I Gave My Subscriber A $150K Business…



9 thoughts on “I Gave My Subscriber A $150K Business…”

  1. Macus, you just unveiled hidden secrets in affiliate marketing that a lot of us don’t know. The value of this information to those who KNOW it is immense but to anyone who doesn’t know the value then maybe iy wouldn’t worth much. No wonder a majority of affiliate marketers like us are not making money. Hopefully following you and learning from you will put me in the ranks of those making money …Thanks my man…

  2. Yup I’m lost as to where to start as well. Along with how to put the prices together. How to do the proper research etc etc.

  3. Hey Marcus I seen a great article on Ai check it out.

    A great use of ChatGPT and other AI is to paste relevant text into the chat box and ask for a summary.

    I did this with 300 suggestions that came via a Google form and it did the work better, faster and with more clarity (and less bias) than a person would. Often, we’re clouded by early or vivid data, instead of being patient enough to work our way through it.

    Or consider taking the transcript from a Zoom call… if you send the AI summary to all participants, you’re probably more likely to get responses that include useful congruence on what was actually said.

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