Affiliate Marketing Scams Exposed

We will be digging deep into the dark underworld of affiliate marketing scams, shady tactics and downright frauds.

These are raking in billions of dollars every year, including cookie stuffing, spam, the invisible pixel, shady software programs, and illegitimate coupon toolbars.

Plus We Will Reveal The Thirty thousand dollar newbie affiliate marketing

And I will be showing you how thousands of legit affiliate marketers actually make their money.

PLUS 13 ways you can start making money online as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a global industry worth over 12 billion dollars each and every year

Number One, we’re going to talk about how affiliate marketing works.

You’re going to want to pay attention to this because it’s going to show you behind the scenes of how this stuff is working and how you can get involved.

Number Two, we’re gonna show you the shady scam tactics that black hat affiliates are using every day to rake people out of money and rake big companies out of money as well. Hint, this is why Amazon doesn’t like those coupon apps part.

Number Three, we’re going to show you 13 ethical killer ways to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing works in a very simple way.

affiliate marketing exposed

You got a guy here with stuff to sell and you got a guy here who has traffic and wants a way to make money.

The guy with the stuff to sell says, Hey, guy, if you sell my stuff, I will give you a commission. So if you sell this coffee mug, I will give you three dollars or 10 percent or whatever.

How does it work?

Well, the guy with the store, the guy with the stuff to sell, comes out with what’s known as a tracking link.

affiliate tracking link

He gives the tracking link to this guy who wants to make money. This guy then puts that tracking link on his Web site and his Facebook on his YouTube videos, wherever he wants. And now there is a live affiliate link.

affiliate cookie

That affiliate link drops a cookie.

A cookie is known an affiliate marketing and coding terms as a little piece of code that goes on a computer that says, hey, guys, guess what? This guy sent me!

It’s like if you walk into a store and you say, hey, James sent me and told me to ask for the James deal.

So that cookie is like a referral.

But in code and it all happens behind the scenes.

So it drops the cookie. The cookie then tracks the visitor.

affiliate marketing

Now when. The product is purchased, the affiliate then makes money. So when the sale is complete, the affiliate is credited.

Now, that is the basics of affiliate marketing. You’ll see it on Amazon Best Buy and other huge companies.

Now, there’s another type of affiliate marketing. Known as CPA Affiliate Marketing or cost per action.

cpa affiliate marketing

With CPA affiliate marketing you could get paid for a click, a sale, a download, when someone downloads a free tool, you can get paid when someone fills out a form and becomes a lead, you can get paid per call, you can get paid on the entire cart purchased like Amazon… If you refer someone, you get paid on the whole cart. If you have a thousand things in your cart and I get you to buy one other thing and you check out right then and there, I get paid on everything that’s in your cart, even if your cart was made like 500 years ago or five years ago.

You can also get paid per trial when people try something. Try this out for a dollar for the first month  and I get paid like one hundred dollars for getting someone to try it.

So CPA affiliate marketing is just like affiliate marketing. It uses cookies. It uses the tracking pixels, everything like that. And when the action is complete, when the click happens, the sale happens, the download happens, the lead fills out the form, the call, the cart, or the trial when any of that happens – the affiliate then gets paid.

So when the action is complete, the affiliate is paid.

Now, what is a CPA network?

A CPA network is a cost per action affiliate network that has lots of cost per action offers from all kinds of merchants and advertisers.

You might find a Experian credit report. You might find a credit card offer. You might find weight loss offers. You might find anything. So it’s all there. And a CPA network takes all those offers, all those companies, gets all the money, gets all the checks, and pays you once for all your stuff and tracks it all in one simple place.

Amazon and other places have a short term cookie. That means once the person clicks your affiliate link, they have 24 hours to check out or you don’t get paid if they check out in twenty five hours. You don’t get crap, which sucks.  So that’s the bad side. The good side is that you’re paid on everything in their cards so you can make a lot of money if they have like a ten thousand dollar computer in their cart and they buy it. You get paid on that, which is pretty cool.

affiliate marketing exposed

Some cookies are lifetime, which is kind of elusive. It’s like basically till you get a new computer or delete your cookies. That that’s what lifetime means. The lifetime of the cookie. Some pay on the entire cart. Some of them are 30 days. Some of them are 90 days. Some of them are just like right then in that instant. And we got to look at this. Now, let’s talk about this, because I want to show you part two, the black hat shady scam methods. We got to look at this and we got to take a look deep because there’s some really sinister shit going on in the affiliate marketing world. And we’re going to expose it right here, right now.

