EASY $1k A Month Internet Side Hustles

EASY $1k A Month Internet Side Hustles

#1. Start a Dropshipping Business

#2. Begin Freelance Writing / Reading

#3. Be part of the Gig Economy

#4. Sell Information Products

#5. Become an Influencer / Get Audience

#6. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Hey, guys, it is Marcus here and welcome to our first nighttime webinar on the eve of Halloween. Halloween’s could be tomorrow. It’s kind of spooky, I think. Or something like that. But today, what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about 1000 dollar a month side hustles, different side hustles you can do to earn yourself a thousand dollars a month or more. So we’re going to dove in. We’re gonna go over these. We’ve got six lined up for you, five of which are really cool, some of which are really easy. We’re going to go through them. We’re going to show you how to start making money on the Internet, no matter who you are, no matter how much money you have, even if you’re broke, even if you’re well-off, whatever. We’re gonna show you how to do it. We’re gonna show you these site ourselves and we’re gonna show you how. Over the years, I’ve used many of these different methods to make lots of money. One of which I’ve used to make eight figures, which is pretty crazy, right? A kid from nowhere, from a mobile home back in Stanton, California.

And we made it work. Right. Really cool. And I did that mostly without having employees. I just started getting employees a couple of years ago when I started my teaching business, which was after I had been doing marketing and making money for quite some time, which is really cool. Now, a lot of things you’ll see out there, a lot of the videos are from a lot of people who just started out and they don’t really know the whole idea of how Internet marketing works, how affiliate marketing works, and they’re just showing a tactic. So what we want to do here today is show you a gamut, an overview of how everything works so that you can start getting the results that you want.

How many guys are ready to get results? You’re like, Marcus, I am tired of all the junk, tired of all the stuff out there that says, hey, I’m gonna do this, I’m going to do that or whatever. And you really want to get in and start making a living online. You really want to start in and get this work right or get this to work, rather. So let’s dove in. Let’s talk about these. We’re going to go through these site ourselves. We’re gonna show you how they work. We’re gonna show you how to make money with them. And we’re gonna take some Q and A. We’re gonna have the whole bit with you. So stick around. Give us some thumbs up. Give us some comments.

Let us know what your thoughts are, because we’re here to help you make a living online. And if you like this kind of stuff, make sure you subscribe if you’re new and check out some of our products that we have for you as well, because we’re here to help you in the best way we can. So let’s dove into these. What would it take to make a thousand dollars a month? Well, a thousand dollars a month is about 30 dollars a day because our websites and our stuff online usually makes money even when we’re not working, which is pretty cool and pretty passive. So in order to do that, we would need to make approximately 30 to 33 dollars a day. So we want to look at that target and say, well, what would it take to make ourselves 33 bucks a day? Is it that hard to do? All right. Now, obviously, some people here want to make more than that, but I think a thousand dollars a day or a thousand dollars a month, rather, is a pretty good start. Right now, that’s not saying that watching this webinar, you’re automatically going to get money.

Obviously not, right. The results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. We don’t know what you’re going to make. Everyone’s going to do different stuff. And the average person who tries this never really does anything. Hence, they never really make anything. So we got to look at this and we got to iron it out and we’ve got to be logic all about it. All right. So we’ve got to be logical. We’ve got to focus and we’re going to say, what is the real thing to make this work? What am I going to do to get my thirty three dollars a day or, hey, if you wanna make ten thousand a month, three hundred and thirty a day, if you want to make a million dollars, you know, you do the math and we’ve got to look at that and say, hey, that’s what we want to do and we want to focus on that. OK. So let’s take a look. Let’s look at it. Jason says, Hey, one sale from Click Bait can make 30 dollars a day. Exactly. Or one sale from, you know, maybe if you’re doing like a side hustle where you build stuff. So let’s dove into these six really good topics of things that you can do to earn money as a side hustle up to a thousand dollars a month or more. Let’s take a look at these now. The first one is pretty obvious. You probably see it all over YouTube. This is something that I came in contact with back in the year 2000. In the year 2000, I used to be a preacher and I had this buddy who he would drop ship things on a motorcycle Web site and this guy would like fix up Harley’s and all these things.

#1. Start a Dropshipping Business

And he had this place he dropship things from and he was able to make money. Another friend of mine was dropped shipping truckloads. He worked for a company where they sold truckloads and he decided to go on his own. And he’s like, hey, if I could sell one truckload a week, I could make a couple thousand dollars a month. That’s pretty cool. And so I started started a dropped shipping business out. What is dropShipping. Dropped shipping is where you find a company that manufactures products. Right. Maybe they make tripods like this here. Tripod. They gave us at the video summit. Right.

They have these tripods here and they’re like, OK, hey, if you get this tripod, you know, if you sell this tripod, we can give this tripod to you for 25 bucks and you can sell it for 100 or 50 bucks and you could sell it for one hundred or seventy five and you could sell it for one hundred. And the idea of drop shipping is that you take the payment from the customer. You do all the selling, you do all the customer support and everything, you pay this drop shipper to ship the product to the customer.

Now, I did this back in 2003 and 2004, I think even in 2002, a little bit where I came across a keyword that was gas powered scooters for cheap. Yeah, that whole keyword. People were typing it in and I was like, hey, I think I could sell some gas powered scooters. And at the time, there was no real affiliate program for gas powered scooters. I found this dude in. Where was he was in Vegas. This guy in Vegas. And he’s like, hey, man, you know, if you sell the scooter, all you gotta do is is pay me one hundred and seventy bucks and you keep the rest and I’ll ship it to the customer. And so we did that and I was like, okay, cool.

Now, the first month I had with dropped shipping, we sold about, I think, sixteen thousand dollars worth of the scooters. Now, I realized at the time, it’s not all profit. I’m on the hook if I do a refund. You know, I’m kind of on the hook for that. We have to, you know, deal with shipping. We have to deal with customer support. I was on the phone all the time taking orders. But hey, you know what? Here’s a 22 year old kid, 23 year old kid making sixteen thousand dollars a month. Cut that in half. I was making about maybe five to eight thousand a month profit doing this.

And I was like, hey, that’s pretty cool, right?

Take a few calls. You know, it beats going to work and stuff like that. So drop shipping is pretty cool. But again, you need to know sales skills. You got to know sales skills. You’ve got to do the customer support. You have to deal with actual products. And it can be kind of a pain in the ass. And here’s my thinking. My thinking is, is if you’re doing all this work to get the sales and sell people, you might as well sell something that you get like 100 percent of or more. Right. I mean, why wouldn’t you like to have all the eggs in your basket? Wouldn’t you like to rig the game in your favor and maybe have something that’s digital that maybe you don’t even have to go out and, you know, like pay to sell? Maybe you just get people to look at it now. Drop shipping can work. Very good. There’s lots of people who drop do drop shipping on Facebook ads.

They do drop shipping on Instagram there, drop shipping influencers or they do T-shirt businesses and things like that. It’s all kind of a drop shipping business because someone else is shipping the product. You’re just taking the order and doing the customer support and doing the marketing.

