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Download Your PDF Report Here

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Get 1,000 Legitimate Subscribers And 4,000 Hours Watchtime on YouTube

Get 1,000 Legitimate Subscribers And 4,000 Hours Watchtime Fast Youtube = Success Or Poverty??? — affiliatemarketingmc at YouTube.com.

Today I’m going to show you five easy ways to get subscribers and video views on YouTube, so that you can start getting paid now. We’re talking about making money with the YouTube Partner platform. A lot of people are little freaked out about the ground rules that have been laid out by YouTube, so we’re going to break this down.


4,000 Hours Watched

Let’s say we want to get to 4,000 hours of our content watched, or we want to get 1,000 subscribers. How do we get there? And how much money is at stake in the first place?
First, let’s talk about getting 4,000 hours watched. That’s approximately 260.000 minutes, or about 600 minutes a day. Let’s say our average viewer watches one minute of our video. That would mean we would need 260,000 video views to get 4,000 hours watched. How much money would that be? Some say that YouTubers on the low end make an average or $1 per thousand views. If that’s the case, then you would make $260. Or, if you’re a YouTuber on the high end making $10 per thousand views, that means you’d make $2,600.


1,000 Subscribers

Last year I got to 1,000 subscribers on a brand new channel I made about addiction, which is actually a really competitive market. On this channel, we took it from 0 to about 3,000 subscribers and about 250,000 views. We get tons of views everything month, and we’re doing well. But even so, I don’t monetize that using YouTube, and I’ll talk about why.

Now, here’s what you want to do to get those 1,000 subscribers.


1. Refine your market. What are you doing out there? Are you just making funny videos? Are you teaching something? Whatever you’re doing, you have to refine it. Ask yourself: who is your target audience? Are they people that go to work? Are they people that stay home? Do they want to make money? Do they want to learn skateboarding? Are they people that you know want to learn how to knit? Who is your target market?


2. Use a keyword tool to find out what people are searching for. For example, you might want to check out the Google Keyword Tool. You can also use the glossary method. With this, you go to Google, type in whatever your market its, and then add the word “glossary”. This will also show you what people in your market are searching for.


3. Find the top videos. Once you’ve defined your target market, you want to find the top videos in that market. When you search, you’ll find topics related to videos that are getting lots of views. Try to find the videos using keywords that are easy to rank for.

4. Make a list. Now that you see the top videos and their matching keywords, make a list of the videos that you see. This is what is going to drive your audience.


5. Make content based on your list. If you make a list of 30 videos, you now have 30 new topics to make your own content about. Let’s say you find 30 topics from those 30 videos, and you make your own 30 videos over the next 30 days. You’ll gain subscribers and viewers very fast.

You want to watch for videos that have lower competition. Because the lower competition, the better chance you have at standing out, and the more people will watch your videos, and the more they’re going to subscribe, and the more money you’re going to make.

When you upload your videos, make sure your title is patterned after the keywords that are easy to rank for, and patterned after what’s getting a lot of views.


Bonus: 6. Tell visitors to subscribe. In every video that you make, tell your visitors to subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. Ask them why they aren’t subscribed. Tell them why they should subscribe.

If you use this format, it’s going to work extremely well. I use this on my addiction channel, where we go into things like addiction and anxiety, high-functioning alcoholics, all kinds of things. I find ideas for my content just by making lists of videos that people want to see.

For more information, visit www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.

Setting Up an Autoresponder Email Sequence for Affiliate Marketing

Autoresponder Email Sequence For Affiliate Marketers : Email Marketing Made Easy — affiliatemarketingmc at YouTube.com.

Today we’re talking about email autoresponders, and I’m going to show you how to set up an autoresponder series. We’ll be using AWeber for this tutorial, but the process is similar for other autoresponders.

Some Info About Autoresponders

Autoresponders allow you to create automated messages to go out to your mailing list. Every time someone clicks a link in the email, that’s like getting another visitor that already knows who you are. So it’s really, really profitable.

The key to using your autoresponder is to send visitors back to your blog. As these people get to know you, like you, and trust you, through the good content you send, they’re going to be checking out your affiliate offers and buying your stuff.

When you send out messages, you have to think about what your subscribers’ mindset is. You want to talk to them in a very conversational way. Make sure your content is interesting. Keep it very tight-knight, very in the realm of why your subscribers signed up in the first place. Everything you promote should be true.

As you’re thinking of ways to provide value to your subscribers, consider giving out PDFs and downloads. These get big time clicks. There are samples of these in the Simple Sites Course at www.SimpleSitesBonus.com.


Create a Mailing List

Before you can use your autoresponder, you have to receive emails to mail out to.

So, you need a place on your site to collect peoples’ names and emails, also known as a squeeze page. You can see an example of this on my website at www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.

You can see that the user can put their name and email in the box, and they get whatever it is we promised them. So in this example, we’re promising them a really cool Affiliate Marketing Dude toolbar.

