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For Me I Would Use or something


Find out how to
How to
Online courses
Questions and answers


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Make Money Online Today With Affiliate Marketing Full Tutorial On How To Get Started Right Now

Is it even possible to start affiliate marketing as a complete beginner today and be paid by the end of the day?

Today what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you the tips that you need to do if you want to make money fast. Yeah, we’re talking like you can make money by the end of the day (like my record in less than 13 minutes from the time I set up a new site.)  We actually got money in our affiliate account within 13 minutes. So this is something that can happen fast and something you can use and start getting results right now (I’m a big fan of getting results right now).

First of all, I’ve got a disclaimer on this because obviously by doing these steps you’re not guaranteed to make anything. There is a risk with affiliate marketing, most affiliate marketers end up making nothing but some of them actually do make money.  What I’m going to show you is based on what I’ve done.  So if you are up for a challenge and you realize that this video and notes are no way guaranteeing that you’re going to make anything, then I will urge you to follow through and check it out. Now there is a lot of other stuff that is involved in affiliate marketing which I also teach on my YouTube channel.

So first and foremost, make sure you subscribe and click on the little bell notification icon so that you get all my videos when I come up with them. And you can be here live every Wednesday and Friday at 10 am where we do a live training every day to help you make money online with affiliate marketing.

Now let’s go ahead and get started and show you how to make money fast on the internet.

So, maybe you’re like this guy here (fig. 1). You’re always chasing the dollar trying to find the next big thing that’s going to help you make money. But nothing is solid. Nothing is going to show you a real-world way that makes sense that you can start right now and see results literally right now. You feel like there is still a big invisible brick wall that’s stopping you from getting the money.  We’re going to show you how to get rid of that brick wall.  So grab your coffee, get ready because this is going to be a wild ride showing you how to profit


Now the first thing you need to remember and ask yourself when you say, “Can I make money right now on the internet?” is what is the barrier stopping you?. The barrier stopping most people is the fact that there are a lot of people on the internet right now. Right now as I’m preparing this note, over 4 million people every minute search Google. Lots of people are watching YouTube videos, people are in Forums and lots more.

People are visiting different websites.  People are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram right now this minute.  So when they say,  there is no way to make money right now,  they are not understanding the fact that people right now are online.  And whenever there are people online you can make money.  All you have to do is get in front of them and show them something that’s relevant. Now we’re not talking about going out there and throwing them with crazy stuff.

What we’re talking about is finding a group of people with something that they want, need, desire or something they need a help on, and get some information because that’s what the internet is all about. People are out there right now and they are looking for something. For example, here you are reading my article right now along with many other people that are doing the same thing.  And you all want something in common-you all want to learn how to make money on the internet, fast.

So my goal is to show you and drive you to affiliate offers that make me money and possibly sell you some courses and things like that. Same thing with you and your market.  You’re going to go through; you’re going to find people who want to lose weight or people who want to learn about technology products or people that want coaching or whatever it is.  You’re going to find those people.  And that’s your group-you have to remember that those people are here right now (fig. 2). And they’re here right now looking at something.

Right now there are 100 of millions of people on Facebook. If I can get involved and understand where they are, and I can position the right thing in front of them, a sale can be made. Just like last week when I positioned myself in front of a Facebook people and made over $30,000 in sales out of a simple promotion that didn’t cost me anything to run.  So we’re going to show you how this works.  The idea here is to understand that these people are online and they are searching for something. Your goal is to carve out a little niche market. You’re going to say to yourself, “what do I want to go into and who do I want to help? ‘

Now you can go through and do it in two ways like: “what do I know about? What do I really understand or I’m an expert on?” Or you can go through and check my trigger words to see what people are searching for and interested in.  Now for the sake of making money fast, I’m going to teach a way that I usually don’t teach but I think it’d help you.

Find An Offer That Pays Money

Firstly, what we’re going to do is to find an offer that pays us money. So we’re going to go to Offervault and we’re going to look through the offers (fig. 3). For example, we can type in fitness and we can see there is “neutral system, help weight loss diet that has $165 commission and lots more”. There’s literally an offer for everything. And the cool thing about CPA marketing is that we can get paid for literally anything.  We can get paid when someone buys something,  download something, fills out a form, tries a product, clicks, link,  literally anything.

As you can see, I have the toolbar and you can see that we get paid when people download all this kind of toolbars and stuff like that. Maybe we’ll go for this one here which is like a Yoga thing (fig. 4). This is like, ‘get healthy with Yoga”. It’s like Yoga toolbar that they download that’s free for them and we get paid $2.06 cent when they download it. And if we want to take this a step further, we can even type Yoga poses into the Google Adwords keyword planner (fig. 5) and see that 301,000 every month type in Yoga Poses with most of it having a low competition. We’re going to show you how to get free traffic as well. Now we can see what the landing page of this yoga looks like (fig. 6).