Now, drop shipping can be very good. There’s lots of people that make a lot of money. A lot of my friends make a lot of money. But again, it’s very volatile. Like if the guy decides he wants to change the price of the product, you could be gone overnight. The guy goes out of business. You could be done overnight. If the ad goes up in price, you could be done overnight. It’s very difficult because you’re dealing with a small margin.

And usually when you’re doing drop shipping, it’s like a 40 to 20 percent margin. And then, of course, you have to subtract for marketing as well. Now, drop shipping is the first side hustle we want to go through and be like, hey, that is a viable way to make money. It is something you can do if you can get free traffic, maybe you’re doing YouTube traffic or maybe you’re doing, you know, read it or Quora or maybe you’re doing Instagram or whatever it is. You can get free traffic and you can make it work pretty well. But again, there are some drawbacks. There are some issues with it. Okay. To make thirty three dollars a day. Hey, you know, in a lot of niches, all you got to do is sell one product.

All I had to do was sell like two scooters a week and I was at a thousand dollars a month. Luckily, I sold a lot more than that. But you guys get the idea. Right. So that’s the first site house. So we want to go over is starting a drop shipping business. Right.

That’s something I’ve done. It’s something I’ve tested, something that works really well. If you want to get into it. Now, again, the barrier of entry, you know, you’ve got to set up a Web site. You do all this stuff. And if you’re going to market stuff anyway, you might as well make the most possible money and forget about all the other junk.

#2. Begin Freelance Writing / Reading

Now let’s go into number two, the second side hustle that you can use to make a thousand dollars a month or a year. A month. Thirty three dollars a day or more. We’re going to look at beginning freelancing. All right. Now, I put freelance writing and reading.

Now, let’s say you’re like writing. You’re like, hey, man, I’d love to write. Love to type.

I’d like to do all that. Now, there’s lots of sites out there like hire writers and I writer and all these other sites where you can actually get paid to write content. That’s right. You just research a topic, you write about it and you get paid. Now, the downside of this is the amount you’re going to make per hour is pretty darn low. Right. It’s probably less than you’re gonna get at a regular job. So, you know, you’re limited by your time. Right. So in a business, if you’re limited by time, you can only make as much as your time will allow. So if you’re making a hundred dollars per article and it takes you two days to do an article, you’re limited at about 50 dollars a day.

And that’s pretty much your cap. And that’s it. Right. The only other way to to make more is to get paid more, which these sites are kind of difficult to get paid more on because they have a set amount and there’s a thousand other people who will do the job cheaper. And a lot of times it’s very difficult to get work and things like that. So freelance writing is a way to go. Another one that that I’d like to mention is freelance reading. If you don’t mind your voice being on camera or your voice being on recording. Rather, you could read books for audible and different companies like that and you can get paid that way.

Now, freelance writing and reading I don’t like because there’s no passive income nature and there’s no real way to grow that and build it. However, if you’re looking to make about a thousand dollars a month, I know a lot of people who are freelance writers and freelance readers that make that money. Now, my opinion, if you’re gonna do freelance writing and or reading, you might as well do it for yourself. Put the content out there and let them content make you money over and over and over again, even if you’re not working.

It’s kind of like the royalty thing, right? If you are paid a royalty for reading a book one time every time it was downloaded or whatever, then obviously you’d make a lot more money and you be like, dude, this is awesome. I’m making thirty three dollars a day from reading something I read. A couple years ago or whatever it is, and what you want to do is you want to focus your side, hustles on things that are going to build and grow and make you more money. Each and every day, even when you’re not working. That’s the secret to this. And that’s a secret you want to. You’re gonna want to look at is how do I make money even when I’m not working?

Because if you’re limited by time and you’re live limited by the amount you can work, you know, you’re kind of going to be dead in the water. It’s like I can only make as much as I can. That’s it, right? So began freelance writing and reading is not my favorite method. What I’d rather see you do is use your reading and writing on your own sites, on your own YouTube channel. Obviously obeying copyright rules and everything like that and maybe do like an affiliate business or something like that, which we’re gonna get into a little bit later.

#3. Be part of the Gig Economy

Now the third killer Side hustle to make a thousand dollars a month or more is to be part of the gig economy. What’s the gig economy? Well, the gig economy. If you were to go to sites like five or dot.com or something like that. OK. The gig economy is where you sell a gig and you got people that are like, hey, I’ll customize WordPress, I’ll make you a logo. I’ll do a voiceover. I’ll make you a little whiteboard animation or some social media or whatever it is.

Right. Just last night, I was doing a test, which you guys are gonna see here on the YouTube channel subscribe. So you get that where I ordered 50 different thumbs or not thumbnails, 50 different image quote type posts for my Instagram for my Alcohol Channel. Right.

And we have those posts and we can use those to grow. And it only cost me about 30 dollars. And I’ll bet the guy probably worked his butt off doing that gig as a lot of them do. But sometimes you can find a gig that’s actually pretty easy to do where it’s like, hey, maybe all, you know, edit this thing or tell you what’s wrong with your WordPress or review your site or help you with something.

Okay. Now, gig economy again, you’re limited by what you can do. Now you can go out there and you can outsource the work and build and grow. A lot of people do that.

And you can also take the list from a lot of these and build and grow as well where you are doing a gig for money, but you’re having other people do the gig. You’re taking the list and making more money based on the list. Right. So maybe it could be like something simple, like, you know, I’ll record a video or I’ll find you the cheapest price on a car or I’ll fix a sign at the venue and take a picture with a sign or whatever it is. And the gig economy is pretty good. A lot of people are making a lot of money with the gig economy, but the vast majority aren’t making that much because again, you know, you can’t make that much if you’re only charging 5 to 20 or 100 dollars for a certain type thing. Now, again, hey, you know what? If you’re just looking to put yourself through school or something and you want to make 100 bucks a day. That could be a good way to go. So the gig economy is number three on our side hustle list. Pretty good. Pretty easy. You can do that if you want.

All you got to do is sign up at these places and figure out what skill you’re good at. Maybe you’re really good at removing backgrounds from images, right? I pay for that all the time where I make my thumbnails and I need to have images, have their background removed and I pay a guy to do it. And it doesn’t take that long for him to do. He’s able to make money. And you guys could see like if you go to five or whatever and you do image background removal, you’re gonna see that there’s people that are doing this. I’m going to remove Photoshop background. I’ll do a hundred images, 15 images and different things like that. And we can take a look at what they’re charging.

Again, you’re limited by what it takes. But hey, if this only takes, you know, 5, 10, 20 minutes to do, you know, if it’s 20 minutes, it’s 15 dollars an hour. If it takes five minutes, that would be what would the math be? That would be I don’t know, my math brains not work. And it’s about 15 times fives would be like 80 bucks, 60 bucks per hour, which would be pretty darn good. Again, you got to get the job. So, you know, he got to do the work. So we don’t know what you’re gonna make.

But if you were to get the jobs, it would work for you.

