How Does Honey Make Money – Honey App Exposed!

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How Does Honey Make Money – Honey Affiliate Program?

Four billion dollars. That’s what Paypal thought the honey app was worth when they recently acquired it. And in this video, I’m going to break it down for you and expose all the ways that this app is making upwards of 100 million dollars each and every year.

Now, first of all, when you’re on the home page of the honey app, you’re gonna see various different stores from Target to Home Depot to Best Buy to all of these other things.

All of these companies have what’s known as affiliate programs.

An affiliate program is where the company pays a commission to someone who sells a product.

So if I have a link on my Web site that tells you to buy something, you go to Target and buy it. I get a small percentage of whatever is purchased.

Now, anyone can go through, put up an affiliate link and start making money. But that’s not exactly what the honey app is doing. They’re actually doing this a little bit different.

And it gets a little bit more sinister.

honey affiliate program

As you can see here from the Honey App installation page.

It says that it’s going to be able to read and change your cookies, which means that they can hijack affiliate cookies from other affiliates.

It says that it’s going to store personal browsing data on your device. Meaning they’re going to track what you buy, where you buy it and what you click on and everything like that. It also allows them to see the websites you visit.

That’s a little scary.

The app can also go through and read and change data that you send and receive from other Web sites. That’s even scarier. And lastly, it says it could read and change content on Web sites you visit. What that means, it can actually change what a Web site looks like. If you have the app installed.

Well, that’s kind of how they’re making their money, because when you browse Amazon and you’re looking at a product, you might get a little notification that says, hey, here’s a coupon code for the product that you’re looking at, or if you’re browsing Best Buy or something like that, it might say you can find this item a little bit cheaper somewhere else. Click here.

So that’s the basic of how the app actually works. And anyone who’s been in app development for years knows that these are pretty inexpensive to make.

Now, we also see that there was a security warning on Amazon.

Amazon apparently does not like the honey app, probably because they’re hijacking a lot of commission.

If you’ve got the app installed, they can basically change the cookies and route the commissions to their account.

As it says here, the security warning is that Honey’s browser extension is a security risk.

He tracks your private shopping behavior, collects data like your order history, items saved and can read or change any data on any Web sites you visit to keep your data private, insecure, uninstall this extension immediately.

Now, I think that’s a little bit over the top, but there are some concerns with this app.

Now, before we go any further, I actually want to tell you that I’ve made millions of dollars promoting and creating my own various browser extensions and toolbars.

The way that most of these browser extensions make money is through the use of search.

They have a little search box that defaults to a search engine that they get credit for every time you click on ads.

Very basic, very simple, multi billion dollar industry.

Now, some other apps use content where they’re using the app or the toolbar or browser extension to direct you to different things that they want you to see.

Maybe it’s like a screen recorder or a tool or a PDF maker. And these apps will actually provide the tool.

But what’s happening is you’re going back to their Web site over and over and over again every time you click that button.

And it’s kind of like they own real estate on your browser, which is a very good place to be.

And it’s actually pretty funny to note that the way that the honey extension was created was by a guy who was kind of down and out money wise and he was looking for coupons so he could buy a cheap pizza for his kids. He noticed that it was kind of difficult to find coupons online and thought, hey, it’d be kind of cool to just have an app that pops up and says, save some money on this thing you’re going to buy. So he developed the app and got lots of investors.

And here we are a couple of years later and it’s worth four billion dollars.

Now, I think to understand how this works in its entirety, we need to understand affiliate coupon sites to understand how honey makes money.

I remember years ago, back in 2003, when affiliate summit first started, I was at affiliate summit meeting and talking to new people.

And I met several people that had coupon sites. They had sites where they’d find coupons and they get ranked in the search engines for the various coupon. And they would link to the offer and make money. Very simple. Any affiliate marketer can do this and get paid big time. I think these guys back then we’re doing like two hundred thousand dollars a month to show you how this works. I’ve actually navigated to one of the top coupon sites on the Internet.

People land on this site and look for coupons. What happens here is they have all the different coupons from 10 percent to 20 percent. On and on when we actually clicked to get the coupon code, this is where the magic happens.

What happens here? I want you to watch the browser on top.

It’s going to click to get that coupon code.

It opens a new page and gives us the code and tells us to subscribe.

But what you didn’t notice was behind the scenes, it actually opened up Best Buy’s home page.

Now, why in the world would they do this? Well, my friends, this is known as stuffing a cookie.

A cookie is a little piece of code placed on your computer saying that an affiliate referred you to Best Buy. So what happened was when you clicked the link to get the coupon code, they popped up the Best Buy Web site page through their affiliate link, thus dropping the cookie.

And then if the person who clicks actually ordered something within a certain amount of time, that person then gets paid for referring them. And the honey app is doing this in complete stealth mode, which is kind of crazy. And you can check the various affiliate programs for the amounts paid their affiliate programs at Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, you name it. If there’s a store, chances are they have an affiliate program.

So what these couponing sites are doing is they’re actually leading people to their affiliate link. Behind the scenes and the Huddy app is doing this like on steroids. Now, there are other companies that do this as well. One of the more popular ones you might have seen on TV ads is called Rakuten, which is formerly known as Link Share.

And if you’ve been an affiliate for any amount of time, you know that they were an affiliate network before they were ever recruiting. And you can see that when we actually load the honey app on our computer, they have a list of different sites that you can go to.

Obviously, through their affiliate link where you can save money and find things like that, you can also hit the search button and find various other stores. And you’ll notice that when you go to popular stores like Amazon and click the honey button, it’s all going to pop up different Amazon codes and of course, put the cookie on your computer. So they get paid when you buy stuff. So, friends, I hope you enjoyed learning how these apps and coupon sites make money and how the honey app is literally raking it in to the tune of $100 million a year or more.

Honey App Affiliate Program

Honey as of writing this does not have a PUBLIC affiliate program… they do have a referral program but it taps out at 200 leads or $1,000.  Lots of youtubers are promoting the honey app which leads me to believe there is actually an affiliate program but you have to contact the company directly to get involved in that.

There are several coupon toolbars on offervault you can run… they pay around $2.50 per download.


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