyword tools and do a little research on who would need credit repair.

Well how bout people looking up “remove ____ from credit report”

Using this I can find lots of keywords like:

when do accounts fall off credit report

when do late payments fall off credit report

how to remove late payments

remove negative credit

ect… these are much less competition and much cheaper if we want to pay for traffic.

Aggressive Marketing Strategy 2: search your keywords in google and see what comes up.

If I search for when do accounts fall off credit report I see that the main sites are BIG sites like credit karma bankrate, ect… huge competition… no way I can compete.

however I can see that in the paid ads… there are NONE!

So my strategy here would be to pay for traffic (my goal would be to get traffic for 30 cents per click or less… which should not be hard considering there are very few advertisers on that one)

Now if I look for this one “remove late payments from credit report”

I can see that there are smaller sites, blogs, and even some youtube videos.

Aggressive Marketing Strategy 3: focus on where the traffic is right now and go get it.

Now what I want to do is see what kind of leverage I have.

If I am an affiliate… then my leverage is stuck to what I can make on affiliate offers.

If I have my own product I will have a lot more leverage.

But if you do not have your own product – do not worry this can still be done you just don’t have as much control as if you would with your own product.

So what I would do is set out a plan to get some GOOD content written or write it myself on the keyword topics.

I would put that content into a little guide about how to remove negative items from your credit report.  Then I would make that into a little PDF guide.

This is your traffic magnet and list building magnet.

Now that you have this you can go put ads wherever people are that would be interested… you could even target low income areas on facebook and run a little ad for your free book… pretty simple right?

You can also take the articles and pages from the book and break them up as content on your site… its ok that they are in the giveaway… no one will notice or care… its all free so if they do care – well they can just shut up and leave my site lol

We want the people who are going to take part in our offers anyway… and if they are complaining about free info… that isn’t them 😊

So… we got our little pdf, we got our articles, now its time to directly target our visitors.

We need to make a plan.

The plan will be based on what you learned in step 3.

Where are the people, what is showing up in google already, where can I leverage.

Aggressive Marketing Strategy 4: know your leverage and exploit it.

Now here is where having my own product comes in handy… I can actually go to people on youtube with videos or people with blogs and sites ranking and I can offer them commission to sell my book or product on credit repair.

And since its almost ALL profit to sell a digital book or course… I can offer them 50% or more… because all I am paying for is a GUARANTEED SALE!

And I get to keep whatever I make on the backend 😊 pretty slick yea?

If I do not have my own product I rely on the leverage that is the money I will get for an affiliate promotion and what I will want to do is go out there and find places to put my links back to my book.

I can go to forums about credit repair and answer all the questions about removing items from credit reports and lead them back to my little pdf… this shit works… people don’t do it… but it freakin works!

One guy I told to do this years ago didn’t believe me… but he did it anyway and make $60 within minutes and was blown away at how east it was.

And remember… those answers will live on the internet forever and could bring you traffic for years to come.

Another thing you can do is comment on blog posts.  Super easy and make sure you link back to your little pdf to collect leads.

You can also make youtube videos about your report (using my traffic methods for youtube) and drive them back to your site to get the pdf.

You can run paid ads if the margins make sense, you can run broad reaching ads like the ones on msn RIGHT NOW on msn there are 10 different ads related to information about credit.

But see this is where people get this wrong.

They think that information is information and sales is sales.

WRONG… information is sales.

You are selling people on a point of view or a recipe or a helpful tip, or to be afraid of something, or fix something…

People are interested.

This is why my time tested ad works so well… “Simple Site Profits $137 Daily” it appeals to a broad audience and when you get them in you already have them presold out of curiosity.

Curiosity is the king here.

When you want to be aggressive and make money fast you need to get attention.

Remember that old marketing adage


It stands for:


You have to get their attention first… without attention no sale will be made… no click will happen, and you will be forever in the land of no money on the internet.

So focus on getting their attention in an aggressive manner.

“ the banks laughed at my credit score till I read this report… now they roll out the red carpet”

Or something like that.

Then on your page… you already have their interest and you get them to desire your pdf report

Then ask them to take action by putting their name and email in to get it.

Then on the thank you page you pitch your best offer.

Then when they open the email send them another good report with more good offers.

You have to be aggressive with this.

If one of your marketing plans does not work as planned, be ready to adapt, be ready to change, be ready to try something else.

The problem is that we are so focused on the first thing working perfectly the first time with no extra work.

I cannot tell you how many people come to me and want to buy a site that is already making $10,000 a month.

And when I tell them its $200,000 for that they flip out and think it should be like $1,000 but life does not work that way.

If you want something that is almost guaranteed to give you money well then you need to be ready to pay the piper… because in the business world we are looking at 36X monthly profits.

Meaning if you buy a franchise or business or website that earns $10,000 per month… its gonna be like $300-360,000 to buy it… and people are lining up to do that all day long and twice on Sunday.

But not me… I started my business with $100 in the bank and no guarantees that I would be able to afford my next meal

But I knew it would work because I knew people were out there and they were buying stuff on the internet.

So I went and I was aggressive… I called people I emailed people I wrote articles and pdfs and websites, and I worked at it… why because I wanted it and I knew it was out there.

Had I waited for a guaranteed business that made me $167,000 like this one did its second year… I would have never made it.

There are two kinds of assets in this business world.

The easy one is money… but lots of people have money so don’t get your hopes up thinking you can buy yourself rich.

Because unless you have an extra $500K or $1M laying around… you are out… and even if you do have that much sitting around… you are not going to see one dime of profit for 3 years.

BUT with my aggressive marketing strategies for 2019 you can see results today!

That’s right today.

Its like this… if I was a Kirby vacuum dealer… and you came up to me and wanted to sell my vacuums I would give you a commission when they sold.

And that is the fact you know… I GET $600 or whatever on a sale.

Sell a Kirby get $600!

Simple right.

Now I can go to the ad part of town and try to sell $2000 vacuums to people who can barely make rent… or I can go to the nice part of town and sell them there.

Its my call… and I know… $600 when I sell one.

So how many do I want to sell today.

Am I gonna sit on my ass and wait for people to come look at my dumbass sitting with my vacuum or am I gonna knock doors.

Im gonna knock doors… cause I want to sell the damn things

And I meet a girl years ago who sold kirbys and made like 20k a month.

Pretty bad ass… but she wasn’t lazy and she wasn’t full of excuses.

NOW… you don’t have to go door to door… because the internet makes all this shit easy.

You can put up a website, and write some emails, and get some results.

And you can sell whatever you want to sell and get paid commissions.

So if you KNEW that you would get $15-100 or more when someone requests info on a credit repair site…

You gonna sit on your ass… write 19 words of crappy website content and complain when google doesn’t rank you.

Or are you gonna be aggressive and go out there and get this stuff done.

Because if you want to be aggressive… then you should join simple sites bootcamp and lets be aggressive together this year and make some money.

Ive been at this for 19 years and I know what works.

And after bootcamp… you will too.

Here is my big fancy order link

And I don’t need fancy sales pitches and all that because I just told you some stuff that if you just it you can start getting results like NOW!

Aggressive Marketing Strategies

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  1. Been watching you for a few months. I look forward to meeting you someday. What you say is very true. Sad most people that read your blogs or watch your videos arent go getters! Some people hit an obstacle and lack the drive to carry on

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