Godaddy Domain Appraisal Tool + 7 Alternatives

This week godaddy put a limit on thier free domain appraisal tool which was not the most accurate and certainly not worth the $1000 per year they are charging for access to it… but you can still use the tool to appraise 3 domains per day.

So lets dive in and see how the godaddy tool sizes up with other domain appraisal tools that can be found free online… for this example we will use a domain name that i actually sold so we have a decent estimated value:

$860 EstiBot
$2,932 Godaddy
$2,254 DYNADOT 
$0 Domain Index
$1,500 Saw
$248 Website Outlook

As you can see the valuations are all over the place… godaddy was the closest on this one but i gotta say the appraisals they give are hardly accurate… to properly use the godaddy tool make sure you look at the REALTED domains.

As you can see the valuations are all over the place… godaddy was the closest on this one but i gotta say the appraisals they give are hardly accurate… to properly use the godaddy tool make sure you look at the REALTED domains.

The Actual Domain In The Example Sold For $5,000!

Lets try this domain

this is a domain that if i owned i would probably want to sell it for well over $25K… why because its one word that a company offering email delivereability services would want to buy which is a HUGE industry.

Godaddy Appraised It At $7,651 – in my opinion way too low

here is the answer they gave for why:

Why it’s great.

Valuable keywordboxed is a high value keyword that has an average sale price of $2036. is easy to remember.

Domain has been sold before.

NOW i did notice… this week godaddy not only put a limit on the searches but they also removed the recent related sales which i found super helpful… GONE!

As you can see they used to show similar sales on the domains which is now gone 🙁 but you can still get these using the search tool at NameBio.

Namebio has lots of metrics and will even show previous sales if the domain was ever sold before.

As you can see here this one sold 2 times in the last 6 years… similar amounts each time.

Dynadot has it listed at $5,301

Saw has it at $4,500

Estibot has it at $3,500

So far on these test godaddy is the closest but having been in this domain industry for 25 years i can say most of the time on domains ACTUALLY worth money godaddy is usually on the low side… however… when it comes to semi worthless domains often times it will have a $1000 value which makes no sense at all.

SHOULD you be using godaddy to appraise and price your domains – yes and no.

you can use it as a guide but only with other information… use these other tools to accurately gauge your domain values:

Estibot: great for seeing if there is “easy” value in the domain… usually this will register a lot of $0s which means nothing as you can see from the tests above.., using this and godaddy will help you see a range though.

Saw: this is a cool little tool that allows you to search… so far it looks like it registers some decent values… but nothing that will compare to the ACTUAL recent sales.

its like this… when using domain appraisal tools… its like house buying.  Your realtor would not just make up some number based on a few guesses… they are going to look at COMPS comparable recent sales, this is how you evaluate it… then what you do is say:

recent prices based on size and location

then they add or deduct for features and condition

then they add pools and yard stuff and sheds ect

Domain buying is the same thing, looking at a name in terms of how good the name sounds, what market it is in, and who wants to buy it.

Godaddy is looking at the recent auctions mostly.

Remember, auctions are buyers looking for deals so they can resell the domains.  THESE are not the people you want to sell your domain too, we want to find buyers that want to use the names for a purpose.  If you have something like at auction this may get $200 or $500 but to a lawyer in san diego it could be worth thousands.

this is why the godaddy tool is not as accurate as can be.

i find that it causes people to buy too many domains based on inflaited values and then on the flipside sell thier names FAR to cheap when they have really really good domains that could sell for a lot more.

there are some other tools as well like:

Website Outlook: this one to me is completely worthless but it does show some traffic stats.

Alexa Rank 9589150
Backlinks 8
Semrush Rank 36894301
Domain Authority 7/100
Pageviews 114/ Day
Worth 248.2

if you do not have a good keyword tool this does show the pageviews and the domain authority although i dont know where they pull that from.

SitePrice: this one again is to me super worthless… it shows the $5,000 domain at $196

it does have some interesting metrics though like semrush, alexa, domain power, traffic, ad revenue ect… but it does seem they are just running it to show ads rather than give helpful domain data.


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  1. Hey Marcus and Crew,
    A little info overload. When I bought single niche product on Mar 24th, I thought I would be getting some direct help. I have receipts per your download, but I need help deciding which domain I’ve bought to build out on the site that will make you $. Plus, I’ve invested in some domains that I want to flip, but I am hesitant to do so. I believe I’m listening to the correct video now to gain access to the info. Is there a Domain download I missed, like I missed Tuesday’s call last week by looking at the wrong email? Thanks for all the great info!

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