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Clickbank Affiliate Marketing For Beginners-How To Earn Money As An Affiliate Marketer

I remembered it like it was yesterday. It was July 4th of the year, 2000 and I just headed out to my family’s house for the afternoon for all kind of festivity (here in the State we always celebrate 4th of July).  I remember my Dad was joking about Clickbank, what is Clickbank?. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. And when I went home that night, after all the fireworks and everything else, I noticed in my Clickbank account that I’ve made $21 that day.

Here I am, I was completely away from the computer all day. I was a 20-year-old kid and I found out, “Hey check this out, I made 21 bucks from the website I set up that I didn’t even work on it, and boom it just came like magic”. That was the first automatic $21 I ever made on the internet.

Since then I’ve made millions of dollars online. I’m writing this article to show you exactly how Clickbank works, how you can get started with Clickbank if you’re a complete beginner. What are the pros and cons of using Clickbank as an affiliate marketer and how you can get started making money pretty much right now? Because I’ll never forget the feeling I felt.

Even when $21 is completely insignificant, the feeling was amazing. I felt like “Hey I can make money passively from a website I set up, that took about an hour to make back then, and I got paid”.

If you want to get paid, if you want to learn how to make money with ClickBank, this is the right track for you. We’re going to show you exactly what Clickbank is, how to get started with Clickbank, and how you can turn a profit.

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What Is Clickbank And How Does It Work?

Well, Clickbank started about 18 years ago back when I started Affiliate marketing and it started as a digital product sales mechanism. If you had a digital product or a PDF download, then you can sell it online. What Clickbank did is you’ll sign up for an account, set the price of your product, and then you’ll tell them what the link was to download the product after someone ordered.

When someone ordered they put the credit card information in (that’ll go to Clickbank), you’ll get a cart which was the product price, less $1 and less about 7% for processing fees. That was quite more expensive than the regular merchant account yet it was easy. Just sign up and you’ll be in business in minutes.

Clickbank- The Two Sides Of The Coin

Clickbank as a Vendor

Now, in order to have your product on Clickbank, you have to pay a $50 product look out fee. They review your product, make sure it’s good, and that you’re not shady. Once it’s approved, you get everything ready to go. You’ll get a link where people can purchase the product and you get paid.

Now, that is one side of Clickbank and it’s the Vendor side. So we have the vendors on one side. This is if you have a product or service or something that you want to sell, you go to Clickbank, you sign up, and you get your order forms and everything like that. The cool thing about Clickbank is that they have tens of thousands of product vendors. There is all kind of different products from, ‘how to teach your kid to walk or ride a bike, to “how to make money on the internet”. Tons and tons of digital products are on the Clickbank.

The Affiliate sides

Now the other side of the coin is what we call the Affiliate side. As an Affiliate, you can sign up with Clickbank for free. You sign up for an affiliate account and you get to use your name. My username back then was “Momweapons” and my idea was to create software for everything for network marketers. I did that and made a lot of money with it. So your Affiliate name would be whatever you choose. You can now go and look at the ten thousand, or tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of products on Clickbank and you can promote them as an affiliate.

Now, as a product vendor, I have the option of saying, “Hey, yes, I want to pay affiliates to promote my products”.  I can set it from anything from like 1% commission to 75% commission which means that as an affiliate, you can promote the product and get 1 to 75% commission.

That means if the product is $100, and I sell it I’ll get somewhere in the neighborhood of $68 or something like that (after all the fees). As an affiliate, you’re not charged any fee, but because the vendor is charged the 7%, that gets passed on to you so you got to do your math accordingly. On my site, I actually have a Clickbank calculator where you can figure out this stuff. Now, you can go to, see that calculator and learn all about how to make money with the Clickbank. Now the way that this works is that

  • You sign up for an affiliate account at Clickbank
  • Put your username

Let’s say you’re in the niche of teaching children how to ride a bike (This is actually one I did and made a little money with) or in a niche where you’re teaching people how to take care of their goldfish. So there are lots of ways to make money. You’re out there, and you’re like “Okay, I got my website or I got my links for “How to train your Goldfish”.

Then you go to what’s called the Clickbank Marketplace. The Clickbank marketplace is where thousands and thousands of products from vendors are listed. You’ll see certain things in the Clickbank product marketplace.

First of all, you’re going to see:

  • The product name
  • The average amount you can expect to make when you sell that product
  • Gravity-This is how many affiliates have made a sale in the last months. For example, 900 gravity means that 900 different affiliates have made at least one sales. It means it’s pretty popular, also competitive.

And then you’re going to see a big promote button. You’re going to click the promote button to generate a long Clickbank a link and this Clickbank link is your affiliate link. Whenever you send someone to the page through this link and he purchases the product, you get paid. So, that’s how that works.

Also, you’re going to see other things. If it’s a monthly subscription you get paid monthly which is pretty cool.  I still get paid for some monthly subscriptions I signed up back in 2011. It’s just like 7 years of people paying me.

Now you can have links to as many different affiliate products as you want. You can promote all of them if you want. What you want to do is to find products and services that can be based on what your market wants.

