Can You Make Money with Online Affiliate Review Sites?

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Can you really make $3,000 a week with a simple review site? Is it ethical? Does it work?  

With affiliate review sites, an affiliate marketer takes a product or service and creates a website to review it. The domain name usually contains or is somehow related to the product.  

Creating review sites can be completely successful and ethical. Some affiliates make a full time living reviewing Amazon products on their blogs and websites. But some affiliate review sites use bottom feeder tactics. Today, we’ll be talking about both types of review sites and how you can make the most of them.  


Affiliate Review Sites: Bottom Feeder Tactics  

When bottom feeders create affiliate review sites, they sometimes use product names in their domain names. But they’re dealing with trademark terms. (You should not use a trademarked term in your domain without approval).  

With most bottom feeder review sites, the goal is to capitalize on the traffic the product is already getting. This makes them easy to set up. Bottom feeders are often just trying to make a quick buck, and they don’t care about providing value.  

For example, take a look at my product, the Simple Sites Big Profits course. This is a very successful product and gets a lot of traffic. Every day, people are searching for SSBP.  

The bottom feeder would know there’s not a lot of competition for the words “simple sites big profits”, so he would get a site and rank on that. He would get a domain with those product-related terms in the name – something like “” or “”. He’d go for traffic that’s already there. He’s not providing a whole lot of value to the marketplace, he’s simply scraping the bottom of the barrel for traffic, and sending people to the site. He may make a sale a day or a sale a week, and he might make $100 a day.  

Some companies teach their affiliates to create fake or inaccurate product reviews. They even provide templates. These companies encourage people to “make money” by making fake reviews to promote their company as affiliates. This is wrong! 

These don’t work, they’re unethical, and they don’t provide value. They’re actually damaging the brand of the products they’re promoting. In addition, you can actually get sued for falsely reviewing a product you haven’t tried or slandering a company you haven’t worked with.  

So, don’t create fake review sites, and don’t be a bottom feeder. You could go out there and make a quick buck, but what’s it going to cost in the long term? A law suit? Making pennies when you could be making thousands?  


Affiliate Review Sites: Boss Tactics 

Boss affiliate marketers have their own followings with the reviews they do. They build a business around a niche and review products in that niche. They control their own traffic. They sometimes use product related words in their domains, and this isn’t bad, as long as they are still adding value.  

If they have an affiliate marketing following, then they can tell their following to check out a product. They don’t need to rely on the product name traffic as their traffic source.  

Boss affiliate markers get products, test them out, and do honest reviews. They make a lot more money in the long run and they build a lot of trust with their visitors. Most importantly, they provide value. Remember: pro affiliate marketers build long-term sustainable businesses by providing value to the marketplace. 

If you want to make money the right way, get away from the bottom feeder tactics.  

Whatever you review, you want to control your traffic, not depend on the traffic from the product. You can get traffic that’s not necessarily looking for the product, and there is plenty of traffic out there to build a list in your own market. And, it’s cheaper and easier if you do it the right way.  

When you do review sites, you need to be the commodity. People need to come to you for advice. You are in charge of what you do. Follow what works and what makes sense.  

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