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What To Look For In An Affiliate Marketing Course

1. Has The Creator Been Around A While Or Is He A One Hit Wonder?

2. Is The System Duplicatable And Sustainable?

3. Does The Training Rely On One Volatile Traffic Method Or Offer?

4. Are You Learning Tactics Or Business Strategies?

5. Has The Creator Been Around A While?

6. Is There Support And Guidance When Needed?

7. Does The Course Teach You A Solid Starting Point?

8. Will You Learn Solid Skills That Transfer Into Other Areas Of Business?

9. Are Lots Of People Earning Money With The “Selected” Method?

10. Do People Get Results?

11. Does The System Creator “Promise” A Certain Income Amount Or Results?

12. Are You Learning From The “Free” Stuff… Does It Make Sense?

13. What Are The “Hidden” Costs?

14. Can The Company Be Reached? Live Chat | Phone | Support Site


Simple Sites Bootcamp

Affiliate Marketing Course 2018- 16 Weeks Of Hands-On Training

Hey its Marcus here, today what we are going to be doing is go over what to look for in an affiliate marketing course.  What do we go for? How do we get started? How do you know if something is good?  How do you know if something is actually going to help you?  How do you know if something is not going to help you?

We’re going to go over 14 things you can go through to figure out if it’s going to work for you.  We want to really understand like “should I get a course?  Should I try to learn it free?  Should I go for a boot camp?  Should I go for one of Marcus product or should I go for something else? What should I do if I try to learn this affiliate marketing business?

If that’s you and you’re sitting there right now and wondering about what to do, this training is for you. The idea is to get you some results. The idea is to understand what works.

That’s one of the things you want to look for in an affiliate marketing course.  You’re like, “hey are people actually getting results? Does this stuff work? Does it stand the test of time?”.

What I’m going to do right now is go through the 14 things you should look for when going for any affiliate marketing course.

Because, again, whatever you do, find something that works for you. If my stuff doesn’t work with you, if you look at my training and you’re like “Marcus training is not cool”. That’s fine, that’s cool.  Go find someone else. But if you’ve been watching my video, if you learn a lot from them, I’ll like to invite you to look at these steps and then my course might be something that gets you over the edge, gets you to the next level because of the support that we provide.

So what we’re going to do here is we’re going to show you what to look for in an affiliate marketing course. What do we look for? How do we focus? In my couple of videos ago, we went through one of the major scam types that are going on. How do you know something is not going to live up to the promises? How do you know something is not going to work for you in the long run?

What I’ve done is that I put together these 14 steps so that you can take a look and say, “well, is this right for me? As you guys know: a lot of my stuffs, we don’t have refund policies. The reason is because I want you to stick with it. And we put a lot of efforts into you. So what I want to do is to line this up for you and show you what is going on. Let get started:

14 Things You Should Look For When Going For Any Affiliate Marketing Course 

  1. Has the creator been around a while or is he a one-hit wonder?

The first thing you want to look for in an affiliate marketing course is, ‘has the creator of the course or the person selling the course been around a while or are they a one-hit wonder?”. There is two parts to this:

There are a lot of people you’re going to see: young kids all over YouTube teaching how to make money and some of their stuffs are really good. But you’ve got to look at it and say, “Has this person been around a while or they just get lucky?

Because, I’ve got to tell you, in internet marketing a lot of time stuffs happens by luck. I know it sounds like a taboo, but a lot of time: someone would get lucky. They’ll get the right product at the right time; they’ll get the right traffic method that just takes off and it works.

Like the people out there doing Instagram. Do they have something that has been proven? Can they do this in multiple niches or is it just something that they got lucky with. So we’ve got to look at that and say, “Has the person been around a while or are they just doing wonder?” For example, Shopify. Did they just get lucky with one thing on Shopify or are they someone who is got multiple successes in multiple different businesses. Is it something that’s going to work?