And you need to understand how the cookies work first, because now this is all going to make sense to you.

So let’s take a look at some of the black hat shady affiliate marketing scam methods.

The first black hat method is fake review Web sites.

These are a thorn in my side because there is a lot of people trying to capitalize on my traffic, making fake review sites that say Marcus’s product is terrible. You should buy this instead. It’s not a real review, folks. And it’s shown by studies that the average person trusts a review 86 to 87 percent and they trust it as if it was coming from a friend. So, like, if my friend came out and said, Marcus sucks, I’d probably start thinking, maybe, hey, maybe I suck. You know, maybe, maybe I do. So it’s very trustworthy.

Now, what these people are doing is they’re hijacking the review process. They’re literally hijacking it to take the traffic from a product. You say, hey, this is the elixir coffee mug. And they get a lot of traffic for that. They set up a fake review site saying the elixir coffee mug sucks. You should buy this big cup because it fits more or whatever.

So it’s not an actual real review. It’s not real. And a lot of them, they will have these little charts that are like, hey, this is not good. This is good. And they don’t even buy the product. They don’t even look at it. And they make fake review sites and it damages the reputation of the product owner just so they can make a few cents in affiliate commissions.

fake wealthy affiliate chart

This is a shady tactic. It’s downright sinister and bad. Don’t engage in it. Don’t look at sites that have it. Fake reviews are terrible. There are fake reviews on Amazon, eBay, everywhere, and they are convincing you to buy or not buy products. And a lot of them are put up by the owner or the competitors to make you think differently!

A lot of this is about influence, marketing, getting you to think differently. And if I can make you think that these reviews are legit, you’ll probably trust me and buy some stuff. But if I’m doing it in a bad way, that’s shady. That’s wrong. Do not do it.

Always be honest and upfront. So that is number one.

Number two is cookie stuffing.

cookie stuffing

What is cookie stuffing?

Well, remember how I told you how affiliate marketing works?

You can actually drop a cookie. That cookie then tells the vendor Web site market sent you.

What cookie stuffing is – is where I have a piece of code that runs a bunch of affiliate links behind the scenes. You don’t see the websites. You don’t see what’s going on. It basically stuffs your computer full of cookies for Amazon, Best Buy, whatever big stores. And whenever you go to buy from them, unknowing to you, you are cookie stuffed. And that affiliate is getting commission.

Now, this is loading cookies deceptively. We’re gonna talk about a recent issue with a WordPress plug in that was doing just that or allegedly doing just that. I don’t think they’ve been accused or convicted of it yet. But there’s some sinister stuff going behind the scenes. And we got to look at this. We got to understand it because it’s going to help us know what’s going on with the Internet and how it works. Ok So cookie stufffing they go through, they load your computer with cookies, with fake software and all these downloads so that they can get paid.

Think about it for a minute, If I was able to cookie stuff one hundred thousand people, the chances are some of them are going to buy on Amazon or Best Buy or wherever, and I’m going to get paid even if I’m not even ethically being an affiliate. That’s some shady ass shit. Don’t even get involved in it. Watch out for sites that do that.

affiliate marketing spam

The next one is spam, which is basically where the affiliate marketing industry came from back in the early 2000s, where people would literally go out there, they would harvest emails, unethically, harvest emails and be like Bob Jones, one at aol .com Bob Jones 2 Bob Jones 3, and they just harvest all these emails and they’d send out hundreds and hundreds of millions of emails every single day that people don’t want clogging up their inbox. And they’d make a pretty penny.

I had a friend years ago who was known as the Spam King. He still does a lot of stuff today. I don’t think he does spam anymore. I think he’s a gambler. But at any rate, he did these spam things. He was on the news all about being the spam king and he was talking to me how he made a lot of money. Now, I don’t agree with his tactics, but, hey, you know what? We’re here to expose how that works. So every time you get a piece of spam mail, it’s not just annoying. It’s someone trying to make money. It’s someone trying to do cookie stuffing. It’s someone trying to get you to click something so that you can go through and make stuff work in a really, really easy way. Now, don’t get confused with spam and ethical e-mail marketing. You can be an ethical e-mail marketer when people ask to receive your e-mails. I do this all the time. Lots of you guys are on my list. You could be on my list over at if you want to get tons of cool stuff about affiliate marketing. Now, spam is different because the people didn’t ask for it.

affiliate clickbait

Next up, we got click bait. ClickBait is one of the favorite things talked about here on the old YouTube. What is click bait?

