craft business ideas – chicken diapers = $50K weekly?

Wait a minute, chicken (beep).com for $938? You mean this niche actually makes money? Just last week, I was out here in the backyard office searching for domain names to build into businesses. These are expired names and auction domain names that are available that you can get to build your website on. I came across this crazy one here, chicken (beep).com. Thing went for 1,000 bucks, and my challenge was to figure out why.

Here are the two places that I search for domains every single day. The first one is GoDaddy Auctions, and the second is using a tool called SpamZilla. Now, at GoDaddy Auctions, what I do is try to find stuff that looks obvious that ties into a business. Something like Lowret, I don’t really know what that is. I’d have to do some research and figure it out. Something like Lifeisclean. Maybe that leads to an addiction website.

We know that this one goes to a barbecue website, and then something like this,, it’s a .org and it’s weird, yet it’s going for $4,000. If you were able to buy that for less than four grand, you’d be in profit., that’s a pretty good domain name right there. I would take a domain name like this, put it into my Ahrefs keyword tool and find out what the domain was about and see if it ties to a niche that actually makes lots of money.

We could see this one is all over the place. Not a whole lot there. Here’s something about, and I could see over here on Namecheap, is going for 10,000 bucks, which is pretty crazy. I’d do some research and find out what this was about, and it looks like it was about some kind of air purifier, humidifiers, air conditioners, and filters and stuff like that, that actually sells pretty good. At $15, this is probably a good buy.

We can also see over here, and it actually ranks for all kinds of keywords about some drop tower on Orlando that gets a lot of traffic, and this is how I go about finding hot niches that I can get into really quickly. Over here in Central Florida, we have these chickens randomly walking around out here. I thought it was interesting. We’ll see if we can go find some here. They used to hang out over here by the Popeyes chicken, which is weird. Maybe it was a chicken cult.

But I think they all repented and found a new place to hang out. These guys made two million last year selling chicken diapers? America now buys thousands of chicken diapers each month. Chicken diapers pay off $50,000 a year? The booming business of luxury chicken diapers. Luxury chicken diapers? Get the cluck out of here. The luxury chicken diaper business is booming. This woman makes $50,000 a year making fashionable diapers for chickens?

You could even buy chicken diapers on Etsy. These things are selling like crazy. eBay. We’ll just scroll past whatever that is. Amazon. As you can see here, over 4,000 people every month search for chicken diapers in Google. In case you haven’t guessed it, yes, the domain that went for $1,000 was But it actually didn’t have that grade of rankings, which is why I didn’t buy it. Let me show you how to make money with this niche without spending 1,000 bucks on a domain name.

First, what I need to do is make sure that the traffic justifies what I’m doing. If there’s not enough traffic to make money, then this niche is not going to work. However, in this one, we see chicken diapers, 5,500 searches a month. All kinds of stuff here. Chicken with clothes, chicken clothing, chicken diaper, chicken pants, chicken saddles, all kinds of crazy stuff about chicken. What I’m going to do is, first and foremost, I’m going to look at my profit method versus my traffic.

The profit method’s over here. Obviously, the best way to make profit is going to be making custom chicken diapers. Now, I’m not a seamstress, I don’t know how to make chicken diapers. I’ve never seen these things before. That excludes me. If you can do that, you have a potential for making a lot more money. If I can’t do custom diapers and stuff like that, what I’m going to do is affiliate marketing or drop-shipping. I can go over to Alibaba or some kind of site talking about drop-shipping, and I can import these fairly cheaply and make money.

Or I can be an affiliate marketer and get paid for sites that pay me. The way I could do this is chicken diapers affiliate program, and what I want to do is find some chicken clothing store where I can be an affiliate. Here’s one for Diaper Dabbler. Doesn’t really say how much they’re paying per sale. Let’s take a look at another one here. We could be an affiliate of Etsy or Amazon, even eBay. We can also check some of these sites like Chewy.

I know they have an affiliate program. Or even look at Happy Chicken Coop or My Pet Chicken, and see if they have an affiliate program. We want something that’s going to pay us 30% or more. That way we get $10 per sale. This is important. If I can’t get that, then I’m probably going to do drop-shipping. Then what we want to do is see if there’s higher level affiliate offers or programs that we can offer, maybe health insurance for pets, maybe chicken coops, maybe chicken clothing, stuff like that that pays us a lot more money than just selling chicken diapers and getting a couple dollars.