You guys know me; I’ve been around for almost two decades doing this online. I’ve been in niches, from Bible verses to niche on how to make money, to smiley faces. So there are lots of niches there. You have to ask yourself, “Has this person been around a while?”. I guarantee that if you go through these steps, you’re going to find someone who is going to work with you and you’re going to find something that would work for you.

  1. Is the system duplicable and sustainable?

Now we saw recently in a lot of the pyramid type things that have been going around. We saw that these are things that are not really duplicable and sustainable. They are not duplicable because if everyone is selling the same product, then at the end of the day it’s going top end.

Only so many people can sell the same product to the same group of people until it ends up. Now you notice that a lot of the stuff that I teach is based on affiliate marketing which basically means that you can promote anything you want. The strategy works in every niche if you focus and if the numbers match.

And again, the sky is the limit: you can promote anything based on what you are selling and the traffic method. So what happens is you’re not going to get something that times out. The most important thing is that I want you to get result based on something that works for everyone. So, we want to make sure that it’s duplicable and sustainable and something that you can do over and over.

  1. Does the training rely on one volatile traffic method or offer?

This is very important because a lot of people are going to teach you a lot of things and it would rely on one thing. Like, “hey this is what you’ll do but it only works on Instagram”. That’s good, but is there another way? Because, again, not everyone can promote the same thing on Instagram and not all traffic methods are going to work.

Like, if I came to you and I sold you my course solely on the fact that I did a lot of stuff with my space, you’ll be looking at me and be like, “this guy is a wash up because my space is not around anymore”.  So you’ve got to say, “Is this volatile?” But the strategies that I teach works in every niche if you look at it objectively. At the end of the article, we’re going to have a Q&A section where we are going to talk to you about some of the course you can get involved in, some of the things that I do and some of the things you can do to help yourself learn this business.

So, does the training rely on one volatile traffic method or offer? Is it just offer centric or traffic centric? If so, you might want something a little more midi. Now I’m not saying don’t go learn this tactics. Because this tactics are great, they are going to teach you things in business but what I’m also saying is get a foundation. The simple site course, the simple site Bootcamp, and all this stuff that I teach is based on a foundation. You’re learning a foundation of how internet marketing works so that you can get in there and make it work.

  1. Are you learning tactics or business strategies?

Now, a lot of people are going to teach you tactics. Like, “okay, go on forums and post these things”. That’s good, they work. But, again at the end of the day, if you’re just learning tactics, you’re not going to be around. And if the tactics doesn’t work anymore, then you’re going to be off the road.

So what we want to do is to learn business strategies and get the foundation of how business works. The reason I’ve been in business for almost 20 years and so many other people have not is because of the fact that I learned a foundation of direct response marketing. I learned how to find people, how to find what they want, how to talk to them and how to give them things that make me money.

  1. Has the creator been around a while?

You’re going to notice that a lot of people, they get their first taste of success. They make maybe 50 grand to 100 grand and they go out to teach. Why? Because they make the 50 grand, but didn’t learn the business principle, therefore they really can’t go out there and duplicate it. So they try to sell a course on how it works rather than actually learning the business principles for themselves. So we’ve got to be really on guard for this and say, “has the creator been around a while?’. Has the creator of the internet marketing or affiliate marketing course been there for a while?. Have they been in different niches? Have they done the test of time or are they just like a one-hit wonder?

We’ve been around for almost 20 years. I know what’s going on. When things like Facebook takes over because the foundation that I’ve laid, the stuffs that I have learned work on everything. I just did a Facebook promotion last month. And we did the promotion and we did like $30,000 with barely any work. We did little videos and stuffs like that. And it works because the principles are the same. The way I build the simple site is the way I do Facebook. The way I do the simple site is the way I do Instagram- They are all based on Advertising.

And if you get that backbone of direct response marketing, then you’re going to be off to the races. Whether we’re doing old ads in Newspapers or whether we are doing virtual reality webinars, the tactics are the same. Because you are dealing with people. No matter what, Facebook is people.

