Make Money Content Harvesting With AI

  • Introduction
    • Hook: Making $136,000 a day with AI content harvesting
    • Disclaimer: Results are not typical, not guaranteed
  • Understanding Content Harvesting
    • Definition of content harvesting
    • Examples of content harvesting in daily activities
  • Why Share High-Earning Examples?
    • Demonstrating the potential of the business model
    • Case study: Morning Brew’s success
  • Steps to Content Harvesting
    • Choosing content to harvest
    • Compiling content with AI tools like Perplexity AI
    • Delivering valuable content to the right audience
  • Simple vs. Advanced Methods
    • Basic methods for beginners
    • Advanced strategies used by high-earning companies
  • The Value of Content Harvesting
    • The difference between content creation and content harvesting
    • Importance of structuring content uniquely
  • Tools for Content Harvesting
    • Using Perplexity AI for efficient content harvesting
    • Other helpful tools and resources
  • Practical Examples and Case Studies
    • Detailed look at companies using content harvesting
    • How Morning Brew and others scaled their business
  • Monetizing Harvested Content
    • Different monetization strategies
    • Examples of successful monetization
  • Creating Valuable Content
    • Tips for making content engaging and valuable
    • How to attract readers and build a following
  • Conclusion
    • Summary of key points
    • Encouragement to start content harvesting

Today I’m going to share a business that makes $136,000 each and every day using a tool like harvesting content online. Now, before you shout “clickbait,” let’s break down where this $136,000 a day number comes from.

First things first, are you going to make $136,000 a day by watching this video or reading this blog? Of course not! In fact, results are not typical, implied, or guaranteed. The average person trying to make money online makes nothing. But why do I share these examples? The reason is so you can see the power of this business model and understand how it works.

Understanding Content Harvesting

Content harvesting is simple and has been around for years. It’s the process of gathering content like articles, news reports, and organizing them into useful formats. Most of you probably do this online anyway, taking notes, organizing files, and making documents to help you understand topics better.

Why Share High-Earning Examples?

I share examples like making $136,000 a day to demonstrate the potential of this business model. Companies like Morning Brew have mastered this model, making insane amounts of money by curating content.

In 2020, Morning Brew hit $20 million in revenue after starting from nothing. They were eventually acquired for $75 million! By studying their business model, we can learn how to replicate their success on a smaller scale.

Steps to Content Harvesting

So, how do we get started with content harvesting? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose Content to Harvest: Identify what people want to read. This could be news articles, blog posts, or industry reports.
  2. Compile Content with AI Tools: Use tools like Perplexity AI to gather and organize this content efficiently.
  3. Deliver Valuable Content: Present the compiled content to your audience in a way that is valuable and easy to understand.

Simple vs. Advanced Methods

For those just starting, you can use basic methods to get your feet wet. This might involve compiling simple lists or overviews. For those looking to scale, advanced strategies include creating in-depth reports or newsletters like Morning Brew.

The Value of Content Harvesting

Most people talk about creating new content, but there’s already a lot of content online. Instead, we can provide value by structuring existing content in a unique way. This approach not only saves time but also leverages the wealth of information already available.

Tools for Content Harvesting

Using tools like Perplexity AI makes content harvesting a breeze. It helps you quickly find relevant information and compile it into a cohesive format. There are also other tools like Feedly, which can help you stay updated on the latest content in your niche.

Practical Examples and Case Studies

Let’s look at some real-world examples. Companies like Morning Brew, Digg, and The Skimm have built successful businesses by curating content. Morning Brew, for example, started as a simple newsletter and grew to a $75 million business by curating financial news and insights.

Monetizing Harvested Content

There are several ways to monetize your harvested content:

  1. Banner Ads: Place ads on your website.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Promote products and earn commissions.
  3. Sponsored Content: Partner with brands to create sponsored posts.
  4. Membership Subscriptions: Offer exclusive content to subscribers.
  5. Email Lists: Build an email list to drive traffic and sales.

Creating Valuable Content

To attract readers and build a following, your content needs to be engaging and valuable. Use clickbait-style titles to grab attention, but ensure the content delivers on its promise. By consistently providing high-quality content, you’ll build a loyal audience.


In conclusion, content harvesting is a powerful way to make money online. By leveraging tools like Perplexity AI, you can gather and organize content efficiently. Remember, the key is to provide value by structuring content in a unique and engaging way. So, if you’re ready to start content harvesting and unlock the potential of this business model, dive in and get started today!

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