Dollar Tree Retail Arbitrage VS Digital Ad Affiliate Arbitrage

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How Digital Affiliate Arbitrage And Adsense Arbitrage Works

  1. You Find Cheap Places Or Keywords You Can Advertise On And You Advertise a Teaser To An Expensive Market














2. You Send Them To A Landing Page With Options Based On The Expensive Market













3. the options would lead to either affiliate offers or pages with content and sponsored ads.

Retail store arbitrage. How does it work. Well usually people will come to somewhere like the Dollar Tree here and then they’ll buy some things for about a buck and try to sell them on amazon or ebay for a profit whatever the profit is that’s what they get to keep in their pocket. Now the problem with this is that you end up with a bunch of junk and sometimes it takes a long time to sell and your profit margins are very very slim. So what I want to do today is talk to you about something called digital arbitrage where you could get paid for bridging the gap between a marketplace online sitting in the comfort of your own home making a fortune. Come on let me show you how it works. OK. So follow with me here. A guy browsing Facebook is pretty much worth. Nothing. A guy. Looking in Instagram.

Again. Pretty much nothing. Even a guy looking at the Google homepage. Yeah. It’s worth nothing. Now for you and me that means that we can get traffic really really inexpensively which is a good thing. Right.

Now compare that with a guy who’s searching on google for something like mortgages or refinance or credit repair. Now that guy is worth a lot of money. The question is is how do we take these people that’s worth nothing and tournament a big profit. Let’s go in the backyard office and I’ll show you exactly how to do just that.

OK. So on one hand over here we have the guy who is looking at Facebook browsing Google looking at Instagram YouTube whatever he’s doing. Now this guy is not worth any money to advertisers.

However over here you have the big money terms. These are the big money terms like mortgage refile lawsuit credit repair health and all these other things.

So this is worth a lot of money. This stuff over here.

Yeah not so much but the big secret here is that you could literally increase the value of this guy here instantly for free.

He which means that I could buy all the advertisements I want super super dirt cheap build a little Web site about a topic that’s expensive and drive him over to it by getting him to click on something that’s related to what the Web site’s about. Well let me show you how this works.

OK. So let’s say you’re just messing around on Facebook minding your own business and all of a sudden bam you see this ad for an all inclusive adults only vacation whatever. An adult. Vacation is we’re not going to get into that but you see this ad and you’re like OK Hey check this out.

This is a good look an ad I think I’ll click this because I want to be on the beach too. And you want a vacation. Now you go through and you click this ad and what it’s going to do is it’s going to take you to a site that has different links for different types of vacations. Pretty cool right now.

Once you click on these different vacations you’re gonna be taken to search results which have sponsored listings for the various different vacations so follow with me here.

Guy minding his own business on Facebook not thinking anything about vacations season ad about vacations. Guy on Facebook not worth much vacation guy searching for vacations. Yes that’s worth a lot. So now we’ve just increased the value of the traffic instantly by going broad showing ads to lots of people and funneling out the people who are interested in something that’s worth a lot of money. Now you could do this with a very simple one page site or a blog or something like that or even a search arbitrage thing if you can work it out with the search engine companies.

Now the cool thing about this is they do it on Facebook. They do it on Instagram. They do it literally everywhere and you can do it for any topic. For example let’s say you have a catchy ad about hate. What people don’t know about refinancing or something like that or maybe how you can lose weight ways to save money or credit cards that offer zero percent interest. These are words that are very expensive and all you need to do is create a simple little site with information based on what was in the ad and teaching them different things with some advertisements affiliate offers and even content sponsored links. Let’s dive even further into this and clicking on page transparency. What this is going to do is it’s actually going to show you all the ads in their ad library and you could see that this company the Yahoo.

Company is actually running tons and tons of ads for expensive things from jerseys to cabinets and all kinds of other things expensive cars and on and on we go. They have thousands of ads running all the time now. Well big companies like that are making millions of dollars a year. We could actually go in and we could do this in a very simple way much like the arbitrage method only we don’t have to touch any product. We don’t have to do anything. We just link the person searching with the expensive topic and it’s very easy. We can actually see how much traffic they’re getting. And guess what. It’s a lot. He could see other sites that are doing the same thing. You could take a look at their Alexa ranking to see how much traffic they’re getting.

You can even go through and see where people are coming from before they visit this site. You can see they’re doing a lot of Facebook ads to Boola ads which is a content network. Google Yahoo and more. So this works like crazy. And if you do it right you could literally arbitrage your way into lots of money. Now you’ve got to be sure to follow the terms and conditions of each search engine. Sometimes Ad Sense is a little strict on what you can can and cannot do. Sometimes other search engines are strict sometimes affiliate offers are as well. But I think if you get this concept you can start using it to make lots of money. And if you like this video make sure you give us a thumbs up subscribe and click the bell and check out my next video that’s going to pop up over here somewhere.

So you could learn more about how to do digital arbitrage to make big money. Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus subscribe. Click the bell and I’ll see you in the next video. That. Is not the Dollar Tree. But.

That is the Dollar Tree.

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