3.12.22 Affiliate Hangout

Questions Answered:

Hi Marcus, please would you check my wellnessimmunity.com site. I personally check it out with ahrefs. I said it has lots of error and warnings… Could you elaborate with your full ahrefs?

i finished Writing 72nd blogpost on my site today marcus🥰 All thanks to u, im getting a boatload of rankings!

later pls check my website to telll me what i can optimize my website

Hey Marcus I just curious what you have planned for my HTN

how much content do we need before our site starts getting ranked on google?

Won’t be on the call but wanted to know what you have planned next for my HTN domain freelanceprotojobs.com especially offers. I will watch replay.

Hey Marcus, is it really a live webinar or recorded?

Hi Marcus. I have a friend selling a childrens nutritional product offering $5 referral. Do I set up a blog site and then direct them to her site with a referral code.

I’m just getting started, only have one blog post written.

Hi Marcus, I follow your posts on YouTube and would like to get started but do you have an A to Z checklist or blog or something beginners on affiliate marketing?


hey, just got growyourgroceries.com, not set up yet, what would some good keywords? thx

How do I install affiliate links with your voodoo software?

How do I install links to my posts under my optin on the homepage?

I won’t mess anything up by uninstalling the SEO plugin and installing the All in One Seo plugin will I? Thanks!

i bought freakyts.com from you and I’m noticing this annoying thing that keeps happening every time I type the domain name almost anywhere especially social media and messengers: it gets hidden for being innapropriate. Is there a trick to get around that? Gonna be hard to showcase “f@#$%&Ts.com.”

can you please give me ideas for more affiliate products for https://www.iamaffirmation.com

Hi Marcus, when I am trying to rank I kn ow from your videos to go for a keyword with 1000+ searches a month min. but when you say low comp how low should it be? I want to rank for final expense insurance, I couldn’t afford ahrefs but got Ubersuggest. Thank you

11 of my blogs got indexed out of 72 and im getting 116 rankings, had a question about traffic tho, How can i increase traffic tenfold?

I bought divingscooters.com when you taught on the expired domains about 2 mo ago. thx

All the other “gurus” talk constantly about Facebook ads — but you don’t. What are your thoughts on FB Ads?

am affiliate for grownetwork.com, that’s why I created the site growyourgroceries.com

How can I get started with no money?

i used to be so stressed about making money, now all thanks to Marcus, im so chilled out that im watching this stream while eating Pasta😂❤️

Q= could you kindly show proof of your students who have successfully made good with your domains sold. Please and Thank you!

High Ticket Niche so curious the timing and what must happen before I am live and ready to start selling?

I got learn-meditation.net a month ago, can you give me some content advise/ideas please?

Tina…can I search for specific affiliate offers? such as ama. Or do I need to settle for what’s being offered as affiliate links. such as what’s on offer vault.

Mark: Have you started to monetize Nerdsgettingfit yet?

I mean learn-meditation.org

Q: How we find supplies that ships fast because on AliExpress it takes somewhere around 45-60 days of shipping?

thoughts on golf as a niche?

Mayank, how can I get my first sale?

I have knifesharpenersreviews.com htn I feel kinda dumb, but im having trouble linking aweber to it? its probably simple but im missing somethin

Katherine<<<< the domain i got from you freakyts.com keeps getting censored.

i have my site targeted to a niche market which has low comp high volume keywords. i just write content for those low comp keywords and wait for the blogs to get indexed and ranked, once they rank, Traffic rolls in and people buy

“Rodney ” How do I run compliant YouTube PPC ads?

Hey Marcus, Phil here wirh Findingmoneyfor college.com How do I install affiliate links sing your voodoo software?
How do I install links to my posts under my optin on the homepage?
I won’t mess anything up by uninstalling the SEO plugin and installing the All in One Seo plugin will I?
Where are the instructions On where to write my questions for these webinars?

Joe –
Hi Marcus, could you look at my site iloveyoutexts I’ve been running google ppc traffic for 3 months now and have had no sales. More specifically, can you look at my landing pages and see how I can increase optins. Thanks.

who’s the Music artist you’re playing? Puscifer

i started following marcus a few months ago, Im still waiting for a lot of my blogs to get indexed tho, once they get indexed, i will be seeing some serious movements in cash

How to drive traffic to my English courses?

Is it possible to book/pay you for private consults?? I am taking my Dads physiotherapy injury prevention course and turning it into an online video course. Would love to book an hour or 2 with you to help me build a marketing plan for when I send it live in the next week or 2 if possible.

s there much difference getting a dropped domain versus one that hasn’t yet at auction? Thanks

Anthony…Really interested in Credit Repair for affiliate sales. Any thoughts on building out a top quality site? Thanks for your time!:)

Marcus. Could you please have a look at obtainwealthonline

Can you check. smarthomeradar.com and matchedloans in ahref. I don’t have either of them built yet, I just grabbed the names. Would like to see your thoughts.

Hi Marcus, I purchased travelsecretsmexico it was a dropped domain. I am breaking into the Mexico vacations niche, focusing on keywords centered around “Cenotes” as I live in the Mexican Yucatan peninsula and can provide detailed reviewed of cenotes. Do you think this has potential?

Hi Marcus, I just Started this month a real estate web page for my wife: no1location,com , do you have any advice

when is it?
also when you have several websites, do you have one business account set up for payment

Can you check. smarthomeradar.com and matchedloans.com in ahref. I don’t have any content yet. I just grabbed them. Can you give me your thoughts?

Ki Ķòòll (Guest) 01:30 PM
i want to buy a couple of high ticket niches.can ii get a deal

Hello, Marcus. I have been following you for over a year and have one question? I know that keywords are the bloodline? I have tried more than 20 different tools. When Afherfs states 21KD and SEMrush states 52KD. Who do you go with? I innerstand the concept, I am stuck at this point and haven’t made a dime in years. I can’t buy any more programs right 20,000 down the drain. Can someone tell the truth to get. I



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  1. Hi Marcus,I’ve been watching you on youtube for a couple of months now.I absolutely love your content.I was very skeptical about affiliate marketing at first.I am very new to it.My question is ,How do i get accepted by affiliate networks?Do i first create a website with content before i do or can i first get an affiliate offer before i do? Thank you. Love from Cape Town South Africa (“,)

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