As you can see, it’s not the greatest landing page, but hey, it’s got a toolbar, it’s free and it pays $2 and 6 cents. So if you want to make $100 a day. All you’ve got to do is to make 50 people download them and boom, there you go! You can literarily get results right now and get the money in your affiliate account.

All we have to do is to go through and say, “yay, I’m going to go for Yoga”. So now we know there are people out there looking for Yoga, we’ve got the toolbar that pays us.

Set Up A Generic Site

So now what I’m going to do is to set up a Generic site that I can use for lots of different affiliate offers and drive people to this. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to use free traffic methods because all these people looking for Yoga stuffs are out there on Forums, Facebook groups, blogs, and all over the place looking for Yoga stuffs which are great. So we can get in front of them in a really easy way. Now the key to making this work whether you’re doing Yoga, weight loss, or mortgages is to provide something of value to the visitor.

For example, what would people value if they’re looking up Yoga stuffs and yoga lifestyle? Maybe Yoga poses, Yoga exercises, benefits of Yoga or anything else that’s going to help them.  If they are in Mortgages, maybe I can provide something on how to get approved on mortgages with bad credit. If they are in weight loss, maybe I can do review of the top weight loss program or something like that.

If they are looking for technical stuffs like how to set up a blog, maybe I can talk to them about how to set up a web hosting. The thing is you’re going to provide a kind of content that will draw them in. What kind of content will someone want if they’re looking for Yoga poses? Maybe like a printable Yoga poses guide. Now the key to making this work is to put in valuable content on a website and making that website so that you can send people to and get them to click on your affiliate link as well.

We’re going to do this in a really cool way. We always want to tell them that we’re an affiliate and we get compensated. And want to provide value upfront. We don’t want to direct link people to affiliate offers because it doesn’t have a disclaimer and that’s not a good practice and most places like Facebook and Google don’t really like that model.

Set Up A Simple Hub Site

The first step to making this work is setting up your simple hub site. This hubsite is something that you’re going to use with your niche. You can do one hubsite for a bunch of niches or you can do a bunch of hubsite for different niches. For the sake of this training, we’re going to get one based on a bunch of niches. And I’m going to get a domain that is generic that I can use on lots of stuffs, point people back to me and send them to my affiliate link. So let’s go ahead and dive in and get that started.

Before you get your hubsite the way that I teach you at, what you want to do is to look at both the free version and the paid version. I realize that you might be on a budget and have nothing to spend. If that’s you, what you can do is to go over to something like, or Blogspot and set up a blog.

Now the downside to doing the freeway is you’re not going to get the domain name that you own. You’re not going to have the flexibility and you’re not going to have all the stuff that I had to make my blog and site run like a top running machine that’s going to get you paid. So there is going to be some barriers if you do it the free way. If you do it the way that I teach you, it’s going to cost you about $95 for the entire year.

They’re going to give you a domain name, Pay per click coupons so you can buy traffic for free, and stuffs like that. So it’s really good, and worthwhile at $95 a year. And you can use this to have as many sites as you want. You can have like a weight loss domain, Yoga domain, fitness domain and a lot of them. I run over a hundred different sites on one hosting account for $95 a year. That’s super cheap. The goal isn’t just to put money into it; it is to get money out.

So what we want to do is called a self-hosted WordPress blog. This is very easy to do and only cost about $6 a month to set up. They give you your first domain name for free (We’re going to show you how to set that up). The full instructions on how to do that are at I’m an affiliate of this offer so when you sign up for this web hosting, I actually get a commission. This is what affiliate marketing is all about anyway.

First, we’re going to go ahead to Gohubsite,com and click the big Get started button. We’re going to see a page that looks like this (fig. 7). We’re going to click on Get started now. What this is going to take us to is a page where we can choose the free domain name (fig. 8). They’re going to give us a free domain name.

Over at, I have a list of trigger words that you can use to get a domain. What we want to do for our free domain is to get something generic, small, and something we can use for everything.

You can see that we have a big list of words over at (fig. 9). This list of words is going to help you. Now if you already know what market you’re going into, you’d want to use keywords related to it. For example, if I was going into the weight loss market, I’d type something like weight loss and take something out of our list


( on Gohubsite), and do something like “weight loss question”. (Fig. 10). So get generic, let’s go for “faster”, and then proceed (fig. 11). So we’re going to go ahead and use this domain.

Next, I’m going to put my info as shown in the video: To make it inexpensive we’re going to go ahead and choose the 12-month price. Now, we can do our payment info, agree to the terms and conditions, click on the submit button and we should have our web hosting in a matter of seconds.


Can you see how quick it is?

