Crazy Profit Method For Netflix, Hulu, and TV Affiliate Programs

As research suggests, here are the top streaming and TV affiliate programs that currently offer different film and movie streaming websites.

Netflix does not need a formal introduction. The platform as we know it, is highly liked and is well-known booming in the film industry today. It started with DVD rentals and mail order service but, Netflix amongst others is the largest movie and TV streaming service today. The platform has more than 130 million subscribers that pay $30 to use their services. Netflix has been around since 1998, and ever since shifted to the online streaming of movies and TV shows. It has become “home” to many TV shows, movies, and documentaries. While many of us are familiar with Netflix, only a few know of its affiliate program. Initially, when Netflix started the program, they offered decent pay per lead. For this reason, people started to take advantage and began making a ton of cash from referring their friends and family to the platform. As a result, Netflix gained a lot of users. Many people subscribed to the platform and were paid a $10 commission for simply signing up for a free trial. Sadly, this program no longer exists as the company closed it some years ago. They found it was hard to follow through and since they were already “famous”, didn’t need it to promote themselves any longer.

Since, Netflix has shifted to radio, word of mouth, social media, PPC, and TV advertising. It became costly to run the program because they were offering a free trial and had to pay users $10 just for subscribing. Eliminating the program upset many and it’s unknown whether or not they will create another Netflix Affiliate Program. In the meantime, there are many competitors like Amazon, Hotstar, Disney+. Netflix has seen a decline in its market, but because there is a high demand for such programs, Netflix might consider reopening it. More than 1,300 people today still search the web for the Netflix affiliate program. While we are hoping Netflix reopens its program, there are many other programs to consider that could possibly make you extra money!


Some other alternatives to consider –

Hulu allows you to stream movies and TV shows online. But other than just watching, the company also offers an affiliate program that enables you to make money. You only need to input their links and advertisements to your content. When a person clicks that link, they are directed to a seven-day free trial. On this page, person x will find they can watch top TV shows and movies for free. As such, they are more likely to sign up and buy a membership. When such happens, the marketer is given a commission, you. Hulu has tons of movies and TV series among their platform – you could write about them, then input a link in your content.

The best thing about the platform is it comes with fewer restrictions. Hulu affiliate program differs from other programs in the sense that the company is willing to pay marketers for leads. Usually, companies with such programs will only pay the marketer if a customer subscribes to their platform and buys their offers. For every lead you generate, the platform will pay you $9.60 and if a customer signs up on the free trial, the company will pay you $1.60 and another $9.60 if they start a subscription. What about the cookie window? The cookie window is simply the length of time where you can earn a commission from the link. Once a customer clicks on your link, a cookie is attached to their web browser. This cookie will have information like the affiliate ID, timestamp, and which product the customer clicked.

Hulu offers a cookie window of 14 days and If a customer purchases within these 14 days, earns commission! Although, if they click on another link of a different marketer, the commission goes to them instead of coming to you. To join this program, Hulu requires you first become a member of the FlexOffers network. This is a third party that works with Hulu and other affiliate programs and marketers. The network provides links, tracks clicks from customers and their purchases, and payouts. But be prepared to answer some questions when joining, like where you live, your marketing plans, and the size of your audience. Once you’re accepted, you’ll have to apply for the Hulu affiliate program. If you get approved, you’ll be given banners, text links, and other promotional materials (which you can access on the FlexOffers dashboard). With these ready, you can start promoting Hulu movies and TV series in many ways. What matters is you include the link in your content. You can give an overview of the company, its features, costs, and discounts, to help visitors decide whether to subscribe. You can also write informative posts about Hulu or talk about their best movies and inventory.