When people enter their name and email into the box, you’ll add those onto a mailing list. Now you’ll know who you’ll be sending your emails out to.


Setting Up Your Autoresponder Series

Now we can create our list of emails that will go out in succession once someone puts in their name and email. They can get a message instantly, the minute they fill it out.

For this tutorial, we’ll be creating messages on AWeber.

On the AWeber platform, we hover your cursor over the “Messages” section in the top navigation bar, and select “Legacy Follow Up Messages”. We’ll arrive at this page.

We’re going to create our emails using the HTML Editor.

Now we’re ready to set up a message. We’ll start with the subject line.

If we want, we can display subscriber info in the subject line. In this case, we want to say our subscriber’s first name.

Then we can type out the rest of our subject content.

This will be the subject of the email.

Now we’ll write the body of the message. We can also add subscriber info in the body. We’ll go ahead and use their first name again.



Once we add the subscriber name, we can type out the body of the message.

Now we’re going to link to the page where our subscribers can download the toolbar. The page is at www.affiliatemarketingdude.com/download.HTML.

This is the page where they can download it:

In our message, we will highlight the phrase that we want to link to, then click on the “link” icon in the navigation bar.

A box will pop up, and we’ll paste our link into the “URL” section.

We’ll know that it works if our text in the email is underlined and linked.

Now we’re going to continue with the rest of our message, adding one more link towards the bottom.

Then I usually include a P.S. I like to include the link in each of my emails, maybe three to five times at the most. That way, I get more chances for people to click on them.

It’s going to drive visitors back to our page.

Then we can put our disclaimers and other things below. I usually put some periods on individual lines to break up the text a little bit.

AWeber will put our automatic footer with our address and everything like that.

(If you’re going to put in your address, I would highly recommend that you get a P.O. box. That way people aren’t writing you at home.)

Once we’re done, we’re going to hit “save and exit”.

Then we arrive at this page. You can see the email we just created at the top of the list as a new draft.

We hover our mouse over the “Send Options” button, and select “Add to Follow Up Series”.

A box pops up with some information about our email message. This tells us that this message is our welcome message. As soon as our subscribers fill out that form, they’re going to get this.

We make sure the box is checked for tracking links, and click on “Add to Follow Up Series”.

When we’re done, we come to this page:

Let’s say we want to go ahead and create another email message. We’ll go back to the HTML Editor page.

Then we enter in our new message exactly as we did before.

You might be wondering why I use the word “download” a lot. That’s because it gets a lot of clicks. The word “download” is like the magic sauce for email marketing.

Then we hit “save and exit”.

Our message shows up as a new draft.

As we did before, we hover your cursor over the “Send Options” button, and click on “Add to Follow Up Series”.

Now a new box will pop up and ask when we want to send the next message out. We’re going to have this email sent out one day after the previous one.

Keep the “track links” option selected and click on “Add to Follow Up Series”.  Now, you can see in our follow-up series that we have two messages.

You could do this every day for a year, every week, every two days, whatever you like. The more you email your list, the more money you usually make. Obviously, this is within reason. You don’t want to email them 50 times a day. They’ll get annoyed and unsubscribe. But if it’s information that they really want, you can do this in a really cool way.

The name of the game here is to getting people to come back to your site. Because the more times they visit your site, the more you’re going to make, because they will click on things the more times your ads will be shown to them.


Sending a Broadcast Email

You may decide that you want to send out an email that’s separate from your follow up series. In that case, you can create a broadcast.

Let’s say we want to send this cool thing in a message, right now, to everyone on our list. We can do that. Everyone will still get their regular messages, just like they’re set up, and this one will just go out on top of it.

We hover our cursor back over the “Messages” section in the top navigation bar, and we click on “Broadcasts”.

We arrive at this page.

The steps for creating a broadcast message are the same as they are for creating a follow up message.


Final Review

Remember, these messages go out while you’re on sleeping, while you’re not working, even while you’re on vacation. They’re out there getting people back to your site and hopefully making you money over and over again.

Focus on taking a conversational style, helping your market out, and driving people back to your site, where your content and offers are going to be. Always provide good content based on why your subscribers filled out the form in the first place. Every piece of content should be geared to lead them to the next step.

In the Simple Sites Big Profits course, I teach a lot of little tips and tricks that I use with email marketing.

These include using custom variables, how to structure messages to get the best click-through, how to bond with your list, how to make money with your list, and more. We’ll go through and check out your messages and see how you’re doing, and we’ll help you get a better click-through rate. You can check out the course at www.SimpleSitesBonus.com.

For more information, visit www.AffiliateMarketingDude.com.

My Super Affiliate Mentor

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What is Affiliate Marketing and HOW Does it Work For Beginners EASY Guide


What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Works For Beginners

In order to make money online, you need to be paying attention. Are you paying attention? Because clearly, not a lot of people are paying attention. If you’re paying attention, you’ll know that these Insta-pot that I bought, I had told you about it several months ago on my YouTube channel how it’s a great niche.