Well, there’s a lot of misconceptions here. Clickbait is a bait and switch. I am giving you an image or a news article to get you to click. It would be something like Trump admits aliens exist. OK, that’s not really true. I don’t think he admitted that. And then you’d link them to some site with affiliate links on it. Or or maybe you just link them to Amazon or whatever through your affiliate link. And that would be a shady tactic because it’s not actually giving the article they want. It’s just designed to get a bunch of people to click so that they can make money. Now, clickbait is nonrelated teaser images designed to get you to click an affiliate link.

This is something that is done all the time. You want to watch out for it because the name of the game is just getting you to click so that they can cookie stuff the hell out of you.

And when they cookie stuff the hell out of you, whatever you buy from anywhere is being tracked to them and they’re making money.

Don’t engage in click bait, but you can use some click bait tactics to get people to click in an ethical way.

For example, if I do have a good article about the alien thing and it was true, I can use that. We see this happening all the time with fake news like this is a huge problem, guys. You got fake news everywhere I go on Facebook. I actually have to start blocking people because there’s so much fake news and junk.

Fake news sells big sells big! And it’s wrong because it gets people to think different things, gets people to look at the world a different way. And it’s not right. Clickbait. Fake news, kind of the same deal. The only issue is clickbait is designed to get you to click so that they can make money. Whereas fake news is designed to propagate a message or get you to watch the news.

affiliate coupon sites

Next up, fake coupon sites.

You ever go out there and try to order something and you look for coupon codes and you go to the site and there’s like 19 different coupon codes and you try all 19 and they don’t work hard. But every time you click a coupon code, it pops open Amazon or pops open Best Buy or for me, pops open pipes and cigars if I’m buying cigars. And what happens is you click the link for the coupon. The coupon doesn’t even work, but it pops up the site you’re looking to get a coupon for with an affiliate link. So, boom, you’re cookied. Doesn’t matter if the coupon works or not. They cookie. They get paid when you order. This is unethical if they’re not giving you good coupon sites. There’s coupon apps and tools that do the same kind of thing. And we’ve got to watch out for them because they’re doing cookie stuffing.

And guess what? If you’re an affiliate marketer, they could be taking your commissions.

Think about that. So fake coupon sites or sites that where coupons don’t work. They’re just redirecting you to a store through an affiliate link. Some of them open up like nine different stores. You click the button and put Amazon Best Buy. This, this, this, this opens up all the stores you’re cooking for all of them. If you buy from any of them, does it matter if your coupon works or not? Doesn’t matter if the coupon ever existed or not. They get paid.

hidden affiliate codes in software

Next up, we have hidden software embed codes.

This is a little sinister.

This week, WordPress suspended the Astra WordPress theme that affects a million users. So here’s a million people using a WordPress theme. The alleged complaint is that this WordPress theme embedded a cookie to an affiliate site on your blog. So they used the theme like this theme is pretty good every time someone visits any of those 1000000 Web sites. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. We’re cookied for a bunch of affiliate programs.

Think about that for a minute. That’s pretty genius and it’s pretty sinister. And it’s pretty wrong because guess what, folks? According to the FTC, you need to have an affiliate disclaimer or disclosure. And if you’re doing these shady tactics, you can’t tell people you’re compensated for referring them very important. Like the guys who do the fake reviews. They don’t tell you they’re compensated, like, hey, check out this thing. I think it’s the best because I get paid to tell you it’s the best shady.

Now, when they do hidden software embed code, this is a little more sinister. Millions of people use this theme and didn’t see it. WordPress had it on their site and didn’t see it. And guess what? They were cookie stuffing like crazy. And there are stories of people that are using cookie stuffing and unethical tactics to make 10, 30, sometimes even as much as 100 million dollars a year.

Think about that for a minute. This is big bucks, folks. You think about how much Amazon makes in a day. Imagine if I could cookie a million people for Amazon. Doesn’t it matter if they’re shopping Amazon or not? If they end up buying something from Amazon? I get paid. I’m going to talk about some other sinister stuff as well. But I want you to be aware, because every time you download a toolbar, every time you download something, you want to check out and see what’s going on behind the scenes. You might think it’s some fun little tool or free theme. Yay, wonderful.