That’s what you want, that’s who is going to buy your product, that’s who is going to fill out the forms, download the form and get you paid is people. So the number one rule of the game is learning how to talk to people online. Learning how to craft a message that is going to get them in there and really focus.

A lot of people will lose money when trying to market things if they don’t do it the right way. If you’re following on a tactic or you’re trying to do some kind of strategy, you’ve got to learn business. You’ve got to learn how to talk to these people, you’ve got to learn where they at and you’ve got to learn how to focus on what they want.

And if your course is not teaching you that, then you need to get that first.  That’s why people fail in business because they don’t have that foundation, they don’t understand what’s going on. It doesn’t matter how good your product is (obviously we need good products), but that’s not the big thing. There are 5 star restaurants that struggle and there is a Mc Donald that doesn’t struggle and they don’t have 5 star foods. But it works, because they meet the needs of people. And again, marketing comes down to knowing what the people want. If you’re not focused on what the people want, nothing else matters.

  1. Is there support and guide when needed?

Trust me I’ve bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth e-books, courses and trainings. Some of them, I’ve wasted money. I think my record was I wasted $10,000 on SEO type thing and it still did not work for me,  wasn’t good,  didn’t have the support  and I wasted it.  Why?  Because I wanted to see if it works and it didn’t. I don’t want that to happen to you, I want you to focus.

So we’ve got to look at this.  Is there someone to talk to? Is there someone you can learn from?  Now, all of our course have support and guidance (obviously we have the phone number right here on all of our site.

If you go to, you’ll see that there is a live chat button.  You can click it and talk to us directly. Right on live chat, you can see my wonderful support team online.

Again, make sure that you are focused. Have you gotten products and you haven’t had support from them?  That does not work well because you’re not going to get the help and guidance you need when you need them.

Let’s be real about this: this is a business and it has a lot of variables. There’s is a lot of things going on,  like I don’t know what traffic method you’re going to pick,  I don’t know what your website is going to look like, I don’t know what’s going to happen.  So you come to me and you’re like “Marcus, what do you think about my site?” And I’ll go in and give my expert idea.  No support is a total deal breaker.

Just this week we started doing a whole lot of new stuff with phone calls. We’re here to help you and that’s the deal.  No matter what you get from my course or someone else courses, make sure that it has the support and guidance that you need.


  1. Does the course teach you a solid starting point?

Now, this is extremely important. Most people struggle when it comes to this because they don’t have a solid starting point. Most people come to me and they are like “Marcus,  I want to do Facebook, or affiliate marketing or whatsoever” And they have the idea of the tactics that they want to do but they don’t have a solid starting point.

Now one of the differences between my courses and other courses is we teach you the starting point.  We actually go through and we make sure that you know how niche marketing works.

We make sure that you know how search marketing works, how Facebook and all these stuff works because you have to understand it.  .If you’re not starting with a niche market, you’re starting the wrong way.

You have to start with a niche market.  You might have ideas ( ideas are great), but the question is do you know where to start? You can have all the ideas in the world but getting started is where you need to understand. You’ve got to be laser focus; you’ve got to zero in on what is going to work.  You’ve got to know where your people are coming from.  You can come to me like, “Marcus, my niche is healthy” .

Healthy is not a niche, lose weight is not a niche; make money is not a niche. You’ve got to focus on exactly who you want to talk to. Because I tell you what: i can focus on a thousand people that I want to talk to that I know and you can focus on a million that you don’t know about and I’m going to do better with my thousand because I know what they want.  So you’ve got to know where to start.

  1. Will you learn solid skills that transfers into other areas of businesses?

This is important. Are you going to learn solid skills that are going to transfer into other areas of business? You’re going to get skills that you can take with you.  If I learn how to go through and build a landing page with an opt-in on it.  That’s a skill I can now take and use.

