get paid to watch tv – make money watching videos?

get paid to watch tv – make money watching videos?


The key is to pick one thing and hone in on it to create consistency in your content.

  • EX: Shark Tank product sales, Jersey Shore episode recaps, Kitchen Nightmare restaurants, etc.

In this case we’re talking specifically about reality television and YouTube, but there are endless directions you could go in. People love searching just for celebrities and their net worths, for example.


DO: Use “.com” in your domain, as it’s more familiar.

DON’T: Use the name of your “direction” in your domain – it can be risky!

  • EX: If your direction is Shark Tank, try something like “” rather than “” is a great tool if you’re not familiar with creating websites. Alternatively, check out my other lesson on how to purchase expired and auctioned domains for more insight and options.

NOTE: Your site doesn’t have to be review-centric! Unless your direction is something like Shark Tank, all you have to do is discuss what happened in what you watched, not necessarily say if you think it was good or bad.


First, treat your binge session like a study session and write out the things you see as if you’re doing a rough transcription.

  • EX: “Love Island, Season 2 Episode 4: Sarah walks up to Jonathan and curses him out for insulting her. He seems surprised.”

Then, revamp it!

  • EX: “If you didn’t catch tonight’s airing of season 2, episode 4 of Love Island, let me get you up to speed: Jonathan got what was coming to him when Sarah chewed him out in front of the entire island after he made the rudest comment about her dress to his buddies. You won’t believe what happened next!”

Put flair and personality into your site to draw more traffic towards you and away from competitors.

  • EX: Look at the difference in competition between the keyword “shark tank” versus the keyword “stryx lip balm”, a product advertised on Shark Tank.

“shark tank” has very high competition, while “stryx lip balm” basically has none.

Quick tip: Try using low-competition info keywords as opposed to product keywords to gain the most traffic on your site. Let’s learn the difference between these two.


We’ll use the Instant Pot product as our example.

“best instant pot recipes” “instant pots under $100” “instant pot sizes” etc. “instant pot”no alternative, just the product name
More specific to the niche of cooking and sparks curiosity in potential buyers of the Instant Pot. Produces results from Amazon, Walmart, the Instant Pot site, etc. – way too much competition for your website to get buried under.

Info keywords will serve you the best in the long run!


Not only is this method about gaining traffic, but also converting that traffic into $$$ (which is the entire point of this lesson!)

OfferVault is an excellent tool to find offers relevant to the direction of your site.

  • EX: Let’s continue using Shark Tank as our direction. “Where to watch shark tank online” is a great info keyword for your site. Since Shark Tank is offered with a Hulu membership, try using an offer like the one below from OfferVault to feature on your site.

If for one month, five people a day sign up for a Hulu account using your ad, that’s an extra $1,860 in your pocket that month just from one ad! This is a great deal on its own, but there are plenty of offers you can choose from worth less or more than the example shown that you can add to your site as you please.


The more content you create, the fuller your website will become, leading to more traffic, more ad revenue, and so on. As you create content, be sure to find a way to direct your traffic from a single post/article to the rest of your site.

  • EX: At the end of your recap for the products shown in this week’s episode of Shark Tank, try including a hyperlink leading to where people can find more content having to do with the show on your site.
    “Click here to view my complete list of this month’s Shark Tank products ranked by sales! Updated with every episode release.”

IN SUMMARY… This is a pretty simple way to make money if you’re willing to put in the work. Don’t plagiarize, don’t copy, and don’t be shady; simply create content based on interests and knowledge you already have (or that is easily fed to you) and you’re sure to get results!

Live Working Examples:



keywords: love island, love island uk, love island season 7 episode 11, etc. (love island episodes)

keywords: reality tea, realitytea, etc. (reality tv/celebrity news)

keywords: americas next top model, dancing with the stars, hells kitchen, the voice, big brother, america’s got talent, etc.

keywords: the bachelor, the bachelor spoilers, bachelorette spoilers, the bachelorette winner, etc.

keywords: american idol schedule, is american idol on tonight 2022, david archuleta vocal surgery, when does the voice start, american idol 2022 schedule, etc.

keywords: american idol, the voice season 22, randy jackson, jennifer hudson, lego masters season 3, etc.

keywords: rumpl blankets net worth, p-nuff crunch valuation, measuring shovel, safety nailer, etc. (shark tank products)

keywords: shark tank, shark tank products, sharktank, sea moss gel shark tank, sharks products, as seen, etc.

keywords: who is the masked magician, how does criss angel levitate, david blaine, famous magician chris, chris angel, etc.

keywords: kitchen nightmares restaurants still open, la frite kitchen nightmares, capri kitchen nightmares, mill street bistro, etc. (kitchen nightmares restaurants)

keywords: hot potato cafe, hannah and masons, fiesta sunrise, peter’s italian restaurant, mojitos kitchen nightmares, etc. (kitchen nightmares restaurants)

keywords: the voice season 1, american idol top 5, season 1 of the voice, american idol top 7, the voice season 4, etc.











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