And you’ll also know that on Amazon prime day, this Insta-pot sold 300,000 units in one or two days.  So imagine if you’re paying attention to affiliate marketing, you’ll actually be able to make money with this stuff. For example, you can get a commission of 10% per unit which is a $100 each.

I also got a grill from the internet. It costs about $300 and there was a commission paid to an affiliate that sells that. Also is a little stove that I use. That one is also online which sells and gets a lot of commission. Imagine how many of this is being sold online? All of these are online and you can make a commission selling them. Not just that, you can get paid on all the things people are doing all the time on the internet. It’s really crazy to me how people don’t pay attention to affiliate marketing. People are just not paying attention. They are not focusing on where the money is.

I’m going to show you how affiliate marketing works so that you can start paying attention. So let’s get started.

Here is an article we made that talk about how much we made in sales.

A lot of things were sold. Imagine if you made a fraction of the amount of money that was made with this sale.

So let’s take a lot at some other things. Are you paying attention to the fact that Amazon pays a commission of a lot of the product that they sell? This means if you link a product to Amazon and people buy them, you get a commission. And guys, people are buying a lot of stuff every single day. I’m even going to show you how to get paid even If people are not buying stuff from your website.

Imagine if you just set up a little cooking website and you talked about the insta-pot, grill, and all other things. And you were just raking in money. So we’ve got to focus on that.

Now, I’ve got to tell you: I’ve been doing these stuffs for 18 years. I’ve made millions of dollars online and I don’t expect your result to be typical. I don’t know what you’re going to make. The average person makes nothing, but if you follow what I tell you, I think you’ll get result.

I also want you to realize that when I show you these things and say you should be paying attention, you haven’t had the 18 years experience; somebody is trying to give you a shortcut. So when you use the internet, you’ll see what’s going on behind the scene and you’ll see how people get paid.

If you like these stuff, make sure that you subscribe and hit the little bell icon. That way, when I go live and I do live training to show you how these works, you can be there. And when I come out with new videos, you can be there too.

So here is the table of commission.

I don’t really make a lot with Amazon; I don’t do a lot with them. I do CPA marketing and sell to other stuffs because I find the offer much better commission than other places. And sometimes you can get a discount and things for your customers.  Let’s go over to the Amazon homepage.

This is where millions of people every day start their internet journey. You can see the top selling items on prime day so let’s take a look.

First of all, the thing that I notice in this industry for 18 years is the fact that it says, “New content available, c

Click here to refresh”. Let’s click on it and see what they say.

They say, “Get to MSN faster; add the MSN new tab for chrome”. That tells me that Amazon has a toolbar for chrome and they want you to use it so much that they are willing to put it on their homepage which means they are probably willing to pay affiliates like you and me to get people to download me.

Much like the stuffs I did with recipe toolbars, bible toolbars and all that. All I did was give away a toolbar and I get paid a lot of money, 7 figures in some market (which is really crazy). All just to get people to download things, just like Amazon is doing right there.

Now, let’s take a look at the other things: here we have sponsored ads.

These sponsored ads are paying to be there, which means whether they are insane or they are making money.

“Pay 0 interests until 2019”. They are showing you just various different credit cards. Why in the world will they do that? They are doing that because the credit card companies are paying for you to apply for credit cards. I know because I have done this on one of my websites.

We got tons of applications for credit cards. I was one of their biggest affiliates and we’re making thousands of dollars a month just referring people that were looking for gas prices to credit cards that save money on gas. So, it’s the same kind of thing here. If you’re paying attention, this stuff is going to make sense to you.

Let’s see another one. There are tons of them on this page and you can check out whatever you want. We can see here, “trending now”. So they are actually showing you the things that are getting a lot of searches right now. If I went to create an ad on Amazon and I went for one of these searches, I’d probably get traffic now.

We can also see what’s really popular. Here is also another one with, “the highest paid affiliates”.

These have different things you can do, like “Continue’.  Look at this: this is from the “highest paid affiliate marketers”.

They are making money with these banners up there. You can also see the related topics on every one of these pages. Why would this be there? So, let’s click on them: I’m going to show you what actually happens.

Now, look at this: what they are doing is they are taking you to more search results. These people/offers here are paying for traffic. So all he does is to make an article that is interesting, link to some stuff and he’s got the search engine and he’s getting paid when people click it. He’s not even selling anything. All he did was lure you in with some kind of article like, “top 25 highest paid affiliates”.

Let’s take a look at more here: “Tips for cleaning your grills”

He has an article. And then check it out, he’s got some listings. When you click them, you’ll go to a page that again shows top search results for the top grills. So they are getting paid when people click on these stuffs. So you’ve got to be paying attention, otherwise, you’ll not be able to make money online. And if you pay attention to what I’m telling you (like the example of the insta-pot I told you), you’re going to make money.

