$200 An Hour Sleeping??? Passive Income Secrets!

Passive Income Secrets

I just made over twelve hundred dollars while sleeping.

Let me get cleaned up and I’ll show you how this whole passive income thing works.

That’s better. Now, before we go any further, let’s define what passive income is.

Passive income.

“Income where you are not taking an active role in your business.”

So last night while I was sleeping, obviously I wasn’t very active in my business yet. I made money anyway.

This is defined as passive income.

If it’s sustainable over a period of time.

And that’s what we’re talking about today.

Now, if you cannot spend 15 minutes time watching this video, then you most likely are not serious about making passive income online, because over the next 15 minutes or so, I’m going to show you exactly how this works.

You can do it with no money or you could do it with money. We’re going to talk to you about the differences there. And we’re gonna show you exactly how to build a passive income online very, very fast. And we’re starting right now.

So let’s talk about how this works and break it down in a real world way. First of all, we know that passive income is income that’s derived from something that you’re not actively involved in. This could be the stock market could be if you own a couple of stores, restaurants or franchises.

Anytime you’re making money where you’re not actively involved, that is passive income. Now, a lot of people look at this and they’re like, well, how can I make passive income if I invest a thousand dollars in the stock market at the end of the year, I might have a thousand eighty dollars. That’s not really going to get me anywhere.

So how do you build passive income without having to invest a bunch of money?

Because we know that franchises cost anywhere from 80 thousand to several million dollars to start. And again, you’re not going to see your money back for like three years. So here’s an easier way and a more simple way that you can follow to start making passive income on the Internet first.

We’re going to talk about the difference between assets versus labor.

Now, most people are trained that you have to go to work to make money. This is how I was trained for most of my life. I’d go to work. I’d make a certain amount per hour. And at the end of the day, you just take the amount you earn times the hours. And that’s your check. Minus taxes, of course. Always got to pay your taxes. And so my income was completely limited by the time I could work. But one day a certain question popped into my brain and that question changed my life. The question was, what if I could sit down and do something today that would make me one dollar a day every single day without having to do anything else.

Now, most people would look at this and they’d say, a dollar. What the hell are you going to do with a dollar? Marcus Well, think about this for a minute. Most people go to work and they earn anywhere from like 15 to 20 dollars an hour.

If you work a full day at twenty dollars an hour, that’s a total of about one hundred and sixty dollars for the day. Now, on the other hand, if I spend my whole eight hour day figuring out a way to make a dollar a day online every day, that means for the first year I am going to make three hundred and sixty five bucks. Now I might not get that three hundred sixty five dollars right away, but at the end of the year I have made two hundred dollars more than you working the same amount of time. Now this starts to compound. And as we know, I think it was Einstein said that the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. And this is how it works, because here’s the deal. At the end of the day, if you go to work and make one hundred and sixty dollars a day, you’ve got to work again tomorrow to make that.

But if I take the time and say I’m going to spend the next day figuring out a way to make a dollar a day online every single day, now I’m at 360 five times to two dollars a day. Pretty cool. And I don’t have to work. The next day I get my two dollars. Like clockwork. Now, if I were to do this every single day for an entire year, I’d be making three hundred and sixty five dollars a day at the end of the year. That’s like eleven grand a month. And again, it’s all automated.

Once you set it up and the cool thing about this is it doesn’t really take eight hours to set these up. And not every piece you put out is going to generate a dollar a day. Some of them might do a thousand dollars a day. One hundred dollars a day, 50 cents a day. But by playing the odds, I think you could make a lot of money. And now that we know the difference between assets and labor, labor again, going to work assets, creating something that makes you a dollar a day or more every single day without having to work again. Passive income.

Now, let’s talk about the difference between physical assets and digital assets.

A physical asset could be something like a house that you rent out and get income from an apartment building that you rent out or a restaurant. You make money from or perhaps investing in the stock market. Now, a digital asset is something that you create that lives in the online world pretty much forever. You could create a piece of content, a video, an article, something that gets people in that makes you money day in and day out. Now, the difference is, in order to invest in the stock market, you’ve got to have a bunch of money and you’ve got to have a risk. If you to buy a franchise or a restaurant, again, lots of money to start, lots of risk, even if you had real estate. You got to put your neck on the line for that loan so that you can make the passive income.

