37 Adsense Niches And Adsense Alternatives

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37 Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense, a free and simple way to earn money has quickly become the most popular way for you to earn online revenue from your website. Google AdSense is a contextual advertising tool that can help monetize your website or blog by displaying ads next to your online content. Since the launch of Adsense in 2003, the tool has skyrocketed and to this day is still the most popular choice for web admins and bloggers to earn additional income online. Besides the benefits Google Adsense offers, the tool also provides a look into alternative platforms that could possibly diversify your revenue. The AdSense tool is best suited for those who are looking to develop blogs or websites but may not be ideal for someone who is looking to expand and grow their site quickly.

Below, you will find the top 37 Adsense alternatives to consider –

1. Amazon Associates programs – Amazon as we know it, is one of the most significant Ad competitors for Google and has gradually gained popularity over the recent years. This is a great alternative because it uses modern tactics to provide ads that fit your site or blog. Amazon associates uses easy link-building tools to direct your target audience to your recommendations. This way, you can earn from qualifying purchases and programs!

2. Adversal – Another alternative that offers an easy-to-use ad platform is Adversal. This platform offers a quick sign up and produces native ads to your website or blog quickly! Adversal comes with an intuitive interface which allows you to easily start, pause and even stop your ad or campaign. In addition, the platform also allows you to add display and video ads. Nevertheless, before using Adversal, you’ll need to have an average of 50,000 views on your page per month along with a unique domain name.

3. Taboola Native Advertising – Taboola, another common and popular alternative to Google AdSense is now on the rise. We are seeing tons of bloggers and website owners use Taboola. This tool offers a 100% fill rate despite your geographical location and in addition comes with tons of awesome features like customizable widgets and promoted product listings! After signing up with Taboola, you will be able to effectively use the tool in Google-sponsored search areas, networking websites and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

4. Media.net – Now leading as one of the most contextual advertising platforms and major competitors to Google Adsense, Media.net. Most bloggers and website owners apply Bing and Yahoo contextual ads to their network to monetize their sites as it offers a high revenue per thousand impression rate. Publishers monetize their traffic by showing ads from the Media.net network while advertisers pay for ads to show within their network. In addiction, media.net offers sophisticated design options that allows easy customization for you to enhance your ad layout.

5. PopAds – Another popular advertising platform to consider when monetizing you website or blog is PopAds. PopAds allows you to enhance faster creations and profit from ads quickly! You’ll only need an average of 1000 visitors and after reaching this threshold, PopAds gives you minimum of $4.00 cash out. You can easily withdraw your earnings directly into your PayPal account at any time! PopAds provide a simple way of generating income online based on a per-impression strategy.

6. Adcash -Adcash is known to be a well-recognized ad serving platform. The platform has helped over 200 million users increase their app’s installs and conversions. This platform allows you to add different types of ads – like standard display ads, pop-under ads and many more! Another unique add-on Adcash offers is the Anti Adblock feature. This feature only allows visitors with enabled AdBlockers to see the ads. You can enhance your earning by bypassing the ad blockers.

7. InfoLinks – InfoLinks, significant for in-text advertising. This platform allows you to create banner and video ads for effective website or blog monetization. Several leading brands like Netflix, Virgin Airlines are utilizing InfoLinks to gain traffic. It makes monetizing simple by maximizing your engagements and maintaining your website’s style. After signing up, just post the HTML code to your website and voilà!

8. Evadav – Evaday is a known advertising network that focuses on push notifications along with ads. Here, you will also be able to gain access to other suitable options for maximizing monetization. Some of these include: video sliders, native ads, and banners for both desktop and mobile users. Once a user or visitor subscribes to your push notification, the system helps keep them “connected” to you. Upon sign up, Evaday is required to review and approve your website. This helps ensure brand safeness and as a bonus only allows trustworthy adverts and high-quality traffic to your site.

9. Propeller Ads – Over 200,000 publishers are using this platform to earn money online. Propeller Ads has been around for eight years and is a great competitor because they offer insight on how to prevent “spammy-looking” ad pop-ups. Propeller ads offers a 24-hours moderation service and after filtering out the “spammy-looking” ads leaves you with relevant, legitimate ads. In addition, Propeller Ads can help you enhance your website revenue by up to 20%!