But it might be cookie stuffing and it might be jacking other people out of their affiliate commission. And at best, it’s just making money unethically. So watch out for hidden software and embed codes. A lot of places have cracked down on this iStore. Google Chrome extensions. They cracked down on this stuff big time. Watch out for it. Don’t do it. OK.

invisible tracking pixel

Next up, we got the invisible tracking pixel. That’s right. I can actually put an invisible image on my page that you can’t see. It’s a one by one pixel size. Smaller than your mouse, smaller than anything, really. You can’t even see it. And it loads the affiliate cookie. Think about that for a minute. Unethical. But, hey, if you had a site with one hundred million people go into it every year and you load that fake pixel, you’re gonna start making lots of money but unethically. And he could and end up in the slammer. I don’t know. Sounds good, right? Don’t want to be in the slammer, but that is an unethical way to go. It is actually stealing. It is stealing by using that invisible pixel.

cyber squatters

Next up, we got cyber squatters. Cyber squatters make lots of money. What is a cyber squatter? Well, a cyber squatter would go and buy a misspelled domain name. So maybe like people are typing an amazing instead of Amazon. They go by the domain. They put the affiliate cookie with a redirect to Amazon. So you type it in wrong and you go to Amazon. You’re like, well, Amazon must own this domain.

They cookie you and you get paid and they get paid every time someone orders from that.

This is something people have used to make millions of dollars. They’re cybersquatting. There’s domain parking, which there is an ethical version of domain parking. But the idea is to take a misspelled domain name. People are intending to go somewhere else. You send them through your affiliate link. Very bad tactic. Don’t use it. Don’t do it.

And you can get it in issue for trademark confusion because, hey, Amazon, if you’re linking them to Amazon. Yeah, that’s trademark confusion. They think they’re going to They don’t know they’re going through your affiliate link. That could get you in big trouble.

ledgendary marketer scam

Next up we got thirty thousand dollar newbie coaching schemes.

What are these? Well, you see them everywhere. They say, hey, you want to make money online, pay me forty seven dollars and I’ll teach you. You pay forty seven dollars. I said, well, you know, now you need to pay two thousand dollars if you really want to learn how to do it. I mean the forty 47 was just to get you to pay me forty seven. But now I’m going to teach you the real stuff for a thousand and you go yeah yeah, yeah. And they go OK now you need to pay nine thousand. And they get you all the way up to thirty thousand dollars and they’re selling these to.

Unsuspecting people who don’t know how the Internet works and don’t know what they’re doing. And they get him for thirty thousand dollars and guess what they do at the end of the 30 grand. They say, hey, guess what, you want to make money? Then go find other suckers to give me 30 grand.

And then they go, hey, look, look at all our successful students. Bob made 15 grand. This guy made 40 grand. This guy made a million. All getting people to sign up for the same things. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is known as a coaching scheme or a pyramid scheme. The people at the end are going to lose. T

hirty thousand dollars is way too much to pay unless you’re buying something of value, not just a course that tells you to go sell the course. These pop up everywhere. One of them in particular was known as MOBE, but they got busted by the FTC because it was a pyramid scheme. They were out there. They were saying, hey, you want to make 30 grand sell people on the way to to make 30 grand. Get two people. You make money. They funnel people. And they were making one hundred and fifty million dollars a year or something like that.

And there’s lots of people doing this right now.

Their business folds. They start another business, business folds, they start another business. And it’s a fraud and it doesn’t work.

Anyone who tells you you can make money and then tells you the way to make money is to tell other people they can make money by giving them money. Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a pyramid scheme. And unfortunately, there’s lots of training coaches out here on all kinds of platforms that are doing the same thing. You go you look at the leader boards,

Notice a lot of other youtubers promoting this crap?  they’re all the people. They’re all the same people. They’re all promoting the same thing.

And while it can’t make money like I’ve turned down seven figure contracts because I refuse to promote this stuff because guess what? I want to promote something that’s ethical, that’s real, something you can use and go into a market like balloon twisting and make money or go into a market like mortgage calculators and make money. I don’t want to do the big circle jerk of the way to make money is to get people to send me money.

That’s why my affiliate program is hidden. And you’ve got to go through the hoops if you want to promote it. I got to ask you how you want to promote it. Everything like that. Watch out for these. There are a lot of them right now that are going on and they sound good.

