$100 A Day On Youtube

All right, so you want to make one hundred dollars a day on YouTube, but you don’t want to be out here standing in the rain, making videos with yourself on camera.

Well, I’m going to show you in the backyard office exactly how to make a hundred dollars a day or more on YouTube without having to stand out on video in the rain. We’re going to show you some really easy methods and we’re starting right now. But there’s a few things that I want you to pay attention to.

Very close attention to.

And it’s these numbers that I have written down for you right here.

Now, these numbers are very important because this is what most people are looking at. And I know there’s people out there telling you, do the Creative Commons and all these other things that can get you in trouble when trying to make money.

But I want you to look at these numbers here. If you want to make one hundred dollars a day on YouTube, you have to look at what the CPM is. That is the average amount earned per 1000 views.

That means if you get a thousand views on YouTube, you’re going to make anywhere from like two to three dollars. Now, again, take this with a grain of salt. Some people make like way more than that.

Some people make way less than that. But we’re going to show you a better way. Now, that means that in order to make your hundred dollars a day, you need to be averaging about thirty three thousand views a day on YouTube, which is a lot harder than it might sound.

And of course, in order to sustain that income, you’re going to need about a million views a month. And this is using standard monetization methods where we’re seeing the average of about twenty five hundred dollars to three thousand dollars per million views. So in order to do this, you need a lot of views. Or you could do a better way, which I’m going to show you right now, where you don’t even have to be on camera. You don’t even have to make your own videos. And you’re going to tap into something super easy that pays you a lot more than the average of two cents of you. So let’s hop in the computer and I’ll show you how that works.

OK. So now, first of all, we have to look at this for what it is. YouTube is a traffic method. All right. So YouTube is where you’re going to get traffic. It is the second biggest search engine on the planet. And it gets a lot of traffic and a lot of views for people looking for various things. But where do we start? Well, where you want to start, if you’re just getting started and you have no idea what to do is with something very easy.

You could start with something like Bible verses right here. You can see these guys with Bible verse videos where they literally just have Bible verses on the screen and then they like put a little background audio and royalty free stuff and all that and make a really cool video for people to look at related to different Bible verses. So it’s really, really cool.

There’s a lot of traffic here and it’s really easy. Now, you could do this with anything from how to use your camera to how to make food. Two best quotes are spiritual topics or whatever it is you want anything even like top book quotes by certain authors and things like that. Right. Super easy. Lots of traffic. So you could see here there’s a lot of people looking these up.

Two point three million views, seven point one million views, one hundred ninety four thousand views. And on and on we go. Now, these are going to correlate to various things people are searching for. For example, we could see that a lot of people, 74000 people a month are looking up. Romans 8. And if we were to go here and type in Romans 8, we could see there’s lots of videos again with lots and lots of traffic. Million.

One hundred and two thousand. Now, if we look at this, we’re like, OK, well, you know, a million views on this one that’s probably worth about three thousand dollars in ad revenue.

But is there a better way?

And yes, there is. And the better way is by using affiliate marketing and affiliate programs. You see, if you were to get a thousand people that are interested in Bible verses and interested in Bible topics, they would probably want like a downloadable Bible app for their computer. Right. It’s a natural progression. It’s really cool. It’s really easy. Now, if we were to go over to offer vault and type in the word Bible, now offer vault is a search engine. Not a lot like Google or something, but it’s for affiliate offers. Right.

So I could go here and I can type Bible and I could see that there is a Bible browser extension that pays two dollars and twenty five cents per download. That means I get people to my site, they download the Bible app.

They don’t pay anything. They don’t even put their e-mail in. They just download the app and I get two dollars and twenty five cents. Now the question is is if a thousand people watch my video, can I get more than one to do it? Because if I get one, then I’m already making the same amount that I would make on monetization methods. Now, if I get like 10, then I’m making a heck of a lot more. So you could see that this can add up really quick. And once you add in mailing list and having your own site and things like that, it works even better. And one of the methods that I teach people to do is since you already have the list of Bible verses from your video anyway, just put a little thing on the bottom of your video that says go to my Web site to download this list of Bible verses in a nice little PBF format. People are going to go there. I usually get about 10 percent of the people who view my videos to go to my Web sites and then boom, you’re off to the races. And if 10 percent go to your video to watch that. And if 10 percent of the people who view your video go to your site and download the toolbar, then you’re way ahead of the game. Right? Really cool. And it’s not that. Hard to find different Bible verses or quotes or things like that, the Internet has done most of the work for you, which is cool. Now you can see that some of my friends are doing this exact method.

My buddy Evan over here who have done a video with I’ll link you in the description, has done this for years where he literally just goes through and finds like the top rules of success or the top quotes from various authors or speakers on how to succeed. And he does this really well and he makes a fortune with it. Again, the key is in tying your topic to whatever it is the affiliate offer has that will help you make a lot more money in your market. And if you can do this, if you need to make one hundred dollars a day, all you need to do is get about 40 people to download this toolbar and boom, you’re off to the races. And I got to tell you, in some of these niches, I’ve had as many as a thousand or two thousand people a day download the toolbar, which is pretty insane when you add up the money. And in addition to that, if you’re in the dieting niche or weight loss niche or make money niche or whatever it is, there’s lots of ways that you can monetize and make lots of money with your traffic. The key is in being able to serve the market with a very simple video. And again, this could be something like text backgrounds and music. You don’t need to be speaking. You don’t need to be on camera. You don’t have to get all the gear. You can literally start with what you have right now. And if you like this kind of video, make sure you subscribe, because I’ve got lots of other videos that are gonna teach you how to make money by creating simple little videos and uploading them for traffic and promoting affiliate offers, which is really cool. So this is something anyone can do. It’s something you can start right now. I’m gonna put some links in the description with some other videos talking about how to make even more with YouTube and affiliate marketing. Thanks for watching. I’m Marcus, a.k.a. the affiliate Marketing Dude. Subscribe click the bell and I’ll see you on Wednesday when we have our live training.

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  1. I have to admit, I already like your style so much!

    I see the 707 area code so you are in Santa Rosa, Ca? My best friend lives in Guerneville above armstrong woods. My mom and brother like on the clear lake, I have friends in Navato and Santa Rosa. I grew up in Millbrae. So you are 100% relatable to me in so many ways already!

    I live in the philippines full time. I am an online marketing guy full time. I have an fba amazon business over 6 years. Made over 239,000 2017. Its just been a bit down hil from there???

    Ok, so i will watch all your free content videos you send as i am seeing the direction this may lead me.

    I am an SEO guy for 20 years. I build websites, marketing videos and yet i am still not achieving the success i have worked so hard to aquire. I need some fine tuning!

    I hope this is my last stop of the learning trail… if i could make 100 dollars a day with your teachings. I would call this a super amazing education.

    Thank you for all you do!!


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