10. Sovrn// Commerce – Sovrn // Commerce, another alternative option and a good competitor if you are someone who has numerous ad links you want to monetize. This platform allows you to create links for your Amazon, eCommerce products, or affiliate programs. In addition, Sovrn // Commerce provides properties that allow you to gain custom integrations like creating customized visual experiences and getting accurate sales data. This platform plays a vital role by improving and adjusting your strategy by keeping track of performance metrics.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM – This platform provides effective tools if you are looking to boost revenue from your website. Like Adsense, Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM comes with awesome features that help display relevant products or links to you website or blog. This platform also makes it easy for your audience to retrieve links by using the keyword or content search property. In a nutshell – once a visitor clicks and purchases the product or service, you get paid!
12. Google Ad Exchange – Google Ad Exchange, like AdSense offers a similar experience. Google Ad Exchange will pay you for every 1,000 impressions, unlike payments per click. This would be a great option for someone who mainly gains traffic through views, not by having to click something. After registering, the platform will refer you to different services like Global DSPs and AdWords to enhance the experience. Additionally, the platform offers a variety of filtering options! Some of these include: ad-blocker bypassing, data, cookie, and URL usage. In order to take full advantage of Google Ad Exchange and everything is has to offer effectively, you will need more than 5 million page views monthly.

13. RevContent Native Advertising – Now one of the latest and fastest-growing ad platforms worldwide. Leading publishers and news sites such as Forbes and NBC News are already using RevContent Native Advertising as their advertising platform. This platform hosts over 250 billion website and content recommendations and offers a minimum payout of $50 (which can be claimed at any time). The amount of customizable widgets and links makes it quit simple to enhance your revenue potential!

14. Vidoomy – Vidoomy offers suitable monetization results and has over 2,000 publishers using the platform today! Vidoomy is considered to be a great option for publishers who are generating high-quality and impact video advertising campaigns. Vidoomy can also help you reach a larger audience that could potentially enhances your online revenue! Their video formats have proven an incredible acceptance by their users same as their Advertisers who have verified and accomplished their campaign needs. Not to mention they offer the highest CPMs on the market with a very competitive fill rate!

15. Dianomi – Another great alternative for those who are looking too monetize with native advertising. Dianomi technology integrates your advertising message seamlessly alongside relevant editorial on premium publications’. This tool has an algorithm that analyzes, reacts, evaluates, and provides real-time actions to ensure your audience gets quality and reputable adverts. Publishers are achieving their goals by placing the Dianomi sponsored ads on their infographics, videos, articles, white papers, and websites. Dianomi has worked with several reputable publishers including: BBC Global, Reuters, Forbes and WSJ.

16. Carbon Ads – Carbon Ads is an ad tech company, that connects advertisers to users through targeted verticals called Circles. If your target audience is designers or developers, Carbon ads would be a suitable platform for you! Carbon Ads provides specific ads for tech-based blogs or websites and as a result, will make you more money just by having readers check out your content. Carbon Ads has worked with top-leading technology providers such as Sketch App, Get Bootstrap, Coding horror, and many others. Despite your website development or design, it is certain you will see high-quality ads from this platform. These well designed, quality ads will make your website look great!

17. Bidvertiser – Bidvertiser is another reliable and trusted ad network. Bidvertiser comes with a variety of sophisticated features that make it easy for most publishers or bloggers to monetize their content or website. In addition, the platform allows you to customize ad layouts to ensure they fit the design of your website. Bidvertiser pays you per click, on each ad and offers a lower withdrawal threshold of only $10. You can also make extra money on the click conversions. Lastly, this would be another great option if you’ve got substantial mobile traffic due to mobile-friendly formats and features like banners, native ads, smart links, etc.

18. Skimlinks – Skimlinks is an appropriate Adsense alternative for monetizing your content or website. Skimlinks is a content monetization platform for online publishers (including editorial sites, forums, bloggers, social networks, and app developers) that specializes in technology that automatically affiliates product links from publishers’ commerce content. Skimlinks helps publishers earn a commission of the sale they inspire via the links from their websites. Most importantly this platform offers you direct access to partners or merchants. These merchants are essential for developing and improving an online revenue through your website

19. Ezoic – Ezoic is a publisher-focused ad platform and network that holds powerful tools that are essential for maximizing your content or website revenue. For example, Ezoic uses artificial intelligence strategies to acquire an appropriate location for your ads. Additionally, Ezoic offers a website speed calculator and also an ad layout tester to efficiently advertise your content. A great bonus – Ezoic provides the best Cloudflare CDN, WordPress, and other essential features.

