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As a writer, when I write a blog post without AI, I start out making sure I really understand my topic and the organization I want to use. I do planning and research to identify the best ideas to include, and I always create an outline beforehand. The process doesn’t change much with AI — I use it to help plan, brainstorm, organize topics, and create an outline. Even if I have AI produce a draft, I always go through it to check for accuracy and add my own human element. The balance of how much my own voice needs to be in there depends on the type of blog post I’m doing. If it’s more technical, it won’t matter that it doesn’t include personal anecdotes. If it’s more reflective, then it will require a lot more of my own injection of thoughts.


1.Keyword Research

2. Intent Focus

3. Lay Of THe Land

4. Compilint And Direction

5. First Draft

6. Add Ons / Tables Ect

7. Selling

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36 thoughts on “Ai Formating – Simple Way To Make Money”

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  2. Hi Marcus,

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