Bridge The Gap And Make Money

Try not to laugh lol this is back in 2009 i believe it was!


High Ticket Niche – one time payment of $1277

  • Our High Ticket Niche program is where our students find the most success! With the purchase of a High Ticket Niche, Marcus hand selects a ranking domain based on non-competitive keywords and super profitable offers within your desired niche and builds the site with you!  We hook you up with WordPress plugins, marketing tools, stellar content, and LIFETIME weekly coaching calls with Marcus via zoom. We also provide a copy of our detailed course, Simple Sites Big Profits in which we recommend you follow along to help better understand the process your site will soon be undergoing. (learn more)

“Done For You” Websites

  • Here you will find a list of Marcus’ hand selected, top auction bought domains! Like our High Ticket Niches’s, these domains are carefully selected based on killer backlinks and awesome rankings. (learn more)

Simple Sites Big Profits – one time payment of $297

  • If you’re new to affiliate marketing, this is where you should start! Our Simple Sites Big Profits course provides in-depth coaching along with all the tools you need to fast track your career in affiliate marketing! Simple Sites Big Profits breaks everything down for you – step by step and includes: live support, niche market ideas, sample profit sites, and guaranteed acceptance to some of Marcus’ favorite affiliate networks. With the purchase of Simple Sites Big Profits, we provide you 90 days FREE of Blog Profit Network, our blog support forum in which we provide updated custom WordPress plugins ($700 value), marketing tools, and weekly coaching calls with Marcus via zoom. (learn more)

Blog Profit Network – $127 + monthly payment of $37

  • Blog Profit Network is our blog support forum where you are able to access updated custom WordPress plugins ($700 value), marketing tools, weekly coaching calls with Marcus via zoom, and video trainings on how to get started with affiliate marketing. (learn more)


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  1. Hello Marcus, how are you. I am a little confuse with your pricing below. The high ticket item for $1277. Is for lifetime support and weekly zoom calls with you personally. And the add on below that, such as the simple site and monthly blog are these extras I need to pay or is it included with the 1277 price.

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