#4. Sell Information Products

Let’s dove into number four. Number four is one of my more favorite methods. One of my four more favorite methods is to sell information products online. Now, this can be done a variety of different ways. All you’ve got to do is find an audience that’s interested in something. Maybe you find people who are interested in the keto diet or the Kido diet or however they say it. Right. And they’re interested in this Kito diet and they want some reports or some recipes or a book or whatever. We could actually go out there. You could create a book and sell it, or you could even do resale rights, right.

If you were to go to resell rights, you could go out there and say, OK, well, let’s go to Google and let’s go keto diet resell rights. Right. And we do keto diet risk. All right. We could actually go to one of these stores. We could buy a book for thirteen dollars and we could sell it all day long. And we keep the profit because once I buy it for twelve bucks, boom, I can sell it all day, every day. Right. And I did this years ago with a chili recipe book. Above all things. Which is funny because I was gonna make chili tonight, but nobody wanted it. So I ended up making something else before the webinar. And apparently everyone was happy. But our house smelled like a cafeteria, which kind of insulted my cooking. But at any rate, I digress. Right. And I did this with a chili recipe book and I found the book. I just went to Google and I put it in Chile. Recipe resale rights.

OK, Kit, chili recipe resale rights. I found this one here, which you could get apparently for like I don’t a dollar sixty nine. And I was selling the book for eleven dollars, which is pretty cool. And we were selling like two to three a day and I had a little Web site because usually they will actually give you a Web site with a sales pitch, sales page and everything with your order which is pretty cool. I was like, hey, wait a minute. So I buy this and boom, there we go. Right. I also did this with chicken strips, which is pretty cool. I had a profitable site about chicken strips and it worked extremely well. Right. So you could do this, you could sell information products in a really, really cool way, and one of the ways you could do this, like if you wanted to do this the right way, let’s say you were gonna go to like credit repair. You go to credit repair, resell rights.

You go look at the book and then you look at their table of contents and because of copyright issue, I’m just gonna do this off screen and tell you what the table of contents are. But basically it says resolving bad credit. Home improvement, financing, secured financing, unsecured loans, five tips on credit repair. And they have all these different chapters of the book. And you could literally like make a video teaching people about each chapter. Obviously, you don’t want to just read the book because that would just be like not good. And it’s copy written and everything, even though you do own it.

You don’t own outright the copyright, but you could like sell on it. So I could go there and be like, OK, bad credit loans. And I make a video about bad credit loans or I make a blog post about bad credit loans or I make a post on five or not favor make a post on like Pinterest or something like that. And then I’m like, Hey, you know what? If you want to learn more about this, I learned from this book, go to my site to get the book. And it’s really cool because in order to do that, if I had the credit repair book, it looks like their suggested retail price is like nineteen dollars. Oh, like I do sell to a day that’s 40 bucks. That leaves me another seven dollars for marketing and getting traffic. Right. So really, really cool. Really easy, but not that hard to do. You just need to set up the site which they’d give you set up a little WordPress blog.

Right. And make that work. And it’s not that hard. And you can sell information products of all sorts. If you know a lot about a topic, you can make your own information product and sell that and build a business. I actually started selling information products of my own that I created back in 2008 and I’ve turned that into a multi-million dollar earning business that I still live on today. I mean, it does really well and makes a lot of money, which is cool.

All we got to do is update it from time to time, help people out. And when the cool things about it is you can offer something above and beyond. I could be like, hey, here’s the credit repair thing and I’m gonna give you a phone call about how to deal with debt and things like that. Right. So pretty cool. Pretty easy. Just do your research, make sure you know the product and then put some content out there about the product. Sell it and you keep all the profit less the credit card for you, which is about 30 percent or three percent, 30 cents plus 3 percent or something like that. It’s not much at all. If you sell a twelve dollar product, you’re usually get like eleven fifty or something like that. Okay. Eleven 10. All right. So that’s number four selling information products, which is really cool.

And if you guys like these let me know in the chat box. Let me know in the comments. Give us a thumbs up. Say Marcus, these are pretty awesome. I like them.

And we’re going to get to number six here in just a minute, which is my favorite way to make money away, that I’ve made millions of dollars passively, even while doing nothing.

Remember, I took a week off and went on a vacation to Hawaii and we couldn’t even spend as much money as we were making, which was pretty darn cool. And that’s going to be revealed in number six. All right.

#5. Become an Influencer / Get Audience

Now let’s dove in to number five. Number five is become an influencer or get an audience. Now we’re gonna make a video about this and put it out shortly. That’s what the whole in the Instagram idea was.

That’s why I bought those Instagram images on fiver. And we’re gonna show you how this works, because there are literally people out there making tons of money that you don’t even know about. You look at them on your Instagram and you’re like, oh, that’s cute, that’s funny, whatever. And they’re raking it in more than you’d even think possible. Some of these people making like 70 thousand dollars for a sponsored post. Some of them are making even more.

Some of them making, you know, a little bit. Some are making a little bit each day. And some affiliate marketers and some people that are influencers are doing really well. Now, I put become an influencer slash get an audience, because becoming an influencer is all about getting an audience. It’s the same thing. You can’t influence anyone if you don’t have anyone to influence. So getting an audience is key. Now, how do you get an audience? Well, it’s actually not that hard to do.

Like you could literally sign up for an account on Instagram or you couldn’t make a YouTube channel and you could make videos about different topics. You can make posts about different quotes or topics. And you could literally go out there and do all kinds of things. So what I did the other day or the other night as I went through and I looked for quotes about my topic. Now my topic is about sobriety. So I think I can find let’s Instagram. Dot.com slash talks over and we haven’t done a whole lot on it. But you guys can see it’s about sobriety. And right now we have a hundred and twenty seven post hundred nineteen followers and you guys are gonna watch my test as we grow.

Now, one of the things that’s really cool is in this market, you don’t need a whole bunch of followers. Now, on the other channels, I have a bunch of followers because I’ve done a lot with them. But on this one, we’re just kind of starting out and we’re doing stuff. But I want you to look at the value of the market, because the value of the market determines everything. If you have a bunch of people looking for makeup tutorials, that’s not going to be as valuable as people who need help getting sober or people who want help with mortgages or people who are looking for credit repair.

OK. Very different if you’re opening toys and showing toy reviews. All right. That’s not going to be as valuable as is like refinance or foreclosure. So we’ve got to look at that now. This market is extremely valuable right now. One of the things people are actually doing is like if you go over to offer vault dot.com, these people have Instagram’s and Facebook groups, which is another way to be an influencer. They have Instagram’s and Facebook groups or all they do is talk about sobriety. And they got like 60000 members talking about sobriety all day, every day. And what they do is they put a phone number. So instead of having a website here, they have their phone number and they’re like, hey, you know what? If you need help with alcohol, call this number. Now, why would they do that? You might have seen that and be like, oh, what a nice guy I used to draw on to help out a wonderful. But actually behind the scenes. Let me show you what’s going on. If you were to search for rehab, an offer vault, which is a great place to search for affiliate offers, you will see a paper call offer for eight hundred and twenty five dollars for a phone call that lasts two minutes. That means you get a guy on the phone for two minutes that is struggling with alcohol, which these people are.

