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  1. I think it’s the Money! The investment to get a GOOD (valuable) article, blog post or “free” guide/video made!

    Then putting EVERYTHING together!

    Actually SEEING results! Actually recieving MONEY for your efforts!

    For example, I have 1000$ USD to spend…THAT’S ALL! Show me away where I can see money coming back in!

  2. i have used free traffic to promote my offers, to no avail. None of it convert and I do not have money to pay for solo adds that will convert, how best can I do online business from the beginning to earn some money to be able to scale higher without investing?.

  3. I currently have word press set up But my pages are not updated with my content. Its
    I pay quarterly for maintainance.
    Do I need to buy hub/new website to get the full benefits of traffic etc?
    I need to update 80 or so pages that have offers on them for products/niches. What is the quickest way to get caught up? Outsource some of them?
    Should I do paid traffic after it is updated and ready?
    Can you help me get it set up?
    Can I put alot of cpa in my pages and at least 3 offers ?
    Is automotive a good niche? I have alot of experience with it

  4. Marcus if a new affiliate marketer doesn’t have any money for advertising, what do you recommend they do to get started in making money online?

  5. Marcus,

    Thanks for your opportunity for questions. My question is How do you know that you can get paid clicks for a lot less than Google Keyword Planner is showing them costing. In one of your videos you were showing keyword planner and it showed the cost of the click as $3.00 but you said you could get it for $.10. That is a huge difference and would make a keyword economical that would be out of the question at 3.00. Since Google looks at ad quality as well as the bid amount, it seems you would have to go through the process of designing your ad and completing your website in order to know if you were going to get impressions. It would really suck to go through all of that to find out your actual cost per click made the keywords unprofitable.


  6. Hello Marcus you use a very nice key word search tool can you recommend one thats like yours for free meanwhile until I can afford it?
    also the low competition KEYwords should be lower than 5 KD ?

    I need help making the simple little opt in page something simple so I could learn how to do it like you then I can do on my own >what training video do you have or pdf that walks you step by step ..?

  7. I use LINUX- not windows– and can’t download the toolbar or tools.. Are there alternatives (though maybe not as good but still effective) to the ones you use?? WEB BASED perhaps??

  8. As I am a pensioner on a fixed pension it is important to know upfront what the initial costs on a per month basis would be? Obviously if following the instructions correctly some income should be evident and that could then help finance future costs.
    So. It would seem that a free website should be ripe for upgrading with more options after six months of dilligent application of effort
    A more specific question relates to the particular steps that show how to link my website (the new one) when I link with the particular niche ?

  9. I would love some advice on starting a small one or two page site that brings in visitors — you say you’ve made millions doing this but when I try, I struggle finding a good offer and getting visitors to my site!
    I do enjoy all your trainings and have learned SO much but am struggling on making any money 🙄

  10. I have seen it all, from niche sites, mini one page sites, all the places where to get offers to promote etc but one thing that never gets explained in detail showing a step by step and actual proof of those steps that it works is the Pay to Click ads on different sites. How to do them properly. Pay 2 click is the instant way to drive traffic to your offer but lets see some actual how to and proof since you doing a lot of pay 2 click adds.

  11. I have a blog that you made every thing ready to go just need the right key words?? I dont know if I should do free traffic or paper click ? I’ve been trying for so long ?


  12. Hi Marcus, I have watched every video you made(this yr) on kw research. I don’t know what the crap I’m missing but…
    You have made it look so easy and clear but my brain is just not getting it. I have dissected everything you have said. But nothing is adding up to a good niche. I reckon it is the numbers. If a keyword has 420,000,000 sites competing to me it will be just as hard if it 420,000? If a kw is good but the niche is saturated ie weight loss how in this world of competition is my little weight loss calorie counter spreadsheet going to entice people when there are still 420,000 sites out there with that search term?
    I know you have most likely answered these questions a gazillion times before, but with those kinds of numbers, it is hard to believe that my site can elbow it’s way to the top or even the front page.
    I just used weight loss but it is one I tried to follow along and see if I could see the same positive lights that seem to come on for you when you were showing this in the videos.
    I don’t know how much more you can dummy it down for me, but I will be on the live training to see what else I can learn.
    Unfortunately, I cannot afford your course/s at this time, perhaps if I can figure this kw situation out I will be able to learn enough to get started so I can afford them.
    I must say I am impressed with your free training. I really think there is enough there to make money with. But I know the tools you provide in your courses most likely help make the process even easier.
    See ya Wed. By the way, if I can’t make it with all that you teach, I am retiring my laptop. Unsubscribing from all the lists I’m on and start building my old clientele (I am a farrier) to young to retire to old for my achey muscles. lol
    Thanks in advance for everything you give.