Let’s see other examples. This is something about the credit card offers.

And again, this is a credit card offer and the affiliate network pays a ton for these. They pay $100 or more per applicant. And I don’t even need they need to be approved; they only need to be an applicant.

You can do this with mortgages, toolbars. Imagine if you took those sports people looking at the athlete a sports toolbar. You can now see that a lot of this stuff works and they are happening right now, but a lot of people are not paying attention which is why they are not making money.

You’re going to get paid as an affiliate marketer if you pay attention. You’ve got to be tuning in to what’s going on. You’ve got to see how people are making money.

In addition to places like Amazon, Google Adsense and other places paying you, you can also check out affiliate networks. One of my favorites is going to offervault. Offervault is a search engine for affiliate offers.

So I can go to the search for “credit card”. Then I can see what they pay for various credit cards.

We’re going to scroll past the sponsored stuffs. Most times, they are credit card offers where you sign up for a credit card. I know one of them which is credit.com. Here you can sign up as an affiliate and you can get paid when people sign up for various different credit cards. They even give you tools for your site so that you can use them. It works extremely well and they pay a crazy amount. The internet is a big place. People are buying things. People are doing things and you can get paid.

For example, let’s say we go over to offervault and we want to promote a toolbar. Let’s say we want to promote a flight search toolbar. We have $2:30 cents, 2:43cents and lots more when they download this toolbar. This is for people looking for a way to save money on travel.

We can also do for video download converter. This is a great one and I have made a lot of money from this. You’ll get people to download a video download converter (which they actually want to download) and you can make money on that.

Again, results are not typical. Most people don’t make anything. I don’t know what you’re going to make.

If we go over to the Google Adword tool and we look up to something like, “download video and we hit search. Watch how many people are searching for this stuff.  It’s literarily mind bugling. Now, 7 million people are searching and I get paid $0.75 every time they download. If I get traffic for $0.03 a click: that would be 25. That means if I convert 1 out of every 25, I’m breaking even. And with more than that, I’m making money.

Now there are a lot of other stuffs you can promote. The key is you’ve got to be paying attention. So if you like this training, subscribe to my channel, click the bell and start paying attention and stay around for my live streams where I teach new stuffs every Wednesday 10 am on how to make money with Affiliate marketing. If you’re interested in doing this stuff and like the way that I teach, hop over to simplesitebonus.com and pick up a copy of the simplesite big profit course and I’ll teach you how to make money, give you support and help you make this work. Thank you for reading, I’m Marcus.

Affiliate Marketing Shortcuts

Affiliate Marketing Shortcuts For Beginners

Today, what we’re going to be doing is talking about the affiliate marketing shortcuts. A lot of people in affiliate marketing, they say, “You know Marcus, it takes a long time to make money, it takes a long time to set things up, it takes a long time to see result”. Anybody watching video after video of a lot of trainers in our industry will see that most say it’s going to take anywhere from 12 to 24 months to see results on your investments from a new website that you build.

Now, let’s disclaimer this: Obviously, get rich quick doesn’t exist. However, you don’t need to wait a long time to get results. And that’s what this training is going to talk about. Watching my videos or reading my note does not guarantee that you are going to make anything. There are a lot of variables to this business: you can lose money, you can make money, and you can make nothing.

We don’t know what’s going to happen. All we know is these are the things that I’ve been using over the last 18 years to take a site from nothing to Profit. My record time is 13 minutes. I mean, after 13 minutes that I’ve registered a brand new domain name and put a site up, I actually had profit in my affiliate account.

Those profits were about $3 and the domain cost me $9. So I was down about $6. And by the time the day was over, that one little website, often times have made $100. Some of them have gone to make $1600 the first day online. So we’ve got to look at them and be objective.

Today, what we’re going to do is talk about the affiliate marketing shortcuts. What are the things that you can do to get started? Technically, what people tell you to do with affiliate marketing is to find a niche. And they say a niche could be anything, it could be something you’re interested with. A niche could be something that you like. A niche could be something that you know about. This is what most affiliate marketing training teaches you to do. They say, “Hey, you know what? If you’re good at carpentry, build a woodworking site. If you’re good at typing, make a site about typing. If you know French, maybe you should make a website about teaching the French language.” That’s how they tell you to start.

And then you go through and say,” Now that I found this niche, what I’m going to do is that I’m going to set up a blog”. And they tell you to set up this blog, build it about keywords and try to get it to rank in Google. Now, if you have been around more than a half hour, you know that sometimes if you don’t refine your niche, it could be quite difficult to rank your site in Google. So if you’ve heard people say, find a niche you’re good at, and eventually, if you keep doing it, you’re going to rank. Now, “eventually” is not a word that I like to use in business.

Imagine if Google, or Facebook or any big company comes to you and say, “We want you to invest in our company and eventually you’ll get your money back”. Maybe/eventually? You’ll be like, “I’m not going to invest nothing”.