Otherwise they wouldn’t follow quotes about alcohol like their got right. It’s kind of easy there. So what they do is they have the phone number in there and boom, bada bing, bing bang. They make a hundred and twenty five dollars every time someone calls a number. All you need is like one of those a month and you’re pretty close to a thousand dollars. Now, you could do this with all kinds of stuff. You could just go in here and be like, oh, what kind of paper call pay per call affiliate stuff. Right. And you’re gonna see like rehab. You’ll see all kinds of different things. Legal water damage, personal injury, solar, different things like that. So like solar, you go on there to people who are complaining about like, you know, energy wasting or whatever and boom, there you go. Pretty, pretty simple. Now, another way to do this, which is pretty cool. Like everyone knows that, you know, people love Bible versus Bible verses are super, super pop popular. If I do Bible verses on Instagram, we could see like, look at this guy. There’s almost a million posts.

There’s lots of really, really big channels for Bible verses and boom. There you go. Like these people are looking for Bible verses all the time. Now, you might say, well, Marcus how we’re gonna make money with Bible verses what I’m going to call a rehab. No, you’re not going to do that. That would be silly. They’re not there for that issue. But I could go out there and I could look at the Bible and it’s not Bible. I’ll be a little weird Bible. Right? Bible. And we could see that. Like you can get five dollars to give away a physical Bible, 350 to give away a physical Bible. Or you could get two dollars and 25 cents when they download a digital Bible. Right. You’re like, hey, if you like these Bible verses and download the digital Bible tool, that helps you read the Bible more. Right. And literally all you would have to do is go over to fiber like, oh, fiber dot com.

And then you do Instagram. Quote, images and you find a guy who’s willing to do, quote, images. And this guy is like here. You know, you can see all these here and now we can get in here and I’ll make all these 100 quotes that will motivate, you know, all kinds of things. I’ll make a hundred motivational quotes for five frickin bucks. I really do. That’s insane. Go find the quotes, find some, you know, Bible verses or whatever. Make sure they’re non copy written and things like that. Some versions are copy written. I think the new or the old King James version is not copyright. Don’t quote me on that, but I think it is. And you could literally just put that up there and people will stop start to follow you and you get people interested in Bible verses and you know, hey, you give away the toolbar two dollars and twenty five cents. All you need to do. What would that be? Thirty three over 2.5.

Oh. You would need to do is give away 14 Bibles a day. Let’s call it 15, 15 Bibles a day and boom, you’re making a thousand dollars a month. Right. And to become a known influencer is pretty easy. All you got to do is go to whatever platform you’re gonna use. Maybe you’re using YouTube and you make videos with Bible verses or maybe you’re going to do something else. And I know people that are doing like motivation videos and they don’t even, like, speak. OK. They use a voiceover or they use music in quotes. Make sure you use non copy written stuff. There’s all kinds of places you can do that. Make sure you use real royalty free movie music and stuff like that. Not that hard to do, right? It’s literally like, do you want to go get it or don’t you?

Do you want to make money or don’t you?

And when you look at that, it’s like it’s not that hard to do, right? It’s not that hard to do. You just gotta go do it. And he got to sign up and you got to work it and you still got to start getting your audience. And that’s the key. And people will follow stuff even if it’s not. You like the download some of the channels like Bible verses or whatever. They don’t know who’s buying the channel. They don’t care. They just want their daily Bible verse, which is pretty simple. OK. So becoming an influencer is pretty cool. You can get an audience various different ways. Now, a lot of things that you’re going to learn in here. These five ways to start the side hustles you can make money with using the stuff that I teach over at affiliate marketing news.com. Go to affiliate marketing. Do dot.com.

You can get our toolbar and I’ll teach you all the keyword tactics of this because a lot of it is keyword tactic driven and a lot of things are actually really easy. It’s not that hard to do. You just got to do it and you’ve got to put it in front of the right people and you got to get it out there. And you could do this on forums. You could do it on Quora, you could do it on any platform you want. Just make sure you follow the rules and terms and conditions and then you start promoting your site and promote your site as a way to get more of what they were wanting. On your other stuff in the first place. So for me, if I was doing this a right example, right. I would drive them to my site for a free guide on, you know, do you need to go to rehab or something like that? And I’d make that free guide and then I’d have the phone number on the bottom. But at least I’d get them back to my site for some other stuff as well.

So becoming an influencer, getting an audience is not that hard to do. A lot of people over complicate it. But, you know, even in this day and age where there are a lot of people doing it, you could still get in there and make it work. Now, drum roll.

#6. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Let’s get in to number six, the 6 1 K a month side hustle that I like to use that I’ve actually used to make over hundred K a month with is to become an affiliate marketer. Now becoming an affiliate marketer is my favorite because here’s the deal. As an affiliate marketer, you’re the guy that’s getting paid on all this stuff that they give you on offer vault like hey, here’s a Bible browser extension that’s affiliate marketing. If I give that away and I get paid, I’m an affiliate marketer.

Right. It’s really cool. I’ve actually made millions of dollars giving away these little browser extensions. Just make sure they’re good extensions and not weird ones. Most of the time they’re pretty good. But you know, one in a one in a couple hundred might be kind of weird. So we gotta make sure it’s on the up and up and good. You never want to give people bad advice or bad stuff or whatever, and you always want your disclaimers and your disclosures and everything. But becoming an affiliate marketers pretty good because then instead of just having like your Instagram or your YouTube or whatever, you drive people back to your Web site and you’d have multiple ways to make money. And if you do that, everything’s going to grow. Because if I go out there and I put this stuff on Instagram, I can also put that on my Web site.

Right. I can make a post about like top 100 quotes versus sobriety or whatever. And I could start getting traffic. And that’s the cool thing about this method is you will get traffic day in and day out, over and over off of something you did five years ago. And there’s things that I’ve done even 10 years ago, even 20 years ago, that are still getting traffic today. And if you get traffic, you can make money. All you gotta do is learn how to monetize it, which we teach you on this channel as well. So subscribe and click that bell. Make sure you learn that stuff. But becoming an affiliate marketer is my favorite. The basics of affiliate marketing is you’re going to find someone who has something to sell or something to give away or something they want. Right. There’s two types of affiliate marketing, one type of affiliate marketing. And let’s move all this over here and we’ll give you guys the rundown of affiliate marketing and what you’d have to do with affiliate marketing to make your thirty three dollars a day. All right. So move this over here. So becoming an affiliate marketers. Good. So there’s two types of affiliate marketer. There’s what’s called a direct sale affiliate marketer. This is a guy who goes direct. You go to like something like click bank. You’ll sell a product. You get paid when the product is sold. OK.

So you would be money when product. Sold.

Pretty basic now. The downside. He got a sold product, right, so you might be like a market. I’m not that great at sales, you know, I don’t know. I don’t know about this. I don’t know about that. What happened here? We clicked the wrong one. Area. All right. So when the product sold, we got to look at that and be like, OK, we actually have to sell stuff to make this work, which is a little bit of a pain in the butt. Now, how many of you guys are like, Yeah. If I could give away Bibles and make money. That would be a lot funnier than actually trying to sell stuff, right? That would be way more fun. Funnier. I don’t know if that’s a word or not, but hey, we’re gonna roll with it, right? So that’s a direct sale.

