Get Paid To Read? – onlinebookclub VS my secret method!

Learn Five Ways To Make Money Reading PLUS I’ll Show You Exactly How To Do My Favorite Method That People Are Using Right Now To Make A TON Of Cash…

1. Read And Review Books Online (book browse, onlinebookclub, kirkus)

Did you know that you can get paid to read and review books online? That’s right. You simply read a book, post a review and get paid. It really is as simple as that. You can use sites like Book Browse, Online Book Club, or even Kirkus, where you can get paid for your book reviews.

The upside to this is that it’s really super easy. You simply read a book, write a review and get paid.

The downside is that you’ve got to do a lot of reading. And in order to make fifteen hundred dollars a month, you’d have to read over 20 books.

2. Reading On Tape (audible, fiverr, ACX)

This is where you could simply read books on tape. That’s right. You simply read a book into a microphone and you get paid per hour, sometimes as much as 80 dollars an hour or more just for reading some of the sites you can go to to get paid just for reading books are audible fiver, ACX and more.

Reading books with your own voice on audio can be kind of daunting for some, but for others it’s a great way to make money.

Now, to put this in perspective, if you were to read the entire Bible, it take you about 70 hours to read that on tape at 80 to 100 dollars an hour that be anywhere from five to seven thousand dollars profit for you. And that’s an incredible upside. Will you get paid to read the Bible? Probably not. Plenty of people have done that before.

So it’s not really in demand. But there’s tons of other books you can read and get paid big time.

The upside is who doesn’t want to make eighty to one hundred dollars an hour?

And the downside is that you’ve got to do a lot of work, because if you make a mistake or have to change something or don’t understand a word that all eats into your time and you’re only paid per recorded hour, not the time you spend on it, the time that’s actually recorded, but nevertheless you can make money with this method.

So the major downside for me is that in order to make more, you’ve got to work more, which doesn’t really provide passive income, which is my favorite type of income.

Now number three, four and five are my favorite passive income methods. And number five is just short of diabolical. So these are the ones you’re going to want to pay attention to.

3. Create A Topic Blog About What You Learn (summaries, education, ect)

You could simply find search terms about your topic. Write about what you learned in the books or even create a list of books people can buy. You can link to those on Amazon and get paid when people buy them.

You can also get paid through AdSense and affiliate programs to make even more money. Some people are making thousands of dollars a month with book summary sites. That’s right. They read the book. Post a summary and cash in big time.

Now this one has a great upside because you can make passive income.

Once you write the review or the summary or the list of books, one time that’s going to live on the Internet forever and make your money over and over and over again.

But the downside is that it takes a while to set this up. And you’ve got to do a lot of reading and a lot of posting.

4. Create A Book Review Blog (find books in a specific topic and review them)

This is where you simply find books in a certain category or topic, review them and turn that into a blog post. Now, the upside to this method is you can make lots of money. You own your blog and you’re going to get traffic over and over and over again if you do this right, which can produce a great monthly income for you. For example, I know of one company that’s making millions of dollars each and every year, providing book reviews and book summaries. And you can start your first blog in minutes using my instructions over it. Go hub site dot com. The downsides are you got to do a lot of blogging, lots of reading. It’s a long term play and can be somewhat competitive. But for those of you who love reading starting a book blog, it’s a great way to earn a good living. Now, suppose you’re not like me and you don’t want to read any books.

Well, then you’re going to. Number five…

5. Create Content Snippit Videos (my favorite)

What’s a content snippet video? You might ask?

Well, it’s quite simply when someone read something and puts it into a video form. And the cool part about this is you don’t even have to use your own voice. You don’t have to read a ton of books. And some of these people are making tens of thousands of dollars each and every month.

They’re simply going out there and curating content from other Web sites.

You have one guy here who’s doing read it.

All he does is read funny Reddit posts and the guy’s getting like 700000 views a day. And according to Social Blade, it says he’s making anywhere from like $50 a day up to three thousand dollars a day. And I usually find that Social Blade’s numbers are on the low side. So we could see that he’s raking it in.

Here’s another example of someone who just reads blog posts. Now, these are his own blog posts. So he does have to create the content or have people create it for him.

But that’s not that hard to do. And this is all about dating.

And all he does is read content about dating and posted it on his blog and posted on his YouTube channel.

Now, you could do this exact same thing just by going out there, spending 30 minutes or an hour doing research and find a bunch of sites that have top 10 list about how to get a girl to like you or how to get a date or whatever it is.

And you can curate that content, put together a simple video and boom, start making money right away.

This next example is a guy who does the same thing, but with tweets and funny texts. And he goes out and finds all these tweets and funny texts and puts them into a video, makes it funny, gets a lot of views and makes a lot of money.

Now you want to make sure that the content you provide in your videos and on your blog post is not subject to copyright violations. So make sure you do a little bit of research. But a lot of this stuff is available in the public domain anyway. So there’s plenty of content you could use without having to resort to methods that could get you in trouble. Now, this next example was a guy who does videos on the top five best things like top five best places to vacation. Top five best credit cards or whatever it is. And he goes out there and he finds all the information cure rates. It puts it into a video and makes money with monetization and other methods.

Now, a lot of these people have their own Web sites, which makes them even more money. But some of them are able to make a lot of money just with ads alone. As you can see from this example, guys making over one hundred thousand dollars a month with funny tweets and funny texts. Pretty crazy, right? Just creating top five videos. Here’s another example of a guy who’s doing the same thing, but his is called top 10. So instead of five, you find ten. These next few are pretty interesting and I really like the idea. This one is about scripture’s. They actually put Bible verses into videos, so they make a video about Bible verses about love or depression or poems or whatever it is, and they make a little video on those and get lots of traffic. Now this one’s not earning big, huge dollars, but you could see just on monetization alone.

This site estimates they’re doing about 900 dollars. Hey, if you pay attention to some of my videos, I’ve actually taught you how you can make two dollars and fifty cents to give away a free Bible software. Pretty cool, right? Imagine if this person was doing that. I’m sure they’d make a lot more than 900 bucks a month. Here’s another example of someone doing Christian meditation and Bible verses and things like that. This one’s averaging anywhere from 600 bucks a month to nine thousand dollars a month. And lastly, another Bible example where they’re making about five hundred to six hundred dollars a month. So you could see that this is extremely lucrative and very easy to do. Let me show you some examples of some things that you can use. We have funny tweets here that’s looked up on the Internet about 11000 times a month.

Top selling products using the keyword best we find best movies on Netflix, best free anti-virus software, best credit cards, best shows on Netflix, best laptops, best c._d. And on and on we go. Tons of things that you can make little content snippet videos on and just stay tuned, because if you don’t want your voice on camera, I’m going to show you how to automatically get that done for free.

Here we have the funniest means, funniest movies, funniest jokes, funniest movies of all time, funniest means funniest.

Netflix and on and on we go. We also have people looking up various different things on Reddit. Funny Facebook status updates and lastly, Bible verses about lots of people looking up various different Bible verses. Anyone can make money with this. Folks!

Tools Used In The Video:


Camtasia (or other free screen recording software like camrec)

Amazon Polly



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