20. Adsterra – Adsterra is a popular global ad platform helping web owners or bloggers seeking to achieve greater returns than with Google Adsense. Adsterra is a fast-growing ad platform currently serving many large brands effectively. This platform offers aggressive and innovative ad formats that provide quality. For beginners, this is a great alternative that could provide you with a straightforward way to make money through your website.

21. AdThrive – AdThrive would be a perfect option for bloggers or content generators seeking something like Google Adsense, something that’ll help maximize their revenue per page view. Most bloggers prefer AdThrive due to its closeness with the advertisers and publishers. It’s currently one of the best website advertisement platforms, and comes up with 75% payouts for its publishers. Nevertheless, it may not be suitable for beginners due to the tough requirements. You would require a minimum of 10,000 page views monthly to create an account.

22. Mediavine – Mediavine offers a full-service advertisement management network that could work great for you. AdSense is very hands off, whereas Mediavine is the epitome of hands on, from the moment you apply. Much of Mediavines’ ad inventory comes from Google AdExchange, essentially a premium version of AdSense with bigger ad buys, more advanced targeting and far greater earning potential. They offer a payout of 75% with a minimum of 50,000 viewers monthly. This tool effectively monetizes different niche ideas like lifestyle and health. Keep in mind when joining, you have to commit to at least three months before quitting.

23. Monumetric – Monumetric is a blog-focused ad platform offering huge competition to Adsense. Monumetic differs from other platforms in the sense that it runs by cost per impression instead of the typical cost per click. Monumetric is the great alternative if you’ve got popular blogs and audiences that just view your content without converting it. Before joining Monumetric, you’ll need to have at least 10,000 monthly page views and will need to pay a $99 startup fee.

24. yLLiX – yLLiX is a great Adsense alternative for any publishers looking for a network where they can get daily payments and fair payouts. This tools comes with a variety of ad types suitable for mobile and desktop traffic. These ads may include layer ads, mobile redirects and pop-under ads. Upon signing up, you’ll receive instant approval of your account, detailed reports, and a 100% fill rate! yLLiX gives users full control over ads. In conclusion, this platforms has fewer security features against malware and has a low CPM.

25. Adblade – Adblade is the largest content-style ad platform circling the web. Due to it’s sophisticated features, Adblade has attracted over 300 million users. Apart from Adsense, Adblade is the best tool and holds a strong reputation among numerous advertisers and publishers. With this platform, you can control your sales effectively and collect revenue and gross reports. Adblade offers a high-quality user experience making it easy to enhance your revenue generation.

26. advertising.com – A high-quality Google Adsense alternative that focuses on high-profile publishers and advertisers. At advertising.com, you’ll find a wide-range of ad formats suitable for your website along with a variety of powerful tools. These powerful analytical features are vital for maximizing your online revenue. You can monetize your website instantly by using different publisher-built products and by using a powerful demand stream. advertising.com helps its users reach quality audiences.

27. RevenueHits – RevenueHits is growing rapidly and its due to its innovative technology and features. The platforms offer contextual advertising and geo-based services. Furthermore, it comes with various display-based ads like buttons, pop-unders, widgets, and others suitable for monetizing your site or content. Additionally, the platform comes with some essential tools and support to help you reach your monetization goal. You can also get educational material and ad analytic tools while using the network to help you maximize your profits.

28. BuySellAds – BuySellAds is an appropriate option for one to consider if you are seeking a platform that could help diversify your advertising strategy. This platform connects you with an array of advertisers willing to pay premium prices for them to advertise on your site. More importantly, this ad platform allows you to alter your advertising space to your liking. BuySellAds uses different ad channels like display, emails, sponsored content, native performance, and more! This way, you can easily choose the best ads, avoiding those invasive and distracting ones. However, you need a high-quality English website with at least 10,000 page views per month to enjoy these benefits.

