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A lot of people wonder how affiliate blogging works. They ask:

  • How do I make money?
  • How do I set up a blog?
  • Who’s going to pay me?
  • How do I get traffic?
  • What kind of traffic should I get?

And so on. So, I want to show you how it works.


1. Traffic comes to your blog.

• This is every bit of traffic – Google, Facebook, MSN, Youtube, social media, article marketing, ads, paid traffic, etc.
• Traffic is based on what you want and who you want for your blog. You don’t want to just go for Google or Facebook because somebody told you that’s the best way to get traffic. Choose traffic based on where your target market is.

2. Traffic consumes your content.
• These people came here for a reason. So, whatever they came for, you have to give it to them.
• You have to reiterate for people the reason they’re on your site, and you have to be able to show that to them right away.
• Once they’re there, the job of the content is to be consumed.

3. Traffic clicks and performs actions that pay you.
• One way to do this is through Google Adsense: Google gives you a code and you put it on your blog—on your sidebar, below your video, etc. This code shows ads, and the idea is to get people to click on the ads. You are payed when they’re clicked. The issue with Adsense: It’s not always that targeted, and you don’t always make that much money. But It’s a good way to supplement your income.
• Another way is to use CPA Marketing: You show your market something they can use, and then give them a link to go get that thing. CPA Marketing is about customer acquisition, so you get paid more.
• An additional way is through Clickbank: You sell a digital product. If you make a video on your blog about something, then you go to Clickbank and look for an offer related that and put it on your blog as well.


The job of your blog is to get people to click on the things that make you money. Because the more clicks that you get, the more money you’re going to make if you have the right offer.

“You want your content to lead what makes money. You don’t just want content for content’s sake.”

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