Think Like An Entreprenuer And Get Rich In 2024

Entrepreneurial Mindset – Key Concepts and Hacks

  1. One Track Focus
    • Avoid Distractions: Consumers of content are not the same as creators who make money from it.
    • Decision Making: Decide on a business model (e.g., website, YouTube channel) and focus solely on that.
    • Consistency: Avoid fragmenting attention by constantly switching between different business ideas.
  2. Deliberate Action
    • Purposeful Work: Every action should have a clear end goal related to making money.
    • Avoid Wasting Time: If stuck on a technical issue, find someone else to solve it rather than wasting time.
  3. Leverage
    • Utilize Resources: Leverage money (credit, loans), time, and employees to maximize efficiency and profitability.
    • Outsource Tasks: Delegating mundane tasks frees up time for high-value activities.
  4. Maximize Time Structure
    • Efficiency: Allocate specific time frames for tasks and aim to complete them quicker than expected.
    • Avoid Busy Work: Focus on tasks that directly contribute to business growth rather than menial tasks.
  5. Time Structure
    • Consistent Routine: Create a structured schedule with specific blocks of time for different activities.
    • Be Consistent: Repeat successful strategies consistently to build momentum and achieve long-term success.
  6. Execution
    • Complete Tasks: Ensure tasks are finished with a clear objective in mind.
    • Strategic Approach: Every action should have a purpose, such as generating traffic, building a mailing list, or making sales.
  7. Ability to Adapt
    • Flexibility: Be ready to adapt and change strategies as needed.
    • Ask ‘Why’: Focus on understanding why things work or don’t work to make informed adjustments.

Key Takeaways And Full Notes

  • Mindset Shift: Encourages viewers to shift from a consumer mindset to a business owner mindset.
  • Long-Term Success: Stresses the importance of consistency, strategic thinking, and leveraging resources to build a successful business.
  • Call to Action: Invites viewers to share their top takeaways and visit a website for additional notes.

Everything around us is set up to make us consumers, not business owners. Today, I’m here to show you seven money hacks that will deprogram you and set you on the path to making money online super fast. Can you sit through this entire post and learn these money hacks to change your life? Or will your programming kick in and steal your focus away from what could be the most important information you read about making money online?

A lot of people talk about pie-in-the-sky ideas, the Law of Attraction, and manifesting what you want. That’s all fine and good, but without these seven money mindset hacks, you can manifest yourself till you’re blue in the face and not get ahead. These are core things you need to focus on to succeed in your business, whether you’re looking for a side hustle, a new way to make money, or starting an entire business. This will affect you.

What you’re about to learn is the same stuff I’ve been using for over 25 years to create multiple seven-figure businesses and make eight figures for myself personally. And all of this was started from the ground up. These principles work whether you’re broke, have lots of money, or are somewhere in between.

First, we need to focus on deprogramming you. The United States was started as somewhat of a consumer experiment by a guy named Edward Bernays back in the early 1900s, around the time of the Great Depression. They studied consumer behavior and focused on marketing to turn all the people in America into consumers. Fast forward to the invention of television, and everything changed. Advertising was based on people watching TV for a given period. And now, with platforms like TikTok and Instagram, our attention spans are fragmented even more.

If you’re starting to see how you’ve been programmed, type “deprogram for money” in the comments below to let me know you’re paying attention. If I can use these seven money hacks to deprogram you, you’ll have a much better shot at making money online, starting a business, and being successful.

1. One Track Focus

Consumers and people consuming content online aren’t the same as those making money with content online. When I see someone new pop up in my feed, I figure out how they’re making money. It’s an obsession. This one-track focus allows me to concentrate on what’s going to get me money.

Most people think watching webinars and videos helps them make money online. But if you’re distracted by the latest video or newest AI tool, you’re fragmenting your attention and leading to indecision. Decide on the type of business you want to start, then focus on it completely. No backup plans—just focus on making it work.

2. Deliberate Action

When I take action online, it’s always deliberate with an end goal in mind. I’m creating a blog post to send to my list to sell a product, or a video to rank in search engines. Every action is deliberate.

Most people spend all day on tasks like making their blog blue or coding something without a clear purpose. If I run into a technical wall, I stop and find someone who understands it. Spending all day learning something irrelevant to my goal is a misuse of my time.

3. Leverage

Leverage is key in business. Can we leverage money in the form of credit or loans? Can we leverage time or employees? Outsourcing mundane tasks frees up time for high-value activities.

Look for leverage everywhere—Facebook for traffic, videos for customers, someone else’s mailing list by paying for an ad. My buddy built a multi-million dollar pawn shop business using free Craigslist ads. Leverage changes your life as an entrepreneur.

4. Maximize Time Structure

Maximize your effort in minimum time. If a task can be done in 20 minutes, don’t take eight hours. Work will expand to meet the time allotted, so set a strict timeframe for each task.

If you think you need five hours, give yourself two and see what happens. You’ll find you’re able to work faster and more efficiently.

5. Time Structure

I have one of the worst ADHD cases, but I use it to my advantage. When I focus on something, I do it rapidly and for a long period. My work computers are for work only, no distractions.

Structure your time with specific blocks for different activities. Be consistent. If you find something that works, do it over and over until it stops working.

6. Execution

Are you getting things done completely? Can you finish tasks from start to finish with one goal in mind? Focus on things that make money—blog posts, videos, articles. Each task should have a clear objective and be tied to generating income.

When I make a video, I consider who it’s for, where it will get traffic, and how it will make money. The same goes for blog posts and new business ventures.

7. Ability to Adapt

Adaptability is crucial. Businesses that can’t adapt will fail. OpenAI and Google constantly adapt. If something doesn’t work, figure out why and learn how to make it work.

Ask yourself why something didn’t work and how you can fix it. Adapt and change as needed. This mindset will keep you ahead in business.


Shift from a consumer mindset to a business owner mindset. Consistency, strategic thinking, and leveraging resources are key to building a successful business. Share your top takeaway from these seven money hacks in the comments below. If you want detailed notes, head over to

Let’s deprogram and start making money online the right way!

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  1. great video Marcus, I know all this but it sure helps to hear it from someone else to remind me every now and then

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