When I first learn marketing, the reason it worked and I stood the test of time is because I learnt everything I could.  I have this thing in my mind; I have this emotion type philosophy. When I go into something and I started to learn marketing, I got books on marketing. My wife said “print it out the entire internet”. I listen to talks, watched videos and I try to learn as much as I could. And that’s how I did it.  And that’s the same thing that I want for you.  And that’s what I’ve done in my courses.

I’ve really focused on taking out the junk.  Are you learning tactics or are you learning marketing.  For me, I would rather see you learn how to talk to people. I’d rather see you learn how to chat with people online and sell stuffs. I’d rather you learn how to write an article that’s going to lead people to affiliate offers. I’d rather you learn a skill that’s going to work.

I watched so many gurus; I didn’t know what questions to ask. I was so confused.

Hopefully this stuff is helping you because a buddy came to me and he’s like “Marcus, what I love about your stuff is you answer the questions that I would have asked”. So I come to you, I’m like, “what kind of theme should I have? And I go and I answer and I’m like, “here is what you need to be asking me”. I can stay here and answer your question all day, but some of your questions don’t need to be answered. You may be like, “Marcus, aren’t you suppose to answer everything? Yes and No!

If I answer something that’s going to lead you down the rabbit hole, I’m not going to answer it. What I try to do is I try to answer in a way that’s going to get you to come to the understanding without me telling you. Because if you come to the understanding of your own thought process, you’re going to have a much better experience and it’s going to mean much more to you. That’s why I teach the way I do. That’s why a lot of the stuff that I teach is very conceptual. Because if you get the conceptual stuff, nothing else matters.

Do you get the concept of how internet marketing works? Do you get the concept of people going to Google to search for information every minute? You can talk to them. You can get in front of them right now and make money right now if you want to.

That goes back to say this is a real business. I don’t know what you’re going to get. I don’t know what you’re going to make. I don’t even know if you’re going to follow the steps. But I do know that what I’ve learnt and what I’m going to impact to you in my videos, courses, and Youtube channel are the real world stuffs. You’re going to learn things that are going to go with you.

You’re going to learn things that will give you result if you work at them. So many people out there want to set up one page and make a million dollar. I don’t know if that’s going to happen. I’ve done that a couple of times and it was cool. Maybe there was some luck involved, maybe there was some good right timing involved.

Here is the deal: I’ve also done lots of little sites that have made me lots of money. Like the lottery site I put up, it made me money within 13 minutes and by the end of the day it made me $1600. The domain was registered by the night. I don’t even think the domain charge hit my account.

Why am I able to do this over and over again? Why am I able to go on Facebook and make money?  Why am I able to do this on Instagram with 600 followers and make like $10,000- because I know people. I know people and I know marketing. Yu can learn about WordPress, you can learn about themes, you can learn about codes, you can learn about Google and all other stuffs but if you don’t know how to talk to people (which is marketing) then you won’t go far. Typing and talking, that’s what I do to make money.

  1. Are lots of people earning money with the ‘selected’ method?

By selected method, I mean the advertising method. If someone out there is promoting a Shopify course9 Now I don’t do Shopify , there is lots of other friends that I have that are doing Shopify), a lot  of people getting good results with Shopify. Cool, maybe it’s viable. A lot of people getting results with affiliate marketing, yes they do. So, you’ve got to look at the method and say, is this something that works? Is this something I can sustain? At the end of the day, who is paying you? Lots of people sign up for courses because of the reason that, at the end of the day all you were doing is promoting the courses. So if you sign up a course that’s telling you to promote the course, that’s a scam.

It’s like years ago; my dad had this friend when he was starting out as a realtor and this friend use to run an ad in the newspaper. He had the store where he runs an ad on Newspaper and it says, “Make $500 a day running ads in newspapers”. And you send him$27 to get his course and he sends you back copy of the ads. That’s a scam. It does not pass any real value to anyone, it’s just junk. Now a lot of courses you look at are like that. It’s a big promotion scheme to get you to promote things and you’ve got to be careful of that. People might be getting result doing that, but at the end of the day, someone is going to be left with the short end of the stick.

