$825 A Week Profit With Instagram – Make Money On Instagram Super Simple Method

How To Make Money On Instagram  – Super Simple Method

Eight hundred and twenty five extra dollars a week.

What would that look like in your life?

How would that make a difference?

How would that make you feel and what could you do with it?

And what if you were able to make that in a few hours a week from the comfort of your own home using none other than Instagram?

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how people are raking it in big time using Instagram. Some are making over one hundred thousand dollars a week.

But we’re going to show you how to start small, how to focus.

Even if you don’t have a big group, even if you don’t know what you’re doing to start making money fast. So the first thing you need to know is what Instagram is. And Instagram is none other than a traffic source. That’s right.

You’re going to use Instagram to get traffic to offers that are going to pay you money.

These could be affiliate offers, your own offers. And we’re gonna show you that in a little bit. So you need to know that Instagram is none other than a traffic method. This is a way to get people to view content. And that’s what the Internet is all about, is getting people to view content.

So first and foremost, once you realize that this is your traffic source, you need to go through.

You need to find a group, a group of people that are interested in a certain topic.

Now, you want to get as specific as possible without getting too specific.

You don’t want a group that doesn’t exist, like people who play World of Warcraft at night with the lights off. That’s a little too specific. But you can’t go for people who play World of Warcraft or something like that.

So you want to find your group and you want to find a group of people that are interested in a common topic.

This could be something like addiction, motivational quotes, working out, anything like that that they’re interested in.

Then once you find your group, you want to find your offer. What is it that you’re going to give them? That’s going to make you money.

Now, it’s very important that you follow the offer tactics that I teach you in this video, for example, some of the ones like the example of the eight hundred and twenty five dollars a week. One of them for the addiction market is literally paying eight hundred and twenty five dollars for a two minute phone call, which is absurd.

Which means in order to make eight hundred and twenty five dollars a week, all you need to do is generate one little phone call for someone that’s looking for help with addiction or something like that.

Very, very simple. Very, very easy.

Or if you’re in the Bible quotes market, you can market the Bible toolbar.

You could see here on offer vault that the Bible toolbar pays two dollars and twenty five cents every time it’s downloaded. So if you have a group of ten thousand people or so that are looking at Bible quotes on Instagram and you want to get them over to that, all you have to do is say, hey, download the Bible toolbar. This is where I get all my Bible studies and Bible quotes from very, very simple, very, very easy.

And you get two dollars and twenty five cents every time they download it. They don’t. You have to do anything to pay for anything. They just download it and you get paid. And there’s lots of offers like this that we can find where you can monetize a small group of Instagram people, much like I have, where I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars in just a few short months off of a small Instagram group of about 900 people.

Yeah, it really does work that way. Next, after you pick your offer, you’re going to want to piggyback on what other people are doing. Now, you can do this using content. So let me show you some examples here. One of the examples is we have the Jay Shetty guy.

Now, Jay Shetty recently got into some controversy because he’s borrowing quotes from other people. Now, while there is controversy around him and he doesn’t really borrow the quotes in the right way and credit the author, he still is making a killing online with his model of using other people’s content. Now, you can use other people’s content in the form of quotes, lines from books, Bible verses, motivational stuff and anything you can find out there that people are interested in. Now, there’s lots of people who do this, like my buddy Evan Carmichael. Evan Carmichael has over a million followers and his content is all derived from quotes and ideas from other people. That’s right. He actually goes out there and watches a little video, strips out some quotes, puts it up and gets a lot of people to react to it and makes a lot of money.

He’s even got some really good selling books out there based on the stuff that he’s giving away free, which is pretty cool. You can turn this stuff into a big business and you could see here that the Bible quotes guys are getting millions of followers and lots of people looking at their daily Bible stuff. That’s really, really cool and it works really, really well. So piggybacking on content that’s already out there is a great way to enter your marketplace.

The key to making this work is to use tags that are not as common as other things. Right. So if I go in, I’m not just gonna put success quotes, gonna put like Werner Earhart quote or rom dos quote or something like that or addiction quote or something very specific that I can get involved in and something that I know I can tackle. This is known as low hanging fruit. You want to pick the low hanging fruit first and then go after the big fruit.

Once you’ve started to. Grow.

But in order to start making a little bit of money, it’s not that hard to do. Just by going after the low hanging fruit. So the third thing you want to look at is you want to piggyback. And then the last thing is the money. Obviously, you need to sign up at these affiliate networks and get these offers so that it works for you. Very, very cool. Now, all of this works based on your implementation. If you don’t implement correctly, this is not going to work.

So what you want to do is you want to look at the different examples of what people are doing. We talked about using borrowed content, book quotes, sayings, motivational messages, inspirational workout motivation and some examples that we showed you.