29. PopCash – PopCash is a pop-under network offering worldwide content or website advertising services for more than 50,000 active publishers and 50 million visitors monthly. This ad program provides a simple and fast approval process and only requires a $5 deposit. Upon sign up, PopCash allows you to access targeting features and detailed statistics to improve and enhance the monetization of your website. Their system allows you to implement a pop-under code on your desired website, and later submit it to their domain for review. You will be able to incorporate this with other programs like Adsense to enhance your earning potential.

30. SHE Media – SHE Media provides vital monetization tools and would be ideal for a user who has a large female audience. The developer created it for women and the network now has more than 50 million visitors monthly. The network also comes with various flagship websites and key programs. SHE Media seeks to create premium and quality content for women despite their age and location. Apart from advertising, the program also offers paid product reviews, sponsored posts, and full content monetization.

31. AdRecover – Adblocking is growing 34% but with AdRecover you can increase ad view-ability. This network collaborates with AdBlock providers to display fast loading UX-compliant ads to your websites Adblock user traffic. While using AdRecover, you will be able to access the hard-to-reach and highly discerning users. Most of these users are usually unavailable due to the presence of Adblockers. However, to start using AdRecover you need to provide a minimum of 10,000 visitors using ad blockers.

32. MadAds – MadAds offers high-quality traffic and great fill rates and is considered another great AdSense alternative. MadAds offers a wide range of ad campaigns to choose from including CPA, CPL, CPC, and CPM. This platform is also great because it gives you the opportunity to work with experienced optimization specialists to enhance your ad placement. This is a great bonus!

33. AdBuff – AdBuff know to be a versatile advertising tool pays you by CPM or CPC. Meaning, your visitors won’t need to click anything for you to make an earning. AdBuff is the great Adsense alternative because it offers greater and timely payments. If you sign in as a publisher, the program entitles you to a 90% advertising revenue, making Adbuff the highest online ad revenue database. This network offers adverts suitable to all audiences. However, it only accepts USA, UK, Australia and Canada traffic. In addition, you will need more than 2,000 visitors monthly to sign up.

34. AdClickMedia – AdClickMedia is a PPC and CPA Advertising database for brands and affiliates. This ad company homes over 6,200 publishers and over 110 million monthly views. Adclickmedia offers the best alternative as you can gain access to subscription advertising and display the ads on multiple influential websites or blogs at an affordable price. Some of their perks include the ability to run text and image ad campaigns, use geo and interest group targeting, competitive CPC rates for advertisers, above average payouts for publishers and advanced fraud protection.

35. Exponential – Like other partners who buy the advertising inventory at a particular CPM, Exponential ensures a completely transparent sharing revenue. Their platform fuses one of the largest digital media footprints and proprietary data with user-centric ad formats designed to drive engagement and action. Exponential provides relevant, dynamic, and engaging ad formats from mobile, video and display advertisements. You will need 500,000 unique monthly views for eligibility.

36. Insink Media – Insink Media is another high-impact digital ad alternative. Insink media is currently working with over 1,000 leading brands to monetize their website. In addition, the company provides service to more than 2,000 premium websites and 260 publishers to date. Inskin Media is a great alternative as it may help you overcome ultimate digital dilemmas when looking to earn money. Insink Media will help you gain a higher revenue by providing scalable and high-yielding adverts. These ads blend seamlessly and will creatively impact your websites user experience.

37. Setupad – Setupad is another great database to consider if your website reaches more than 100,000 monthly views. Setupad offers rich media ads formats like sticky, expandable, native, interstitial, videos, display and standard. They also provide an easy-to-use chrome extension which gathers the reporting’s of all the unwanted ads. Setupad also offers a header bidding technology which is a javascript code template used to connect publishers’ ad space with demand partners. The competition between buyers fuels them to increase their values, thus helping you maximize your ad revenue. You can withdraw your earnings every 30 days after achieving the minimum threshold of $100.

Final Thoughts

Google Adsense is seemingly the most popular monetizing method for most bloggers and website owners. You are able to make extra earnings from developing your website of blog using Google Adsense however, as your website continues to grow it’s important to seek alternative paths to help diversify and increase your online income. The 37 alternatives listed will help you improve the monetization of your website, blog or content thus, making you more money! These tools and databases offer awesome features that makes it simple to enhance your website and to see real results.

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