Now, with digital assets, everything’s digital and it’s online. It’s virtually risk free and it costs next to nothing. And ten days ago, I started a little challenge to show you exactly how this works. Now, you can do this two different ways. You could either invest lots of time, create the content yourself, or you can invest money and have other people create the content based on your research. If you have other people create it, you could do a lot more in less time and build a lot faster if you build it yourself.

Again, it’s going to take time. It’s going to take work. But nonetheless, we’re getting paid for it.

And what I did 10 days ago is I invested 1000 dollars to have people write content for my Web site based on various keywords that get traffic that I know that I can rank for pretty easy, right. So I went over to get website content dot com and I ordered the articles and started putting them up on my Web site. And guess what? Just 10 days later, we’re getting rankings and we’re getting traffic now for that thousand dollars. I was actually able to get over 50 different articles based on keywords I knew I could write for. And if you don’t have a thousand bucks, don’t worry, you could write these yourself. I wrote one today just to test it out. Now, the reason I had other people write these articles is to show you that anyone could do this, because now if I take these articles and I put them on my Web site, all 50 of them will put five here.

All right. If each of these articles is out there and gets me some visitors every single day and I can generate one dollar each off of each article, that means X thousand dollars invested would be 50 times three hundred and sixty five or fifty dollars a day. That would be an average of about fifteen hundred dollars a month or eighteen thousand per year. Pretty good return on investment, isn’t it? Now, again, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. Some of your articles won’t rank and won’t make anything. Some of them will do really well and maybe make fifty dollars a day on their own. You just got to play the numbers and you’ve got to really focus on what keywords you know you can get. And we’re gonna show you exactly what keywords to go for and how to figure them out, because it’s actually pretty easy.

You see, when I set out to do this test, which were actually tracking here on my site, and if you want to track it, go over to download my notes. Dot com. Put your name in email and you’ll get all the tracking and updates and everything like that. Also, make sure you subscribe and click the bell because we’re gonna have follow up videos. But when I did my tracking, what I wanted to do is I wanted to pick a pretty competitive market. The affiliate marketing industry is pretty competitive. So I went out there and I found some keywords based on what is affiliate marketing and everything like that. And you could see that a

lot of the keywords are very competitive. This number here is the keyword difficulty and this is on a scale from zero to 100. Zero means it’s very easy to write for. So you could see like making sense of affiliate marketing. That’s pretty easy. No one hundred is really hard to go for now. Anything that’s like under a 10 is pretty decent to go for. And you can see we got a couple of them here. So what I did is I went through a bunch of competitors, looked at their keywords, looked at what was out there for affiliate marketing and ran them through the program to see which ones had low competition. So you can see here this list is like the edited list where we have really low competition won. Most of the ones on the first page are zeros and these are the words that I went for. Now don’t get convoluted into thinking this only works in affiliate marketing because we’re gonna show you some other examples as well. But first, I want to show you how I’m doing in this market. Just 10 days after starting this challenge now, you could see that 10 days after starting this challenge, we started ranking for words like AdWords versus ad sense. Now, it’s not a top ranking yet, but it’s doing OK.

And I expect it to grow over time. We also started ranking for things like Amazon affiliate program review, Amazon log in and different things like that. Again, not 10 that top 10 rankings yet, but I expect them to grow and they’re already getting traffic and we’re already getting sub keywords as well. Now, I did notice that the Bing search engine picked us up a lot faster and ranked us higher for some of the words like free classified ad sites. We’re ranking like number two for that. Also, I got a number two ranking on the Wix affiliate program review view keyword as well. So you could see this isn’t that hard to do. You just have to find keywords that have some decent traffic, as you can see in the list here.