Hey, man, just give me 30 grand. You’re going to be rich in no time.

The only people that get rich on it are the hustlers who go and hustle the pyramid scheme. And guess what? The people at the end, they’re not doing good. So vet this stuff. Check it out before you invest in anything. Make sure it makes sense. Make sure you know what you’re selling. Make sure you know what you’re getting. What kind of training is it? What am I doing?

Those are the top money making sinister affiliate scams revealed, people are raking it in with SCAMMY affiliate marketing, fake review Web sites, cookie stuffing, spam, click bait, fake coupon sites, hidden software, embed codes, the invisible pixels, cyber squatters and the thirty thousand dollar coaching scheme.

Now, let’s get into 13 legit ways that you can start making money online with affiliate marketing today.

And you can sleep at night because you’re not doing the shady stuff we talked about earlier. Never do the shady stuff. Always be on the up and up. Why? There’s actually more money when you’re on the up and up. The richest people on the world are usually on the up and up some guys, you know, they do some interesting stuff, but for the most part, they’re actually selling products and goods and things like that.

Now, here are 13 killer ways to start making money online today with affiliate marketing again.

Remember, affiliate marketing is a twelve billion dollar industry. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since I was in the mobile home. The living room of a mobile home with a bunch of drug addicts. I was clean. I used to be a preacher back then, became an alcoholic later. But that’s beside the point. Six years sober today.

We got to focus because I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I’ve made over 10 million dollars in commissions and sales and everything like that with affiliate marketing on the up and up. I try to be as ethical and straightup as possible, and I go through and I try to do everything I can to serve the customer.

So number one of our 13 killer ways to make money with affiliate marketing is…

1. start a legitimate review Web site. Here’s a funny thing, right? You’ve got all these people using my traffic to make fake review sites, and they do it on other people’s traffic, too. They’re getting tons of traffic and they promote something else that’s like 30 bucks. But if they promoted my thing, they’d make more. Right. So if it was legitimate review Web site, they could actually offer both instead of just trashing something. So you can actually do a legitimate Web site reviewing different products. People that do it all the time, they make lots of money.

2. you could create a niche blog or authority Web site. You go out there, you find some traffic for an authority type site. You build your site. You’ll link to affiliate products. You don’t. Hey, I’m an affiliate. That’s why I make all this cool stuff. Click here to get it. You don’t do cookie stuffing. You don’t do any of that other crap. It’s actually very simple to be able to make money in this way.

3. You can answer questions on forums about product markets. I have no money. I don’t know what to do. I can’t do anything. OK, fine. You don’t need anything. You go get an affiliate link. You go to forums and you talk about products that you use. Okay, guys, I use this software to do my tax accounting. It’s pretty cool. Here’s how it works. Here’s how. Here’s why I like it. Here’s what it does. Click here to order it. By the way, I’m an affiliate. I get compensated. Whatever. Right. Very simple. You can answer questions on forums about price. You don’t even need your own Web site. You can answer questions on forums about Amazon products, any product. Very simple. But Amazon doesn’t pay very much.

4. create a niche YouTube channel. Right. You create a little YouTube channel about meditation videos or maybe product reviews or software. People do it all the time. They’re raking it in big time.

5. start a newsletter or daily tips e-mail, right? You say, hey, guys, sign up. I’ll send you an e-mail of a Bible verse. Everyday sentiment, Bible verse. Then you can send them other stuff. Check out this book. Check out this. Here’s a little cross necklace. Here’s a Ten Commandments you can put on your wall or whatever. Here’s a software for Bible stuff. Very simple. Or you could do like a news type thing. Here’s the latest news, by the way. The Fed cut the interest rate. You should invest in gold or whatever, make it ethical, make it real, make it good advice. She could start a newsletter, letter or daily tips type thing.

6.  you could create a niche Instagram or Facebook audience. I have friends that do niche Instagram and Facebook audiences, and they’re making like high five figures a month. So they do that just talking on Facebook, which we do anyway. So instead of arguing about politics and other stuff, you can actually go on there and make money, which is pretty cool.

