Black Friday Affiliate Marketing Profits 2018

10 Easy Ways To Profit Online On Black Friday

  1. set up a deal site for a specific type of item… like TVS or something
  2. run facebook ads for the top selling stuff on black friday
  3. create a social media on instagram and put pictures with cheap prices and run ads to your affiliate links
  4. buy ads on ppc and drive them to a simple blog with top selling items
  5. join facebook discount groups and send people helpful tips on saving money
  6. make a site about the top gifts
  7. create youtube videos about what not to buy on black friday and what to buy
  8. make a comparison page about top products
  9. post on forums that have deal seekers
  10. do all of the above and send people to one blog to help them find deals and put live chat on it and sit there and sell people all day 🙂


Black Friday Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Today, we’re going to show you exactly how to make money on big sales days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ll want to pay attention to this live training because we’re going to break everything down for you.

Since there are a lot of websites and marketing strategies out there, you may not know who to trust or what will work for you. In order to avoid confusion, we’re going to do what makes sense.

Look at What Makes Sense

Over the next few weeks, until the end of November, there are going to be big sales. People go crazy for major holiday sales, both in stores and online. Online sales brought in around 100 million dollars an hour last holiday season.

Did you wish you could have gotten in on those sales and made money? If so, you’re not alone.

Did You Know? About 1 out of every 2 dollars spent online goes to Amazon!

People are Searching

This holiday season, people are searching for the best deals on gifts and the top things that people are buying.

For example: last year, I recommended marketing the Instant Pot, a pressure cooker that was predicted to sell big. As expected, tons of people bought the product, resulting in millions of dollars in sales. If you had a website talking about the Instant Pot, it would have made money.

The downside? Amazon’s commission is really low – about 3 percent. If the Instant Pot is $80, the commission would be $2.40. The good news is, you didn’t need to do much to earn that $2.40. All you needed to do is put up a site about the Instant Pot, why it’s great, and where people can buy it.

You Don’t Have to Use Just Amazon

What do we know about holiday shoppers?

  1. They are buying from multiple sources.
  2. They want deals!
  3. They are going to buy regardless of whether or not you’re an affiliate.

All you need to do is…

Pass the Cookie

What does this mean? When you get an affiliate link, and that link is clicked, it passes a cookie. This tells Amazon (or whatever store) that Marcus (you) sent the customer who clicked the link. It gives you credit for referring people, just because they clicked your link.

Best Buy, Target, and Walmart have cookie programs that are a bit better than Amazon’s because they last longer, which gives you a chance to make more.

Because so many people are trying to do this, you need to pass the cookie early and often.

Do Your Research

Research isn’t as difficult as it sounds. If you know how to use Google, you’re halfway there.

Then, if you Google “top selling items Black Friday 2017,” you’re the other half of the way there.

Remember how we knew that the Instant Pot would sell well last year? It wasn’t a coincidence – all you need to do is Google it. You can look up top selling items for this year, even before Black Friday, and you’ll find lots of articles about products that are predicted to sell.

We don’t have to make our own predictions for Black Friday, we just go by what the market tells us.

Get a Domain Name

Use to get a free domain name. You could name it something like “Top Black Friday Deals 2018” (which would translate to

Or, narrow it down a bit by creating a site just for a certain type of product, for example, “Best Black Friday Makeup Deals.”

Get People to Click

You want targeted traffic from people who are going to buy. Let’s say you decide to name your site, “Black Friday Cooking Deals.” You would just need to make a list of about ten products, and write a little review on each.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used or even heard of the product before.

Any question you could have about a product has already been answered. If you go to the product page on Amazon or another shopping website, you’ll find FAQs about the product, plus reviews from people who have already bought it.

On your site, use that information to show people why they should buy the product, then give them the link where they can do that.

How to Rank with a New Site

It’s very unlikely that you’ll get free search engine rankings with a brand-new site. However, there are a few other ways to get people to view your site.

Use Social Media

People use social media to get a variety of information, including information on what to buy. You can share your new site on Facebook and encourage people to check out the deals you’ve found.

Or, you could use Pinterest. Create an image with your FAQs and a picture of the product you want to promote and post it to Pinterest. If you were using the Instant Pot example, Pinterest would be a great social media platform to use because it’s where people go to find things like recipes.

Paid Search

You can bid on “deal” words for cheap, and get paid traffic within minutes. As long as you have good content and a good ad, this can work for you.


People are likely to engage with videos, as they can be shorter and more interesting than a regular text post. If you make a video talking about the best products to buy for Black Friday, then give people the name of your website, you can get traffic.

Don’t post raw affiliate links on other sites. Post them on your site because you want visitors to come back to your site.

Viewer Questions

I’m not good with computers. Can I still learn this?

Absolutely. WordPress is very easy to use and if you use the plug-ins, it can be even easier.

Legally, do you have to disclose that yours is an affiliate link?

Yes. You can just say something like, “I’m an affiliate, and I get paid to provide cool stuff.” You’re not asking people for their money, you’re just asking them to click on your links.

Where should I do research?

Google is still the best and easiest way to research.

Even without Google rankings, is it possible to get a good-looking page and start making sales right away?

Yes, you can start today!

How do I make the site?

Use a simple WordPress blog. WordPress makes it easy to create and edit your list of Black Friday products.

How long does it take to set up a WordPress site?

If you use, it will take about 10 minutes – maybe even less.

Can you use stock photos?


Do you have to be an affiliate for all the different vendors you’re promoting separately?

Yes, if you’re doing Amazon, you’d be an Amazon affiliate and the same goes for other vendors.

Is the slideshow template the only one you’d recommend for Black Friday?

No, there are lots of templates you could use. Slideshow works well because visitors need to click through it, but you can use others.

How do I learn WordPress?

I have plug-ins that are very easy to use that you can download. If you’d like to use the plug-ins, go to for the software that teaches you all of this in detail. That is our flagship site, and you will get the latest version.

Because you’re ordering towards the end of the year, you’ll also get the Simple Sites Big Profits Ten-Year Anniversary addition, which has lots of great upgrades and new stuff.

If you want me to find your Black Friday niche, go to and I can set all of this up for you.

Where do I start?

If you’re still not sure where to start, join and get mentored for less than $2.49 a day!

If You Do This Right, You Can Get Results!

Affiliate marketing is different from regular jobs because there’s no one telling you what to do or when to do it. With affiliate marketing, you have total control. Some people can motivate themselves to do the work, and some can’t.

The bottom line is, if you put in the work, you can get results. If you are determined to get views, you have the power to go get them. Best of luck on this Black Friday!


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