fake gurus and ex-con business mentors

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4 Responses to fake gurus and ex-con business mentors

  • I don’t know about fake Guru’s – but everyone deserves a second chance to make good.

  • Bruce Mason says:

    Are you saying people don’t deserve a second chance after they’ve paid their debt to society?

    • marcus says:

      yes i very much believe in second chances… but it a guy cons people with a business opportunity… goes to jail for that crime… and then gets out of jail to start the same busienss opportunity… that is a problem lol

  • David Nelson says:

    People can and many do change, many don’t. but your getting off track marcus, stick to what you do best ……teach what really works to make money online, I have paid large amounts of money to ecomm guru’s who are not ex-con’s, not posted in those pictures and yet there courses are fringe scams. value is hard to define, one person’s junk is another person’s prised possession. with that said I did pay money to one of those guys posted in those pictures but I did not feel like I got scammed, just not a good fit for me. I like your stuff marcus, just no shark bites please. haha