  1. Do people get results?

Are people getting results? You saw people getting results all over my YouTube channel. You can see people getting results all over our pages. Now, unfortunately, in internet marketing, it’s like in weight loss when a lot of people don’t do the work, they just buy courses. That’s fine (maybe they’ll get to it later). But are people actually getting results if they do it. If I go to a personal trainer and I see that his whole group of people is still overweight and they have been going to him for a year, I’m probably not going to sign up with him because his people are not getting results. I’m going to go to the guy who is got all his trainees and they are totally great with 6 pack abs, that’s the kind of guy I’d want to go for. So you’ve got to go for someone who is actually getting the result.

  1. Does this system creator “promise” a certain income amount of Results?

This is a very important thing because a lot of people out there promise. That’s not the way it works and no one can promise you any income. If anyone says, “sign up for my product and you’re guaranteed this amount of income”, don’t believe him. No one is allowed to promise stuffs because we don’t know what you’re going to get. So don’t go for anyone that promises anything. Maybe it’s stepping on some people’s toes, but I want you to be armed against what’s out there. Because there are lot of junks out there. So you’ve got to focus on what you want. You’ve got to focus on things that work. You’ve got to focus on someone who is going to give you the straight real deal info of what it takes to do this business. And if you find someone like that, sign up with them. Whether it’s me or someone else. Just find someone who has something that makes sense. Find a mentor you can trust, find a mentor you can talk to, someone who’s got a support team who can help you get started.

  1. Are you learning from the “free” stuff…..Does it make sense

Have you gotten real value from the free content that I put out? This training is free content. You’re like, ‘wow, Marcus gave me value, no one sat down and talked to me about this stuffs but Marcus is actually doing it”. Or maybe you watched a video last week that has helped you. And that’s the deal: I want you to be absolutely certain that I’m your guy. Before I sell you anything, I want you to know that, “this is the guy I want to follow”. Our courses, the reason you get them is because of the structure. You can watch free videos and everything, but the structure of the way that I design my courses is in a very methodical way to make you go through and get the result.

  1. What are the hidden costs?

How many of you have bought something and you notice that it is an upsell? The reason why my stuff is a little bit more expensive than others is because we give you the whole thing. I’d rather tell you upfront that simple site Bootcamp is 16 weeks, we are going to give you a domain name, we’re going to give you a website, we’re going to walk you through a whole 16 weeks course hands-on, take you by the hand, build you toward everything and its $1277 one time. Is it not better than being like, “hey, for $100 you can get started right now? And by the way, if you want week 2, that’s a $100. If you want week 3, pay this and that”. So we’re upfront, that’s like 70 a week, and that’s nothing compared to the result you can get if you do it.

With my programs, there are two costs that you need to be aware of:

Cost of the course- we do have upsells sometimes for other product but that’s not compulsory. The two products that you need to look at. 1. After you order my stuff you need to have your own web hosting. Now I don’t know any web hosting company. We are an affiliate of a web hosting company that does great and we lead you through that.

The second one is an autoresponder which most people should have (It’s like $9 a month). So those are the hidden costs of all of my products. But a lot of people have a lot of hidden costs that will frustrate you and you’ve got to watch out for that. Here is the deal: you can go and watch my free videos and make money. How much better would it be if you go through the videos, get the course and get help from us?

  1. Can the company be reached? Live chat/phone/support site?

Can they be reached? Is there a support site? Like we have if you ever need support you go there. There is a live chat on every site that I own. We have phone supports (800-893-067). What I want you to do is to think about this and I want you to think about what you want.

What we want to do in our Bootcamp is to take you by the hand and walk you through everything. Here is the deal, we’re going to go through for the next 16 weeks and I’m going to take you through everything. So every single week, you’re going to hop on a live webinar. If you can’t make it live, don’t worry, it is recorded and we have a special live chat just for you.

