$971 A Day Eating Fast Food – Food Blogger Profits

HA… the sample post in this video started showing up for the word “cheesy gordida crunch calories” its number 33 so far and it has ZERO seo, ZERO backlinks, ZERO content… its just a post with an affiliate link… anyone can do this stuff guys.

its no surprise that people are obsessed with fast food…

take a look at this screenshot here…

you can see that pizza hut is looked up on google over 7.6 million times a month…

taco bell… 3.3 million times per month

burger king 2 million… and on and on we go..

lots of people are searching for fast food… so there is a lot of web traffic out there…

NOT only that but they are searching individual menu items

and even looking for calories of those items and reviews of those items…

and they are even watching videos of people reviewing various fast food items.

here is one youtuber who has amassed a whopping 2 million subscribers and 186 million video views CRAZY Right…

here are some others

burger king whopper 222,000 views
imposible whopper 1.1 million views

the try guys racked up over 1.4 BILLION video views

but how do these guys make money… and what if you don’t want to go clogging your arrteries and eat junkfood on camera

first lets look at the youtubers and then ill show you a way to make money without being on camera…

this is a screenshot from socialblade for the “review brah” no he is not reviewing womens apparel… that was a nickname like “dude” please dont call me the affiliate marketing brah though lol that would just get wierd.

according to social blade which is on the low side and doesnt include affiliate marketing or brand deals… he is making an AVERAGE of $971 a day just in ads (again this isnt exact… but it gives us an idea)

the try guys… they are looking at $3-$5K a just in ads.

are you freaking kidding me… for eating burgers online… would you be willing to eat some burgers for that kinda cash… let me know in the comments… after you subscribe of course.

now they are making money with videos, ads and brand deals… when an ad shows up on thier video… youtube gives them a cut… pretty cool right.

but what if you dont want to be on camera and how can you make money without hundreds of millions of views…

well… you could start a blog reviewing all the fast food items and talk about calories and what not.

the keywords are really not that competetive… and you can rank in google and get traffic.

you can make money by running affiliate offers for fast food coupons, or tools like honey that pay you when people download them

and sometimes they pay as much as $2-$4 for every download.

just think… 100 downloads a day is a six figure income… just for eating fast food and reviewing it… heck you probably already ate a lot of this stuff anyway so you can start right now.

you just make a blog post for each review… put links to the offers… and get paid.

you can find these offers at many affiliate networks like maxbounty… you simply signup… get your link… put it on your blogs and or videos… and get paid.

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