Now, the Bible verse model or the Bible model would be called CPA affiliate marketing. Now CPA affiliate marketing is like the phone calls and stuff where you get paid paid per action. Right. That’s what CPA stands for is cost per action or cost per acquisition. Now these companies want to make money. Okay. And the way they make money, they know, hey, if I get someone to download this toolbar, on average, I make X amount per year, which is more than three dollars and twenty five or two dollars and 25 cents. So I can afford to pay someone two dollars and 25 cents to do that. Right. Pretty cool. Pretty basic, pretty easy. They know, hey, if someone gets on the phone is an on their is on there for two minutes. We know we’re gonna make like three grand or ten grand. All right. So they’re like, yeah, of course we pay a dude to a hundred and twenty five bucks because why not.

Right now CPA marketing is really cool because you can get paid for all kinds of stuff. Right. You can go in here and you could search for browser extensions. Right. And you could see all the browser extensions that are out here, like maps, browser, weather forecast. Right. Like there is literally a guy if you live here in Florida, there’s a dude in Florida. I think he’s called Mike’s Weather Page. And all the guy does is like talk about whether you think he was like an old weatherman or something. I don’t know if he’s old, but he was. He was a lot older. He was a weatherman, older like previously. And he’s got this huge page that talks about the hurricanes and everything. And if this guy was out there and he’s like, hey, dude, you know what? Check out this local weather forecaster browser. Right? They could get the weather on their computer.


There you go. Right. Pretty easy. Pretty simple. When he gets two dollars and 80 cents every time it’s downloaded, get news. Right. Maybe you go out there and you’re like the Instagram news guy and you come out with like headlines and your spin on the topic or whatever. Or maybe you’re out there fighting people who want to listen to the radio online to 250 a download file converter. That’s a huge one. I’ve actually made money with that before I sold the site where we actually found people that wanted to convert MP4 to MP3s. Right. Really cool.

How to make your internet faster? Here’s a video converter local news dictionary. Right? For people who can’t spell or whatever weather coupons for people who want to save money. And literally this is like behind the scenes of what nobody talks about. Like there are people right now. I know people that are doing browser extensions and they’ve made as much as 15 to 20 thousand dollars a day or more giving these away. Right now, my record I think our record was about fifty five hundred dollars in one day with one browser extension, which was pretty cool. It’s like, dude, seriously, like I’m making over a million dollars a year on one browser extension giveaway. That’s pretty darn cool. Right. And we look at that and it’s like, OK, well, it wouldn’t take that much to get the thirty three dollars a day. Now when I say you can pair all that stuff with it, right.

You look at it, it’s like, OK. Drop shipping. You’re gonna have to make a site and sell stuff there. There’s no way around that unless you’re like taking phone calls and taking credit cards over the phone or whatever. Which is pain in the butt. No one’s probably going to do that anyway. You’re going to have one. You’re gonna have to have a Web site like Internet stuff. You have to have some kind of Web site. So you’re going to build that anyway. So you might as well be an affiliate marketer and do something simple. When you look at like freelancing, when you’re freelancing, writing or reading, you’re going to write the content anyway. Right. Some guy is going to comment, probably be like, hey, write an article about Romans 5 or whatever. If you’re going to write the article anyway, you might as well like the content and get paid on it over and over. Because if the guy pays you 12 bucks to write the article, you know.

If you could make one download a day on the article, that’s two dollars a day, that’s seven hundred and fifty dollars a year. But the problem is it’s people would rather go get the twelve dollars because it’s like right now and it’s guaranteed and they’d rather do that. Me I’d rather get paid long term. Like I don’t know how much this video is gonna make. I don’t know how much this training is going to make. But I know it’s going to live out there on the web and I know people are going to watch it over and over and I know it’s going to make sales for me every single day. And everything I do is like a little salesman out there selling for me every single day. Now, you might not have to get on camera like me. There’s lots of people who are not on camera. Their voice isn’t on recording. And they’re out there and they have little videos about different things. And they make money. Right. Very simple. Like product reviews or maybe inspirational quotes. I know a guy, a friend of mine, Evan. He’s out there and he makes money and he just gets content. And he’s like, here’s the top 10 success tips from Bill Gates. Here’s a top 10 successful tips from Oprah Winfrey. And everyone’s like, oh, you must be the success guy. Let’s buy your books and let’s turn you into a big business. And he makes a lot of money doing it. So if you’re gonna do freelance writing and reading, I would suggest be an affiliate marketer and use that stuff to get your own audience and make your own money. Number three. You can be a part of the gig economy if you’re going to do gigs, do it for yourself.

Right. We don’t want to sit out there and make like five bucks every two hours. We want to make something that we can write home about. We won’t make something that’s gonna make it different in our lives. And we can go out there and we could do the gigs for ourselves. So instead of creating, you know, 100 Instagram images for some other guy wants you make them yourself, takes the same amount of work. All you gotta do is research some quotes or some Bible verses or whatever it is and go out there and part of being bought a bang, you will make money. Obviously, I don’t know if you’ll make money results or not. Typical blighter guaranteed. I have no idea. But seriously, if you get traffic, it’s not that hard to do. You just gotta get the traffic. You gotta get it to convert. Make your little site with your download button, send them over to the thing and boom when they order or when they when they download the bible free. Boom. There you go. And there’s all kinds of stuff out there that you can do to make money with. I mean, there’s all kinds of stuff you can go here and do like, you know, success. And see what kind of success stuff there is, there’s probably all kinds of different successes. Or like makeup. Maybe you’re good at makeup and you’re like, I’m gonna teach people makeup and you go out there and you’re like, OK, maybe there’s like makeup. You know, like trials. And there’s like different trials where they can get trials, simple samples of makeup, two dollars and 40 cents when someone puts their email in.

They don’t even need to do it. They just put their email in and they’re like, yeah, I want this. You get two dollars and 40 cents, which is pretty cool, right? It’s like, dude, that’s not that hard to do.

We just go out there and we make it work, right? A modern day tech. How you doing? Good to meet you, too. On the video summer. At the video. Some, rather. It’s been a long day. All right. That’s the only downside of nighttime webinars.

All right. Number four, let’s take a look at number four here. We had cell information products. Now, selling information products is good, but it’s only part of the equation. Like if I sell a credit book on how to repair your credit. All right. Wouldn’t it be better if I also was an affiliate marketer and I’m like, hey, by the way, you should probably check your credit check. And you’re like, yes, right. Check your credit.

Well, let’s do a credit report. I think it is.

Right now, like I should probably check your credit and this guy here is paying 40 dollars for a trial offer or a free credit score, which they need anyway.

