Amazon Prime Day Profits

Amazon Prime Day Profits

Todays Lineup:

Part One: Amazon Affiliate Program Overview
Part Two: Find Your Niche Market (amazon product based)
Part Three: Setting Up Your Links / Website / Blog
Part Four: Getting Traffic
Part Five: Cashing In On Special Sales Days

Part One: Amazon Affiliate Program Overview
1. Cookies
2. Payout
3. Link Structure

Part Two: Find Your Niche
1. More Broad Product Categories
2. Look For Lots Of Specific Product Keywords

3. Hack Your Competitors

4. Trends / Past Best Sellers
5. Focus On Volume… You Need Lots Of Traffic
Part Three: Setting Up Your Amazon Affiliate Website
1. Start Your Site
2. theme at
WHY To Not Use Geniuslink

Part Four: Getting Traffic

1. SEO
2. PPC
3. Youtube Reviews / Live Show
4. Press Release (free or paid)
5. Social Media Posts / Group
6. Deal Finder Mailing List
7. Forums And Message Boards

Live Chat And Product Questions

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  1. I’ve tried promoting Amazon products with no results at all, but after watching this tutorial video, I’ve found where and how I fu*%ed up. So, hopefully with what I’ve learned I just may make some money!

  2. I was just wondering how you could rank a site if it isn’t a secure site, I thought Google was frowning upon sites without the secure lock?
    Oh, and about growing a beard, I’ve been trying for 63 years and my face is about as smooth as a babys butt! Good Luck with that!

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