So, they say, “find a niche and eventually you’ll get listed in the search engine. Eventually, you’ll start to rank and you’re going to make money.” They’ll say, “Anywhere from 24 months or more”. In other words, you build a site and you don’t see a dime for like 2 years. That’s okay, but that’s not what I’m in to. I’m a very impatient person and I like to read the game in my favor. Obviously, in ethical and legal ways, we want to read the game in our favors. How do we do that?

In this training what I’m going to do is go over 13 little shortcuts that you can use to take a site from zero to profit fat.

Three Variables Of Affiliate Marketing

There are three variables, they are: Finding a niche, getting traffic and making money. What I want to do is I want to get results now. The reason why I want to get results now is because it is motivation. If you have been doing affiliate marketing for a while, I want you to imagine what it’d be like tomorrow if you wake up to a sale of like $30 in your Clickbank account.

That’s motivation. So you’ll want to do a lot more of what you were doing that get that sale so you can get a lot more sale. How many of you feel like money will motivate you? That’s because you are seeing the fruit of effort.

Finding a niche

There are lots of videos on my Youtube Channel. If you’re not yet subscribed, subscribe to my channel, click the little bell, and go watch those videos on niche finding. With that, you can find niches all the time.

Getting traffic

This is where we are going to focus. Because here is the deal: if you had traffic right now that was targeted for your offer you’ll probably be making money. If your traffic was targeted, and you had the right offer in front of them, you will make money. This is the block that is holding you back. If you can get the traffic in the right way and put the right message in front of them, then you are off to the races.

13 Affiliate Marketing Shortcuts For Beginners?

If I said, “I got like half a million visitors a month that is interested in refinancing their mortgage”. Sure, that’s a lot of money. If you have 500 thousand visitors a month in the mortgage market, you’re making money.

So, finding a niche doesn’t really matter because a niche is traffic.  The niche is where you’re going to get your traffic.  It’s the same thing.  The traffic is just a method to get in front of the niche. When we get this ironed out, you’re going to see how it works. .

Getting the traffic is where most people are hung up.

Like in my live training, couple of hundred people are watching the live training. If you went through and said, “Marcus, I have a thousand people who want to watch your live training” and you sent a thousand people to watch me live, I’d make a lot of sales. The same thing as your website, if you have a lot more people, you’ll make a lot more sales. That’s not rocket science, just basic common sense business knowledge.  But the problem with business knowledge is,  a lot of people that want to make money online don’t really have the business knowledge.  Secondly, the people who have the business knowledge, for some reasons when it comes to online stuffs, it just goes out the window and it’s like some weird territory.

It’s like if I want to run a marathon, there is no difference in running the marathon now versus running it in the Olympics.  The only difference is the stigma in my mind around the Olympics. I’m running the same,  I’m on the same shoes, I’ve got the same track,  I’m going the same distance.  The only difference is mindset.

And that’s why so many people struggle with things when they get in front of people. So a lot of this stuff is mindset.  So we’ve got to really focus on the business stuffs that work.

For example, let’s say you want to open a lawn care business.  You’re like,  “I want to be a Gardner, I want to do lawn care and get out there”, what would you do? What you’d do is to ask for the business.

Let’s say, for some reasons,  I need to make an x amount of dollars per month. What would I do?

I’d probably go door to door and tell enough people about the stuff and maybe even offer them a free service for the first stuff.

So that’s what I’d do.  That’s basic business practice. I can do Google, ads and all other things but the most effective way is to go door to door.

Now I want you to look at what we did.  What we did is we circumvented everything and we just walked to the customer’s house and said, “hey, you need lawn care”. That what happens.



Does this also apply to creating a website?

It’s the same thing. When you create a website don’t wait around for people to come to you.  Actively go to them.  That’s what marketing is about.  Marketing is about going to somebody who has the means, the desire, and the need for whatever you have to offer.

What I want to go over today is the difference between direct response and branding.  Because a lot of people talks about branding. My facebook feed is full of people that are like “you’ve got to brand yourself”. And it’s like, what are you branding? Who are you and what are you doing?

Branding is for apple.  Branding is for Nike.  Branding is for huge companies that have big ad budgets. Here is the sad fact: I can do YouTube videos, I can put sites up there, I can do all kind of things, most of the people who see my stuff may not remember my meme in a month. So branding is not going to work if it’s your dollars on the line. If it’s Nike, Coca-Cola or any other big company, they can afford to brand because they can afford to put messages in front of you every single day.

You can’t afford to do that.  So what do you do instead?

What you’d do is called direct response marketing.

Notice that in the example, we talked about the lawn care.  You didn’t go to them and say,  “I have 500,000 of these customers that are really happy, or I have this and that”. No, you didn’t do that.  Those are all good, but when you’re just starting out, those aren’t going to get you anywhere. Instead what you’d do is say, “hey,  I believe in my lawn care so much,  I’m going to mown your lawn for free. And then you’re going to sign up”.

