Using Bing Ai Chatbot To Make Money Online

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  1. Your the Obi Wan of Digital Marketing and the force is Great in you. I am not sure what your light saber color would but I think rather then one solid color perhaps a particle ray of a multitude of colors like one of those 256 colored crayon boxes that would be full of thousands of dots in the beam so powerful that after a couple of contacts with your beam clashing with another it would at some point just absorb theirs. Making it useless and the person battling you left to your decision as what to with them, dispatch then with a sweep of yours in one blow, or use them in another way with your Jedi mind control.

    Okay, enough ego pumping , your not in any shape or form deficient in that area, so I am looking to use your notes on the new Bing Chatbot area. I already like you have spent some coin over the last thirty years and realize the paragigm shift that has occured and the fact that 90 percent of the people waking around regardless of their age, haven’t any clue what Chat Gpt is much less who has it , etc. I ask the question to multiple people weekly , not one , this will change , but not by much , has heard of it.

    Now, is because unless they are in a entrepreneur type of job , their regular 168 hours a week, same time we all have doesn’t allow them the luxury of learning it or the media they limit themselves to does not broach the subject or their thought process already stacked with kids, family, life, or other weights dulls their senses of looking and finding opportunities to remove them from the fog of the vicious circle they repeat everyday. So unless fate pays them a visit by a friend or family member or chance encounter the epiphany they need to lit that bulb 💡 in their brain they may always be in that rat cage.

    I bend your ear here so I can tell you 8 am a believer in passive income streams and want more while the iron of opportunity is red hot. I realize that 20 percent or less make 80 percent of the money, and your to be applauded for sharing your knowledge and using your empathy to help others because I think you come across as genuine want to help people, and make something at the same time while many of the carpetbaggers on YouTube could careless.

  2. You have some amazing content on YT. I’m following your teaching on Bing Copilot AI, but taking notes is impossible unless you know shorthand!

  3. Excellent Video – all of your content is helpful and meaningful. I greatly appreciate you and the content you provide.

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