Automated SEO Content Machine AI ($218,417 Earned?)

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The Test In The Video Was Done Using Creaite AI Content Software

The Content Script

Special instructions: please pay attention to the keyword on the article you are writing… this should be the title of the article.

IMPORTANT: This is not an SEO article. Please don’t focus on keyword density and just write naturally.

1. Before you submit, please use this tool ( to make sure no keyword is over 3% density in the finished article.

2. For this article just focus on the the keywords in your article as the title.

here are some example articles:

3. We check for plagiarism using Copyscape- so please keep it unique! Thanks.

4. Make the content as detailed as possible- no filler language or ‘blah’ content.

5. Use headings to organize the content and to ensure broad coverage.

6. Run the content through Grammarly ( a free grammar checking tool to fix common errors.

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    1. Marcus said, subcribe and attend his free content training this Wednesday to get the template. Based on his other videos it will be very worthwhile.

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