So when finding a market for like, ‘how to be a parent’, I can go for a kid riding bike, parenting tips, parenting skills, anything related to parenting. I can go to Clickbank marketplace and find things to promote. So these are the two sides, you can be a vendor and have a product to sell, or you can be an affiliate.

The Good, Bad, And Ugly Side Of Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Now most people reading this are looking to get into Clickbank as an affiliate. So let’s talk about some of the good, the bad, and the ugly about Clickbank affiliate marketing.

It is easy

When we have Clickbank marketing, the good side is that it is easy. You sign up in Clickbank, you get an account and you start making money, literarily, instantly. If you can get traffic, you can make money instantly.

The downside-Sales

The downside is sales. You actually have to make sales to get paid. So if you go out there and you’re like, “I want to get paid $27 anytime someone buys this diet book” You actually have to get people to buy it. Now in CPA affiliate marketing, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you can get paid just for people filling out forms, download things, call a phone number, we get paid. Sometimes it’s easier “to go with CPA affiliate marketing. So that’s one of the downsides of Clickbank.

Refund policy

Another downside of Clickbank is that you get a refund. Clickbank has a refund policy that is approximately like 60 days, no questions asked. You ask for a refund and you get it. This affects your sales. For people starting out, if you’re paying for traffic, you’ve got to factor in the refund rate. You need to factor in maybe 10 to 20% just in case you get refunds. That’s another downside.

Trial unprofessional products

Another downside of Clickbank is that a lot of the products are made by people just trying the thing out. So it might not be professionally done. So what we want to do as affiliate marketers is we want to promote the things that convert. We want things that are going to give us what we call the biggest EPC (Earnings Per Click).

If I send 1000 people to my Clickbank link, how much am I going to get paid? I see a lot of people doing Clickbank and they brag about the numbers like 30 to 60 cents per click which for me is quite low. I’m not in the business to make 60 cents per click; I want to make a lot more.

In some market, 30-60 cents per click is good but in a lot of them like diet and weight loss, and money making, that’s not going to be good enough to justify the amount it cost to get the traffic.

So the EPC is very important and you’ll want to look at that. What I like to do is I like to use Clickbank as a supplementary offer (very important). So when I get traffic to my site, I always want to have a blog or a website. I always want to capture the names and emails of people coming to my site.

You Need A Blog/Website For Your Product

Let’s face it, when you promote a product, the average conversation rate is 1% or lower.

That means if you send 100 people to the site, 99 are going to leave without you making any money. So if 99 people leave out of every hundred and you don’t get paid, that means 99% of your marketing efforts are a total and complete waste of time, energy, money and quite frankly that sucks.

So what I like to do is that I like to set up a blog or a website about the topic. The topic could be diet or weight loss, or something like that. When we go after the topics of diet and weight loss, I can get people to my site and I can say, “Hey check this out, I have a guide for you that’s going to help you with dieting”.

They put their name and email for the guide, and I can follow up with them. Now, instead of getting every 1%, I’m probably going to get something like 30 to 60% to put their name and email in the box. Now I’m not wasting traffic, I can follow up and make sales.

When you’re doing internet marketing, 1% more can make all the difference in the world. So now I can get 30 to 60% of the people and build in a mailing list (they put their name and emails), and I can shoot them the Clickbank offer if that’s what I want to do.

This is an example that I did with the tattoo market. I got my tattoo site, and then I said, “Put your email to search for tattoos”. Then on the thank you page, I run an offer for the gift card/tattoo offer, and then I took them over to the Clickbank offer. Now, the Clickbank offer has made about 10% of the income. So when I got like $200 a day, I was getting about 2 to 3 sales of the Clickbank tattoo book and the rest of the income was from the CPA offers. If you want to be a real affiliate and actually want to make the stuff work in a cool way, I’ll suggest

First and foremost have your own website. I’ll teach you how to do this at and you’ll be in business in like 17 minutes.

Then capture the names and emails of the people that are coming to my site. It is extremely easy to do. We’ll teach you all this stuff here on the channel which is why you’re going to want to subscribe right now and click the bell notification icon. So when you’re doing Clickbank marketing,

  • Make sure your offer fits your traffic method
  • Make sure you’re driving into a website where you’ll either at least have other affiliate offer or at best create a mailing list and then when you send them over you’re going to get a track from Clickbank.

You can go in and track everything. So you go into Clickbank and see exactly what’s going on at a glance. It is very easy and you can get started right now with Clickbank and affiliate marketing.

What I’d urge you to do if you’re interested in affiliate marketing and Clickbank, whether you want to be a vendor or an affiliate, is to go over to and download our free marketing toolbar. This has all the links and tools that you need to get started making a living with affiliate marketing fast, like literarily right now if you want to.

I know you’re going to love that toolbar. It’s free and all I ask is that if you like it and if you want to buy something from me, go ahead. That’s why we’re putting it over there with what exactly I’ m teaching you to do with this process. So what I’m going to do over on that site is if you want that toolbar, put your name and email on the box, then you’re going to download the toolbar, use it and hopefully you buy something down the line. That’s exactly what we’re doing. If you want to see that process, you can go do that and check out all the things we have for you.

So, Clickbank? Is it good?


Is it something you should have in your affiliate marketing playbook?

Of course, it is.

I hope you enjoyed this article, give us some comments on our Facebook page.

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