Automated Youtube Channels + As Seen On TV Affiliate Programs = $$$

how to make money online with simple little videos on YouTube and TikTok without showing your face.

First we’re going to go over here to OfferVault and we’re going to type in kitchen. This is going to show us all the offers and how much they pay us. Oh, wait a minute. What does that even mean? If you find something like this, kitchen super scissors, it is paying us $42.75 every time we send someone to a special link and they buy the kitchen scissors, or $11 every time someone buys kitchen gloves using our affiliate link. Or when someone enters to win a KitchenAid mixer, free dish soap pays $18, Authentic cooking knives, $29, and on and on we go. You could see there’s tons of stuff related to kitchens and cooking.

Wait a minute. How to Cut Tri Tip, 130,000 views. 36,000 views, How to Slice a Tri Tip, How to Carve a Tri Tip, and there’s only one person showing their face. Wait a minute. How to chop, basic knife skills, 12 million views, no face in that video. Dicing an onion. How to chop every vegetable. Michelin Star Onions. Chop Onions Like a Pro. This is some serious traffic. How to Slice? How to Slice Onion, Vegetables, Tomatoes.

Millions of TikTok views, cutting steak, people using the Slap Chop, 26 million views, 1.5 million views, 200,000 views, and this offer pays $9.75 per sale. Wait a minute. So I sell this thing for 20 bucks and I get $9.75? Yeah. And with all this traffic, it’s got to be super simple to sell five or 10 of these a day or more. Wait a minute, that’s like 4,000 bucks a month. Yeah. And it’s actually pretty easy to do.

Then all he needs to do is make little videos about different kitchen skills. Then he’s going to use the traffic from those videos to make money with monetization as a YouTube partner, and then drive people to the kitchen offers he found on OfferVault. Using this simple method, how hard do you think it’d be for Patrick to sell a couple of kitchen scissors a day, or a specialty knife, or a Slap Chop or anything like that? And all he needs to do is use his kitchen tool and show people how to chop stuff.

PLUS There Are Tons Of As Seen On Tv Procuds You Can Use With THis Method

Slap Chop

Slap chop is a manual chopper machine making work easier in kitchens and homes. This little machine does all the chopping work in a spur through a few slaps on its plunger. It’s an ingenious Vince Offer invention that rocked the shows late in December 2008 and has become a staple in numerous homes.
It’s stainless steel and easy to clean since it’s quite a breeze to take it apart, unlike other compact choppers. Moreover, a simple slap is enough, and you hardly have to use excessive force to get the work done. Frankly, it’s a unique and ingenious invention that seemingly solves the niggling and time-consuming chopping processes in the kitchen.

How much has Slap Chop sold?

It’s alleged that Slap Chop sold $200 million worth of products after its launch. Vince claims on his official website that he sold one million products which is a fairly good number. That’s due to his incredible and uniquely enticing marketing approach that aired on the TVs in 2008, two years after ShamWow’s tremendous success.

Essentially, this product promised to ease the strenuous knife chopping in the kitchen, making it quite a breeze. Indeed, that’s precisely what it’s done, giving it tremendous renown. However, much credit goes to how Vince approached its marketing with a bit of wit, assertion and conviction.

Does Slap Chop have an Affiliate Program?

Slap Chop doesn’t have a direct affiliate program. However, affiliate marketers can use third-party unattached and related affiliates to sell and earn a commission for qualifying purchases. Triad Media and AsSeenOnPC are typical affiliate partners with the best payouts, with the former paying as high as $6.75/CPA.

Other products by Vince Offer

Vince also has a line of other products he premiered, which rocked the market back in the day. These products continue to rack up sales even after his disappearance from the public eye for some time now. Although he also advertised third-party products – as a professional infomercial – Vince has a quite a list of products, including the following:


ShamWow is a pioneering super absorbent towel cloth with the propensity to wick away moisture without dripping wet. Vince claims that the cloth holds about ten times its weight in liquid, is machine washable and doesn’t scratch surfaces.

Of course, there’s a lot of hyping going around this product. But quite frankly, it’;s all justifiable due to its clever blend of polypropylene and rayon. Its approval and star ratings are much better on every review platform, and it delivers what it promises.


