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Depending On The Amount Of Requests We Get Your Content Could Take Up To 7 Days.

Terms And Conditions: Form Must Only Be Submitted Once… We Track IP Addresses And Duplicate Submissions Will VOID ALL Requests.

Each webinar attendee can redeem 1 conent article… there is no cash option as the gift is ONLY for content.

This Is A Service Marcus Is PAYING To Have Created For You So You Can See The Value Of Our Custom Content Strategy.

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All Content Is Human Assisted AI: While We Try To Fact Check And Make Everything Clear And Free Of Plagiarism, Errors, And Incorrect Information.
Using Ai DOES Have Errors Sometimes.   It Is Your Job To Fix Those Errors.

All You Have To Do Is Show Up And Stay On The Webinar The ENTIRE Time And You Get A Content Piece Worth $50+

34 thoughts on “Free Ai Content For Your Website”

  1. It’s 1:32am I’m watching YouTube and this email pop up and I’m now taking this serious so yes I’ll be there

  2. Hi
    I would love to have as much content added to the niche that you will be providing me for the purchase i made a few days ago along with links and back links
    Marcus i think finally after 5 years you might be the real deal

  3. I just bought a website i am afraid that if i use ai to write article my site may face dificulties in ranking… I hope there is some way to rank a brand new website

  4. Ah Yeah,… This is an amazing offer Marcus and want in, wouldn’t miss it for the world. You Always OVER Deliver and I appreciate cha tremendously. Thanks for all you do, Dude! See ya there 🙂

  5. I am watching your you tube for 6 months and I lear a lot. Now it make sense how to do affiliate marketing. I watch every youtube you publish until the end.

  6. Hello Marcus, I will be there. By the way, how do I find out whereby Amazon affiliate commission is derived, eg:I have a few quid owing to me from when I had a go at affiliate marketing many many moons ago, I only found out “recently” that I musta made some sales, if I had only known at the time when I had “had a go” (but I assumed nothing ever happened) no doubt I wouldnt be where I am now (no where). Thanks, Chris.

  7. You really go above and beyond for us little people and we thank you.. It also helps that you are kinda funny sometimes. No laughing at my over thunked ~ procrastinated over ~ torn down ~ rebuilt ~ Cussed prusely at ~ eagerly waiting for you ~ website..This time difference thing we got goin on between Australia and the States might be interesting, You better tell a joke or two. 🙂

  8. Hi Marcus! I’ve been binge watching your YouTube videos, per your advice, and I’m both excited and impressed with your content. Fyi ~ years ago in college the only class I can recall getting an A+ in was a Business Writing class, so I’m hoping this whole thing will be right up my alley. I’m looking to join your paid monthly program and my best shot to make this business work. I was following your content a few years back but ended up opting into working with a different organization. In hind sight I wish I would have pressed in and learned from you instead; but that’s in the past and I’m not going that way, so now is the time I that I have and the future that’s in front of me. Marcus, with that I’m committed here to moving forward with you, the Affiliate Marketing Dude, in a big way! So the journey begins 😁

    (Also, I haven’t set up my first website yet)

  9. Yes I Need Sum Extra that make good money and somebody that is really going to show me the right way to better source and more passive income

  10. Gosh Marcus, you are so freaking amazing!
    Your knowledge, I understand and I understand exactly how you do what you do. Still learning and trying to figure it out myself but I understand how you do what you do. It makes Perfect sense.
    And this jewel today…the help I need and help me greatly!
    You are great man! I appreciate you!

  11. Hello Marcus,
    I really enjoyed this, If I Had To Start All Over Webinar Replay
    I am someone that is really been trying for sometime now and I am just not getting it.
    I have asked help from other people and they are just not getting it at all.
    I have dyslexia learning things is just a little had for than others that do not have this.
    I have talking deaf ears, I have a passionate for the niche that I am wanting to work with.
    I want to change how the people with high blood sugars are work with as they are doing the things,
    the Doctors saying for them to do, it is time to get the truth out to the world.
    I really have done some looking for the information as my girl has the problem, I am pre diabetic.
    I have other family members that have the same problem as well, I have to do this for them and for myself,
    I just do not want to lose out on this, there is one things stopping me, that the word money and not having the know how or what to do from here.

    Take Care,
    Ruth Elizabeth Ann Bell

    PS{ I am so sorry for being so long winded I just hoping that you understand}

  12. I watched the webinar. It was informative. I didn’t finish the form for the free content because had to be someplace, and I don’t have a website set up yet. I guess the form expired. I left that page open but I got an error when I went back to it.

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