hard work beats talent – do this to get rich

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7 thoughts on “hard work beats talent – do this to get rich”

  1. I have been watching your videos for the last few months and am interested in joining either Blog Profit Networks or the Simple Sites course but was wondering if there was any option to pay via PayPal. I am from Australia and PayPal has just started allowing 4 split payments across 2 months which makes it a bit more easier to pay for the program during these difficult times.

  2. Good Morning !
    I am very interested in getting
    an online business going. I can’t get he tool bar to upload and this seems to be the only way to contact you.
    I fi could chat with a real human, we might reach a deal.
    please email me and let know know hoe to get it going.

    thank you
    Chic Weber

  3. I have ben watching your videos. Can you please help me which are the legit and best paid traffic website for affiliate links? Thank you

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