Or maybe you’re like, hey, I’m your credits real bad. You need credit repair. Your credit is way too bad because you’re like two, 20 or whatever. I don’t know if he can be at 220, but there’s one hundred dollars on an application for credit repair. Right? Pretty cool. So what I would advise is pairing all these together and making it work. Number five has become an influencer. Get an audience. Now, there’s lots of influencers out there that don’t make much money at all. Like I just got back from video summit and a lot of people are like, dude, I got this huge channel and I’m not making any money. And I’m like, please, please come talk to me because I know how to make money on your channel, but you got to do it the right way and you’ve got to focus and you’ve got to really, really, really hone in on what your market wants and what they’re gonna be interested in and get them over to sites and things, get them over to stuff that’s going to get to work for them. So my favorite side hustle is by far becoming an affiliate marketer. Now, if you want to learn to become an affiliate marketer, I have a course about affiliate marketing. You can get it at simple sites. Bonus dot coms will put that up here. It is simple. Sites bonus dot com. That course will take you through everything from how to get started, how to be an affiliate, to how to find a niche, to how to find and offer to how to get traffic to use all these methods to make a living. And if you want to do this, that’s the way to go. And you know, it’s going to teach you everything I’ve learned over the last 19 years. For 19 years now, I’ve done site hustles, which turned into big businesses, which turned into making lots of money. And I haven’t had to go to a job once in the last 19 years. And I’ve, you know, had a pretty good life. We’ve moved all over the place, had our kids in private schools, got whatever car we want to whatever vacations we want. And it’s been very good, right? It’s been very, very good to us. And even this business even helped me when I went through rehab. And I was like, how am I going to go through rehab is crazy. And I actually made more in rehab off of my residual income than it cost to go to rehab. And you guys all know that rehab is kind of expensive. But hey, you know what? That’s what this is for, is to provide a life for you and provide a life for your family that’s actually going to work. Now, the key here is in learning from someone who’s done it, learn from someone who’s been in the industry a long time, who’s gotten the results you want, learn from someone whose stuff makes sense. Right. How many guys could look at this and you’re like, wow, that makes sense, Marcus. Yeah, I think I could probably make an Instagram about Bible quotes and lead people to the Bible toolbar. I think I can do that. I don’t think that’s that hard to do. And I think I could probably even, you know, build it up and build a Web site.

Right. How many guys are enjoying this? If you’re enjoying it, say money or types up in the box? I don’t know. Say enjoying it and let me know, because this is something that anyone can do and it’s something not that hard.

And what you guys do realize that the barrier of entry is not that much like we were just talking to my kid who’s going to art school and the art school wants like two hundred fifty thousand dollars before my kid even gets a job or anything.

And that’s like that’s the investment people are fine with. They’re like, yeah, okay. I guess that’s what you do is pay two hundred thousand to make forty five grand.

Yes. That’s what we do. Right. And no one bats an eye. But when I’m out here and I’m like they get cymbals like bonus. It’s 300 bucks. People flip out right. And we go out there and they’re like, well what about, you know, buying a franchise? They buy a million dollar McDonald’s for a million bucks or more and then they make 30 grand a month. It’s like make it 30 grand a month. Cool. But it takes a lot of months of 30 grand to make what you got back. Now, when you look at something like affiliate marketing, the barrier of entry is low, even if you don’t join the simple sites bonus, which you should probably do. Gonna save you a lot of time and everything. Even if you didn’t get yourself web hosting for seven dollars a month, you’re in business. There you go.

I mean, it’s not that hard to do. The barrier of entry is really low. It just has to do with what you do and how you do it, which is why learning from a mentor is so, so important. Even if you’re looking at doing like a drop shipping or information or influencer, learn from someone who knows how to do this. Very simple. Right. And you go in and you’re like, hey, man, you know the simple sights course right now it’s still to 97. We’re going to raise the price soon, but it’s gonna teach you everything. And then you can actually hop on our Tuesday calls and ask questions and you can learn anything you want to learn about this affiliate business. We’ll take a look at your sites and we’ll help you make it work in a really, really simple way. And that would be if I had to start over.

That would be the side hustle I would do. And I’m thankful to say that is the side hustle that I did years ago. Now, I also started with like building Web sites and things, but that wasn’t my main bread and butter. I actually did affiliate marketing back when it was brand new and people didn’t really know all that much about it. And I had to pave the way. I did learn this stuff on my own through lots of trial and error. Lots of error. All right. Probably more error than than trial, and I went out there and I learned it and I put all that information in the courts for you.

She can learn how to do it right. Like, hey, this is what didn’t work. This is what did work. Here’s what I did here. Here’s an example of something that’s working so you can actually see. So you cut past all the junk. And if you like this idea where you’re like, dude. Yeah. Go out there and, you know, do quotes on Bibles and things like that. You’re not that hard.

Boom. There you go. And it’s something that you can actually make money with, which is really cool. Do I ever offer discounts on my courses or your trainings? No, I don’t. I mean, it is discounted right now because we’re in the middle of a transition, but we don’t discount it like you either want it or you don’t like debt. That’s kind of how I look at it. Like there’s plenty of stuff that I have here free on my YouTube that you can watch. So if you’re totally broke, watch my YouTube, try to do what you can. You know, when you make a little bit of money, come on over and sign up for the course. But don’t let that stop you. Like when I first started, I remember there was a course that was sixty seven dollars. And back then sixty seven dollars might events might as well have been sixty seven thousand dollars because I didn’t have it, I didn’t have it. But I found a way to buy the course. And when I bought it the course actually sucked.

It was terrible, but I put a little bit bits and pieces of it together and I worked out what I could and I grew and I was able to make a little bit of money and I bought some more stuff and learned some more things. And over the years, I was like, Hey, man, this just really works. If you do it, you just got to focus on what works and get rid of what doesn’t. And if you’re looking for this and you’re like, hey, I want to wait and make a thousand dollars a month or more with a side hustle. Affiliate marketing is by far the way to go because you can grow right. A side hustle is is by nature the word hustle. OK, you gotta hustle, hustle, hustle to make the money, money, money. If you stop hustling, the money is not there. Now, with affiliate marketing, if I grow an Instagram channel about Bibles art, people are gonna be looking at that stuff over and over. If I make a YouTube channel about a topic, people are gonna be watching the videos over and over and over again. If I make a blog. People are gonna be coming back to the blog over and over again. And I can make that and I’m like, oh, all of the sudden I’m making thirty three dollars a day, thousand bucks a month and boom, I don’t have to work right now. Sometimes they die out, sometimes a niche changes. Sometimes the offer doesn’t happen. But hey, such is life. Like you get a job. Oh, I’m secure. I got security for the rest of my life, but I got fired.

Well, yeah, I mean, that happens. Sometimes life happens. But I could tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I’ve worked harder in my life working for a company than I’ve ever worked for myself. Now, sometimes it was difficult, but I really liked it. Sometimes I worked long hours, long hours, and sometimes I took the day off. And we’ve got to look at that and say, what is it that you want? What is it that you want to do? What is it that you want to earn? And what are you willing to do to go get it? Because a lot of people aren’t willing to do anything. They want it to fall in their lap. They come to me on live chat.

