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5 Responses to Dropshipping

  • DJuana Nwaokocha says:

    Thanks for saying start with affiliate marketing first. I did a Shopify store & the customer never received the product. My friend had the Shopify store & I was her first customer. I started my own store but didn’t know how to get traffic to it without spending a fortune on paid traffic. PayPal threatened to deactivate her account because Ali Express didn’t send her customers items for 30 days with an e-pack.

  • Jilmaal says:

    The name of the movie is “Box Kicking”

  • phillip Ward says:

    Pet Detective Ventura

  • Sheila Gettel says:

    Ace Ventura Pet Detective
    I am glad I watched this video. I was going to do Drop Shipping before I found Marcus on youtube talking about Affiliate Marketing. I somehow missed the fact that with drop shipping you ARE the customer service. I would rather not deal with people like that.