As you can see, we have our web host set up for (fig. 12). Next, we create our password

(fig. 13). Now once you’ve logged into your main hosting control panel, it’s going to look a lot like this (fig. 14).  So we’re going to go ahead and start editing:

We’re going to go ahead and login to the WordPress for As you can see it is automatically installed (fig. 15) on our domain (awesome). So we go ahead and login to WordPress dashboard.

First of all, we’re going to go to, <Settings>General>. (fig.16) what we’re going to do here is to change our site title and tagline. We don’t change anything else. Then you hit the <Save> button.

Next, we’re going to go to Reading and make sure that our homepage displays a static page (fig. 17), and just choose the sample page. We scroll down and hit <Save>

Next is the permalinks. On permalinks, what we’re going to do is t have it set as <Post name> (fig. 18).  Scroll down and also hit the <save> button. That’s all for the settings tab.

Next is the <appearance> where we’re going to upload a custom theme, so we click on Upload (fig. 19). What you’re going to do is to use the themes at This is the free theme I made for you to make this super easy to set up. Click on upload themes and follow the guide on the video.

So we’ll go over to our hosting control panel. Go to File manager>www>wpcontent>Themes>100BACKLOGOALL. Then go into the Images folder and replace page.png and logo.jpg. So you upload the files from the computer. Once that’s done, it’ll actually replace the files and turn them into your logo and your background, just like this (fig. 20).

Now, the reason e use this themes (even though it looks simple) is that they convert. So we want something simple that’s going to draw the user in and actually help make sales.

What we’re going to do next is to go back to our WordPress dashboard, then go to Theme options. What we’re going to do here is to edit the disclaimers, privacy, and all other stuffs. Once I’m done, I can go ahead and hit save.

Next, we’re going to go into our plugins(fig. 21). The most important plugins you’re going to want is the link plugin. So we’re going to hit Upload plugin. Again, this file is going to be downloadable over at So we’ll click, Upload>Choose file>afdlinks and install.

Now, what the Afdlnks plugins allow you to do is take an affiliate it and cloak it on your domain. So instead of going to some big URL, or some kind of, we’re managing it one spot so that we control it, people will remember it and tracks it. So, once that’s installed, you’re going to see the affiliate marketing dude tracker. Then you can go into settings (fig. 22) and change your Url parter and follow the guide in the video. Now, all we’re going to do is start diving in and making content. What we’re going to remember is to ask who you’re making content for. Check out for examples of this in our video.

You can use my squeeze blog plugin which you can get at (we charge for that though) or you can get it at our simple site course at simple site The way that you manage this is that you go over to you WordPress dashboard>Appearance> Widget and you notice that your sidebar is completely controlled by your widget (fig. 23).

Now, what I prefer to do is either a one-page site or use the squeeze blog pro plugin. What this plugin does is that it allows you to control everything on your sidebar. Now, this is for when you get more advanced.

Now once I have the site the way that I want it. If it’s something like this (fig. 24), then I’m ready to go. I can now take this page (, go to a forum, help people out that are struggling with how to build a site. You can go in like YouTube support groups and teach them about different gear to buy. You can literarily go there and post your link to the best gear guide for YouTubers.If its mortgages, make a guide on mortgages and have a form to fill out and you can put your affiliate offers on anything.

Now if you want to start making money right now( once you have your page set up) is do Google search for whatever your site is, go to forums or go find facebook group or go find places where these people hang out. Be really helpful and link them to your site.

Now it’s very important that you focus on helping people for two reasons.

  1. It’s cool, its goodwill and you’re going to get a lot more people to buy
  2. You don’t want to be like a spammy crazy guy just blasting all the stuff everywhere just to make some money because that’s not good.

You can also use these pages for solo ads, banners to get pretty much instant traffic using the pay per click ads to get traffic. All kinds of things you can do to start driving traffic now.

Now once you have this site set up and you’re able to make the simple pages that get people into stuffs, then you can promote them whenever you want. Now, disclaimer-There is a risk with affiliate marketing, most affiliate marketers ends up making nothing but some of them actually do make money.  What I’m going to show you is based on what I’ve done.

So do something, get it rocking and roll, test the market right now and get some results. I hope you enjoyed this note. I know a lot of stuff was techy but I want you to not get overwhelmed by the tech. Just go over to, download the PDF guide, print it out, follow the steps, watch this video, read the notes, set something up and start to make pages around helpful contents that lead people into affiliate offers.

Make sure you subscribe and click on the little bell notification icon so that you get all my videos when I come up with them. And you can be here live every Wednesday and Friday at 10 am where we do a live training every day to help you make money online with affiliate marketing.

Go try these stuffs out. Again, be ethical, be helpful, and play in the rules and help people out and you’ll do really well. Thanks again for reading this notes.\

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