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Part One: Overview Of Content Marketing (traffic + sales)
Each message must contain:
• Introduction (to the subject concerned)
• Text (with the main message)
• Conclusion (summary of the most important ideas)
• Write what you want to say in all three sections, and you will have a summary of your blog post.
Part Two: AI, Creative Commons, Content Spinners, And PLR

Part Three: The Key To Outsourcing Content
1. iWriter
2. Textbroker
3. Constant Content
4. CrowdContent
5. Upwork
7. WriterAccess

Part Four: Content Structured Differently Can Make You Rich
1. Proper publication
2. Using List Posts
3. Standard Blog Posts
4. Case Studies, Stories
5. Checklists
6. Beginners Manuals
7. Controvercial / Drama
8. Interviews
9. Reports
10. Graphics / Infographics
11. Guest Posts / User Generated
12. Data Driven
13. Product Reviews


Special instructions: please pay attention to the keyword on the article you are writing… this should be the title of the article.

focus on prices, calories, fat content, ingredients, healthier options, what diets this is bad for, ect.

IMPORTANT: This is not an SEO article. Please don’t focus on keyword density and just write naturally.

1. Before you submit, please use this tool ( to make sure no keyword is over 3% density in the finished article.

2. For this article just focus on the the keywords in your article as the title.

here are some example articles:

sample links

3. We check for plagiarism using Copyscape- so please keep it unique! Thanks.

4. Make the content as detailed as possible- no filler language or ‘blah’ content.

5. Use headings to organize the content and to ensure broad coverage.

6. Run the content through Grammarly ( a free grammar checking tool to fix common errors.

headlines for blog posts

Give Me [short time period] and I’ll Give You [blank].
A Little Mistake that [Cost Like Minded Group] $[money] A [Time].

How I Got [Desired Result] without [Major Objection] in [Time].

Other Examples:

If —— Then!

How To ——-

Interesting Question Why ______ Don’t _______ .

They All Laughed When I _______ But Then I _________.

How To Get Rid Of ______________ For Good!

Forget ______ Try This.

Are You Still Wasting _______ On __________

[Pain Point]… Here’s How To Fix It.

How To Create The Perfect _________

Want To ______ Now You Can.

How To Permanently Stop ________ Even If You’ve Tried Everything!

Never Worry About _______ Again…

The Essential Guide To __________

No Nonsense Way To ___________

The Step By Step Guide To _________

A Startling Fact About ________________________

The secret of getting [results]
A little mistake that cost a [target market] [cost] a year
Advice to… [target market] who want [results]
Do you suffer from [problem] at [occasion]?
Who ever heard of [target market] having [results] without [objection]
How I improved… [problem] without [objection] in just [time]
Discover the [benefits] you get with [results]
Proven: The most effective way to get [results]
How a [something perceived as bad] resulted in [results] and [benefits]
Do you suffer from [problem]?
Do you have these symptoms of [problem]
Guaranteed to [results] without [objection]
How a new [product] solved my [problem] in just [time]
Which type of [target market] are you? Is it stopping you get [results]?
Does your [problem] ever embarrass you?
To people who want [results] but don’t know where to start
How much is [problem] really costing you?
The right way to solve [problem]
[thousands / hundreds / etc]of [target market] now have [results] will you join them?
For the [target market individual, not plural] who has less [results] than he / she wants
Suppose this happened to your [business / life / relationship etc]. Would you survive?
Are other [target market] secretly overtaking you?
[X] proven ways to get [results] and [benefits]
Are you ready to have [results] in just [time]?
Get your hands on this system that took one [target market] from [starting results] to [end results] in just [time]
How I got [results] by making this unusual mistake.
Why some [target market] always have / get [results]
You can laugh about [problem] if you follow this simple plan
Five common [problems] faced by [target market] which one do you want to solve?
What [industry experts] do when faced with [problem]
[industry] experts prove that you can have [results] and with this new [product]
Why it’s not your fault you have [problem]. And how to make it disappear in just [time]
Thousands of [target market] can have [results] but never realise it. Don’t let it be you.
Why [target market] are raving about this [product]. ([Results] is just one of the reasons)
For just [cost] a day you can have [results] and [benefits] in [time]
To [target market] who want [results] by [time]
This new [product] will get you [benefits] galore
It’s not right that you don’t have [results] when so many [target market] do
The secrets of [target markets] that always get [results]
What the [industry] experts don’t want you to know about solving [problem]
Why do some [target market] have more [benefits] than others? The answer might surprise you

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  2. I don’t usually comment on anything but this one deserves it. Absolutely excellent content, details, and delivery, Marcus! I think you are actually getting better at this teaching stuff. Nice flow through the presentation too. You are getting better at avoiding rabbit holes and staying directly on point. This is the second time I’m watching this one because it’s so stuffed with quality good stuff. Keep up the great work, sir!

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