HBO Max has an active affiliate marketing program that pays a cash commission to affiliates. Home Box Office (HBO) is a premium television network based in America. The company operates as the flagship property of Home Box Office, INC, a WarnerMedia Entertainment subsidiary. Programs include original TV shows, movies and documentaries made for cable TV. Occasional comedy and motion pictures. HBO is among the oldest TV streaming services in the US as it started in 1972. Since the launch, the network has aired many successful series, including Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, Game of Thrones and many others. The company has two affiliate programs; the HBO Store and HBO Now. However, the latter is not active at the moment. The HBO Store Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn a commission of 5% for every customer that buys their merchandise on the HBO Shop. This commission is only valid to sales within the shop (something to remember). I should also mention that it is only available in Canada and the United States. Also, note that affiliates receive a tracking dashboard and promotional materials when signing up. The HBO Now Affiliate program used to be available to the public, but is now no longer available. Joining the active program is free. But, like all other programs, you have to apply. If you get accepted, you get access to Tune’s link building tools, which helps you direct your audience to HBO Max to view and subscribe on this platform. Once they do so, you can start earning money. Remember, the more people that sign up and subscribe, the higher your commission will be.

Disney+. In 2019, the Walt Disney Company, which is Disney corporation’s media and entertainment brand, made over $69 billion in revenue. Because of this company’s high profits, many people wanted a way in. Thankfully, Disney runs various affiliate programs. But note they are within multiple companies that run independently. For this reason, expect different pricing, commissions, promotions and even terms and conditions. Disney+ is another program that has become successful and the program became even more popular ever since including Hulu and ESPN content. The Disney+ affiliate is called Disney + Partner program. It pays the marketer for any customer that subscribes through their link. This is the only streaming affiliate program offered by Disney. Before we go further, let me explain what Disney Plus is. It is a subscription streaming service owned by Direct to Consumer and International (DTCI), the Walt Disney Company’s subsidiary. Customers using this service can access movies and series produced by Walt Disney Television and the Walt Disney Studios. Marketers have the potential of earning up to an $11 commission. You are paid every time a qualified user signs up for this subscription using your referral link. To convince customers, you could include the Disney+ classics library, originals, and new releases within your content. Once you’ve been accepted, the company will give you banners, links, landing pages, and other promotional material to generate more traffic and increase conversion rates. Affiliates are also updated on interesting Disney+ content by their partnering team. The cookie duration is 21 days,  meaning you won’t be able to claim purchases a customer makes past this date. The program also features a payout threshold of $10 and is based on “cost-per-sale.” Additionally, the program uses the impact software and features a commission rate of $0.

Amazon Prime Video. Amazon is the most popular online shopping platform today. The company was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and was created and used to sell books online. The platform expanded worldwide by attracting those who loved reading and today is now recognized for selling quality products, offering excellent customer services, and providing great delivery services. The company’s affiliate program is also another great offering. While they don’t provide high commissions, individuals can still make plenty of profits from their vast product and services selections. Amazon Prime Video is a popular site for streaming movies and TV series. When it was first introduced, it didn’t attract much attention as Netflix had already established itself in the market. However, various exciting shows and in house productions had made it a popular streaming platform. Thankfully, this platform offers a generous program to affiliate marketers. The commission rate for this program stands at $3. Unfortunately, it features a pretty small cookie duration of only 24 hours. But you can expect a payout threshold of $10. Also, note that you’ll have to use your credit card when registering on this platform and commissions are paid depending on the signup method the customer chooses. Every complete registration earns you $3, which is a good amount as the platform has a vast amount of content. Marketers of all niches can get quality and exciting content to promote. Note that there are movies of all genres here too, making it easy to market the platform. I should also mention that commission is based on pay per lead and the program uses Amazon Associate affiliate software.

Paramount Plus, previously known as CBS All Access, is an American subscription service that allows individuals to stream their favorite movies. The site includes different genres like news, crime dramas, comedies, and cartoons. Although the site features original content, it also offers content from new videos on CBS’s broadcast property and from the ViaconCBS library. The platform has more than 8 million subscribers and the best thing about this program is that anyone can become an affiliate regardless of the minimum traffic they receive. Once you’re accepted, you’ll gain access to the codes needed to create your affiliate links and several other progressive monitoring tools. Additionally, the site also provides tools to help you generate more traffic. The only drawback is they could could take a long time to respond, but it’s probably because of the high volume of requests they receive every day. With that being said, it’s worth the wait since they offer incredible services. Paramount Plus is a trusted brand, and is know to give a good deal on commission. Affiliates are paid on a “pay-per-sale” basis, meaning  you only get paid when a customer purchases a subscription on the platform. The commission rate is $9, which is pretty high, and they offer a reasonable cookie duration of 10 days. Payments are made via PayPal or bank account, and you can expect a threshold of $10.