Bootcamp Weekly Activities

Week 1: I’m going to show you how to find a niche. At the end of the course, we’re going to open the call and you can ask your questions.

Week 2- You’re going to hop on a live training. We’re going to go through and show you everything. Here is how to select your medium

Week 3- Message structure

Week 4- How to build your resource

And again we’re walking you by the hand through everything. And I’ve got to ask you? Is it worth $100 a week to learn what can make you huge money?

Week 5- offers and money time

This is where we get in and dive in our offers. This is where most people fail. What I’m going to do is to show you how to do the offers. I’m going to show you how to structure them so that you make money.

Week 6- Testing

Week 7- Involvements and plugins

Week 8- Ramping up the profit

And as a BONUS– I’m going to show you how to get money online fast. I’m going to show you things that I’ve done to get my website ranked on Google in less than an hour. We’re going to show you how I’ve gone through to do videos that have got me traffic in less than an hour. From traffic getting to video making to screencasts and webinars to outsourcing, these are skills that you can’t unlearn.

You’re going to learn the skill, have it and own it. The reason I make money is because I learn some skills. I learned how to write an email that gets a response. I learn how to do sales letters. I thought it’s going to be hard, but it actually wasn’t. it was actually really easy. I’m going to show you how to do this in a really easy way so that you can actually duplicate them. I can actually show you how to let your market write your sales letter.

We are taking pre-orders right now. I don’t know when it’s going to sell out but there is a lot of people interested so it’s going to be pretty fast.

For those of you who want to join, we’re going to have a live two-day hands-on workshop. As a bonus, everyone who joins Bootcamp can meet me here in Florida. If you can’t make it live, we’ll stream you here virtually. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to be virtually trained by someone who has been in the business for over 20 years. Plus you can have access to designers, programmers and more.


Here is the bonuses outline again:

  1. Go to work with Marcus day
  2. Live meeting in Florida-
  3. Killer insane ridiculous bonus

Watch live as I create and sell a brand new online product

You can get signed up right now at We’re limiting this to 50 people.

Do you have the date for the workshop?

Not yet, I’m going to book it after I tell everyone so we know how many people to expect.

Here are some things I have realized about teaching people to profit online.

  1. You need a straightforward system that works if they work it….But you have to really be willing to make this work and put forth the effort.
  2. You need personal support and Guidance
  3. You need a starting point
  4. You need to stick to it.

All you’ve got to do is go to and fill out the form. Again, remember we are limiting it to 50 people so make it as fast as possible. If you want to get us on live chat, go to our websites and catch us live.

How fast can I see a profit with the Bootcamp?

We cannot say how fast you can get result but what I’d do is I’d include my fast start videos which show you as I make a site live. In that, I actually made money the first day that I started the site. That’s my result. I don’t know what you’ll get but I’ll give you those videos so you can watch and hopefully get a fast result.

When is Bootcamp beginning?

It is on the 26th. So on the 26th, we’re closing the doors and you won’t be able to sign up. After you sign up, go request your high ticket niche.

Can I sign up from outside the U.S?

We have customers from all over the place. We have customers from Australia, England, everywhere.

So go to and fill out the form. Again, remember we are limiting it to 50 people so make it as fast as possible. If you want to get us on live chat, go to our websites and catch us live. Thanks again for reading and I look forward to seeing you in bootcamp.


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  2. still a big fan, still cant find the money for your training! I know your the man and its killing me but my family’s expenses always come first, but always leaves me sitting screwd

  3. Marcus I won’t be able to attend the Simple Sites Bootcamp. I just had some emergency dental work done and it took all my upfront money plus there will be monthly payments as well.

  4. My life has been turned upset down by scams the last six months and lots of wasted money. Now I find you and what I want and need and cannot afford the fee. I”m so upset right now.

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