And I want to show you how this works, because if I do Instagram workout motivation, you can see one point four million followers, seven hundred and thirty nine thousand followers. A lot of people are looking at this stuff and it’s literally only gym motivation. Now, another example we have is grateful addicts where there’s people that are struggling with addiction and things like that. And what I want you to notice is that in addition to having lots and lots of followers, they also have like an addiction hotline number in their Instagram profile. Now, why is this important? Well, this is important because if I was to go over to offer vault and type in rehab, what you’re going to see is that for alcohol rehab, they’re paying eight hundred and twenty five dollars for a lead. Now, what is a lead? Well, it’s a phone call. And so what they do is they give you a custom phone number to put on your website or your Instagram or wherever.

And if the person calls and is on the phone for two minutes discussing rehabs and alcohol addiction or whatever it is, you actually get eight hundred and twenty five dollars for that lead, which is absolutely absurd and not that hard to do. And these people are doing it all day long.

He’s got a Facebook group. He’s got all kinds of stuff that are making money every single day in a really, really easy way. Now, if you’re going for like Bible stuff, you could do Bible and you could see that for Bible, there’s actually you could get paid five dollars to give away a free Bible or you could get people to download the Bible extension. There’s a Bible software that is free for them and you get two dollars and twenty five cents, which is really cool.

Or you would have to do is get about 400 people a week to download that and boom, you’re off to the races. And that’s not that hard to do, considering I’ve had as many as 4000 people a day download these types of things, which is crazy. The money is something I never even imagined. And it did more for my life than anything I ever thought possible. And of course, if you’re doing something like workout motivation, you can see these guys got a lot of followers. You can go in there and you can find different dieting things and stuff like that. So you could do like diet or keto diet or whatever. And you could promote all these different things related to diets like Nutrisystem pays one hundred and ninety dollars for a sign up South Beach diet. Hundred and eighty. And on and on we go. And these pay lots and lots of money.

And all you have to do is get the following because Instagram’s your traffic source and drive them over to the thing that fits what they’re looking for. Right. We don’t want to give the Bible toolbar to people that are looking for workout motivation. No, that’s not going to work. So we want to keep it very tight knit. Some other ways that you can make money with this stuff is by doing affiliate offers. Book lists. You could have a list of books like, Hey, my top 10 favorite books that I get quotes from are over here and you can link to Amazon and actually get paid as an Amazon affiliate when they buy books, which is cool because you get paid on everything they put in their cart, which can add up really, really quickly. Also, you can get paid by mailing list. You can build a mailing list of people that are interested in your content. You can do paper call offers.

You could do download offers, you can do click bank offers, all kinds of stuff that makes lots of money. Now, some other ways to make money is through merchandise. Obviously, if you have, you know, a big following, you can do merchant and have shirts with your logo on em or share two quotes on him or whatever it is. You can also do blogging. You can set up a blog to make money with these people, say, hey, check out my blog. We have other cool stuff. And the neat thing about it is every Instagram post can be turned into a blog post and you can get double traffic, which is awesome. Also, you can get paid with ad sense on your blog and affiliate offers and everything like that. So it’s not that hard to get paid and it’s not that hard to make a lot off of a little following. Now, let me show you some other cool tricks and hacks that work really, really well. Even if you don’t want to make content. So the other night I wanted to make content for my addiction channel. I actually have an addiction channel on YouTube and I have an addiction channel on Instagram and I wanted to build them up.

And so what I did is I went through and I found a bunch of quotes and I said, Hey, I want you to make a bunch of Instagram images with my logo on it for these quotes. And this guy here on Fiver said he’d do it for thirty two dollars. He would make 50 of them and it took him about 14 hours to make. He did a little sample to show me it was good. And then we went through and at the end I ended up with 50 different quote, images, which is crazy because now I’m covered for like the next two months and I can grow my channel really fast needed. See, when he was done, I had tons of beautiful quotes with stock images that are not going to get me in trouble.

He actually gets these from a stock image place and you can see they work extremely well. And we got lots of quotes that are related. To various different things. Now, the cool thing about this is this guy will actually find the quotes for you if you don’t want to go out and find the quotes. So it’s like literally hands off. All you would have to do is post them. And you could see that even with my brand new audience of only one hundred and twenty six followers, we actually get quite a bit of engagement, like twenty five people like that, 15, 28. And on and on we go.

And you could see that these are actually doing better than the other quotes that I made myself, which is pretty darn cool. Right. So we could go through and we can make a lot of money in a really easy way. You just have to really focus on your audience and focus on your offer and pair them together. And when you do, you can make lots of money on Instagram now.

Disclaimer results, not typical, implied or guaranteed. I don’t know if you’ll make eight hundred and twenty five dollars a week. You might make way more and you might make nothing. It just depends on what you do.

This is a business, but it’s not that hard to set up and not that hard to try. And I think with a little bit of work and tweaking and stick to it, even this, you can start making a good living using Instagram.

Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus, a.k.a. the affiliate Marketing Dude. If you liked this video, make sure you subscribe and click the bell and check out my other videos that are coming up here soon.

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