This is important, and this is how that one business made $2 million a year because they had all different kinds of things related to chickens. If we look in here for something like chicken coop, which is a much more expensive product, you can see lots and lots of traffic, and it’s got some advertisers on it, which means there’s probably some affiliate programs. We can go over here to Google and type in chicken coop affiliate programs and find tons of different affiliate programs that pay us to sell chicken coops, chicken coop plans, and stuff like that.

We can also see over here on ClickBank, they have some guide to raising chickens, how to build chicken coops, how to build a chicken coop and on and on we go. This is a market where I can make lots of money. But you might be asking yourself, “Marcus, why didn’t you buy that domain name?” Well, for one, it wasn’t budging at 1,000 bucks. If I was bidding on it, it probably would’ve been 2,000, 3,000 or more, which is a little pricey for a tight knit market about just chicken diapers.

Now, if I was a seamstress or I had someone in my family who was a seamstress or I knew a customer of mine that was a seamstress, I would’ve bought this thing like that. But for three grand, that’s a bit of a stretch when I know I can find something a lot better for a lot less money. I could do that by using sites like SpamZilla, and type in chicken or chicken coop, and I can find different sites that were available about chicken coops that had some back links. That’s a pretty solid domain.

Looks like it did rank for some chicken coop plans and guides and stuff like that. It wasn’t a zinger, but for nine bucks, it’ll do. I can also see, which is actually a really solid domain name. That’s something I can probably sell, and it’s something that’ll be broad. Not just chicken coops or diapers. I can build this into a whole site about pet chickens, which is what I want to do if I want to make real money.

Not a whole lot of rankings, but I do like the domain name. For nine bucks, I’m going to buy this one. Then over here on GoDaddy Auction, I can also type in chicken, right? Like this, hit search and see some of these domains that are on auction for the word chicken. We can see here, chickenteeshirt, moonlightchicken, That’s a pretty good one there, and it looks like it did have some rankings, which is pretty solid., I can get it right now for 50 bucks. It did have some very recent rankings with DIY chicken, chicken coops, building plans for chicken coops. This one actually looks pretty solid for 50 bucks. It even has some rankings right now. This looks like a winner. All right, enough clucking around. Let’s talk about how we’re going to take this niche to big money. First of all, I have the Chicken Coop domain, then I also have My Little Chicken domain.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to use the Chicken Coop domain to rank in the search engines for all the different chicken coop stuff. I’m going to use My Little Chicken on social media since it’s easy to remember and easy to type in. If I wanted to make a couple 100 grand a year or even more in this niche, what I’m going to do is, first and foremost, probably align with someone on Etsy or someone on eBay that is selling these chicken diapers.

Then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go out there and I’m going to make videos and put them on TikTok and YouTube and put all kinds of images on Instagram and stuff like that, Pinterest, all these different sites showing really cute chicken diapers and things like that. I’m going to do a good job, make some good content. Then I’m going to start to rank for the easy to get keywords like chicken coops and chicken diapers and different stuff like that.

Then what I’m going to do is I’m going to point to a sales page. That’s right. I’m going to make a simple sales page with maybe three different really cute chicken diapers with options and options to buy three or five at a time, because that’s where I’m going to make the bulk of my money. Remember that all the money on your product should be made up in shipping and handling. If it costs me $3 to source or get a chicken diaper, what I want to do is sell these for 24, 25 bucks, plus $3 or $5 shipping.

This is very, very important because everything on top of that is gravy, which means if you sell one chicken diaper for $25 or five chicken diapers for $95, that means that you’re going to get a lot more profit selling the $95 pack because they’re going to buy more just thinking about, okay, I want more of these. Or you can even do five for 100 bucks or 125 or whatever it is, right? Make it really easy and really good, and the more you can sell up front, the more profit you’re going to put in your pocket.

Because here, if I sell one for $25 and I make 25 bucks profit, yay, great, wonderful, good. But if I only have, let’s say, $15 plus five shipping, 20 bucks in the game, and I can bump them up to a $95 sale, then boom. There we go. Also, what I would want to do is build a mailing list of people that are interested in pet chicken type products because if I can get that mailing list, then I can send them stuff about coops and taking care of their chicken and maybe chicken insurance or whatever it is.

The sky is literally the limit. But what I need to do is start thinking of this like a business. That’s why I go out there and I find the domains. That’s why I find the highest profit margin products. That’s why I go out there and do the work that other people aren’t willing to do so I can make the money that the other people aren’t going to make. Very important. If you dig this video, make sure you subscribe, smash the like button and check out the videos in the description that go even more into detail into this niche and many others to show you how to make money online.


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  1. Amazing – I really didn’t believe it – but Etsy and Amazon have listings including tutu’s for chickens. I make sewing and knitting patterns – and I have hens so I might give it a go.

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