What you did was you went in there, find the customer and you went direct and find their response right then and right there.

Direct response marketing is what makes a lot of people online a lot of Money.


You get companies like clickfunnels.  Why does clickfunnels works?  Because it’s based on direct response marketing.

A lot of people make a lot of money with clickfunnels because it is set up to get a direct response. Notice how their pages work. They are like; okay you make a page that’s like “put your name and email to get this”. That’s a direct response. You either respond or you leave.

And if you respond, I’ll put you in my database and you’ll have to get my marketing messages. If you leave, that’s fine. Direct response is asking for a response right now. Whether it’s a response like “fill out a form”, or “buy a product”, “click my affiliate ad”, whatever it is, direct response is getting a response right now. Compare that with <find your niche that you like- work for 24 months and hope that people buy because now you’re getting a traffic. That’s not what we want to do. We want to do direct response right in the face marketing.

There are shortcuts you can take to make this happen. And all of the shortcuts focus on direct response. I’d rather go out there, focus on getting 10 visitors a day and focus on getting a sale. Focus on something that’s direct, focused and targeted.

  1. Pay per click test

My favorite way to jumpstart or shortcut affiliate marketing profit is with a paid traffic test. Now, you can literarily go to any search engine that offers paid search marketing. You can set up an ad and within 30 minutes, you’ll be showing on the search engine. Isn’t that fast? Instead of waiting for 24 months to get traffic, you can go right now and buy traffic. Like the one we bought last week: in 30 minutes we were up. So pay per click test is very good. You can go there.

A lot of people are afraid of paid traffic because they are thinking “what if it doesn’t work?” Now, the key to remember about paid traffic is you must do things right.

Again like I said, a lot of people when it comes to internet marketing forget all the business skills. I look at half of the websites that get sent to me, and I’m like “why do you think this stuff will work?” People are searching for this term and your site is not focused on the term. So why would you expect it to work? When you’re doing a pay per click test (And I do this in the simple-site-big-profit course which you can get at simplesitebonus.com), you must focus on what people are looking for.

For example, let’s say I’m getting traffic from the word “cooking videos”. Well, my site better says, “cooking videos”, it better have some links to cooking videos and it better has something that I can make money on that these people are going to want. Because I doubt most of these people are going to want to sign up for a cooking class.

However, I might be able to get them to download a recipe toolbar or maybe something of that nature. I might probably get them to opt-in to a mailing list so I can have a mailing list of people that are interested in cooking.

Even if you’re doing the free traffic method that takes a while, you still want to have direct response copy on your site.

So the first way is to go buy some traffic.  You can go to a search engine and buy traffic right now for any keyword you want.  A lot of it is extremely inexpensive. For instance, you can say you want to spend $5 in a day. When it gets to $5, it’d shut off. If you didn’t make any money, you pause it.  I like to do a test with at least 300 people.  So if you’re in a market where the traffic is 30 cents, it’s going to cost you 90 bucks for the test. If you’re in a traffic market where it is 10 cents, it’d cost you 30 bucks.

Again, you only want to test when you know something has the potential of working. I don’t want to send them to my blog that is not even set up. I want to send them to my page that is going to work. A direct response page that says “here you are, fill this up, do this thing, download this, order this product, e.t.c”, because you want to get results now.

  1. Traffic borrower (ads, comments, banners, jv, solos)

The second way that I like to shortcut these things is what I call the traffic borrower method. This is a method I’ve been using for years and it works extremely well. And if you’re taking notes, this is going to be value packed. You’re going to get a lot of tips. And if you like this tips, check out simpelsitebonus.com and go learn them in details.

Now, what is a traffic borrower?

Here is the deal: right now, on any search engine that you go to, if you type in your niche, how many sites show up? If you go to Google or Yahoo, and you’re like, “I’m in the niche of elderly care”. If you go to Google and type elderly care, how many sites show up for your niche or keyword? They are usually 10. So right now, in your niche, ten people are getting your traffic.

You can now look at those ten sites and see if there is a way to buy, broker, trade traffic with those people. Or you can even see if there is a way to get involve free, like, forums and stuffs. Now, this works really well if you’re doing ads. You can go buy an ad on a site. I’ll tell you what: 9 out of 10 websites don’t know how to monetize their traffic.

What I’m teaching you how to do in our videos and at the simple site course is I’m teaching you how to monetize traffic. If you can monetize traffic, the sky is the limit. All you’ve got to do is find people who don’t know how to monetize traffic, get their traffic and make a ton of money.

So you can go out there and do the traffic borrowers when you’re looking at ads. You can do comments on a blog. If you have a helpful comment on a blog that already ranked on Google and you say, “Hey if you want to learn more about this, check out my site”. You’re getting traffic instantly. Another example is with a solo ad. That would be a great way to get traffic right now. A lot of people do solo ads wrong, we’re going to teach you how to do it right.