Shticky, also one of Vince Offer’s products, makes cleaning a breeze and removes debris from surfaces quicker than paper lint rollers. This product comes in various sizes, to help remove dirt from dandruff on fabric to litter under the bed.

What makes it better is that it’s quickly washable with running water and is sticky when dry, making it a perfect solution to the headache in maintaining spruced-up ambiences. This product retails at $19.95 for a 2-piece set and has sold quite significantly over the years.

A better affiliate program for shticky is Triad Media Network, with a payout of $9.75/CPA. Like other products under Vince Offer’s umbrella, it doesn’t have a direct affiliate program. But other third-party networks play a part in marketing it.


Nothing beats Invinceable’s stain-removing ability, and like every Vince Offer’s products, this spray offers the perfect stain-removal solution. Invinceable has millions of microscopic oxygen bubbles that blast and dislodge dirt away, making cleaning as you go quite a reality.

Vince claims that you may have to rub a little bit after spraying the solution on the stain. However, the solution works pretty fine even without doing so, making removing the stains quite a breeze.

Crank Chop

Like Slap Chop, Crank Chop helps with chopping the veggies and meats. However, this appliance works by pulling, and the manufacturer fits it with a pull and retract mechanism. It’s also effortless and wont bother with excessive force; it’s intuitive and pretty straightforward to use.

You may have to fill it with anything you want to chop, close the lid and pull severally. It’s rotating stainless steel blades cut the material in only a few pulls and the more you do it, the finer the results.

Like Slap Chop, Crank Chop helps with chopping the veggies and meats. However, this appliance works by pulling, and the manufacturer fits it with a pull and retract mechanism. It’s also effortless and wont bother with excessive force; it’s intuitive and pretty straightforward to use.

You may have to fill it with anything you want to chop, close the lid and pull severally. It’s rotating stainless steel blades cut the material in only a few pulls and the more you do it, the finer the results.

Other products Vince offer has advertised

Quicky Grass

Vince has also advertised a few other brands from other manufacturers, and Quicky Grass is one among them. The product has the ability to invigorate grass growth since it uses a unique smart cone technology to nourish the soil.

Just applying it to the soil is sufficient enough to lodge sufficient minerals and nutrients the lawn needs to intensify grass growth. This product currently retails in the United States and is an incredible solution to the problems Vince is advocating for.

Bill Mays

Bill Mays was an American television direct-response salesperson and advertiser born in 1958. His more prominent work involved promoting products like OxiClean, Kaboom, Zorbeez and orange glow until his passing away in 2009.

Other similar As seen on TV products include the following.

Flex Seal
Flex seal is Phil Swift’s sealing slime that hardens on exposure to air and creates an air-tight, unbreakable covering on crevices and cracks. It’s applicable in a vast array of situations that require making tiny openings less leaky, including fish ponds and gutter joints.

The product first came out in 2015 and has become a mainstay in providing solutions to leaks and openings that need sealing. A single Flex seal can cost $28.98 and can seal quite a significant surface area.


OxiClean is a valuable addition in laundry operations and the manufacturer touts it as the best stain fighter with over 101 ways to use it. It eliminates odors and fights stains quite efficient;y, it’s bleach-free and relatively concentrated and potent.

An Oxiclean can cost about $13.68 but contains 65 loads to last for quite a long time. This company currently doesn’t have an affiliate program.

Orange Glo

Orange Glo is a proficient wood revitalizer and wax remover and comes in an orange spray bottle. It’s incredibly useful in polishing wood and doesn’t have aerosol propellants, making it safer for use. A single spray bottle costs $4.58 and can last for quite some time of continuous use.

Orange Glo has no direct affiliate program so far and has not yet identified partners to help them qualify its product’s purchases.

Artic Air
Arctic air is an air cooler is an ultra-evaporate air cooler used for keeping home ambiances cools and the air more enjoyable to breath in. it’s an electronic device that retails at $44.98 and is low-noise. It has an oscillating mechanism that wafts in air by vaporizing the water in its chambers.

Turbo Pump

Miracle copper socks
Furniture feet
Micro mechanic
Magic Mesh,
1 second slicer

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