7.  you can send paid ads to simple affiliate sites. This is one of my favorite. You can literally make a three page site sense of paid ads to it and start getting affiliate commissions again. Be ethical. Be straight up. Number eight, you could make. Top 10 info arbitrage sites. You see these all the time. Actually took this little screenshot from CNN today. Check out their info arbitrages, 20 pieces of home décor at Target that only look expensive. You think they’re using their affiliate link? I think they are. If not, they’re getting paid by target to do that. Amazon’s top rated skin care brand from phones to speakers are favorite tech products. Think about this right there. Literally getting tons of people. And this happens on Facebook. You get Facebook ads, dirt ass cheap. You could say top weird products on Amazon and you’re linked to them all and get people click to check it out. you say: Click here to check out the product. They go to Amazon, they cookie next time they check out boom, you get paid if it’s within the 24 hour cookie range. Top rated silk pillowcases, 19 little things on Amazon that make a big difference. Guys, this isn’t hard to do. It’s actually really simple. There is actually a site right now that we’re gonna look at in a little bit that ranks for all the stuff.

Look at this. There’s 16000. That means only 16000 Web sites get more traffic than them. That means translation. They get a crap ton of traffic, right?

I think I’m number 40000 and 40000 sites get more than me and I make a good living. So I imagine this guy’s making a good, good living.

And so he’s got a lot of traffic. And we look at this and we’re like, hey, I can do this. It’s not that hard to do. We can create a flipper advice Web site where people are looking for something like mortgage refinance checklist or maybe they’re looking for hardship letter samples. And we go out there and we flip them from that into mortgages and credit repair and credit score and different things like that.

10. you could build a simple tool or software. This sounds a lot harder than it is, but you can actually build little softwares and tools or outsource them for like three hundred dollars or less. And you can put them out there and do stuff in an ethical way, just like my tool, the affiliate marketing do to a bar that looks like this. And we actually have like little tools where they can go through. This is easy. My programmer made it like a day. I just had to make the links for it. And then when they search, it has a little thing that says click to research. It goes to like affiliate offers and different things like that. Really cool. People use it all the time. I’m upfront. I tell you, it’s an affiliate thing. Very simple. You can make simple tools or software ads or Excel spreadsheets or whatever little giveaways that you can use to get people over to your affiliate links.

11. you can make a legitimate coupon Web site like go out there, find coupons for various things. Get him in. Get him rocking and rolling. You make the money.

12. you can do a crazy product finding Web site just like this one. This Web site is this is why I’m broke.

And it basically has all these things from like a snorlax beanbag. The hell is a Snorlax that I don’t even know what a snorlax is. I know what a beanbag is, but nine thousand nine hundred people a month are searching for this and it’s got zero competition. A T-Rex costume. People want to dress up like a T-Rex. And this guy is making money with affiliate marketing, selling t rex costumes, collapsible water bottle groove rings, some kind of costume or something like that. And he’s raking it in by going out there and going for noncompetitive, weird stuff. People are looking for linking him to affiliate offers and making money.

That, my friends, is a pretty cool way to make a living online.

13. create a full fledged niche business. That’s right. Ladies and gentlemen, you can actually make a legitimate business around a niche, whether it’s something like crazy products, whether it’s something like mortgages, whether it’s something like make money online, whether it’s something like reviews, whatever it is, you name it.

You can set it up and you could drive people to your affiliate like because just as it’s easy to make money being shady and scamming people, it’s just as easy to do it. Logit, my friends, you can do this stuff in a legit way. You see CNN doing it. Fox News doing it. You see the. Fulde is a great example of it, is the arbitrage sites all over Facebook.

This stuff works and behind the scenes, while you’re messing around on the Internet, somebody is getting rich. Some of them ethically, some of them not so ethically. Do it ethically. Learn affiliate marketing and make it happen.

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  1. Hello, Markus. It’s a good day — and now’s the time to be making money with all of the CCP virus and lockdowns, curfews, time limits and earlier closings businesses do now.Things we didn’t have to do before we now have to take note of. Unreal. Now people ARE looking more seriously at extra income opportunities. And affiliate marketing has been one way I’ve always wanted to get into–Clickbank being the most memorable platform I know of.

    When you mentioned MOBE in your expose, I knew EXACTLY what was going on then! I tried MOBE for about a week or two, but I could that I was just spinning my wheels. There were too many phone calls and login assignments, homework” , etc. This brings me to my question of what is it that you actually promote…or rather–how is your program different.

    I’m interested in finding programs that are honest and ethically sound. Your program could be the one that I would be proud to work. Please tell me more about your program, and if it’s a fit…count me in!

    Chester Smith

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