  1. Social media direct targeting (free or paid)

The third shortcut to internet marketing and affiliate marketing prosperity is to use social media direct targeting. You can do this free or you can do this paid. Here is the deal: right now there are Facebook groups. In fact, there is a Facebook group for my city. Here in Florida, there is a Facebook group and I heard that someone offered a lot of money for that group. And there is a lot of people talking. If you had a restaurant and you went on Facebook and you’re like, “I had a restaurant that is right down the street. Everyone in this group gets 10% off “.

And we go to that and we’re like, “hey check it out”. This would work; it would get you, instant customers. The same thing happens in groups that are interested in a stay at home moms, work at home, or how to exercise. There are groups for everything.  Now, you’ve got to do this with direct response. We are not doing social media branding. We are doing direct response.

You need results now, not 2 years from now. You can do free traffic, you can go on and buy ad on social media. And you can be in front of your people right now. So you can do that and target exactly who you want. The theme of this training for shortcuts of affiliate marketing is that you are not helpless. We are not doing helpless marketing. We are not setting something up, hoping and praying that some money people come to our site.

That’s not what we are doing. You’ve got to know what works. You’ve got to be a student of what people click on. You should be researching what kind of banner gets the best response? What kind of ads gets the most clicks? What kind of email gets the most open rates? These are the things that make money. These are the things you need to look at and they are the things I teach people about my training.

  1. Banner Ad in your market

The 4th hack or shortcut to affiliate marketing success is Banner ad. I guarantee if you use this, you will start to get results. It might not be a huge bank account in 24 hours, but you will see what people do. And seeing what people do is half the battle. I’m a student of what people do. That’s your job. You watch what people do.

Again like I said there are 10 sites for every keyword. You want traffic now? Go to theb10 sites.  I have literally gone through and I bought a banner ad on a site that was ranked in my market.  And I bought a banner ad that cost $600 every 2 weeks.  That ad made me $16,000 a month. That’s a 10x. I made ten times my money.

And all it was,  was a simple little note asking people to download things. They didn’t have to out their email or buy anything, it was a simple button that got them to do that.  There are banner ads in every market that are cheap. Why?  Because people are not students of what people do.

They are sitting there just trying to get traffic. You can be good at traffic, I’m good at selling.  You can go to sites like banneradnetworks.com, bysellads.com and lots of places where you can go get banner ads.  There is a banner video in the simple site course. You can learn about that. All of these tools and tips are going to be updated.

  1. Fast SEO Using Direct Words and Video

You’ve looked at SEO and you’re like “SEO takes a while”. You’re not going to get the number one rank with a new site if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you know what you’re doing, it’s still very difficult. So what do we do instead? What we’ll do is to use fast SEO using direct words and videos. You can also use WordPress. Here is the deal: SEO is 100% about the keyword you choose. If you’re not getting results fast, you’re not choosing the right keyword.

In the simple site course and all of my training programs, we show you how to find the right keyword. How do you find the right keyword that’s going to work for you? Instead of going for the word mortgage, why don’t you try the word, “qualifications for the FHA loan”. These are things people type in. And the difference is, you’re getting deep in the buying funnels which mean it’s easier to convert them.

I can do better setting up a 100 keyword pages and getting ranked for keywords I know I can rank for than you’re going to do spend all the time on the word mortgage.

  1. Simple landing page and Direct Traffic

Create a simple landing page and don’t get hung up in the tech stuff. Literarily, if you go through my stuff, download my themes and use the tools that we provide in the simple site course, you can make a landing page in 30 minutes. If it takes more than 30 minutes, you’re spending too much time and you’re doing it wrong. You need to spend your time on getting people to fill out your form not making the form look pretty. So many people try to make stuffs look pretty. Pretty doesn’t sell, I have tried it. You test a pretty site versus ugly site; the ugly site wins hands down. I’ve actually tested things. I’ve worked hard making the affiliatemarketingdude.com logo. You know what? Most people don’t like logos.

When I removed the header from a page, instant sales jump. You may have been making your site pretty for years, but that’s not what’s going to sell. What’s going to sell is your message. So I want you to go out there and create a simple landing page. You can drive some traffic to it. This is why clickfunnels works because of the simple landing pages.

  1. Press releases targeted at your easy keywords

The 7th way to shortcut your way is through press releases. Press releases are cool because you can get a lot of attention. And they are not like the media. You’re not trying to get in the news; you’re just trying to use the press releases to boost site up in the search engine to get people to view it.

Why do press releases work? Because they are on a big press release website and that big press release website gets looked up by big search engines all the time. Again, you have to target it at your easy keywords to make it work.

  1. Get involved in your market talk sites

Did you know that right now, there are forums and sites in just about every industry? I actually built up a brand new site and I got traffic, ranking and backlinks by literally going to an anxiety forum.

I just posted some contents and I said, “Well, I was an alcoholic and I had anxiety and here is how it worked. If you like this, I’ve got some videos on my site”.