They have decent traffic, right. Like 600 people a month searching for that. Sure. That’s pretty good. Pretty easy to make a dollar a day or more with that kind of ranking. OK. And again, if you pare all these together, it shouldn’t be that hard to get to the results you want. If you go for the right keywords. Now, again, remember, the affiliate marketing industry is really difficult. But what if we looked at a different industry? What if I went out there and looked at an industry that was about pianos? Now, this is just one of the competitors. And you could see in this industry we have a lot more traffic like this keyword Yamaha P 1 1 5 has 12000 searches a month. And the keyword difficulty is like 2, which is nothing. Right here we have another 113 hundred searches a month for three thousand seven eleven thousand four. And on and on we go. As you could see, very, very little competition. And it just keeps going and going and going. And there’s lots of traffic. Now, you might say, well, markets, how are we going to do this? Obviously, affiliate marketing, you could sell your course and your programs. Well, let’s just take a look. If I was to do a Google search and look at one of the places you could buy the piano that they’re looking for, we could see it’s anywhere from four hundred ninety nine dollars here on VH. Photo six fifty eight, twenty four. And on and on we go. Now the beach photo. Now beach photo has an affiliate program.

And you could see with that affiliate program you make up to 8 percent. So if I was selling a five hundred dollar keyboard or piano, I’d be making forty dollars to 80 dollars depending on whichever package they bought every time it’s sold. And if I get one to buy out of every hundred visitors, then you could see that with this list, I could start to drive a lot of traffic and make a lot of money with it. Now, this doesn’t just end at affiliate marketing and pianos. It goes from everything to relationship help to how to lose weight, to ABS, to drones. I saw a guy doing drones where there’s tons of stuff as well. So all you’ve got to do is go out there and look at the keywords that have low competition. Now over at my site, download my notes dot com. I don’t have a special report where you can find the keyword tools to use.

You can find the different tools to find competitors, different things like that. And you can learn how to put the content on your blog because it’s actually. Really, really easy. You can see that what I did is I went over to get website content, dot com ordered some articles, and when I get the article, all I have to do is download the article, which I have a folder for. Go ahead and navigate to the article you want. So if I’m doing the Costco affiliate program one, it’s going to come up like this. I could just copy this and copy it right into a post on my blog. Of course, you want to make sure the articles are unique. Which is why you want to write them yourself or pay someone to do it. Which is what I did for the Wicks affiliate program, one which right now is ranking on MSM number one. Getting traffic right now and boom.

There we go. Right. All I had to do is a little bit of formatting. Put some of my affiliate links in there and you guys can see it’s extremely easy to do this. And if you continue at it, you’ll start to get results. Again, the name of the game is finding the right low competition keywords that lead people into stuff. Obviously, if I go for like Wicks, I could probably get them into web hosting or if I go to Blue Host, I can get them into affiliate marketing or if I go to like a web or I could get them to sign up for a web or something like that. And I could and I could start making money very easily because these markets are literally not tapped and it’s crazy. For example, here’s one I just put up this morning that talks about the wealthy affiliate stuff, which if you want to read my take on it, go on over to the site. I just put this up this morning. It already got picked up in Amazon. And this is one that I took literally like forty five minutes to write. It’s a good overview of how things work and some keyword stuff as well. So you’re going to definitely want to go check that out, but really, really cool. And you can do this over and over and over again with any niche market. And you could see the rankings start piling up very, very fast. These are some of the new ones that are growing each and every day that we continue to do this. And next week, we should start getting picked up even more in Google and start getting more results and more traffic.

Let’s take a look at another niche. Here’s one that’s selling drones. You could see lots and lots of traffic, very low competition there. Here’s one going for Eragon, comic office equipment. And you could see some of these are really good on traffic, like best office chair under one hundred dollars. Sixteen hundred searches a month. Very little competition. And that guy is like ready to buy an office chair. People looking for mice and big and tall chairs and all kinds of things like that. Here’s one doing kitchen supplies of all things. Again, much less competition than the affiliate marketing industry. So you guys could see that I’m in one of the more competitive markets and we’re getting results. So definitely check out download my notes, Scott, get the report, get the tools to learn how to find the competition and everything like that. Then make sure you subscribe and click the bell. Because on Wednesday, we have a live training. Actually, this week we’re going to go over how to find these niches and find the noncompetitive keywords that you could start building passive income with in a really easy way. And it’s not that hard to do. You just got to go down the list, start getting the traffic, start, get in the rankings, start getting the sales and sit back and relax.

Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus. Subscribe click the bell and I’ll see you in the next video.

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