  13. Hey Marcus, I purchased a “High Ticket” niche from you about a year ago but don’t know how to make any money with it. I’m on the verge of bankruptcy so I can’t pay for any more training. Any ideas?


  14. Do I need a domain for email marketing or are there softwares that do not require this to avoid spam folder?

  15. If you had limited money and we’re forced to start all over again today, what would you choose to do to make money for today and your future?

    And do you have a program to help those of us willing?

  16. Hi Marcus, I do have a couple of questions I have my website with bluehost I have one page with an offer for a ClickBank offer my niche is weight loss I’m a student of yours for simple sites I just can’t seem to come up with more ideas for my blog I have no money I’m stuck on how to create good post and get much more traffic and also on the keywords people are searching do we use the entire phrase or just the work example how to lose weight would I put those keywords on my title for my post/ pages or just the keywords lose which is what I searched for to get the how to lose weight thank you

  17. Hi, affiliate marketing as a side hustle , can you give tips on creating good content fast and quickly to promote affiliate products? Thanks.

  18. Hi Marcus,

    I’m just wondering if you could take me through once you have chosen a niche keyword/keyphrase with low competition to target, do you create a mini-site around that phrase ie. if keyword is “how to make blue widgets fast” do you take out or do you take out a more generic domain such as “” and try to build a bigger, more authoritative site for greater traffic and potential profits?

    Also, what’s your strike rate like when targeting low competition keywords, ie. how often do articles rank in the top 10 of Google for the given low competition keyword?


  19. Is it important to keep updating squeeze pages regularly? Is the attitude ‘set and forget’ wrong regarding online promotions? Is there something like a ‘saturation’ thing for these pages?

  20. Hi Marcus , I like help learning more about CPA marketing.
    Learn more about niches and trigger word and stuff like that ok !!! I’m not understanding how to get the information like starting up a new Affiliatemarketing sites to profit

    Appreciate you
    Thanks Patrick Koon

  21. Hello Marcus, I plan to buy a site from you from …I am decent at driving paid traffic from FB, Google and YT ads, will that be profitable for me.

    I am also willing to create assets like a FB page, a you tube channel and a twitter account to drive free traffic back to the niche site that I buy from you.

    I want to build a portfolio of such sites and implement the above mentioned strategies for each site.

    Am I on the right path if I do this , will I be building a sustainable affiliate business model this way…please guide.

    Just to tell a bit about myself I started with push traffic ( propeller ads) for sweepstakes offers and did traffic arbitrage like promoting clickbank offers through facebook ads via a landing page, but soon realised that to be profitable either the campaign needs to be really optimised and half the times you are facing Facebook ad bans due to driving traffic to a saturated clickbank offer….I hope you got my points and vision of shifting my focus to niche sites and what I am willing to do with them ( paid and free traffic) .

    Kindly guide.

    P.S I understand that I will also have to put up fresh content on my sites after you hand it over to me…will those be build on wordpress, if yes should I start to learn wordpress so that I can update regular content on my site after you hand it over to me.

    Kindly guide.

    Best Regards,

  22. good morning Dude, as a new affiliate marketer should i focus on learning SEO first? because i m thinking if i hire someone they will just go ahead and do it!! what would you suggest?

    1. well, knowledge is valuable. I think you should do both. learn SEO and also hire someone. its better to know something about everything than to no nothing man. hope this helps

  23. When starting out in affiliate marketing is it a good idea to focus on one model of marketing such as ppc? I say this only to avoid the frustrations of info overload and or is this a bad mindset to be in as a newbie?

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