People start coming in right away.  I even built up a YouTube channel on it.  You can do this in any market.  That’s why a lot of subcategory marketers worship the warrior forum.

The problem with internet marketing and affiliate marketing is that you worry about what you think and what you like.  What matters is, what are people doing? So you can get involved in the talk sites. Just do a search for your keyword and forums.

  1. Make big buck with phone lead and calls

There are people out there who need to make money right now.  I have been in that situation multiple times. I was like,  “I need money now,  not tomorrow”. If you need to make money now, put yourself up and do this.  Here’s what you do: you’ll find a market, and you drive phone leads. I hate calling people on the phone.  I just don’t like doing it.  But sometimes, if I want to make some extra sales, If I hop on the phone, I can make thousands of dollars.

Again, results not typical. You have to call the right people and have an ethical thing to sell.

So no one should ever complain that they are too broke to afford my stuffs. Because you can go out there and literally hop on the phone, talk to people right now and you can sell stuffs. Think about this.  That is the ultimate direct response marketing. But the problem is most people would rather complain than make a 30 seconds call.

  1. Use a Pay per click content network

Again, back to the idea of the 10 sites for every keyword term.  You can go to the content network and buy an ad on their site.  I’ve been in a market where it is one dollar a click. I’ve gotten traffic for 7 cents. Why?  Because it’s not on the search engine,  it’s on the sites that are on the search engine.  It’s still the same thing and person and it’s very inexpensive.

We talked about the pay per click network in the simple site course.  So it works really well and you can learn about it.  That is how I have made most of the money that I have made when it comes to pay per click content network.  This work insanely well.  A lot of people don’t talk about them.


  1. Create a contest and sell through social media groups.

This is one I did a couple of weeks ago. You could sell through a contest on social media.  This is something I did and I didn’t realize it’s going to go well as it did.  I got people in a Facebook group and I said,  “hey guys if you’re interested in this, I’m going to have a live training where we are all going to compete.

Whoever gets the most lead will receive a thousand bucks and whoever gets a second will receive 500 bucks”. It took me a day to come up with the idea.  The next day it was up and running and within a week we had a bunch of sales.

  1. Find avenues to help people instantly

Here is the deal: this is what people Miss. The internet is all about help. You go to Google, you search for something. What you’re doing is you’re asking Google for help.  So they want help and you can help them.

  1. Put live chat and talk to visitors

This is an extremely effective strategy. Especially for the fact that you can watch exactly what your visitors are doing and where they are coming from.

So that’s the deal.  These are the 13 things you can do to shortcut your affiliate marketing success.  A lot of people say ” I Want to make money now”. Obviously, there are no guarantees in life. Most people make nothing.  But you go in there and you do direct response, you’re going to see results.

Now if you want a true shortcut to making this work, our most successful students start with a high ticket niche. This takes out all the guesswork because what we finished find the niche for you.

We find your niche, get your domain name and you get that.

You own it, you can sell it or do what you want with it. On top of that we’re going to put up your site, and get some contents on it.


I’m going to build the site in a direct response way and I’m going to walk you through everything. I’ll suggest you go to highticketniches.com, sign up, fill out the form and we’ll help you make it work. If you’re on a budget, there is Marcusmentor. me where you can go as well.  There is also where you can go if you’re a previous customer and want to update your support, get more plugins and all that.

The three options are really good.  High ticket niches are the best.

So let’s go ahead and take questions.


You said Katra was great as an autoresponder but you still use a Weber,  what should I use?

Either one!  Go to my site and you’ll see a comparison of them.

Katra is great if you want to sell stuffs on your own but not as an affiliate.

What do you do if you don’t understand the mechanics but you do understand the idea?

Get a high ticket niche. Bypass all the tech stuff; let me help you find your niche. You do what you understand.

Do I have to use my real address in autoresponder?

No, you can get a P. O. Box.  That’s what I do.

Should I start affiliate marketing in the IM niche or do CPA?

If you’re just starting and you want to get into the internet marketing niche, compete with people who don’t know what they are doing and do CPA marketing.




For a newbie in click bank, do you recommend free or paid traffic?

I recommend you go for what your market demands. Let your market determine your traffic method.  Don’t ever force a traffic method on a market.

How do you get indexed on Google?

I actually did a video on that. So go watch that.

My high ticket niche is not doing well, how can I fix it?

The best thing you can do is contact us.

When you set up a niche, can you use the videos from the offer?

It depends on the offer. To have to check the offer.

Is there a difference between the mentor program and the simple site?

The mentor program is like a basic ask questions with videos.  The simple site is like the course. So if you want the course, get simple site.

Also if you have simple site or high ticket niche and you bought them a while ago, get the mentor to update your support. For any questions you have, you can get us on live chat and see how it works. So go get signed up.  Let’s make some money, let’s have fun. Thanks again for reading.