They’re like, Marcus. I’m not greedy. I just want to make a thousand dollars a day. And I’m like, all right, good. How much did you make at your job? Well, you know, I made 30 grand a year.

And I’m like, so you think you’re not greedy and you think all of a sudden you’re gonna buy a course and go from making 30 grand to three hundred grand? What planet do you live on, sir? Because it’s not Earth. And you’ve got to look at that. You’ve got to be objective and say, what am I gonna do? Because it’s not about what you want. The universe does not care what you want to earn. They don’t care how much your bills are. The universe doesn’t care. It doesn’t want to hear it. Maybe your friends do, but the universe doesn’t. And you look at that. You’re like, OK, so let’s reverse engineer it and let’s say, what am I going to do to get where I want to go? Where am I going to do? You wanna make three thousand dollars a month? All right. If I want to make three grand a month, I need to make one hundred dollars a day. How am I gonna do it? Well, I know there’s a hosting company that pays one hundred dollars a sale. If I can get one sign up a day, I can make that money. Good. Now, what am I going to do to get the hosting money? Maybe I could go and I could find people who need a website but don’t know I can help them out with that one sale a day. Boom. Three grand a month. Not that hard to do, right? It’s not that difficult. It’s talking to a guy earlier today. A good friend of mine who’s an excellent photographer. And he’s struggling with money. I’m like, dude, there’s so many ways you could make money with photography. It’s not even funny. There’s so many things you can do. There’s so much you can do that you’re sitting on right now. There is information that every one of you guys is sitting on. Maybe you went through foreclosure, you bought a house, you sold a house, you went through depression, whatever it is. Right.

And you can help people with you can find quote, you can find things and you could build an audience and you can make a living. And it’s not that hard to do. You just need to follow the road. And you did find someone who’s willing to sit behind you and help you do it. And that’s where you get the course at simple sites bonus dot com, because we’re going to like that’s what I did. I’m like, there you go. Look over my shoulder. This is what I did. Here’s how I made it work. There you go. Either wanted or you don’t.

Right. But it’s gonna make it very, very basic now. If you have no idea what you. Want to do right if you have no idea. Go over to high ticket niches, dot com, get a niche, we’ll get you a niche, we’ll show you what to do. We’ll be like. Here you go. Right. And we’ll walk you through it every step of the way, give you your niche, get your domain name.

You could see the value of the domain names there. The last one was like twelve hundred bucks or something like that. And they’re really good. And we’ll find you a niche. We’ll build your site, we’ll help you make it all work and we’ll tell you exactly how to market it. And you can go out there and you could do the affiliate marketing side hustle and make some good money with it.

So I hope you guys enjoy this. The nighttime webinar, if you guys like the nighttime webinar type, nighttime in the box. And what we’re gonna do now is go through a Q and A section. So if you have questions you want to go over. Well, let’s get your questions out there.

Let’s talk about side hustles and making money on the Internet.

All right. And you can go to simple sites, bonus dot com. Now, when you do go to simple sites bonus scam, you are going to see the sign up page.

Simple sites bonus dot com. Sign up page is gonna look like this, the price is rising soon. You’re going to get the 2019 version, which is available now. We updated all the time, even though it still says 2017, it is actually updated. Right. You’re gonna go here, put your name, last name, put a good email because that’s where we contact you.

OK. Get out of here.

Put a good e-mail. You can put your billing address. City, state, zip your card number. We take all the four major ones. Choose your PayPal and you can either pay in full or you could pay and payments, whatever is easy to you. We like to make it easy. It is nonrefundable because we actually help you. And there’s trade secrets and all kinds of things. And there is software you’re gonna get, but you fill that out and then you click the. Yes, let me in now. You’ll get instant access and boom, there you go. And you’ll get access in like 45 minutes. Sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes it’s instant. So don’t freak out. If you don’t get access right away, you will and you’ll go from there. Emre says, Hi, Marcus, if you have a product you want to promote, would simple sites help me achieve this? Emma, if you have a product I would highly recommend, go to high ticket niches dot com. Sign up for that and tell us your product and we will help you promote it. Simple sites is like a do it yourself high ticket. Niches will actually like dig in and show you how to work it. Okay, so really cool. All right. Any other questions about side hustles or affiliate marketing in general? We’ll take those for another 15 minutes and then call it a night.

Can you use Wix or we believe to build affiliate sites? You can. I’m not a fan of those platforms. Some people use them.

I’m a fan of self hosted WordPress. That’s what I use. I use it on thousands of sites, customer sites. We use it everywhere. Richard says, Hi, Marcus, my site is not getting conversions. OK. If you’re not getting conversions, then what I would do is sign up at simple sites bonus dot com. OK, sign up there and get a call or hop on our Tuesday calls. Every Tuesday we have a call where we help you out. We look at your sites. We do everything. And tell us about your site and I’ll help you. Now, if you want a private call, get simple sites, bonus AECOM and ask for a private call and we’ll help you with that as well.

Okay. Michelle, do you talk about tool box in your courses toolbars? Did you mean toolbars? And Richard, I’ll be looking forward to that. One of my favorite things to do is help you get conversions on your site. OK. How many hours of content is the course? Now the course is substantial, so the way the course looks is this it’s actually software. OK, it’s going to look like this. When you download the software, you’ll go to the log in.

OK, and then you’ll log in. I don’t know if I remember my log in on here, so I use the other one.

OK, so you’re going to log in.

Like this. Okay. And I’ll show all your stuff. You have to make it look normal. I’ll show all the stuff you have. You’re gonna go to sample sites 2017 again. It is updated, even though it says 2017 is just a pain in the butt to change that. So I haven’t done it yet. Which is why the price is cheaper, which is cool, right? This is how this course is gonna look. Now, there’s lots of hours of video content, but you don’t need to watch all of it right away. What you want to do is go in order. Start with. Get started. Okay. Gonna walk you through everything. Then when you get to certain areas, you’ll go profit centers. And the first video is gonna teach you how to find out what profit center you need. So you might not need to watch all these rights if you go in order. It’s a lot quicker to get results than traffic, right? You don’t need to watch all these. Like if you’re not doing paper click, you’re not going to need that. If you’re doing social, you watch a social one. Right. So very, very simple. And you just go through it and you could use this over and over and over again. But it literally teaches you everything. It’s got all kinds of tools and plug ins and things that you can download and use the calculators. You can use all kinds of cool stuff, dropdown box generators, all kinds of things that will help you make money with affiliate marketing. Yes, that course does teach you about toolbars actually quite a bit, because that’s where I made a lot of my money. So we teach that kid. What about people? Our products will work with them and work and I place them for download.

Yes, the simple sights course does work with people, our products. It’s actually pretty easy. We teach it and we show you how to use it. Orlando says if I get a site, can I use my existing hosting? Yes, you can. Okay. If it’s a pain in the butt hosting, we might ask you to install WordPress, but nine times out of ten, it’s not a pain in the butt. So, I mean, you can definitely use your own hosting if you get a right to get an edge. I ticket niches dot com and high ticket niches dot com is by far our best offer.