String TV is an American platform that allows the streaming of channels like ABC, CBS, ESPS and many more for a monthly subscription. The site has an app containing more than 180 channels in over 15 different languages. Sling TV offers one of the most affordable streaming services. Users here can get almost every entertainment type they are looking for. The platform has sports channels, international programming channels and other popular networks. And the best part is that individuals can stream content in various ways, including using cell phones, gaming consoles, PCs, tablets, TV, etc. Also, note that the site lets you customize your subscription package. Thus, you won’t be paying for the channels that don’t interest you. Sling TV’s affiliate program offers affiliates commission for customers that purchase their subscriptions, special events, live sports, or other features the website offers. While the commission may not be that high, you can still make a decent income as the platform has a lot of engaging content. The affiliate program on this platform works on the “pay per sale” basis. You can get up to a $20 commission. The program allows a cookie duration of 30 days, so you have to encourage the customer to purchase before these days lapse. Also, note the platform only offers direct bank transfers and features a payment threshold of $50. The affiliate commission rate for Mexican and domestic subscribers is $20 for 60 days. On the other hand, the company charges $3 per or $17 per subscriber for 60 days with an international subscriber. The site runs its affiliate program via Commission Junction, and you are provided with the marketing materials you need in English and other languages. The main reason you may want to promote Sling TV is for the fact that it has various channels to choose from. Therefore, convincing customers isn’t that hard.

DirectTV Online affiliate program allows you to earn a commission for referring new subscribers. DirectTV isn’t precisely a streaming service, but it offers cable services. Although the company doesn’t have a direct affiliate program, affiliate marketers can market its products using CPA networks. The commission you earn depends on the network you pick and can go as high as $230 to $289, which is the payout the general public gets. You could promote this site in different ways, including “pay per view” and can target keywords or use complete URLs.

Dish Network was launched in the US in 1996 as a satellite provider. Although traditional TV services have been criticized as cutting streaming platforms, Dish network still enjoys its millions of customers. Like other TV services, individuals can watch any movie and TV show on this platform. However, they’re charged a fee, of course. The platform charges high prices compared to today’s streaming services, but these high prices are beneficial to affiliates. Dish runs its affiliate program on the Commission Junction network and offers affiliates a commission of $100 for every order made using their referral links. You can also earn  from people signing on the website through their phones after seeing the link on your site. The program offers a cookie duration of 30 days.

Fubo TV. With Fubo Tv individuals can enjoy live sports entertainment, award shows, and watch blockbuster movies. However, Fubo TV mainly focuses on live sports like NFL, MBA, UEFA, etc. Users are able to watch live soccer games airing in different countries! But soccer is not the only sport broadcasted here. Users can also watch cycling, football, basketball, Formula-1 and many more. The company’s affiliate program is a bit different from other programs in the sense that it links the affiliate’s website to multiple live games, award-winning shows, and TV series. The company offers services to US, Canada, and Spain residents and provides different packages depending on the user’s region. One can stream the content in English, Portuguese, or Spanish. This makes work as an affiliate marketer easy. Affiliates are paid on a “per-sale” basis either to their bank account or PayPal. The platform offers a cookie duration of 30 days, a commission rate of $35, and a payment threshold of $10.

Roku Affiliate Program offers a 5% commission rate and is a popular streaming service that individuals are using instead of broadcast TV services. The company has sold over a million Roku players and besides their streaming service and players, Roku also sells other items like speakers, TV sets and accessories. The platform also offers many free channels for movies, music and sports (there are more than 100 sports channels on this platform). Roku’s affiliate program runs through the CJ software and offers a customer conversion rate of 7.5%, which is pretty high. Plus, it also features an impressive order value of $99.


TV affiliate marketing isn’t the highest paying route in the affiliate world. Although, you can still make a decent income from working with these affiliate programs don’t expect to make millions. If you love movies, you can spend your time promoting new and exciting content, but before joining any program, you must have an exclusive “movie” website. Search for keywords used in this niche and create great landing pages. It’ll be easier to get accepted into these programs with a solid website.


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