That’s one that you know. I mean, it’s a killer offer.

Okay. Donald says, is the difference between difference between what?

OK. And we’ll wait for some other. How much is high ticket niches? That one is 12. Seventy seven. We actually give you your niche so you can see there the domain name on that is valued at nine ninety nine. Domain name on the next one. Let’s see when it pops up 844. Usually they’re valued about a thousand dollars and that’s by GoDaddy. I don’t know what you’ll be able to sell it for, but we give you a high value domain name. We build your site, we find your niche, we find your offers, we give you the traffic method and we help you through the whole process. So it’s really cool, really easy if you don’t know where to start. Start at high ticket niches dot com. If you kind of want to do it yourself. Simple sites, bonus dot com is the way to go. Donald Yeah. Simple Sites is the done for you version of it. Sorry I took it niches that done for you virgin that simple sites. Now with the high ticket niche, we also give you a copy of the software so that you can learn because I don’t want you to just be like out there.

Jamie says, Vinny says, does high ticket niches include simple sights, bonus as well? Yes, it does. So with your high ticket net, you will get the simple site software. OK. Jamie says, do you have a video on Bing ads? Google ad strategy. I can get the 5 cent clicks, but does higher paying traffic convert more? It depends on your niche.

If you’re learning about paid traffic, go into the simple sights course. OK. You’re going to click on traffic method or traffic plan. Click on paper, click pro. Watch all these videos, tons of stuff. I actually go through these videos and we actually set up a. A ad right in front of you, right? So we set up an ad, I show you how to do, you know, e-mails and stuff like that. We show you how to calculate stuff. But I’m actually in here like setting up an ad lib in the course, which is pretty cool, right? You guys see how it performs and everything like that. Pretty, pretty easy. There it is. Yes. We should actually go into our bank account.

Somewhere, all right. There it is, Google, we go into our Bing and we show you how to create an ad and everything like that, which is cool. So watch that part if you’re interested in it.

Okay. Do you have a deal where you give two domains like you did last week? Orlando, if you want to get in there. Yeah. If you guys want to order a high ticket niche on this call, I can honor the two domain thing and we’ll actually give you two domains.

Just make sure that you ask them for it on the support ticket that you put in for your niche.

Jamie, if you ever have an issue with the videos, it’s our video server once in a blue moon, it does have some issues, but we fix it pretty quick. Do I use push notification traffic? Yes, I do.

And we teach that as well.

All right, guys, any other questions? Let’s rock and roll. Get yourself signed up at simple sites, bonus dot com or high ticket niches dot com. And let us help you make this work. Let us help guide you into the world of affiliate marketing. All right. Any other questions? Stephen, do you initially recommend a niche that incorporate up front pay for a sale CPA and monthly residual payment? No, I usually choose a niche based on the niche itself and then I find offers. Joshua, I’d like to promote your stuff. Where do I sign up? Sign up for the simple site. Bonus course if you have an audience that’s pretty decent. Hit us up on our support site. P.S. Money making dot.com.

Do I use funnels? Yeah. I mean, I’ve used funnels since before they were popular. So, yeah.

Frank Pinocchio’s. I hope I said that right. Said you’re the real deal. Just join the show. Awesome. Thanks for having. Glad to have you here. AJ says, Do you teach how to track affiliate network shaving? Yes, we do.

All right. Any other questions? What brand? Am I smoking? These are from Little Havana. I think there are Rodriguez. Yeah. Something I think of the box around here. Yeah. Rodriguez. It’s a little known brand. It’s not very popular. But they’re good. All right, guys, any other questions, let me know.

All right, cool. So I hope you guys enjoyed this, I hope you pick one of these side hustles to do, and I actually hope it’s becoming an affiliate marketer and I hope you choose to have me help you. What types of spammy affiliate should we avoid? You know, watch for things that are like loaded with extra downloads and viruses and whatever. And maybe watch for spam traps and things like some email only offers are spam traps. So you want to watch for that. But most of the time they’re pretty on the up and up. I would say just like test them yourself to see if they’re good. Do Facebook ads mostly convert for driving traffic? Yes. Facebook ads work pretty well. What is network shaving? That is when some affiliate networks are not as honest and sometimes they shave a little off the top or a lot off the top. The way to get around that is run the same offer at two different networks. If you get two totally different results. You’re like, yeah, OK. Maybe one network’s not telling me everything they should tell me here. I only had that happen one time in my entire 19 year career. It was one offer is like, hey, over here, I’m getting, you know, 37 cents a click over here. I’m getting like 4 cents a click. So I had to look at it. A free gift cards. Yeah. Those can be kind of spammy. Does this help with rank and rent sites? You can use rank and rent sites, yeah. We teach you how to rank and find niches and stuff, so it’s pretty cool. Which best of marketing online? I like affiliate marketing. What is how is the gaming niche? Gaming niche can be good. It’s a little bit difficult to monetize. But if you’re a part of simple sites bonus dot com, we can show you how to monetize it. Thanks, markets, it’s nice you did this in the late afternoon for the West Coast audience. Yeah, we might be starting this new timeslot depending on how it goes. Depends on how it goes, right? How much time does it take so we could make some money on the Internet? Well, it depends on what you want to do. I mean, you could do this in like 15 minutes to an hour a day if you want.

What do I consider in my experience to be the cheapest traffic source? You know, it just depends on your niche. Like, I don’t look for cheap traffic. I look for traffic that wants what I have to offer. Because here’s my saying, I’ll pay a thousand dollars a click if I can make two. There you go. Right. Boom. Done deal. If you’re not willing to do that, then you probably shouldn’t be a marketer, right, because you’ve got to be willing to put some skin in the game. Or you could go for free traffic methods where there’s no risk. Lots of ways to do that.

There’s people that make seven figures with three traffic, eight figures with free traffic. There’s people that make seven, eight figures with bad driving.

So it just depends. Para. Any other questions, let me know.

All right, cool deal. So simple sites, bonus dot com, if you want the do it yourself version, Virgin High ticket niches dot com. If you want us to help you do it all and help you make that money. Jai says, what are the higher converting niches to make money from online? I actually have a video here on my channel. Make sure you subscribe, click the bell and then go look for that video entitled like highest paying affiliate offers. I talk to you about the highest paying ones. Lisa, I’d like to later start. It could be a little later for me. Don’t get home till 7:00. We try our best to please everyone. It’s a little hard to do. Michelle, please. Do you have a money back warranty for the high ticket niche site? No, we don’t. Because we’re actually building the site for you. Now, we do have a guarantee on that where if you can’t make money with your niche because of the niche I chose, we’ll build you another one.

OK, so you’re guaranteed to get an itch that will work if you work at. What’s my channel Phillip Marketing do? Of course.

All right, cool deal. All right, guys, so I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you guys liked it. Go over to simple sites, bonus dot com or high ticket niches dot com and let’s start making some money. Let’s start making this work and I’ll see you next time. Thanks again for joining. Have fun. Subscribe. Click the bell. Start a side hustle and let’s make some money.

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